Is It Over?

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Most people get the idea that as you get older you lose interest in anything sexual. I’m over fifty and to most, considered dried up and done. BUT I am not done yet. My grown children drive me nuts because I giggle and flirt with guys of any age. My life may not impress the younger generation but to the older generation it may prove inspiring.

I was flirting with a real cutie, 49 and so handsome with sexy eyes that made me wet when he looked at me. I had to tell him I was older, but he didn’t seem to mind. I always believed older women made better lovers, more experienced and more understanding. We arranged to meet for dinner and I told him to reserve a hotel room. Why not? I’m an adult and what I do is no one’s business but my own.

I still get so hot looking at porn that I masturbate quite often and have quite a collection of sex toys that would shock anyone. No one believes that I still think about sex all the time. I got hot and trembling just thinking about meeting him for the first time. I took a sexy baby doll nightie with me and a few of my sex toys just in case he was into that sort of thing.

Dinner was fun and the walk along the river beautiful, but he had me so hot and agitated that what I really wanted was to get him alone. I held his hand as we walked up on the bridge to look at the water. I turned to face him and was surprised when he put his arms around me, his tongue licking my lips before he pushed it into my mouth, caressing my tongue with his. I molded myself against his hard body and felt him hard and throbbing against me. I moved slowly, my body teasing his.

When his hand cupped my breast, I shuddered and slipped my hands down to grab his ass pulling him tight against me. I loved making out in public, ankara escort even though it was dark I realized we could be seen by anyone who walked past us and that heightened my excitement. With one hand still on my breast he slipped his hand down the back of my jeans, squeezing the cheek of my ass, and running his finger down the crack.

When I tried to grab his hand to get him off the bridge he resisted. He pushed me against the rail, slanting his mouth across mine, kissing me ferociously. I could no longer think of anything except how much I wanted him. I reached between us to grab his huge throbbing cock and heard him groan. My pussy was soaked and throbbing, I no longer cared who saw us. I wanted him so bad, but I couldn’t speak to tell him that we needed to go to the hotel to finish what we had started.

He finally started to walk off the bridge but pulled me down behind some bushes at the base of one of the pillars. Under the stars, he pulled my shirt up and unhooked my bra pushing it aside. I felt my entire body shaking as he sucked my nipple, biting it. He unbuttoned my jeans and slid his hand beneath my panties, stroking my pussy gently. Tangling his fingers in my pubic hair, he gently pulled until I moaned.

His fingers slid in between my wet pussy lips, rubbing my clit until I arched upward. He put his fingers in my soaking wet little hole, shoving them in hard making me pulsate while he continued to nibble my nipples. I wanted to please him, but he had me trapped beneath him and wouldn’t let me go. His lips caressed my belly as they slid downward. He pulled my jeans and panties down to my knees and pushing my legs over my head he licked and sucked my clit making my body shake and spasm. When he slid his tongue escort ankara inside my soaked vagina I felt his finger slide into my asshole, finger-fucking me. My cum gushed out of my pussy harder and hotter than I ever thought it could. I screamed his name as my body jerked upward against his face.

I couldn’t catch my breath because he kept on, licking, and sucking my pussy, sliding his tongue down to lick my ass. I never thought I could have multiple orgasms, it had never happened to me before but my body spasmed over and over as the cum exploded repeatedly, soaking his face as he kept licking and sucking the hot wet pussy juices from me.

When finally, I thought I could take no more, he pulled me to my feet, helping me put my clothes in order. We walked to the hotel holding tight to each other. Once inside he stripped my clothes from me and removing his own lay down on the bed. Finally, I thought, my turn. I leaned over and started licking his balls, squeezing his huge cock with my hand. I love giving head. I ran my tongue up his dick and sucked just the tip of it into my mouth. Slowly I sucked in a little more until I had all of him in my mouth. I grabbed his hand, and pushed it down on my head. He understood and grabbed my hair, moving my mouth up and down the rippling hot heat of him.

I got on top and shoved myself down hard on his cock and felt the heat of him pulsating through my body. I jerked my body up and down until I cried out loud, spasming as the cum gushed from my pussy again. Trembling and shaking I slid down and started sucking him again, harder, and harder until I orgasmed again, so surprised because that had never happened to me while giving head before. I was so hot and trembling I felt close to collapsing.

He ankara escort bayan rolled me over on my back, put my feet on his shoulders, he pounded me fast and hard with his huge cock sliding in and out of my throbbing wet pussy. I orgasmed repeatedly, arching hard against him. He rolled me onto my belly and pushed his cock up my ass, bringing me to my knees as I shoved back against him harder and harder until I felt the cum gush from my burning hot pussy again.

He pushed me on my back when I told him I was ready to faint. Pounding my pussy harder and harder until my body spasmed out of control and my pussy clenched down on him as the cum gushed again soaking him and the bed. AND STILL HE HADN’T CUM YET! I told him I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move so he lay beside me holding me tight, kissing me, touching me. I was finally able to ask him why he hadn’t cum yet and unbelievably he told me with a smile that I had to try harder! My God, what did it take? I felt like I was ready to collapse. How had he learned to hold himself in control like that?

As soon as I could get to my knees I went down on him again, begging him to give it to me. Finally, I heard him moan as I sucked harder then got on top, coming down on his cock hard wanting his cum so bad I could no longer stand it. I moved against him fast and hard until I finally felt his cum explode inside me as my own cum dripped from me onto his thighs. His cum was so hot it felt like scalding hot lava burning my insides. I was so satisfied I just lay panting on the bed beside him, wondering where in the hell he had been all my life.

I fell asleep snuggled up to him, his arms tightly around me. We are still together and the sex is still just as hot and fantastic as that wonderful night several years ago. I love him more than ever. He is the best lover I have ever had, and I will never let him go. So, this is my story of finding true love, a great lover at any age. Was it over? Not by a long shot!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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