Jack’s Birthday Surprise

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Belle Knox

Jack and Liz had been friends with benefits since the semester started, about two weeks, but they still hadn’t had sex yet. They were both freshman living in the dorms and saw each other many times a week, but Liz wanted to take things slower.

Jack had only been in a situation like this once before and, being constantly horny, was elated to have someone to have casual sexual relations with, even if it was just blowjobs and handjobs. He enjoyed her company just hanging out as well so he told her to take her time, he didn’t mind. Today though, he thought it might change.

His birthday was tomorrow, and tonight he was planning to have a get together with Liz. The reason for tonight was because the dorms had a scheduled power outage, so everywhere would be pitch-dark. Hallways, walkways, everywhere. He imagined taking her outside where anyone could walk by and not know they were there. Her on her knees as he leaned against a tree, or maybe in the dorm hallway at the end where no one walked and no one could see.

He hoped that the opportunity would make her excited enough to want to have sex. That she would be too horny to decline, or be so horny she brought it up herself and mounted him without warning. He was already getting hard, his cock pushing on his basketball shorts as he thought of slipping it into her outside in the dark. Her bending over, pulling her panties down revealing her clean pussy, begging him to fuck her and to pull her hair and slap her ass red.

His cock hurt from pushing on his shorts so he pulled it out, ‘Liz isn’t supposed to be here for a little while and besides, it’ll help me last longer,’ he thought. His dick was perfectly erect and he started to stroke it, he kept thinking of Liz outside on the grass in the middle of the lawn. No one would see them, he’d pull off her shirt and bra with his teeth, sucking on her already hard, supple tits.

He stroked faster and faster as he imagined the gasp she’d make as he put himself into her dripping cunt. How’d she’d moan like when he ate her out, how he’d have to cover her mouth as he pounded into her, his face buried into her neck smelling her sweet hair and biting her ear.

He felt he was close, now he imagined them standing against a tree. He forced her up against it, her breasts squished against it as he humped harder and harder from behind, up into her sweet smelling pussy, wrapping his hands to her tits and twisting her nipples until she moaned even harder.

He put his hand down to her clit and started to rub it as he pounded, she begged him to cum inside her. She moaned and moaned, he was so close, he was breathing faster, she was begging, she forced herself back harder onto his dick until –

*knock knock!*

“Oh fuck!,” Jack yelped. He tumbled from out of his thoughts and frantically tried to force his raging hard cock into his shorts and ran to open the door.

“Hi!,” said Liz, “I hope you don’t mind that I brought my roommate Bri and Tess. I ran into Tess on the way here and she wasn’t up to anything and Bri was really bored so I invited them both.” Jack was highly conscious of the aching bulge in his shorts, and now was frustrated, it was supposed to be just him and Liz, they were going to have sex!

‘Fuck,’ he thought, ‘Nothing is going to happen now.’ “No of course not!,” he lied, “Come on in.”

His dorm was a first year one so it was solely a twin sized bed, a desk, chair, and window that looked out into the campus square. The power outage wasn’t for about an hour so he figured there might still be time to get rid of them. They all sat on the bed so he sat on the chair facing them, his hands strategically put onto his lap, thinking of something to take up time. He suggested cards but no one was interested. Then Liz suggested something that make Jack get harder just as his erection was fading. “How about we play truth or dare?”

Jack’s mind whirled. ‘Was it an innocent suggestion? There no way she just casually thought it was a good idea. She must be just as horny. No, she’s more so. She wants this to be more than just us.’

“Alright,” Bri said, “Who goes first?” Bri was taller with larger breasts than her skinny body could seemingly handle. They always looked like they were about to pour out of her shirt and Jack wished they would every time he saw her.

“Why don’t you Liz, since you suggested it,” Jack said. Liz wasn’t quite as endowed as Bri but she was very curvy. casino oyna She was a perfect hourglass, Jack fantasized of holding her hips and pounding into her from behind everytime he was with her.

“Fine,” Liz said, “Tess, truth or dare?” Tess was a mutual friend of Jack and Liz’s. He found her attractive, she was thicker and had ample tits, but he wasn’t as interested in her as Liz. He knew that she was fond of him though.


“Alright,” Liz continued, “Are you a virgin?” Tess immediately blushed.

“No! No, I’m not,” she kept blushing. ‘Liz is gauging them,’ Jack thought. He continued to hold his hands over his lap as he was only getting more excited.

“Jack. Truth or dare?” Tess had a sly grin now. Jack wanted to speed things up as now it was about half an hour until the power outage.


“Ohhhhh. Hmmmmmmmmm,” Tess thought. “I dare you to take off your shirt,” and she smiled even more.

“Fine.” Jack said smiling. He tried to slyly adjust his boner as he lifted his hands to take off his shirt and toss it on the floor. Through his basketball shorts though you could still make out his huge bulge.Now Jack had the girl’s full attention. He was skinny but muscular from athletics. The girls stared just a little too long and glanced at his bulge before he asked Liz truth or dare.

“Dare,” she said quite proudly and expectedly.

“Take off your shirt.” Jack smiled ear to ear, this is going just as he thought. Liz threw her shirt on the floor revealing her red lace bra and perky tits. Jack’s cock was throbbing with excitement.

“Bri, truth or dare?” asked Liz.

“Truth, I’m happy with my clothes on for the moment,” she smiled.

“Alright, have you ever had a four-way?” Jack almost didn’t notice his gasping expression but caught himself before Bri answered.

“No, I haven’t,” said Bri, but she bit her lip as she did.

Now it was Bri’s turn, and only twenty minutes until the blackout. “Jack, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” he said. Excited and now knowing what Liz was getting at, he felt no need to hide his throbbing erection. He knew, if anything, it would help the situation.

“Okay,” smiled Bri, “Take off your shorts Jack.”

“Gladly.” And as he said so he stood, his bulge now enticingly prominent, and he slipped off his shorts revealing his briefs underneath. Briefs that seemed to be stretched to the limit and showed the outline of his thick cock. “My turn. Bri, truth or dare?”

Bri bit her lip again, “Dare.”

“I dare you to make out with Liz.” She turned red as a tomato.


“You have to,” and Jack grinned. He knew Liz was bi, but they didn’t. He figured she’d be pretty appreciative of him and it would work in his favor.

“Come on then,” said Liz. Bri turned towards her, hesitantly and still on the bed. They kissed lightly at first, stretching over Tess’ lap, then Liz’s hand went behind Bri’s head and pulled her closer, into her further. Tess just stared at them, right below her nose, and started to bite her lip as well.

“Okay, that’s enough. Bri’s turn,” Jack said. Liz lingered on Bri’s lips, then pulled away leaving her almost in Tess’ lap.

“Alright,” said Bri. “Tess, I dare you to take off Jack’s underwear. Let’s see that bulge you’ve been hiding from us.”

‘Oh fuck,’ he thought. ‘I hadn’t thought this far. I’ve never had three girls see me at the same time, let alone have one take off my underwear for another two.’ Hesitantly he stood and Tess bent to his waist. She started to pull at his waistband. She pulled down the band and slowly, pulled it over his now absolutely throbbing dick, and finally all the way over letting his cock spring up to the pleasant gasp of the three girls and almost in Tess’ face.

Tess stood back staring at Jack’s twitching, 8″ inch and thick dick. Then, looking at Bri said, “Truth or dare than?”

“Dare,” Bri said without a second of hesitation.

“I dare you to suck his dick for two turns,” Tess demanded. Bri stood up and smiled. Sauntering over to Jack, who was now sitting back in his chair, she went onto her knees and without as much as looking at his face, took his dick into her mouth. He gasped as her warm lips wrapped around the head of his cock and then made their way further down his shaft. Liz could never take his full length into her mouth without choking, but Bri could.

Her mouth was warm and wet and she canlı casino very obviously was enjoying it. Jack moaned as she slowly sucked on his cock pulling completely out of her mouth, almost tenderly kissing the head then sliding it all the way back in pulling another moan from him. “My knees are going to hurt. If we are going to do this than Jack is lying on the bed,” Bri demanded.

Liz agreed, “Okay, Tess sit at the end of the bed and he can put his head in your lap, I’ll sit in the middle with his hips in my lap, and Bri can sit at the end between his legs.” Jack was getting even more excited as this continued. Not only was another girl sucking his cock while two others watched, but everything was happening to put him in the center. He was still waiting to fuck Liz though, and he knew the blackout was going to happen any minute. But slowly these thoughts were pushed out as he got on the bed and Bri kept sucking him off.

Bri came up for a moment and looked at Liz,”I dare you to get naked.”

“But you didn’t ask me truth or dare,” Liz argued.

“I don’t care. Truth isn’t fun at this point,” and Bri smiled. Liz hesitated then took off he bra, releasing her perky tits whose nipples were already hard. Since Jack’s head was in Liz’s lap he had to lift his hips up as she pulled off her pants and soaked underwear. She had obviously been enjoying what was happening, but Jack’s thought didn’t last very long as Bri didn’t move here head when he lifted his hips, and she simply started to deepthroat him.

Bri pushed him until the head of his dick hit the back of her throat and she pushed her tongue to his shaft and sucked it up and down. Liz threw off the clothes and Jack put his hips onto Liz’s now naked lap. As he did so Bri didn’t move and he slowly pulled his dick out of her mouth until she was kissing his head again.

Jack could feel Liz’s wet clit on the side of his ass. He was getting more and more excited, much to the delight of Bri. But, just as she was about to take Jack’s dick into her mouth for the second turn’s blowjob the lights went out. It was pitch black, except apparently the campus square’s lights were still on, so there was just enough light leaking through the blinds to make out the bodies on the bed.

“Well,” Tess said, “What now?”

“I don’t know about you,” said Bri, “But I’m dripping and I need to have this dick inside me, like, right now.” And as she said so she hopped off the bed, tore off shirt, bra, pants, and very small, dripping, thong, and hopped back onto the bed. Before Jack could even take in Bri’s gorgeous round tits that he so longed to see, she moved Liz from under his hips to the other end of the bed opposite Tess and kneeled above his dick. She guided Jack’s engorged and wet cock to her dripping slit and sat, his dick sliding perfectly into her, and she gasped.

‘Is that what is feels like?,’ thought Jack. He was in ecstasy as Bri started to grind her hips and moan.

“Well this isn’t fair now,” said Tess, “I’m horny too! I don’t want to just watch!” Jack knew there were only so many ways four people could fit on a twin bed so he tried to be creative.

“Tess, you can- mmmmmm,” Jack was having trouble getting his thoughts out as Bri kept grinding faster, bucking her hips to force his dick upwards to her G-spot. “You can just sit on my face and I’ll- AHHHhhh…” Bri was twisting her own nipples now, then, thinking better, took jack’s hands and put them on her tits to squeeze and twist instead, which he did and she moaned even more.

“Mmmmmm I got the idea Jack,” exclaimed Tess. She got off the bed and stripped revealing her thicker curves and rounded bosom. As she did so Liz decided she couldn’t take watching either.

“Uh huh. Bri turn around so you’re facing me and you can help me out over here.” Bri smiled as she slowly, savoring, sat up off Jack’s cock. At this point, with all the excitement around him, it seemed liked his dick grew another inch from how solid he was.

Jack took a deep breath to try and get control over his rapidly approaching point of no return as Bri hovered over his cock again and Liz spread her legs sitting at the end of the bed facing Bri, revealing her awaiting cunt. Tess got up onto the bed as well and sat onto Jack’s face at the same time that Bri slipped his dick back into her.

Jack moaned into Tess’ pussy exciting her as she felt the vibrations. He let her juices soak into his mouth has he sucked kaçak casino on her clit and rubbed his tongue around her folds. Tess started to moan bucking on Jack’s face, getting her even more wet. Bri started to finger Liz who was already dripping and waiting, and immediately she gasped with excitement.

Tess kept grinding as Jack sucked on her cunt licking her, tasting her, smelling her. Her sex enveloped him and his senses. She could feel his tongue wandering around her sensitivity as she felt him sucking on her clit, in and out, in and out, wave after wave of excitement flowing through her as she grinded, and as he sucked.

Bri was moving forwards and back onto his dick, pushing him further into her, spreading her wider. His cock was thick and filled her more than she had fantasized as he had sat there, his bulge teasing her. Everytime his cock came sliding out with her rocking she filled with anticipation and agony, she craved to be filled with it, needed to be. And everytime that it inevitably pushed back into her she moaned loudly, feeling the release of tension and the sensation of being full.

Liz could tell that Bri had been with a girl before as she was hitting her G-spot perfectly with every movement into her pussy. Liz lied with her head over the edge of the bed as Bri curved her fingers to hit that spot, the spot of pleasure and teasing release, every time.

The blood rushed to her head as she was partially upside down and she could think of nothing but the feelings pushing through her and into her, she wanted release, desperately. With the moans around her she became closer and closer to cumming and could think of nothing else.

Jack was surrounded by moans. Above him Tess’ high-pitched moans of pleasure cried out as he moaned into her sweet juices. He could feel Bri’s tight pussy gripping his cock as she rose and fell onto it. The rhythm of her on top of him, the weight of her on his hips, the squeezing of his cock and releasing and squeezing again, he couldn’t take it. He started bringing his hips to meet Bri’s as she sunk onto him and caused her to yelp in pleasure. Her breath got faster and she got closer as she started to push herself harder as he brought up his hips too.

“Oh my god Jack I’m getting close…so close…don’t cum. Don’t you dare fucking cum,” Bri breathlessly exclaimed.

Jack kept humping deeper and deeper and moaned louder into Tess causing her to grind faster in pleasure.

“Oh fuck Bri, you’re going to make me cum, I’m so close. Go faster, please…please…” yelled Liz.

Jack hearing Liz moan louder and getting close to cumming was enough to push him over the edge. “Fuck Bri I can’t, I’m going to cum, I’m so fucking close,” and as Jack said so Bri rocked as fast she could, the feeling of his thick cock filling her and stretching her rapidly making her desperate, aching to cum.

Liz felt the pressure building in her and knew she was about to orgasm, she begged Bri not to slow down and felt the first wave rush through her, her cunt contracting and releasing on Bri’s fingers still moving inside, pushing her to cum harder and harder. She yelled in bliss, her arms gripping the bed and knuckles turning white as her body convulsed with hot pleasure, hips thrust into the air, back arching then collapsing.

Jack moaned and grunted into Tess’ pussy pushing her over her edge as she stopped grinding, basking in the waves of orgasmic pleasure and warmth flowing through her. She moaned loud above Jack, sweat dripping from her hard nipples onto his chest. As she came her juices poured down Jacks face, still sucking on her clit rocking her over the edge over and over and over.

Jack’s moans met a crescendo as he came in Bri contracting and squirting into her just as she started to cum and contract on his dick. Between the two of them they pushed each other farther and farther into ecstasy as her pussy squeezed the cum from his cock and the warmth and pulsating of his dick added to the pleasures and convulsions of her orgasm.

Finally Jack’s tensed sweaty muscles relaxed as his dick emptied into Bri and Tess slumped over to his side, letting him breath the smell of sweat and sex in the room. Liz had sat up and tried to catch her breath as Bri simply laid down on top of Jack, pushing her soft breasts into his chest, not pulling his dick out of her.

They laid, gasping for breath, a pile of sweaty bodies, filled with ecstasy and hormones, feeling heat and breath of each other. As they started to breath normally again the power came back on and Liz looked at the clock. 12:25 a.m. “Oh, huh. Happy birthday Jack,” Liz said between breaths.

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