It Happened in Rural India Ch. 02

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After the first day, things started getting steadily amorous. Ramdev would send the servant on an errand whenever he got the urge and would sneak behind Shanta, lift her saree and insert his erection into her while she would be cooking or doing her chores. He would call her under some pretext or the other push her shoulders forcefully bringing her on her knees and guide his hardness into her mouth, or if time and occasion would not permit, he would simply show Shanta his manhood erect and angry.

Of’course! The above was in addition to their almost certain nightly rendezvous, which would invariably follow night after night, except the days when Shanta was menstruating!

Shanta too was in a perpetual state of excitement and Ramdev would forever find her wet and ready. It was almost like a couple of teenagers who had just discovered their libido and given in to their baser senses with no inhibitions or restraint.

One day, just before Ramdev was about to leave for his fields it started raining heavily. Ramdev decided to call off his visit and called the servant and gave him the day off. Shanta heard him calling from his room to her.

“Yes! Thankurji?” Shanta asked him immediately on entering his room, she saw him sitting on the bed.

Ramdev looked at her, he could see the naughty expectation in her eyes, and the smile on her face which wasn’t quite a grin. It was an erotic expression which conveyed nothing but lust.

Ramdev gestured her to lock the door and come in. Shanta after doing what was told to her came and stood near him. “Get me a bottle of oil from the cupboard!” Ramdev ordered.

Shanta promptly did as told and asked him, “Do you want me to put oil in your hair? Do you want me to massage you? Are you not well? Are you feet aching?”

Ramdev smiled and looked at her and said, “Hold your questions, you will soon see the purpose of this oil.”

Ramdev took the bottle from Shanta’s hand and simply pulled down the Pallu of her saree. (The portion of the Indian saree which covers the bosom and the blouse is called pallu). He could see her ripe and juicy breasts confined in her blouse and their soft and sensuous rise and fall with each breath she took. The décolleté blouse offered a good view of Shanta’s cleavage which Ramdev always found enticing and it never failed to give him an instant reaction in his loins.

Ramdev kept staring at Shanta’s clothed breasts for while and reached out and unhooked a couple of top hooks of the blouse. She could not only feel the intensity of his gaze but the raw insistence of his desire was sending shivers down her spine.

Shanta could feel the blood rushing to her temples and her breathing got heavier by the minute. The blouse was front-opening and once the top two hooks were open her breasts started dangerously straining against the fabric for freedom and release.

Shanta reached out to touch Ramdev but he was having none of it, he impatiently slapped her hands away and kept staring from her breasts to her eyes and back again. As if he wanted to convey his raw surge to her without saying a word. Shanta could feel his eyes boring into her, as if his eyes were fucking every pore of her body without hesitation, and with an impatient lust.

Ramdev grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him, Shanta almost stumbled and it took all her sense of balance to keep from falling on to him. His warm insistent hands slowly started kneading her waist. Shanta was amazed at the insistence of his palms, she felt a warm wetness run from inside her and trickle onto her thighs. Then, Ramdev pinched her waist, not to hurt her, yet the pinch was anything but mild. A loud moan escaped Shanta’s lips. She had never seen Ramdev like this.

“Take off your blouse and bra!” Ramdev’s voice was heavy.

Shanta was almost as if in a trance. Her hands mechanically undid the hooks of her blouse, peeled it off, threw it on the floor and followed suit with her bra. “Are you wearing panties?” Ramdev asked her.

Shyly, Shanta looked down and said, “Thakurji! Ever since you have told me, when have you ever seen me wearing them?”

Ramdev nodded as if in approval. “Are you wet?” He again shot off a question.

Shanta simply nodded and looked at him in the eye. Ramdev grinned and simply turned her around with his hands. He felt his breath becoming sharp as he admired her naked back to her waist. Blemishless, supine, soft tender milky skin, the flesh just right, not too much, not too less.

Ramdev’s hands started caressing her back as he stood up behind Shanta. Starting at her shoulders, going down right to her waist where her saree and petticoat stopped the advance of his hands. Shanta’s breath was coming in gasps now. She could feel her legs turn to jelly when suddenly Ramdev bent forward and nibbled along the length of her neck, and then had his tongue running along her shoulder behind her collar bone.

Shanta barely managed to suppress a moan, but her reaction was lost on Ramdev. Soon, his hands were cupping, and kneading her breasts and his fingers started running around her nipples. He could sense her nipples erecting to his touch and with each flick of his fingers Ramdev could sense Shanta’s breath getting heavier and heavier.

Ramdev’s hands reached down and slowly rolled off her saree. Now Shanta was standing just in her petticoat, nothing over or under it. His palms started caressing her buttocks over the petticoat. Ramdev could sense Shanta gyrating her bottom in tandem with the movements oh his palms. She would give a slow luxurious rotation, almost like a belly dancer.

Shanta’s movements were turning Ramdev on and his hard was straining against the confines of his trousers. He moved forward and dug his hard into the crack of her ass. Shanta sensed his erection pressing into her so she simply moved back against it and started rubbing her behind on it in a sideways movement.

After a while Ramdev got rid his trousers and still standing behind her bunched her petticoat around her waist and dug his hard-on into her crack. Shanta’s crack felt warm and moist. He reached down and probed her vulva with his hands. Her cunt was like a steaming pot over flowing with juice. He took some of the juice and rubbed it on his dick with his fingers, and then with his wet fingers started playing with her clit.

Every now and then his fingers would reach inside her pussy and borrow some of its juice and keep lubricating her clit and her nether lips. Suddenly, Ramdev wet his fingers, took a step back and started rubbing his finger around the rose-bud of her ass. He again reached inside her pussy and wet his fingers once again. This time his finger breached the ring of her anus.

It was puckered and tight. Shanta tensed for a moment but Ramdev was going about it at leisure. His finger was curious, probing yet tender on its journey. He would probe inside till the first knot, let it be there for a moment then again pull it out, wet it with her juices and then re-insert. This continued for a few times. By now Shanta was relaxed, she had expected pain, but soon realized that this was nothing but pleasure, though different.

A few times later Ramdev just kept his finger on the tip of her anus but did not insert it. By now Shanta was too far gone with the new sensation. She reached behind and grabbed his wrist and forcefully inserted his finger into her anus. This time Ramdev let it go in till the first two knots. Her anus felt warm and soft beyond the tight ring at the entrance.

Shanta by now was moaning in abandon. She wanted release and a relief. She turned her neck and looked at Ramdev with imploring eyes. Ramdev’s dick also ached for release. It had been left neglected for too long. He quickly reached for the bottle of oil asked her to get rid of her petticoat and smothered his dick with oil.

Shanta by now had guessed that her ass-hole was to be invaded today. She was a bit tense and was wondering whether it would hurt. Ramdev took some oil and put it around and in her anus. He placed her in a manner that she was standing besides the bed but bending down on the mattress with her butt jutting out to be invaded.

Ramdev first inserted his cock into her pussy. Shanta let out a sharp breath. He pulled his dick out at placed it on the entrance of her anus. Shanta now wanted it inside her ass, damn the consequences. If this was what Ramdev wanted and liked then she shall give it to him and learn to like it as well.

The first entry was something that Shanta was not prepared for. 8″ of Ramdev’s manhood slowly but surely, spread the ring of her anus and invaded her. “Thakurji……!” Shanta screamed.

Ramdev merely grunted and went on pushing it inside till all of the 8″ was inside her. He remained motionless waiting for her to get used to the foreign sensation. Then he slowly started withdrawing his penis. He withdrew till just the head was inside, then again pushed back in. Slow, ever so slow.

Slowly Shanta began to enjoy it. She was moaning with every thrust and enjoying Ramdev’s finger playing with her clit, while his penis plugged her asshole.

“Do you like it? Do you like what my dick is doing to your ass-hole?” Ramdev asked.

Shanta’s reply was an incoherent mumbling of words, but her butt was doing the talking for her. She would push back and meet each thrust with equal fervor. Ramdev grabbed her ass and now started increasing his tempo.

“Thakurji! Oh Thakurji! Harder… Deeper…. More I want more and more. Just don’t stop!” Shanta seemed to have finally found words.

Ramdev was more than ready to oblige. His finger left her clit and he grabbed Shanta’s waist with both hands and started pulling her torso onto his dick. Stroke after stroke till he felt his dam was about to burst.

They both were sweating profusely by now! Drops of sweat from Ramdev’s brow were falling onto Shanta’s back. Suddenly, Shanta started bucking as an earth-shattering orgasm wrecked through her body. She felt spasm after spasm bursting inside her. It was almost as if waves of an electric current originating from her anus were imploding through her veins to every pore of her body.

Ramdev sensing her orgasm finally let go and shot his load into her anus. He let out a loud grunt and finally pulled his dick out of her anus. He lifted her petticoat and cleaned his dick and handed it back to Shanta.

Shanta took her petticoat and started wearing her clothes. When fully dressed she said to Ramdev, “Thakurji! This was the best orgasm I have ever had, we must do this again and again.”

Ramdev simply grinned and said, “Tonight! Shanta! Keep the oil ready!”

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