Insatiable for Cum

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My girlfriends fantasies never end. That’s why we make such a perfect match. This time she has thought of a new way for her to see me eat cum. She wanted to go to one of our favorite adult book stores that has glory holes with more than one hole in the wall.

Well, it’s a Saturday night and this shop should have quite a few guys in the booth area. When we both walk in together we see some guys that we’ve seen before, and a bunch of new ones. We entered one of the booths and my girlfriend Julie tells me that she wants to wait for a nice big black cock to come through one of the holes before she starts to fulfill her fantasy. While we’re waiting, cocks start to come through the holes and we start sucking on them until they cum in our mouths. Julie brought a vial to save all the cum that we didn’t swallow.

Finally, a good 10″ black cock comes through one of the holes. Now Julie can start her fantasy. She asks me to get that black cock good and hard so it will be as huge as it can get. I do just that, and now she takes that vial of cum which has at least 20 loads in it and starts to coat this huge cock with the cum. She concentrates casino oyna a huge amount around the big cockhead and keeps the rest about 2 or 3 inches from the tip. I mean this cock is now coated with such a thick amount of cum that you can hardly see the first 4 or 5 inches of it. Now she wants me to open my mouth as she pours a couple of loads of cum into my mouth, and then to take as much of that black cock into my mouth as possible.

I open my cum filled mouth and start to engulf this nice huge cum coated black cock. Julies face is right up to this guys cock watching real close as my mouth closes down on all that cum. What a sensation, seeing her wide eyes watching as I have all that cum in my mouth.

Next she asks me to open my mouth so she can see all the cum in my mouth and start jerking that black cock off into my mouth. I complied as she used the residual cum on the black cock to jerk it off right into my mouth. This cock unloaded some pretty hefty shots of cum which prompted Julie to say ” oh my God”, your mouth is almost completely full of cum.

Now she wanted to me to lie down on the floor and get into the position canlı casino where I can suck my own cock. She asked me to please try not to swallow or let any of the cum escape from my mouth. I got into the position she wanted with my big cock head pointed right at my lips.

Julie asked me to open my mouth so she could see all the cum and then she started to pull my cock into my mouth and watch as the head of my cock started to submerge into the huge amount of cum in my mouth. Next she turned to one of the holes in the wall and there was a nice huge cock sticking through it. She quickly began to suck this cock like a wild woman and in no time she had a mouthful of cum. She then placed her mouth right by mine and while my cock was in my mouth she started to let the nice load she was holding in her mouth pour into mine, further engulfing my cock with cum. Now she started to jerk me off again and asked me to start to suck on my own cock while holding all that cum in my mouth. This was not easy to do but I managed.

Next, Julie asked me to continue to suck on my cock until I was about ready to cum. When I was about to blow by load I kaçak casino stopped sucking and she continued to jerk me off and asked me to start swallowing all the cum in my mouth. I started to swallow all that cum while I was building to the point of shooting my own. I finished swallowing all the cum and was ready to blow my own load. Julie motioned to stick out my tongue so she could see my cum shoot out onto it.

I didn’t know that Julie had saved some cum in her mouth from the last load that she jerked. As I started to shoot my load on my tongue Julie started to unload the remains of the previous load she was holding right onto my tongue along with my own cum. Julie was jerking my cock and dropping cum on my tongue from her mouth all at the same time.

After I shot 3 or 4 streams of cum into my mouth ( I usually shoot 7 or 8) Julie started sucking my cock to finish me off while I swallowed the rest of the cum in my mouth. She knew that it was important to keep me cumming as I was swallowing so I wouldn’t lose my enthusiasm.

Julie loved seeing my mouth full of cum and she said she was going to maintain that visual as I fucked and sucked her to an orgasm when we got home. By that time I should be able to go another round.

Julie is already thinking of the next cumfest and of course I have some ideas of my own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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