Interracial cuckold (fiction)

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Interracial cuckold (fiction)
My workplace threw itself a birthday party, booked us all into a nice hotelier the night and invited our other halves. My wife looked stunning all dressed up for dinner. She’s a good looker anyway – 5’6″, size eight, but she had put her dark brunette hair up which showed off her elegant neck and cheekbones and was wearing a simple evening dress that matched her deep blue eyes and showed off her slim figure and pert tits to perfection. I caught more than one work colleague running hos eyes up and down her and hopefully thinking “lucky devil”.

As the evening wore on, through the meal and the speeches, she began to get a little tipsy, and rather annoyed me by constantly chatting to Floyd, a guy on our table. Floyd is black, short hair, always has scruffy stubble – although to be fair his athletic frame carried a dinner suit well. He is an arrogant arse, always willing to borrow the credit for someone else’s efforts.

During the dancing, I lost sight of my wife while I was at the bar. After an hour, I went out to see if the evening air would clear my slightly fuzzy head. I saw movement in a gazebo in the hotel gardens, and crept closer behind some shrubs to see who was copping off with who.

Floyd stood a good eight inches taller than my wife Sandy. From the way he held her by the back of the head and explored her mouth with his tongue, while squeezing one of her tits and stroking her nipple through the sheer fabric, it looked as though he was forcing himself upon her. But in the light spilling across the lawn I could also see Sandy’s hands moving back and forth on what could only be his exposed cock.

My heart beat almost in my ears with shock and I struggled to control my breathing. The sight of my wife cupping his balls in one hand and stroking his engorged cock with the other was.. devastating. But my own balls were tingling, familiar with the touch of her hand on them, and my own rather mediocre cock was swelling at the sight before me. I could hear small, stifled gasps of arousal as one of Floyd’s hands went to her crotch and started rubbing her through her dress.

She let go and pulled up her dress, one of Floyd’s hands going round to her firm arse while she pulled her skimpy black lace knickers aside with one hand and rubbed the head of his swollen black cock against her shaven pussy with the other. I felt dizzy with a mixture of shock and excitement. I had always wanted to watch her with another man, and here she was moaning while she rubbed the big, hard cock of a guy I couldn’t stand against her moist pussy lips. I couldn’t see how big he was, but what I could briefly see in silhouette against the white painted frame of the gazebo was certainly bigger than me, and now he was pushing the head of it into my wife’s cunt.

While güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my heart pounced in my chest and my cock throbbed in my underwear, Sandy actually began to cum, right there with another man half inside her, her leaning back against the gazebo frame with her dress held up and her legs spread. Floyd spat on his hand, lubricated his shaft with it and drove his cock the rest of the way into my wife. She shrieked in what could have been pleasure or pain, then leant forward and put her face on his shoulder, biting to keep quiet as he began thrusting into her, grinding his groin into hers and almost seeming to lift her up a few inches, pushing her up the post she was leaning against with each thrust. She had her arms round his shoulders and her face buried in his neck while she whimpered in pleasure.

I had unzipped and had been stroking my own cock, now as hard as it had ever been, and felt the unstoppable juggernaut of my own orgasm approaching. I had no desire to stop it, and stood bucking my hips into empty air, and my cock into my hand, while I came. My jizz flew onto the bush in front of me, and the last few drops onto my trouser legs. In front of me, Floyd stopped bucking his hips into my wife’s crotch and said something to her. She lifted one leg at a time into his hands and, with his arms round her thighs, her arms round his shoulders, her dress now round her waist and his cock still inside her, he carried her further into the gazebo, no doubt soon to be pumping his jizz deep inside her where my cock could never reach.

As my orgasm subsided, I stroked my now wilting, pathetic looking cock, and put it back, cum covered, in my underwear. I had felt paralysed until now, but decided to withdraw. Floyd had more staying power than me. Sandy had definitely cum at least once already. Now, although an occasional moan came from the gazebo, they were interspersed with an occasional, deeper grunt from Floyd.

Back in our room I showered, went to bed and pretended to be asleep when Sandy returned. She crept around the room, taking off her dress and stashing it at the bottom of her suitcase together with her knickers. I almost imagined I could smell semen on them and her before she went to shower, and snuck into bed next to me. Over the next few days, she would smile and say she really enjoyed the party, had a good time getting to know my workmates and couldn’t remember much after the dancing. And then she would smile.

In work, I expected Floyd to be sneering at me the whole time. But he just blanked me in his usual, offhand, condescending manner. I would watch him, and remember seeing his erect cock in my wife’s hand, and then in her. I remembered standing there with my own cum on my trousers, listening to his perabet giriş base a****l grunts as he cuckolded me. And thinking about it, made me hard again.

Eventually I happened to catch him alone. “You got on well with Sandy at the party?” Now, he finally looked at me and smirked. I carried on. “are you going to be fucking my wife again?” Floyd looked me in the eye and said, “she’s begging me to. She texts me every day, saying her pussy is aching for more black cock. She says you aren’t a real man. She wants me to go round and fuck her in your bed.”

For all his cocky smile he looked genuinely surprised when I said “fuck her on the sofa first. I want to imagine you inside her when I’m lying on it having a wank. But you must have noticed, with her it’w only ever in the pussy, yes? No imagination”. I drew a deep breath, but couldn’t stop my voice shaking slightly under his cool stare. “You can cum in my wife’s pussy all you want, I don’t mind. But you have to cum in my mouth and ass too”.

There was a pause, so painful, during which he slowly grinned from ear to ear and said, a little too loudly, “I’m fucking your wife, and you want me to fuck you too?” I stumbled my words, and felt myself blushing uncontrollably. “Yes. She’ll never let you near hers. So use mine. Let me taste her on your cock. Humiliate me.” Floyd shook his head in wonder. Eventually he said, “I’m going to fuck your wife anyway. But… OK. You can suck me afterwards, and then whenever I want. Anytime here at work I tell you to, we go some place, you get on your knees and do as you are told. And then say thank you. Got it?”

Two nights later, I was “working late” when Floyd drove over to my house, to have sex with my wife. I sat in my car in a country lane a few miles away, waiting for my turn, with my nerves on edge. I imagined her naked, legs spread on the sofa, screaming in pleasure as Floyd’s hard penis entered her, running her hands over his toned body while he felt her gorgeous, pert little tits and sucked her nipples. My disk had been rock hard for what felt like hours when Floyd’s car finally arrived behind mine and he flashed his lights for me to join him.

As I got in his front passenger seat, I saw he was naked from the waist down and already had a full hard-on. Now I could see properly in his dash lighting, I realised he was about half as long again as me, and more than one and a half times as wide. No wonder Sandy almost came straight away, and I began to doubt my own abilities, born of a boarding school education, to fully take his member inside me. He saw me looking, laughed and made it twitch in front of me. “Get your mouth round it and taste your wife”.

I leant over and put my tongue on the underside of his glans. Then, heart bearing fast, I slowly licked perabet güvenilir mi down to his balls, pausing briefly to kiss each of them in turn, and back up to his cock head. I could taste dried cum and pussy on him. “She came to the door completely naked”, Floyd told me. “Led me straight into your front room and spread on the sofa, told me to do her straight away. Here, I made you this!” and he pressed his phones few times. He had audio recorded Sandy begging him to fuck her, telling him she thought I was probably gay, she only wanted his cock now. As I put my lips round his helmet and pushed my head down on him, he was telling Sandy to beg, tell him she was his bitch, telling her he was going to seed her pussy deep. My own cock was fit to explode, tasting my wife on her lover’s cock while in the recording her voice begged him to fuck her, told him only he could cum inside her now. Pushing my head down, he grunted both in the present and on the recording. “She was so tight”, he told me. “Thought I wasn’t going to last. She came twice. Hey, you’re pretty good at sucking cock.”

I had my hand round his balls, stroking him, my mouth sliding up and down his shaft coating it with slobber and my tongue working his glans and shaft whenever I could. Having already cum once, he was going to last a while and I was in pure heaven. But he said he didn’t have all night, and told me to get out of the car, take off my trousers and lie face down on the back seat.

Once I had done as asked, Floyd climbed in above me, lubed his cock up some more with his own spit, and rubbed his cockhead in the cleft of my asscheeks. When told to, I reached behind me and held my asscheeks apart while he slowly entered me with a sigh. My eyes nearly popped out at his girth – I had regularly taken a friend in the ass years before, but like me, he had what I now thought of as a small cock. This, was incredibly painful – and sexy. Eventually Floyd’s trimmed pubes reached my buttocks. Putting his full weight on me, he leant to my ear and said, “Your wife’s pussy is already mine. Now, I’m going to seed your ass and own both of you”.

I lay still while Floyd fucked me, harder than I would have thought I could take. My own hard cock rubbed on his seat covers as he pumped my ass with his hips, spearing me with each thrust until he gave a long, a****l sound and put his warm seed deep inside me. He gave a few slow, final thrust and withdrew, my sphincter involuntarily squeezing him out as he went. He stood up, and I turned on the back seat.

As a spur of the moment extra, I looked him in the game and began tugging my cock. “You’ve turned me on”, I said. “You’re a real man, I’m your sissy. I get hard when I think about your cock.” With that, I shot my own load into my hand, over my stomach, careful of his seats. Then, while he smirked and told me the circle was complete now, I licked my hand clean, scooped up whatever other jizz I could find and swallowed it all.

Floyd and I have a perfect working relationship now. I do whatever he tells me. And according to him, so does my slut of a wife.

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