It Happened in Rural India Ch. 01

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Thakur Ramdev Singh was his name. He belonged to a family of land-lords or zamindaars as they are called in India. He was the lone heir to an ancestral property which consisted of hundreds of acres of land in rural India.

Ramdev was married when he was 23 years old to Prabhavati the daughter of another zamindaar family. His father decided his bride for him as was the tradition in their family. Although, Ramdev was educated and had completed his graduation he knew this tradition of their family and never expected anything else for himself but to get married as his family chose and decided for him.

For a few years things continued fine, Ramdev was happily settled and was managing affairs efficiently when tragedy struck their family. The car carrying his parents and pregnant wife met with an accident when they were going on a pilgrimage leaving Ramdev alone at a very young age of 27 years.

Ramdev was woe-struck. His world had collapsed around him. It had taken destiny just one day to bring his world shattering around him. Ramdev managed the last rites with the help of a few well-meaning relatives and village elders who had rushed by his side in his time of grief. Once, all rituals and rites were over all of them left one by one leaving Ramdev alone to face life and his predicament.

Ramdev took months to come out of his anguish, but he was of a sound mind and spirit. He plunged himself into his work and actively involved himself in the village affairs. Soon, he gained popularity as a sound advisor, a rational decision maker and a well-wisher of his own village and surrounding villages. People would come to him from near and far to seek his help and advice on various matters both personal and otherwise, and there was rarely anyone who left his door-step dissatisfied with the help or solution given by Ramdev to their problems.

A couple of years went by. Ramdev would work the whole week and keep a day aside every week when people could come and meet him at his haveli (a big house, like a palatial bungalow) for their problems. One such day towards evening, when he was about to finish his public meeting, he noticed a young woman about 24-26 years of age standing quietly in a corner. She had a young girl with her about 4-5 years of age and a small bag apparently having their clothes.

The woman’s appearance struck Ramdev. She was very fair and beautiful, dressed in a sari and blouse but the way she had worn the sari was what struck him. The sari worn by her was like an urban woman and she wasn’t dressed like a typical village woman. Further, she looked like she came from a reasonably well to do family. Her clothes were clean and simple and though she had not worn any ornaments yet Ramdev could make out that this woman’s body had not gone un-adorned all her life.

After finishing with the last person, Ramdev turned to the woman, folded his hands and asked her politely,” How may I help you?”

The woman spoke in a quiet but clear voice,”Thakurji, my name is Shanta. This is my daughter Roopa, I was married into a rich family, but my husband died leaving a lot of debts. All that I had has gone into paying those debts, my husband’s family will not accept me and there is no one I have to turn to, because I have no other relatives. Can you help me out Sir?”

“Well! I can give you some money if that is what you want.” Ramdev offered.

Shanta said, “Thakurji! I come from a good family. I will not accept charity. I have come to you looking for some work. I wish to educate my daughter too, so that she can grow up to be self-reliant. I am willing to do any work. I have heard that you are a kind just man. Will you accept me into your household, so I can have a shelter over my head and earn enough money to educate my daughter?”

“Do you know that I am a widower? I live alone and I have no female employees in my house-hold. Further, are you not afraid what people will say if you live in my Haveli?”

Shanta was unfazed,” Thakurji, I will live in the servant quarters behind the Haveli. I think no one will object then. As far as I am concerned I have a lot of trust in you, so I have no fear in working in your house.”

Ramdev was amazed at her confidence in him, he said, “Very well then, I will get your daughter enrolled in the village school tomorrow itself, and you can start working from tomorrow. Have you eaten anything?”

Shanta shook her head. Ramdev immediately asked his servant to give them food and show them the servant quarters which were behind the Haveli.

Ramdev would leave early in the morning each day and return by dusk except for the days he would conduct the public-meeting. Shanta started looking after the Haveli. She would get up early, much before dawn and ensure that Ramdev had a proper breakfast and packed lunch before he left each day. She soon took over the day to day affairs of the haveli and even the servant started looking up to her for instructions instead of Ramdev.

Ramdev too was tired of eating olgun porno the insipid food cooked by the servant and had almost resigned himself to the fact that the haveli would always be untidy because the servant would do only as much as his limited intelligence would let him. Shanta changed all this and that gave Ramdev a lot of satisfaction.

Roopa too joined the village school and would wait for Ramdev to come home in the evenings. When she would see him coming home she would jump up with joy, run to him, hug him and search his pockets for the sweets she knew he never forgot to bring for her. Ramdev also found himself being drawn towards the young girl and began to look forward to coming home in the evenings.

A few months passed and things settled into a routine. Shanta and Ramdev always maintained a respectable distance, but as time went by Shanta found herself drawn towards Ramdev. He was a just and fair man, highly respected and had been nothing but kind to her. Shanta shuddered to think what would have happened to her and her daughter had Ramdev not taken care of them and given her employment and shelter.

Shanta was also visibly shaken and grateful for his kindness. Ramdev would bring gifts for her and Roopa whenever he would go to the nearby city. He was very observant and most of the things that she and Roopa needed were given to them by Ramdev even without her having to mention them or asking for them. Further, he would sit with Roopa in the evenings for her studies and make sure that she was well informed and way ahead of the other students of her age.

The thing that really had touched Shanta was, that Ramdev did it all with no selfish motive and expected no return from her in kind for whatever he did for Roopa and her.

One day Ramdev returned early from his visits and went to his room and lay down. Shanta was surprised because it had never happened before. She was concerned as he was not looking too good and she enquired the reason for this. Ramdev made an excuse that he was not feeling well and that he should be better in a few hours. But, it was when Shanta heard him groaning that she went and touched his forehead and found out that he had high fever.

Shanta immediately summoned the servant and asked him to fetch a doctor and she started applying wet strips of cloth on his forehead to bring down the fever. Ramdev protested against her doing all this, but she would hear none of it. The doctor came and checked Ramdev and said it was nothing to worry about, although the fever would take a few days to subside.

When it started getting dark Ramdev asked Shanta to go to her quarters and leave the servant with him. He had asked the servant to stay the night over in case he needed something. Shanta did not say anything, but Ramdev noticed sadness on her face. The servant stayed back the next 2-3 days by the time Ramdev recovered. Finally, when Ramdev’s fever subsided the servant was allowed to go home.

Ramdev was fine now, but the doctor had asked him to rest for at least 15 days because the fever might recur leading to tremendous complications. Ramdev had no option but to stay back and rest. Although, since it was rainy season and the seeds for the year had already been sown he knew that his absence would also not lead to any losses.

After the servant left Shanta came up to Ramdev and asked him if he needed anything. Ramdev replied in the negative to which Shanta burst out in tears. Ramdev was taken aback.

“What is it Shanta? Why are you crying? What happened? Do you need something?” Ramdev asked.

“Thakurji, have I done something to displease you? Why did you ask the servant to stay back the last 2-3 days? Could I not have taken care of you?”

“Look Shanta, I am a widower and you are a widow. There has to be a distance between us, and we both know it.”

Shanta was not pacified, “Thakurji, you have done so much for us, can I not do something for you? Am I to be so ungrateful?”

“But Shanta, you already do more than your share for me and the haveli. What more do you want to do?”

“No Thakurji, I have seen you bear the pain in the last few days. The doctor had told me that this fever would give you tremendous body ache and head ache, although never once did you complain about it. Are we strangers to you?”

Ramdev was silent; he did not know what to say. Shanta went on, “I am a very proud woman, and I would not accept charity from anyone, but Thakurji, I am not ungrateful either. What you have done for me and Roopa is something that no one would have ever done for us. I would willingly lay down my life for you, but the distance that you are creating with me is something I cannot bear in life now.”

“Shanta, do you know what you are saying?”

“Yes, Thakurji, I know what I am saying and believe me I do not dare to expect anymore from you than what you have already done. But from now on please let me do something for you too. In fact, I will not be happy outdoor sex doing just something. I want to do everything for you.” Shanta was saying all this in between sobs.

Shanta went on, “Thakurji, I also promise you, that if you try to distance yourself from me ever in life, I will kill myself. I have no expectations from you, but I wish to be your slave and in your service for a life time now. Never take away that happiness from me.”

Saying this, Shanta left the room and went out and sat down besides the doorway and started crying again. Ramdev was shocked. It was all too confusing for him. It was not that he had no feelings left inside him, but the circumstances of his life had made him immune to them. He has simply ignored them in the last few years.

Ramdev was torn inside, because it was not just the sexual part, it was also that he was angry at life for taking away everyone that was important to him. He had simply not allowed to get anyone close to him in any manner be it sexual or emotional. He had simply accepted his destiny as one who would do service to society and pass away from this world. Yet, this woman had torn away everything that he had built his life around in the last few years. Roopa was the only emotional attachment that he had allowed himself after the tragedy in his life.

Ramdev called out to Shanta. When she entered the room he said “Look Shanta, please stop crying. Give me some time to think. I hope you realize the implications of what you have just said to me.”

Shanta looked up and nodded, her face was tear-streaked, she said “Thakurji, please accept me, that is all I ask of you. I wish to be your servant and slave forever, that is all that I want of you.”

Ramdev was again silent for a while, when he spoke again it seemed as if he had made up his mind. “Would you please get some oil and massage my head and the soles of my feet? They have been aching for days now.”

Shanta broke into a smile. She rushed out and shortly came back with some oil and sat besides Ramdev on his bed and started applying oil on his forehead and started massaging it.

Ramdev noticed Shanta had soft hands. For the first time he noticed how she looked. She had very fair skin, almost like marble. Longish oval face, big beautiful eyes, a sharp nose, the contours of her body also was very attractive to say the least. Her breasts seemed to be well formed and the rest of her body was also very attractive.

Shanta was not very tall about 5 feet 4 inches in height and almost the right proportions everywhere. She would always dress in a sari and blouse and most of her clothes had been gifted by Ramdev now. For the first time she was physically so close to Ramdev, she smelt fresh and clean. There was the perfume of mogra flowers around her which she would wear in her long thick hair everyday. Her hair would always be neatly tied in a plait.

Ramdev wondered that how he could have never noticed how beautiful a woman Shanta was all these months. Ramdev was still too shy to say anything, he was just lying there and enjoying the relief Shanta’s hands were providing for his aching head. Slowly, Shanta bent over him as she massaged his forehead with both hands now, whenever Ramdev would open his eyes he could see her breasts right in front of him.

Shanta herself was in a pleasant shock. It was many months ago that she had decided to give herself up to Ramdev. How Ramdev had entered her mind and heart was something that she never understood, but as days passed she had resolved to give herself to him in anyway he pleased. Whenever she would see Ramdev her heart would start beating wildly and try as she might she could not bring herself to stop thinking about him.

Even now as she massaged Ramdev’s forehead Shanta’s hands were trembling and her heart beats had simply gone into a wild orbit. All she could hear were the constant loud beats as her heart was sending blood rushing to her brain. She felt as if she was a newly wedded bride for the first time sitting next to her groom.

Ramdev told her that his head was feeling much better so Shanta started massaging his feet. Shortly, he drifted off to sleep. The previous few days of pain had been relieved due to the massage and before he realized he was fast asleep. As Shanta was massaging his feet she saw Ramdev getting an erection in his sleep and she felt a rush of blood to her head as she stole glances towards his pole which had formed a tent in his pajamas.

Ramdev was unaware of all this since he was fast asleep, but Shanta could feel a wetness between her thighs. She just could not help but fantasize about being taken by that prick, but her shyness could not make her make the first move. Ramdev was having an erotic dream and before her eyes Shanta was seeing the swollen lump grow into a taut fully erect tent.

A few minutes passed and nothing happened. Ramdev was tired, the massage had truly relieved his ache and he had fallen into a deep sleep. public agent porno So after a while Shanta got up and went about her chores. But, as she worked the sight of the erection would not leave her head and she could see it in front of her eyes every few moments, and try as she might she could not bring herself to forget it.

The massage became a daily routine after that, and once Roopa would leave for school Shanta would rush with the oil to Ramdev’s room. Ramdev was already absolutely fit and fine in the next two days but he started pretending that his head and feet were still aching.

On the third day, when Shanta came with the oil, Ramdev said, “Shanta, my knees and thighs are also aching could you please massage them?”

Shanta smiled and nodded. Ramdev just pulled up his loose pajamas and lie down. Shanta said,”Thakurji! It would be better if you remove your pajamas, they will get oily and I will not be able to massage properly too.”

Ramdev was surprised at her boldness, his heart too started beating wildly as he removed his pajamas and lay down in his briefs. Shanta started massaging his feet, starting at the heels and gradually going higher to his knees. Ramdev started breathing heavily as he could feel his erection building and though he was excited he could feel himself blushing too.

“Thakurji, I am your slave, you do not have to hesitate in telling me anything that you want me to do for you. Anything that your heart desires, anything that you wish me to do you just have to let me know.” Shanta was saying all this matter of factly, not looking up at Ramdev’s face but continuing to massage his feet.

Ramdev found himself immobile for a while when he spoke his voice was hoarse,” Can you massage a bit higher? My thighs would like to feel your soft hands.”

Shanta smiled encouragingly and as her hands crept higher she said,” Thakurji, my heart my mind and my body is yours, they are to serve you in any way you please.”

When Ramdev heard this his erection became unbearable, it threatened to tear his briefs and come out. “Shanta I need some relief, you know how!” he said

“Oh Thakurji, I thought you would never say that.” Saying this Shanta softly clasped his erection over his briefs and started rubbing her palm along the length of his pole slowly.

Ramdev let out a groan he could not bear this anymore. He caught Shanta by her shoulders and pushed her on the bed. Shanta fell on her back the mattress cushioning her fall.

“Thakurji, after my husband I have not let any man touch me, but it is my choice that you touch me, feel me, ravish me, enjoy my body anyway you please.” Shanta was saying all this but finding it difficult to control her voice.

Ramdev could think of nothing but his painful erection that needed immediate relief. He simply shoved his hand from under her sari to her inner thighs. Shanta closed them as if in reaction to his action. He roughly spread her thighs and reached for her pubis. His hands met a pair of panties which he tore away a moan escaped Shanta’s lips.

Ramdev got rid of his briefs and with his palm started caressing her vulva. It was wet and dripping. Shanta pulled up her Sari and spread her thighs apart as if to give him better access to her cunt. Ramdev immediately inserted two fingers inside her pussy and started playing with her g-spot.

Shanta was lost in her own pleasure she started wriggling her thighs and moaning, “Oh Thakurji! Yes, that is so nice, it feels so good. I am so hungry, my pussy is soooo horny.”

Ramdev started an in and out motion with his fingers and slowly started building up the rhythm. With the other hand he started caressing her inner thighs and squeezing them. Shanta was wild now, her head was shaking from side to side and her moans were getting louder.

“Oh Yes! Thakurji! This is wonderful, please give me more, please give me your penis! I need it, I want to quench its thirst, I want it to fill me up. I need it to enslave me, Oh God!” Shanta was unstoppable.

Ramdev pulled out his dick and smeared his wet fingers on his prick, and then with his fingers he held it up as if to show it to Shanta. His prick was 8inches long and a good girth, the head was obscenely big and in its present condition was looking like a shining purple snake.

Ramdev could no longer hold back, he quit the display and with a single fluid motion guided his prick inside her cunt.

“Oh! God! Oh my god!” Shanta cried out.

Ramdev was like a demon possessed. Years of not having a female body to quench his desires had built up in him. He was simply concentrating on getting relief as fast as possible. He kept a fast rhythm, shoving his dick inside her cunt with hard rapid strokes.

Shanta herself had not had any pleasure for years; she had an orgasm as soon as Ramdev entered her. His hard strokes were taking her from orgasm to orgasm. Each stroke brought out a moan from her and she could feel her own juices flowing freely as if sympathizing with Ramdev’s erect lust.

Soon Ramdev lost all sense of rhythm, his strokes became harder, faster and shorter, he just needed the relief. In the end with one hard stroke and a loud grunt he poured his seed into her, and simply lay on top of her lifeless.

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