It Started With A Movie Ch. 02

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…Andy looked down at himself and saw a bit of a bulge in his pants too. “Who’s next?” he asked. “Should we alternate, girl – boy?” They all looked at each other and then actually it was Chris who spoke up.

“I’ll put in one for the guys.” He said.


I find myself in the most beautiful woods imaginable. You can see the early evening sky through the gnarled hardwoods. An oversized moon looks full and already dominates the sky even though there is still a hint of sun light left. It illuminates more than it should in an almost magical glow. The air is very warm, as I lie there, bare-chested with my head nestled between the roots of a tall oak. I close my eyes and I listen to the burble of a nearby brook. I mindlessly push my toes between the blades of soft grass. The atmosphere is so idyllic that just being there almost turns me on.

My mind starts to wander and I think about wizards and trolls, sprites and nymphs, heroes and Gods. I place my hands behind my head with my fingers entwined and listen to nature. Between the gurgle of water and the rustle of leaves in the trees I hear the wind whisper, ‘Chris’. I open my eyes. All I see are two birds chasing each other from tree to tree and a frog hopping in search of the water’s edge.

I close my eyes again and am aware that there is a presence near me. It does not startle me or cause me alarm but I am curious so I open my eyes. I see a fleeting glimpse or rather a wisp of a light brown dress pass from my view. I settle my eyelids down again.

I can feel the light breeze of a summer wind caressing my bare stomach and tickling the hair on it. A hand touches my chest and I hear a voice say ‘Fear me not Christopher, for I mean you no harm.’

When I open my eyes again, I see the most beautiful face peering into mine. It is a young woman of no age I can discern and yet she seems youthful to me. Her hair flows in a breeze that sert porno I cannot feel and her eyes peer at me, brighter than the stars that surround her face. She is nude. She no longer wears the dress I saw a moment before and I can see that her fair skin is faintly luminescent. Her eyes look deep within me and her perfectly shaped lips rest in a comforting smile.

While she stares into my eyes, her hand caresses my chest. It runs softly down my body and as I cautiously reach out to touch her hair, it is as if my own hand was that of a wild animal (in comparison to her) and I was touching the face of a queen. She permits my touch and closes her eyes in a look of love and comfort. Her hand continues its course down my chest and when it reaches my belt, the belt is undone with a touch. My pants slide off with ease now and I lie there naked to the night sky. She takes my hand from her cheek and stands with the fluid grace of the river. Then she pulls me to my feet as if she had the strength of the gentle winds. Her body is lithe and yet her breasts are full like those of a mother. She says ‘Let me show you something’ and turns away. I follow her.

She leads me to a clearing with a grassy hill near its center. The moonlight shines directly on the hill and she leads me there. I walk up behind her and she steps back into me, touching me. ‘Look at nature,’ she says. ‘It is springtime now.’

I rest my hands on her arms and look about us. In the shadow of the trees I see movement. On one side, two rabbits hop around the base of a tree in a mating dance. In front of us, a few bees are circling about a bed of flowers. To our right, a buck sniffs at the hindquarters of his doe and all around us fireflies twinkle like the night sky. ‘This is the season for mating,’ she says. ‘Life is again renewed and all creatures feel the call to begin new life.’

I feel in her the essence of pure female sex mex porno energy. It throbs and courses through her veins. As she presses her naked form against mine, my own body picks up the rhythm and begins to react. Naked and standing behind her in the center of this clearing, my penis begins to grow. My loins are pressed against her and as my penis hardens, I move back slightly. On its way up, the head of my erection brushes along the crack between her cheeks and she remains silent, anticipating. I stroke her hair and she makes a low sound, which is echoed by the forest. My erection is fully hard now and I lower a hand to feel the lips of her pussy. She is wet and ready to be mated by me. I glance at the rabbits and the deer that are busily mating near us. I lower the head of my penis and direct it to its target. She leans her torso forward to accommodate me and slowly I push myself into her. Her warmth fills me with energy. I feel that my essence is larger than life as I begin to slide in and out of her. I begin to move faster and faster. I see myself now as the buck or as the rabbit, fucking her because it is in my blood to do so. I grasp her hips and pump myself into her with the pounding rhythm of waves crashing upon the shore; fucking her with animal lust. My nails dig into her soft skin as I continue to pull her onto me with the night wind whipping through our hair. My erection feels bigger and harder now than it ever has before, filling her up as it pushes past her lips and stretches her from the inside. Forever it seems, that we are standing there, atop that hill, performing the age-old play. We are performing for all the Gods and for Nature itself. Ferociously I attack her with my heightened sexuality and newfound energy. She responds with the desire and lust of every female animal that has ever been mounted. I have her body grasped in my hands and I can feel her warm flesh, her soft stranded teens porno skin, her female frame and I fuck her.

She is breathing hard but with control and she climaxes. She throws her head back and cries out into the night sky. Through the pounding in my ears, I can hear leaves rustle as her hair falls on her bare back. The pressure in my penis begins to grow at last as I near my own orgasm. She reaches behind her and grabs onto my hips to prevent me from pulling out. As I climax, I feel the seed of the world flowing from me to her. I hold onto her waist and press her to me as I pump stream after stream into her body. We have fulfilled our purpose. We have taken up our parts and paid homage to the Lady. It is She who orchestrates us all and it is She who watches over us now, and it is Her daughter that now holds my softening penis inside of her.

As I finally let her go, she turns to me and smiles. With a whisper she says to me, ‘I will care for your seed well, my dear man, and with it create new life. You have pleased me this night and I will always remember you.’ With that, she steps backward into the night and fades into the darkness. I sit down upon the grass as if in a dream. Then I lay on my back with my hands under my head and fall back to sleep.

After a brief moment of silence, Claire says, “Wow, you don’t really fantasize like that do you? It was like Shakespeare wrote it. “

“Yeah, he probably does,” said Cathy. “You should see the stuff he writes.”

“Damn sweet!” Claire said.

“OK guys, ready for something a little more base?” asked Keisha. “I’m not as artsy as those two but this one’s pretty cool. I feel kind of weird about sharing it though; it’s a little bit …different.”

“Good! Maybe I’ll have the balls for mine when it’s my turn then.” Said Claire.

Andy looked at her with eyebrows raised. “Oh really!” He said. Claire leaned over to whisper in his ear. Andy thought about it a minute with eyebrows furrowed and then his face lit up. “I can’t wait.” He said. Claire looked relieved.

“Hey you two, no stealing my thunder.” Said Keisha. Some of them chuckled. “Well, here it goes…”

To Be Continued…

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