Jack n’ Coke Ch. 01

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“Jenna! It’s so awesome that you will be coming to one of my parties! Finally!!! You will just die! You better come looking fabulous!” Craig said over Jenna’s cell phone.

Jenna laughed, “Darling, I’m always fabulous!”

They hung up and Jenna got back to getting ready for the party. As she put her lip shimmer on her full lips she thought how strange these past 3 months had been. It was her first semester at this local community college. Her mother had passed away 3 months ago after a violent case of brain cancer. A week after the death her boyfriend left her. His only reason was “she was no fun anymore”. Go figure. Jenna had been in a slump and had no one to talk to. She was determined to get her education and future career on track. She moved to the next city over with a decent community college and threw herself into full time classes. She was always busy. She made new friends quickly and did not talk about her hard times. This school was like a magnet for homosexuals and Jenna was suddenly known as a “fag hag”. She loved this change and everyone surrounding her always seemed to be laughing. She couldn’t help but laugh her self sometimes.

Craig, her current closest pal, was having college parties every week. She had not attended a single one. After declining the past 3 parties she finally said yes to the party happening the following Friday night.

When Friday arrived, she went through her walk in closet. She chose a sexy little low cut red top. She made sure to wear her favorite black lace bra that supported her very full 36Ds. She wore a knee length skirt with high slits on either side showing off her tanned silky legs. She decided for this skirt she would not wear underwear because it showed lines if you did. She felt sexy today. She topped of the outfit with her brand new black fuck me pumps and her out fit was definitely going to knock ’em dead! Knock who dead? She forgot she was getting ready for a party full of gay men! In the end she decided she was doing it for herself and she looked great. She wore her shoulder length red hair down and straight, letting it frame her beautiful face.

When Jenna pulled her Volkswagen up to Craig’s house at 8:30 she heard the music already pumping and voices were heard mixing together loudly. Jenna walked up and rang the door bell. She waited 30 seconds and rang the bell again. Finally the door opened and a smiling, tall, equally to herself, voluptuous brunette opened the door. Jenna had never seen such a sight! She was wearing a very short blue suede skirt with a very tight tank top. Her full breasts were pushing against the fabric making it hard for Jenna to look her in the face. She felt like a teenage boy looking at casino oyna this beauty! Just the sight of this girl made Jenna start to feel warmth between her thighs.

“Who the hell rings a door bell at a party!?” The girl said with a smile. “Come in! Man you look adorable! Get in here!”

Jenna was speechless for a moment but somehow managed to move her shaky legs through the door. Before Jenna could say a word the brunette closed the door and ran in the direction of random voices and laughter. Jenna searched the swarm for a familiar face. She could not find Craig or any of her other friends from school. The warmth between her legs was still lingering and she felt naked in her outfit amongst all these strangers.

She walked to the kitchen to look for alcohol. She found just what she needed! Jack Daniels was sitting there next to his friend Pepsi and the ice was in a cooler on the tile. She found some red plastic cups and mixed her drink making sure to go heavy on the Jack. She drank it down very fast and started to feel herself unwind.

In the next moment she could recognize the brunette’s laughter getting closer behind her. She did not get a chance to turn fully around when the brunette grabbed her from behind in an embrace. She brought her lips close to Jenna’s ear and whispered “What are you having there gorgeous…?”

Jenna stifled a groan and held the Jack and Coke higher so the girl could grab the cup for a sip. The brunette released her hold and grabbed the cup from Jenna’s hand and took a sip. “Mm mm. My, my you sure like your Jack almost as strong as I do.” The brunette went back to the counter and poured more Jack Daniels in the cup and topped it off with a little more Pepsi. Jenna even loved this girl’s hands. They looked strong and slender but also very soft. She was fighting so many emotions to not just grab this girl right here and throw the Jack and coke from her hands.

The brunette handed Jenna the drink. “My name is Jackie Daniel. I think my parents loved this drink as well!” She said laughing.

Jenna giggled and took a sip. Whew! She had a strong drink here. She drank it down fast. Jackie laughed. “Pretty good huh?” Jenna nodded. Jackie said, “Well you sure don’t talk too much, what’s your name?”

Before she could say a word Craig bounced into the room with a huge grin. “Jenna! My girl! I see you have met Jack. My other favorite girl! You do look fabulous. I really approve! Are you having fun?”

Jenna smiled “Oh yes. You have a lot of friends. Everyone seems to be drunk already!’

“Especially me!” Craig grabbed Jenna and kissed her deeply. “I really mean it. You look beautiful!” He grabbed a Budweiser with a lime wedge and canlı casino staggered off.

Jenna must have had a look on her face matching her feelings because Jackie said, “Is this the first time you’ve seen Craig drunk? He gets very loving when he’s drunk!” Jenna laughed with Jackie. The awkwardness floating away with the buzz. Jenna said, “You don’t have to be drunk to think you look beautiful tonight. The sip I took from your cup is actually the first drink I’ve had tonight. You look very nice.”

Jenna felt herself blushing. “Thanks. You look just perfect.”

Jackie grabbed Jenna’s hand and drug her into the living room where the music was blaring. “You wanna dance?” A very upbeat song was blaring from the stereo.

Jenna took a long drink and set it down. “Sure!”

Jackie grabbed Jenna’s hand and brought her to the floor. The room was dark with disco lights illuminating their faces. Jackie felt herself getting more buzzed and began to let lose on the dance floor. They danced together for a couple minutes when Jackie grabbed Jenna’s waste and started grinding into her. Jenna was getting really hot and bothered. She didn’t know where to put her hands so she just let Jackie do all the work. Somewhere in the heat of things Jenna grabbed Jackie’s face and kissed her full lips. She just could not take it anymore. She needed to feel her soft lips on her right away. Jackie kissed her back long and deep. In the middle of their kiss Jackie led them to a corner of the room where it was dark enough that the rest of the room could not see what they were doing. Once in the corner Jackie pushed Jenna into the corner and their bodies pressed together. They were both panting from the dancing and excitement of what they were currently doing. Jenna moaned. This was her first experience with a woman and she could not believe she missed out for so long! Jackie’s lips were so soft and full. She touched her with such gentle hands in just the right places. Jackie began to move her hands under the back of Jenna’s top to unclasp the bra. She undid the bra with expert ease and when the bra was loose she moved around to the front to grope Jenna’s right breast. Jenna’s breathing became deeper and her chest rose into Jackie’s hand. Jackie was pinching her nipples which were getting as big as raspberries. In the meanwhile Jenna was reaching up Jackie’s short easy access skirt. She played with her inner thighs. Slowly caressing them lightly back and forth back and forth. Always getting close to the place she knew Jackie wanted touched the most. Jenna pulled her hands from the inner thighs to start going around the outer thighs to Jackie’s ass. Jackie’s ass was firm and very very nice. Jenna took kaçak casino a nice tight grip of it and Jackie began grinding her pussy into Jenna’s thigh. Jackie started moaning and Jenna could feel the heat on her thigh and her skirt start to dampen from Jackie’s sex.

Just then the music stopped and they heard someone say, “What the hell? Why is there a slow song playing? This ain’t no high school dance!” They changed the song and turned up the volume.

With the music blaring and everyone screaming and laughing Jenna and Jackie were free to moan their pleasure. Jackie began moaning into Jenna’s lips and Jenna could taste her passion and need. Jenna brought her hand back to Jackie’s inner thighs and began caressing back and forth back and forth. “Don’t tease me. Please! Fuck me now!” Jackie screeched in Jenna’s ear. Jenna complied and slipped one finger in Jackie’s wet pussy.

Jackie moaned “Ooooooh.” Jenna slipped in a second and began finger fucking her faster. Jackie could take no more she began to cum very hard on Jenna’s fingers and almost fell backward. Jenna caught her with her free arm and brought her closer still kissing her warm mouth. Jackie purred “Oh god that was good.” She grabbed Jenna’s hand still covered in her sex and took her from the dark corner. They went through a door into a dark room and Jackie turned on the light. They were in the garage! Jenna could see Craig’s Mustang all shiny and red. Jackie looked at Jenna and she knew she was thinking the same thing. Jackie laid Jenna on the hood of the car and spread her legs. She hiked up her skirt and went down to her sweet hot mound. She began to lick Jenna’s inner thighs with her soft warm tongue. “Oh please! Lick me now!” Jenna grabbed Jackie’s head and shoved her cunt in her face. She let go of her head and Jackie flicked her clit back and forth back and forth. Jenna was writhing and make a lot of noise. Jackie put two fingers in her pussy and started sucking Jenna’s clit with her warm soft lips. Jenna was moving her hips now, humping her fingers to bring them deeper inside her. She could feel her orgasm rising in her belly. “Fuck! Oh god! Yeeeeah!” She came hard in Jackie’s face. Jackie licked her clean and came back up to her mouth.

Jenna could taste her sex on Jackie’s lips. Sweet and sour. She loved the smell of her sex and could not get enough of Jackie’s lips with the yummy taste and smell. “mmmm Oh god. You are really heaven.” Jenna said.

Just then they heard the door opened and Craig walked in. “Well! I see my favorite girls are having a good time tonight!” He came up and kissed Jackie deeply. “Well! I haven’t tasted that in a while!” They all laughed. “I think I might want some. Isn’t that weird?”

Ok so there you go. This is my first story of this sort EVER! Please tell me what you think and suggestions are very welcome. I may make Jenna into a sequel. The next one possibly a threesome with Craig.

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