Jack and the Giant’s Wife

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Jack’s biceps rippled as he climbed hand over hand easily ascending the gigantic beanstalk that had sprouted in his backyard. Taking care of his aging widowed mother and her house had left him with an athletic build desired by any twenty-year-old man.

He looked down at the small cottage-style house below. He had put his youth on hold to care for her. In addition to his job in town managing the finances for the local pub, he was the sole caretaker for her home that had been in her family for generations. He had all of the responsibilities of a husband without the wife or any of the pleasures a wife could add to his life.

He climbed with anticipation, the sun beaming brightly, lighting his way upward into the sky. There was magic in the air; a crackling sensation of static electricity and heat.

Magic was undeniable to Jack. He had only thrown that handful of seeds out of his bedroom window last night and now a beanstalk towered over his mother’s house; an impossibility without the workings of mysterious forces. That crazy old man on the road to town had exuded an aura of enchantment that made the hairs on his arms stand up. He didn’t have a choice in trading his mother’s cow for the beans. He was rendered powerless from the first moment of eye contact. He didn’t like that feeling. A virile man like himself liked to be in control at all times.

He had been traveling upwards for more than an hour. Any other man would have been out of breath and straining to carry on. But Jack was nimble; there was no challenge here yet. He had heard stories of castles in the sky and couldn’t wait to confirm or deny the theories.

He squinted to view his destination in the bright sun. In several yards, the beanstalk disappeared into a bank of white clouds. His pulse quickened, not from the exertion, but from the eagerness of what lie ahead. Something propelled him forward; something more than curiosity.

The air changed as he went through the cloud cover. Cool, damp, and ominous, the quality of the atmosphere felt like the result of dark magic.

He shivered. For some, this would be a moment of decision. But he was never one to back down from a goal and he believed that there was something at the top of this beanstalk that he was meant to experience.

His belief in magic should have made him more cautious, more apprehensive about the unknown above him. Instead, it compelled him to accelerate his climb.

The cloud was not large and it required few upward steps to break through. Finally, the fog cleared and he paused to take this leg of the journey with more vigilance. He wasn’t afraid, but he wasn’t reckless either.

The top of the beanstalk emerged into a grassy field. The leafy tip barely showed as it swayed in the tall grass. The sun shone again in a clear blue sky but the foreboding presence still lingered.

As he pulled himself out of the hole, he remained in a crouched position to investigate his surroundings without immediate detection.

The field bordered a large piece of manicured property. From this angle and distance, he struggled to assimilate what he saw. About half a mile away stood a massive stone structure. It featured turrets, peaked roofs, and arched windows. Jack’s jaw dropped.

He was staring at a castle in the sky.

There amatör porno was a semblance of a path leading to the building which had grown over from lack of travelers. He followed it remaining in his crouched position until he broke through the long grass. He planned a route to the castle which took him off the path and hid him from the view of the windows as much as possible. This involved ducking behind trees, running behind hedges and crawling near flower beds.

A small outbuilding stood next to one such flower bed. He took a minute to catch his breath next to its wooden wall. Just as he dropped to his knees and started crawling beside the tulips, a melodious sound floated out of the garden shed.

It was a woman’s voice and she was singing an unfamiliar song that was both forlorn and beautiful.

He froze. Should he duck and stay there until she left? Should he risk being seen to scramble back to the side of the shed? But there was no time for indecision because her voice grew louder as she exited the shed.

The instant silence screamed his discovery.

He stood, brushing the dirt from his trousers, to stare into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

She boldly held his gaze without fear or anger. She looked at him curiously as if she had stumbled upon a deer or rabbit stepping into her garden. As the seconds passed, he saw daring in her stare while the rest of her face remained passive.

She finally broke the eye contact to regard him more fully. He took the opportunity to do the same.

Her hair was a golden blond and she wore it in a thick side braid. Her skin was smooth and tanned suggesting she spent many hours in her garden. Long natural lashes framed her eyes. Her pink lips were full and he had trouble tearing his eyes away from them. He imagined how they would look arched in a big smile and how they would feel locked with his. His trousers suddenly felt a little tighter.

He guessed her age to be about thirty based on her smooth skin and the maturity he saw in her face. She wore a sleeveless shift-like dress that billowed around her bare legs, its hem just inches from the ground. Her noted her feet were bare too on the soft grass. The neckline of her dress was v-shaped and stopped just above her cleavage. Her breasts looked full and generous, but small enough to hold themselves up without undergarments. As his eyes paused there, he was surprised to see her nipples suddenly appear hard and projected through the thin material of her dress.

He looked up to see her cheeks had reddened and their eyes locked again. The fullness in his groin would soon be visible as well.

“Hi,” she said. There was still no smile; just that level gaze with her head tipped slightly forward.


“Did you climb the beanstalk?”

He gave a slight nod as his response.

“Few have made that journey and lived to tell the tale,” she stated unemotionally.

While Jack pondered these words, he sensed he had nothing to fear from the woman standing in front of him.

“What is your name?” she asked.


“Jack,” she repeated. A couple of seconds passed before she spoke again.

“You have nice eyes, Jack.”

Jack felt as if he were in a trance. He couldn’t pull his eyes anal porno away from hers.

“Yours are special too,” he said.

She took a step toward him.

“You’re having quite an effect on my body, Jack.”

“Am I? He resisted the impulse to move toward her.

“Don’t pretend you didn’t notice, Jack.”

Her persistent use of his name was unnerving him, but it sounded good coming from those luscious lips. He watched her close the gap between them.

“They looked impressive from here,” he said.

“And now?” Now her breasts were nearly touching his chest and the tell-tale nipples were still erect, as was he.

He cupped one in his hand.

“Beautiful,” he whispered.

She pushed against his hand, wanting a firmer touch.

His eyes returned to hers for affirmation.

Her hot gaze did not waver. She licked her lips slowly.

He touched her bottom lip with his forefinger.

“Also beautiful,” he said.

She opened her lips then and captured his finger in her mouth. She sucked on it rhythmically.

He pulled it out with a pop and grabbed the back of her head to pull her lips to his. He kissed her with abandonment; their mouths grinding against each other as lips and tongues moved in synchronization. She kissed him back like she had lived in the desert for years and he was a drink of water.

Her fingers weaved through his hair and jolting his scalp with electric energy. She tasted like chocolate and strawberries.

“I had some earlier,” she mumbled into his mouth.

She could read his fucking mind.

“Yeah, sorry. Most people don’t appreciate that.” She avoided his eyes this time as she spoke.

“Why do you think my body responded to you so quickly, Jack? I could hear your appreciation for my finer features.”

She smiled up at him then and the smile was everything he had imagined.

“You’re doing it again,” she laughed, leaning in to connect their lips again, and to push her breast back into his hand.

He massaged her breast as he kissed her. Then focussed on her hardened nipple, pulling and pinching it through the fabric of her gown.

Suddenly he wondered if there was someone in the castle who might look out and see this spectacle.

“Would that bother you, Jack?” she said in his mouth, sucking his answer into her throat. His trousers grew tighter still.

“No one?” he asked without uttering a sound.

“Not right now,” she confirmed.

Before she could read his thoughts, he grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. His eyes widened as he realized it was the only garment she had been wearing.

He took a nipple into his mouth and suckled while kneading her buttocks. Her fingers tangled in his hair again as she threw her head back in pleasure. She writhed in his grasp until his hand moved from her back to her front. He found her wet and wanting.


“That’s what I was thinking too,” she groaned.

His cock was fully engorged and ready for action. Would he take her against the shed wall or lay her on the ground?

Before she answered his silent query or he had made a decision on his own, she was on her knees pulling his trousers down.

She took him in her hand and caressed the length of him.

She anal breakers porno made a sound like she had sighted a piece of decadent chocolate cake.

She took him into her mouth and sucked him with confidence and an unexpected expertise.

“Yeah, this part I know well,” she said locking her lips around him again making him groan.

After a few minutes of mind-blowing oral attention, she answered his previous question.

“Against the side of the shed,” she said wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“But first from behind. I’ve always wondered what that felt like.”

She turned and braced herself against the shed wall with her hands spreading her legs for his entry.

Jack’s experience with sex was limited. He had never been with a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and demanded it.

He almost lost his load before making contact with the smooth skin of her ass. He caressed it with his hands before guiding his erection into her wet entrance.

He moved slowly to let her adjust to his size and the new position.

“Deep. Faster,” she ordered.

He gritted his teeth to hang on. Her pleasure was priority.

“I appreciate that,” she said. She turned to give him another beatific smile.

“Now fuck me blind,” she demanded.

He grabbed her hips and pounded into her as he followed orders. But he reached around and rubbed his thumb against her clitoris as he acquiesced. The hardening of her swollen flesh in addition to her groan was his reward.

She began moving in a matching rhythm to his thrusts. He would not last much longer.

He pulled out and grabbed her waist to turn her around. With her back to the shed wall, he fucked her until she cried out. Only then did he allow himself to give in and explode inside her.

She grabbed his face and kissed him passionately. He was spent, but he tried his best to reciprocate her vitality.

She suddenly pulled away and looked up at the sky. She seemed to note the position of the sun.

“Oh shit.”

She let him go and scrambled to put her dress back on.

He immediately felt the loss of her warm skin on his.

“What’s wrong?” he asked pulling his trousers up and securing them in place.

“He will be home soon.” She looked at the castle with fear in her eyes.

I didn’t need to vocalise my next question.

“My husband,” was the answer.







Her eyes locked with mine.

“Run, Jack! Fucking run!” She pushed me aggressively with both of her hands for emphasis.

All of a sudden the ground beneath my feet seemed to shake. There was a banging sound that reverberated through the ground in the pattern of footsteps.

“Go!” my lover screamed.

I ran.

I never looked back until I reached the edge of the grassy field.

From this distance, everything looked the way it was when I first ascended the beanstalk.

I grabbed the top of the beanstalk and stepped onto the first foothold.

The sky that had been a midday sky suddenly turned black and a clap of thunder echoed over the field followed by a jagged line of lightning that lit up the entire sky.

Did I hear a roar of anger as I descended hurriedly toward home?

While it made my heart race, I knew the sound would never keep me from climbing this plant again to see her again.


He didn’t even know her name.

That was reason enough to return to the castle in the sky.

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