Instantly Aroused

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I met my girlfriend’s mom about 6 months ago over dinner. My girlfriend is a year younger than me at 24 and beautiful beyond words. I knew why when I met her mom. Nothing was out of the ordinary until I hugged Jill after a few months of dating her daughter. I am not sure what happened between us but my cock was hard instantly. I was shocked and had to sit down to hide my erection. That night when I got back to my place I had to unload, there was nothing that could stop me.

I fantasized about Jill until I came and then didn’t think about her again really until the next time I saw her and hugged her. The same thing happened again, only this time I pictured her while my girlfriend, Stacy, gave me head later that night. I couldn’t really believe this was happening.

Stacy is beautiful. 5 foot 4, pretty face, long dark hair and a perfect body. Jill is 5 foot 5 blond curly hair beautiful face but she is probably 60 lbs overweight. I have never been attracted to heavy girls. So this was just baffling to me. I wanted her there was no question about that. I felt so shameful every time I saw her. I always hugged her and the same thing always happened.

Last month I went over to Jill’s to do some repairs in the bathroom. Her car wasn’t there so I assumed she was at work. I fixed the toilet and the tub drain and I was getting ready to leave when I heard someone snoring lightly. Her bedroom door was open just a crack and I stood there casino siteleri frozen for what seemed like a long time. I wanted to go in there and bring my fantasies to life. But what if that wasn’t her. I had to see for myself. I peeked through the crack and I was hard just like that. Jill was asleep on her stomach in a short black nighty that had ridden up while she slept. I could make out the shape of her ass and see that she wasn’t wearing panties. Oh shit! I tried to leave but I couldn’t.

I had been dreaming of situations like this and there she was. I really should go…

My cock throbbed in my jeans and told me to go in just a little more. Maybe I could see her pussy. Jesus I am gonna cum in my pants. My heart was pounding so loud I couldn’t hear if she was still snoring. I tried to quiet it down and yes she was still asleep. I pushed the door open a little at a time making sure she didn’t wake up. I crept in and stood at the bottom of her bed.

Unbelievable! I was looking at a beautiful, wet, shaven, pussy. I involuntarily touched my bulge. I opened my pants and set my cock free. 6 inches, solid, and uncircumcised. I squeezed and pulled and stared at her. I made a move that would change things forever. I touched her wet lips and brought my fingers to my nose and then my mouth. So sweet and salty. I knew I was going to blow my load if I didn’t stop so I shoved my cock back into my pants and proceeded to canlı casino leave the room. Just then I felt her grab my wrist.

“Andrew? What are you…? Oh…” She saw my crotch.

Jill rolled over and her 38 DD breasts moved under her nighty. One nipple poked out under the lace trim. Oh my God I wanted her so bad. I knew it wrong but I didn’t care anymore.

“Jill, I have a confession to make.”

“Andrew, you don’t need to say anything else.”

With that she lifted off her nighty and said “it’s ok”.

I kissed her then. The passion was explosive. Our tongues were wild and we were sucking on each other with fervor. I kissed my way down to her pussy and pushed her legs apart. She had 4 kids but it didn’t show. My tongue licked from her labia to her swollen clitoris and her fingers were tangled in my hair. I fingered her and lifted her bottom so I could tongue her asshole. I was so horny it was almost unbearable. I could feel my cock getting wet with precum and wasn’t sure how long I could hold out. I got up on my knees and rubbed the head of my dick on her clit while I finger fucked her ass until she was writhing in pleasure and then I backed up and drove into her cunt. I came.

I have never before and never since experienced anything like what happened just then. I never got soft. I was ready to go like I hadn’t had an orgasm.

Jill wrapped her legs around me and I slid in and out hard and kaçak casino fast and then slow and easy. I sucked on her nipples and squeezed her tits. She had her hand on my balls with just the right amount of pressure. I was going to come again.

She stopped me, got up, and laid me down on the bed. She grabbed something from the bedside table and put her hair up. Damn she was beautiful.

She wrapped her hand around my shaft and took my mushroom tip into her mouth. I have had a lot of head this was like nothing I had ever experienced. Her tongue, her throat, her hands, her fingers sliding over my asshole then up to my balls. I felt like I was in a dream. I wasn’t gonna last. Then she stopped again.

I kept getting close and then she would stop. Was she trying to make me crazy?

She got on all fours in front of me and put her ass in the air. She pointed to the bedside table where there was a tube of something. I picked it up and slathered it on my dick and on her ass.

I pushed the tip of my cock in her ass slowly. She moaned. Her asshole was so tight but smooth like silk. I got all 6 inches in and worked it gently until she was begging me “fuck me Andrew, fuck my ass”. I was so turned on and it felt so good so have my cock buried in Jill’s ass. I could feel the beginning of another orgasm and I pulled out. I backed up so I could see her pussy and her ass and her tits while I jerked off. Cum shot all over Jill’s body. She turned right around and sucked the last few drops of semen. Then she knelt up to push her body on mine and kissed me.

That was a month ago. Things are different now. I am still with Stacy. Jill calls me whenever she needs repairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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