Innocence Corrupted.

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Innocence Corrupted.
“I want a baby Grandad…..l want your baby.”

Jack was not completely shocked by Emma’s announcement, he had a feeling this was coming. He sat in his chair looking at the pair of them, his daughter and granddaughter seated on the sofa, both naked, sat there as if they were all having a normal family meeting. He thought to himself how this was the complete opposite to normal, how many men his age could possibly hope to have two such beautiful women eager to have sex with him, that was fantastic in itself, but when one was his daughter and the other his granddaughter the situation just turned into total fantasy.

“I mean it Grandad,” Emma said, “this is not just some silly idea, l’ve thought about it, l know it is going to be complicated, but it’s what l want, l want to feel a part of you growing inside me.”

“Have you not got anything to say?” He replied, looking at Rebecca, “what do you think, what about Steve, she’s his daughter?”

“We’ve been discussing it for days Dad,” Rebecca replied, “both Steve and l think it’s madness, we have tried talking her out of it but she is adamant it is what she wants.”

“Are you still on the pill?” Jack said, looking at Emma.

“Yes,” she replied, “Mummy and Daddy said l had to stay on it until we had talked it over with you, but l want it Grandad, l know about all the problems but we can work that out, l can say l don’t know who the father is, l can say l met a man in a bar and he took me outside and shagged me, l can say l had stopped taking the pill because they were giving me stomach cramps, l know exactly what l’m going to say, l won’t get you into trouble Grandad.”

“I’m not worried about me,” Jack said, “it’s you l’m bothered about, you’re still a young woman.”

“I’m twenty two Grandad,” she interrupted.

“I know,” he replied, “but you’re still young, bringing up a baby is a full time job.”

“Mummy will help,” she replied.

“How do you know it will be my baby anyway,” he said desperately trying any excuse to make her forget the idea. “What about your father, l thought you liked him fucking you.”

“I do,” Emma replied, “but l’ve told him that if you agree to my plan, he will have to make do with my mouth and my bum until l’m pregnant, then he can go back to fucking my cunt.”

“God you are such a slut,” Rebecca said to her daughter.

“Yes well l had a good teacher,” Emma snapped back.

“Stop it you two,” Jack said sternly, “l’ve told you before, if you two keep squabbling we can stop the whole thing.”

“Sorry Grandad,” Emma said, “it’s just that l want this, l’ve thought it all through, l know it’s not going to be straight forward but that family in America you talk to, they don’t have a problem.”

“That’s a bit different,” Jack said, “from what l can gather they live in quite an isolated area, plus it would appear i****t is not that unusual with local families.”

“What about if we talked to them,” Rebecca suggested, “tell them what Emma wants to do and see what they say.”

“I’m pretty sure Joe will tell us to go ahead,” Jack replied, “l mean his granddaughter is pregnant, the only thing is they don’t know who the father is, it could be him but other members of the family have been fucking her.”

“I want this baby to be yours Grandad,” Emma insisted. “Why don’t we Skype them now anyway, you said we could.”

“Not at this time of day,” Jack replied, “they are six hours behind us, l will leave a message for him and see when the best time is to contact him.”

“Oh l hope we can do it this evening,” Emma said, “l’d love to see him fucking his daughter, maybe even his granddaughter, l bet she looks great naked with her baby bump, l’m so jealous of her.”

“I’ll see what we can arrange,” Jack said, reaching for his laptop and signing in to the website. “There,” he said, after a few seconds, “l’ve left him a message, l have to go into town, l’ll sign in later to see if he’s replied.”

“You’re not going into town yet are you?” Emma said, slowly parting her legs.

“Don’t you even think about it,” Rebecca said to her daughter, “it’s my turn.”

“Okay Mum,” Emma giggled, “but you can eat my pussy while he fucks you.”

“That’s a deal,” Rebecca said, sliding off the sofa onto her knees then burying her head between her daughter’s thighs.

Jack couldn’t help but be turned on my the scene in front of him, Emma pressing her mother’s head hard against her cunt, Rebecca in turn with her legs parted, offering her cunt to him. His cock was hard as he crossed the room, kneeling behind his daughter.

“Do it to her hard Grandad,” Emma encouraged, “don’t be gentle with her, give your slutty daughter a good hard fucking.”

Jack rested the head of his penis against Rebecca’s cunt, then, gripping her waist, he looked into his granddaughter’s eyes as he rammed himself, full length into her. He heard a groan from Rebecca then Emma cried out.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” Emma cried as her whole body went into spasm, “god you bit my clit…oh god…oh what a cum….fuck her grandad, take it out of her cunt and fuck her arsehole.”

Again he heard his daughter give a muffled groan as she heard Emma’s instruction.

“Go on Grandad, shove that monster dick up her arse, she wants it Grandad, she’s not struggling, l can feel her sucking my clit, she wants it, isn’t that right Mummy, you want that giant cock in your bum, don’t you.”
Again, Rebecca just gave a groan in response.

Jack looked at his granddaughter. “You really are a slut aren’t you?” He said.

“We both are Grandad,” she smiled at him, “Do it Grandad, you know you want to, she will be so tight, do you think she can take it all.”

Slowly Jack withdrew from Rebecca’s cunt, resting his cock against her anus waiting for her reaction. As he increased the pressure he felt his daughter pushing back, felt her anus relax as the head of his cock forced it’s way inside.

“All of it Grandad,” Emma said, pressing her mother’s head hard against her cunt, “make her take it all.”

Jack couldn’t bring himself to follow Emma’s instructions completely but slowly he forced himself deeper into his daughter’s tight arsehole. He felt Rebecca shifting position slightly as his cock travelled deeper, he heard her groan, felt her body contract, squeezing his cock.

“Fuck her Grandad, make he squeal,” Emma told him.

Jack started to fuck her, slowly withdrawing then sliding back in, still only giving her half his cock. Rebecca emitting a low moan with each thrust.

“Relax Mummy,” Emma said, allowing her mother to lift her head from her cunt, “we’ve talked about this, we both have to learn how to take him.”

“He’s so big baby,” Rebecca sighed, “oooh yes, further Daddy, Oh god he’s so big baby.”

“I know Mummy but we have to take it,” Emma encouraged, “push back on him Mummy.”

Rebecca waited for her father’s next thrust, pushing back to meet him, feeling him throbbing inside her. She succeeded in taking more of him.

“Stay there Daddy,” she cried, “stay deep in me. God Emma he is so big.”

“Remember that woman on the video Mummy,” Emma said, “Remember the things she had shoved up her bum, you can take it Mummy, give it to her Grandad, make her take it.”

Listening to the two of them was tormenting Jack, he didn’t want to hurt his daughter but he was fighting the urge to ram his cock deep into her. He watched his granddaughter, her legs spread wide as she fingered her cunt, he felt his daughter’s arsehole constrict around his cock. He tightened his grip on her waist, feeling her tense as she realised what was coming. With one thrust he plunged himself completely into her arsehole.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” Rebecca cried out, feeling the pain tear through her body, then convulsing as her orgasm hit her.

“Oh, beautiful Mummy,” Emma said, seeing the pain and pleasure mixed on her mother’s face, “l can’t wait to tell Daddy what you’ve done, does it feel good Mummy.”

Rebecca felt her whole body come out in a cold sweat, her father’s cock buried deep in her bum hole felt like a tree trunk, she was grateful that he just rested there, she didn’t think she could take it if he started fucking her. Then she felt it pulse inside her, then the heat as his cum filled her. Somehow his cum soothed her.

Emma saw her mother’s expression change as her grandad unloaded his spunk inside her. “That’s beautiful Mummy, l do love you.”

“I love you too baby,” Rebecca replied. She let out a sigh as Jack slowly withdrew his cock.

Jack sat back on the floor, resting against his chair, trying to make sense of what he had just done.

“Well, slutty daughter,” Rebecca said, looking up at Emma, “now you have to do what you promised.”

Emma hesitated, she remembered the conversation they’d had when they had watched those videos of women being abused anally. She knew what her mother was referring to, what they had seen the woman do after the big black man had savagely fucked her bum hole.

She slid down off the sofa, onto the floor, crawling over to her grandfather. His cock was still semi erect as she lowered her mouth over him, licking the cum from his shaft then taking the head into her mouth.

“She really is a dirty slut Dad,” Rebecca smiled, “in fact we’re both dirty sluts.”

Jack couldn’t believe the depths of canlı bahis siteleri depravity they had reached in such a short time, all thoughts of trying to stop this faded away as he felt his granddaughter working her mouth on his cock.

Emma finally released him, sitting back on her haunches, a big smile on her face. “Next time l have to take you in my bum,” she said, “then Mummy will clean your cock, l can’t wait to tell Daddy what we’ve done, he’s going to want to fuck me, l’ll let him have me one last time before we work on that baby.”

“We haven’t agreed that yet,” Jack said.

“Oh you will Grandad,” she leaned forward and kissed him, “you always give your sweet little granddaughter what she wants.”

Rebecca and Emma decided to go up to the bathroom together to freshen up, Jack listened to them chatting excitedly and giggling together as they climbed the stairs. He knew he should be feeling guilty about what he’d done, but instead, as he thought about how tight his daughter’s arsehole had squeezed his cock, how Emma’s warm mouth had engulfed him, he couldn’t resist stroking his cock, amused at the way it reacted. “Plenty of life in the old dog yet,” he muttered to himself.

Rebecca and Emma returned, quickly slipping their short dresses over their naked bodies.

“Don’t forget to set up that Skype with Joe,” Emma said as they both kissed Jack.

Jack had dressed while they were upstairs, he followed them to the front door. As both women walked to the car, Emma suddenly turned to her mother, embracing her. As she did so, she pulled up her mother’s skirt at the back, revealing her bare bottom.
“Emma!” Rebecca shouted, pushing her daughter away, then pulling down her skirt.

Emma just giggled as she got into the car, Jack saw her say something to her mother, then both women burst into laughter before the car pulled off the drive, both women waving and blowing kisses to Jack.

After showering, Jack went into town. He had a few things he needed to buy. On the way home, he decided to call into the pub. As he entered he spied his three mates sat in a huddle at their usual table, he heard them burst into laughter as he approached the bar.

He ordered a pint of beer from the young girl behind the bar. Gordon had only recently employed Suzy and had commented at how there had been an increase in customers since she started work. Jack was certain that was due to the fact that she was extremely pretty and friendly and that she always wore a very low cut top which barely contained her generous breasts.

“You’re a dirty old man Jack,” Suzy said, placing his pint on the bar, she had seen Jack’s eyes firmly latched onto her breasts.

“An old man has to have something to dream about,” he smiled, picking up his pint.

“From What Gordon tells me, you’ve got something that would give me sweet dreams,” she giggled.

Jack joined his pals. “She’s a saucy one,” he said to Gordon.

“Best thing l ever did employing her,” Gordon replied.

“Have you had her yet Gord?” Harry chuckled.

“No, worst luck,” Gordon laughed, “the Missus watches me like a hawk, l have to wank every night after working with her, especially when she wears her short skirt, every time she bends over l can see that thong in the crack of her arse.”

“Not like your Rebecca eh Jack,” Harry said, “she doesn’t bother with a thong.” All three men burst into laughter.

Harry saw the look on Jack’s face.

“I was watching from the bedroom window when they left this morning,” he explained, “you jammy bastard,” he said, “you’re fucking both of them aren’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jack bluffed, taking a sip of his pint.

“Oh come on mate, give us the details,” Harry replied, “it was obvious they’d been up to something, they were that excited, then when l saw Emma pull up her mother’s skirt, l think she saw me at the window watching, come on mate, we all want to hear about it, you are fucking them aren’t you?”

Jack wasn’t sure what to say.

“No need to worry mate,” Sid said, “we’re not going to grass you up, good luck to you mate, wish l had my granddaughter bouncing up and down on my todger, she’s not the looker your Emma is but she’s only f*****n, l bet she’s tight.”
“Come on mate,” Gordon said, “spill the beans, are you fucking both of them, you greedy bastard, you could share them around, l wouldn’t mind helping you out.”

“Me too,” Harry laughed, “mind you, once they’ve had that donkey dick of yours they probably wouldn’t be interested in mine.”

“Jesus!” Sid said, “even the thought of it makes me hard, l never thought of doing it with my daughter, what does it feel like mate?”

“Your Rebecca has a lovely arse,” Harry said, “nice and firm and round like a peach, a lot of younger girls would love an arse like that, does she take it up her arse?”

“Don’t be daft Harry,” Gordon laughed, “she’d need a arsehole like the Mersey tunnel to take his cock up it.”

“Well it would look like the Mersey tunnel after he’d fucked it,” Sid added, all three men bursting into laughter.

“That sounds like a dirty laugh,” Suzy said, she had come over to collect glasses, bending over the table, giving Harry a good view down the front of her top. She squealed as Sid lifted her skirt and slapped her pert bottom. “You’re nothing but dirty old men,” she giggled as she walked away, Gordon called after her to order another round of drinks.

Jack was grateful for the distraction, he was hoping they could change the subject to football or something, but no such luck.

“Come on then mate,” Harry said, “are you fucking both of them, that Emma is fucking gorgeous mate, and those tits…l bet she gives a good tit wank.”

“Mother and daughter together eh,” Gordon said, “do they do any lesbian stuff, shit, l would love to see that.”

They all turned to face Jack, he realised there was no way he was going to get away from this conversation. “If l tell you,” he said, “it has to go no further.”

“Don’t be daft mate,” Sid said, “we’re your mates, we’re not going to grass you up, we just want the details, gives us something to think about when we’re wanking.”

“Who’s wanking?” Suzy said as she arrived with the drinks, making sure she bent right over next to Sid as she placed them on the table. Jack saw Sid’s hand disappear up the back of her skirt, Suzy made no attempt to stop him. “Wanking is an awful waste of good cum,” she giggled, turning and bending to give Sid a kiss on his cheek before returning to the bar.

“You’re fucking in there mate,” Gordon said to Sid, “l can step behind the bar and take over if you fancy taking her out the back, my Missus is out so she won’t catch you.”

Sid went bright red.

“Go on mate,” Harry said, “she’s fucking gagging for it, you don’t get many opportunities like that at our age.”

“Not unless you’re Jack of course,” Gordon laughed. “Are you going to give her one Sid?” He asked, “if you don’t l will.”

“It’s that long since l had a fuck,” Sid replied, “l might have forgotten how to do it.”

They all burst out laughing, Jack looked over and saw Suzy watching them, she obviously knew they were talking about her.

“Fuck it,” Sid said, getting up from his seat, “l’m not passing up on this one, l might never get another.”

Sid walked over to the bar, Suzy watched him approach, lifting the bar to let him walk through. Jack watched as they both went through to the back. Gordon went over and took over behind the bar, not that there were many other people in the pub.

“Come on then mate,” Harry said, “just between us two, you are fucking them aren’t you?”

Jack knew his pal was not going to give up, he took a good pull on his pint then started to tell Harry the full story. Harry sat there open mouthed as Jack told him the full story, including the sex parties with Lisa, Nicki and their husbands.

“So Emma’s Dad is queer then,” Harry said when Jack told him about how Steve liked to be fucked.

“I don’t think he’s queer,” Jack said, “after all he likes fucking Rebecca and Emma. It’s more like they just want to do everything, l suppose it’s the way a lot of these youngsters are today, they don’t classify people like we used to.”

“Bloody hell mate,” Harry said, “you landed on your feet there, you are one lucky bastard, as if you didn’t have all the luck having Angela, now you’ve got those two as well.”

“You have to keep it under your hat mate,” Jack said, “l can’t afford it to get out, they’d lock me up.”

“Don’t worry mate,” Harry reassured him, “we’re not going to tell anyone, we’ve been mates for too long. So Rebecca took you up her bum then, fucking hell Jack, you’re built like a fucking horse, surely she didn’t take it all.”

“No she did,” Jack replied, “l couldn’t believe it myself, l couldn’t help myself, l just came a bucket load.”

“Oh Christ, l wish l’d been there,” Harry replied, “no wonder Emma wanted to show me her mother’s arse, l bet if she’d bent over she would still have been gaping, Christ mate, l wouldn’t want your dick up my old arse, it must have really stretched her. Sorry mate,” he said, rising from his seat, “l’m going to have to go and see if Suzy will take a two’s up, my balls are bursting.”

Harry rushed over to the bar, Gordon perabet saw him approaching, guessed where he was going, he opened the bar flap to let his mate through. “You couldn’t resist it then pal,” he chuckled as Harry pushed past him, making his way through to the back.

“Looks like she’s going to be quite an attraction,” Jack said, stepping up to the bar, “Have you had her yet?”

“No, but l will when l get the chance,” Gordon replied, “to be honest mate l wasn’t sure if she was really up for it or just a prick tease.”

“Judging from the noises coming from back there she’s doing more than teasing Sid’s prick,” Jack laughed.

A few seconds later Sid appeared, still zipping up his trousers.

“Was she good mate?” Jack laughed.

“Fucking fantastic mate,” Sid replied, “and those tits are awesome, are you having a go?”

“No, l have to do some more shopping,” Jack replied.

“Of course,” Gordon laughed, “you’re probably fucked out after this morning, you dirty old man.”

All three burst out laughing.

“So you are fucking them then?” Sid said, “you lucky bastard, you kept Angela to yourself for years, now you’ve got those two beauties, you really ought to share them this time mate.”

They all heard Suzy cry out from the back room.

“Sounds like Harry’s having fun,” Jack said, “l have to go, l’ll let Harry fill you in with the details.”

Jack left the pub, he had a couple of shops to visit before returning home. Once he had made a cup of tea he settled down with his computer. He signed in to the website, immediately seeing he had a message waiting. The message was from Joe, he said he would be available to Skype around 3 p.m., Jack knew that would be about 9 p.m. his time. He phoned Rebecca, Steve answered.

“Hi Steve, l was hoping to speak with Rebecca,” Jack said.

“She’s soaking in the bath Jack,” Steve replied, “from all accounts you had a good time with her this morning.”

“Oh, she told you then,” Jack replied sheepishly, not sure how Steve would react.

“Oh Emma couldn’t wait to tell me as soon as l got in,” Steve replied, “she even got her mother to bend over and show me her arsehole, she was still leaking your cum.”

“Oh,” was all Jack could reply.

“Oh don’t worry Jack,” Steve said, sensing that Jack was nervous, “l guessed it was going to happen, the two of them were discussing it last night, Emma tells me she wants it next, wouldn’t mind giving it a go myself if you fancy it.”

Jack was relieved to hear that Steve was not bothered, although the thought of fucking his son-in-law’s arsehole did unsettle him a bit.

“I take it Emma told you of her plan,” Steve said, breaking into Jack’s silence. “What do you think, are you agreeable, l wasn’t sure myself but she has her heart set on it, do you fancy being a Daddy again.”

“Are you okay with it Steve?” Jack asked.

“I wasn’t when she first mentioned it,” Steve replied, “l still think she’s a bit young to be having k**s, but she is adamant, and let’s face it Jack, she’s an adult now, and you know Emma, if she decides to do something, nothing will stop her.”

“I must admit,” Jack replied, “you’re taking it very well, most men wouldn’t take it like that.”

“Well l can’t really judge can l,” Steve replied, “there’s not much l can say to her about morals when l’m fucking her myself.”

“Hi Dad!” Rebecca called down the phone.

“Hi sweetheart, how do you feel?” Jack replied.

“Like l’ve been fucked up my bum by a fucking elephant,” she giggled.

“I’m sorry,” Jack replied, “l didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Oh bless you Daddy,” Rebecca said, “l’m fine, l wanted it, it was awesome, Emma is really jealous, she’s up in her room, we’re both going up to play with her, having her father up her cunt will make her happy, are you coming over?”

Jack explained about the message from Joe, saying he would drive over later.

“Oh that’s brilliant Daddy,” Rebecca said, “have to go Daddy, Steve has got his cock out already, this could be his last chance to fuck her cunt for a while if you agree about the baby.”

Jack switched off his phone. He sat back, thinking about everything that had happened. It was a massive decision to agree to getting Emma pregnant although the thought of it did raise a smile. He looked at the smiling face of Angela in the photograph by the tv. He switched on the tv, it was one of those game shows, the one where people select letters and have to make up words. The girl putting the letters on the board was a stunner, Jack remembered a number of members on the website had commented about her, there were also some fake clips that had been superimposed to make it look like she was taking part in sexual activity. Jack watched her, her tight, short dress clinging to every curve of her body, he looked at the swell of her bum, thinking of how Rebecca’s arsehole had felt as he slid into it. u*********sly, he took out his cock, he was hard in seconds. He sat back, slowly wanking himself to orgasm as he watched the girl on tv, wondering if her arsehole was as tight as Rebecca’s.

When Jack arrived later, all three of them were naked waiting for him. Steve had set everything up, Jack didn’t understand the technicalities but Steve had set up two cameras, one fixed to give a view of the room, the other mobile for closer shots. He logged in to the Skype app, calling the number Jack gave him.

The call rang for a few seconds before Joe’s face finally appeared on the screen.

“Hi Joe,” Jack said, looking into the camera. “How are things with you?”

“Everything sweet here bud,” Joe replied, “let me show you who’s here.”

Joe had also set up a split screen with two cameras, one fixed and one mobile. He picked up the mobile one, scanning it round the room.

“This is Jeanie,” he said, focussing on his daughter/wife.

“Hi y’all,” Jeanie smiled and waved, then spread her legs wide, pulling apart the lips of her cunt, “we’re all ready to start fucking here.”

There was a hand squeezing Jeanies breast, the camera swung left to show a young man in his twenties.

“This is Hunter,” Joe said, “he’s Jeanies first born.”

Hunter smiled at the camera while he continued to play with his mother’s breast, stroking his cock with his other hand.

“Is he your son?” Jack asked.

“No,” Joe replied, “we sent Jeanie to a neighbouring farm to get pregnant, we like to bring in fresh bloodlines now and again, the farmer and his three sons fucked her until she caught so we don’t know which one actually sired her.

The camera then swung again onto a very pretty young girl, she was a petite little thing with pert little breasts, she smiled and waved, copying Jeanie by displaying her cunt.

This is Sally May,” Joe said, “she is eighteen but looks much younger, she is the daughter of a pal of ours from church, he has sent her here to get pregnant, none of us have fucked her yet so this will be her first time.”

“Is she a virgin?” Rebecca called out. Jack swung the camera onto his daughter.

“This is Rebecca my daughter,” Jack said, Rebecca responded by waving and displaying her own cunt.

“Hi baby, nice cunt,” Joe replied, “no she’s not a virgin, her father has broken her in, Hunter is going to fuck her later, l’m thinking of letting him have her to himself then we will know who the father is.”

The camera moved again onto the figure Jack recognised as Katie, she smiled and showed her cunt just like the others. Jack thought her belly had swollen considerably since the last time he had seen her.

“This is my granddaughter Emma,” Jack said, turning the camera to Emma.

“Hi all,” Emma waved, spreading her legs.

“Wow!” Joe said, “what a cute little thing y’all are, those titties are beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Emma replied.
“I bet you enjoy having your grandad’s cock up your cunt,” Joe said.

“I wish l could have him up mine,” Jeanie interrupted, “l’ve only ever seen cocks that big on the Internet.”

“Apart from Bruce and the horses,” Joe said.

“I want Grandad to give me a baby,” Emma said.

“That would be great,” Joe replied, “l bet you’d look the cutest thing ever with a sucker growing in your belly, little Katie there is swelling up nicely, she should be coming into milk soon.”

“Do you take your grandad up your ass?” Katie asked.

“You’ll have to excuse Katie,” Joe laughed, “she loves it up her ass, l can’t see you taking your grandad’s monster up there.”

“Mummy did this morning,” Emma told him, “she took all of him and he fucked her hard.”

“Wow! I would love that,” Jeanie said, “l love it when. Bruce has me up my ass.”

“Who’s Bruce?” Emma asked, “is he your son or something?”

“Oh no,” Jeanie giggled, “Bruce lives out in the barn, Hunter is going to fetch him now, we thought it would be a special treat for you to see him fucking me.”

They saw Hunter leaving the room.

“This is Steve,” Jack said, turning the camera onto Steve, he waved with one hand, stroking his cock with the other.

“Hi Steve,” Jeanie said, “that looks like a nice cock, Jack tells us you’re fucking Emma, you are lucky to have two beautiful women to fuck, what do you think of Emma wanting her grandad’s baby?”

“Oh l was a bit uncertain at first,” Steve replied, “but she is adamant that it’s what she wants.”

“Oh it will perabet giriş be lovely,” Jeanie replied, “l suppose you’ll have to use her mouth and ass until she catches for the baby.”

“Do you take it up your bum Joe?” Emma asked, “Daddy does, Simon, one of our friends fucks him regularly.”

“Oh l love it up my ass,” Joe replied, “all the boys have fucked me at some time, even Bruce.”

At that moment, they saw Hunter enter the room, leading a huge, golden dog.

“This is Bruce,” Joe said, “we have to put the muzzle on him as he tends to bite when he’s excited.”

Both Emma and Rebecca stared in amazement at the huge a****l, he was not only tall but solidly built.

Katie suddenly got on her knees by the side of Bruce, reaching under him, she took hold of his cock, pushing back the fold of skin covering him, revealing a long, red shaft, pointed at the end, the shaft glistening. “I do love him,” she said, “l’m not allowed to take him until after the baby is born, he can be very rough especially if he gets knotted.” She bent forward, kissing his cock, then taking him into her mouth.

Emma and Rebecca looked as Hunter struggled to control the powerful a****l.

“Come on Jeanie, l don’t think he wants to wait,” Joe said.

Jeanie got up from the sofa, moving to the centre of the room, she got down on all fours, her legs parted, her bum raised ready. Katie moved aside, Bruce pulling hard as he saw his prize. As he reached Jeanie, he put his nose against her cunt, taking in the smell of her. This went on for a few minutes until he finally mounted her.

The camera changed position, looking up under Jeanie, showing Bruce’s cock nudging against her cunt.

On the room camera, they could see him taking hold of her with his powerful fore legs. Then he lurched forward.

The close up camera gave a perfect view of his cock ramming into Jeanie’s cunt.

“Not there,” she called out, “l want him up my ass.”

Hunter managed to pull him back, Bruce growled in protest. The camera showed his cock slowly emerge from Jeanie’s cunt.

“God he’s huge,” Rebecca said, “l never realised they got so big.”

“Oh he gets bigger than that,” Katie replied, “and once he gets knotted he’s massive.”

Neither Emma or Rebecca wanted to show their ignorance, not knowing what Katie was talking about.

As Bruce’s cock came free of Jeanie’s cunt, Katie took hold of it, positioning it against her mother’s anus.

“Let him go Hunter,” Joe said.

Hunter released his hold, Bruce suddenly tightened the grip of his fore legs, lurching forward, his cock driving into Jeanie’s bum hole.

The close up shot showed the base of the a*****ls cock swelling up even more.

“What’s that?” Emma said, seeing the base of Bruce’s cock swelling into a ball.

“That’s his knot,” Katie replied, “they don’t cum like humans, they cum in lots of spurts. Once he gets his knot inside he stays locked in, it’s to make sure he gets to unload all his cum.”

Bruce then gave a powerful lunge, Jeanie cried out as the the bulbous swelling forced it’s way into her anus.

“God that looks mental,” Emma said as she got on all fours in front of her father, “fuck me Daddy,” she said, “l want you to fuck me while l watch.”

On the room screen she could see Sally May with her legs spread wide, Hunter’s bum pumping up and down as he fucked her. Katie had managed to get Joe’s cock in her mouth as her lay on the floor keeping his camera on Bruce rammed deep inside Jeanie’s bum hole.

Bruce was growling as he continued to hump Jeanie.

Rebecca got down on all fours in front of Jack, “Fuck me Daddy, in my cunt this time my bum is still sore from this morning.”

Jack slipped inside her hot cunt in one movement as he tried to maintain the view of Steve fucking his daughter on his camera.

Suddenly it appeared that Bruce tried to pull out but instead ended up turning away, his cock now projecting backwards, still lodged inside Jeanie’s arsehole.

“Oh my god,” Emma cried as her orgasm took hold, she stared at the bizarre scene on the screen, Bruce moving forward, dragging Jeanie behind him.

“Shit!” Jack shouted as he dropped the camera, gripping Rebecca by her hips as he rammed his cock into her and came.

Katie turned her face to the room camera, opening her mouth to show it full of her grandad’s cum before closing her mouth and swallowing.

Jeanie let out a scream as Bruce’s cock finally came lose from her bum hole.

“That was lucky,” Joe said, “sometimes he can be wedged in there for half an hour.”

Katie released the muzzle from Bruce, he then turned, putting his nose against Jeanie’s arsehole, licking the fluid leaking from her. Katie crawled underneath him, taking his cock into her mouth.

“Oh Jesus!” Rebecca sighed as her own orgasm hit her.

Steve gave out a groan as he unloaded into Emma’s cunt.

Everyone went quiet for a while apart from Bruce who was wandering round the room licking first at Sally May’s cunt, then Katie’s. Eventually, Hunter took charge of the a****l, leading him from the room.

“He has a bitch and a new litter of pups in the barn,” Joe said, “as soon as Katie comes into milk, we’ll put a couple of pups on her teats to get the milk flowing.”

“Won’t that be painful?” Rebecca asked, “they have sharp teeth when they’re little.”

“Yes it will be a bit,” Joe replied, “but we all want her milk flowing, all the boys want to suckle her.”
“God, l can’t believe the life you live,” Emma said, “you seem to be able to do anything you want.”

“Well we’re a bit isolated out here,” Joe replied, “the next farm is five miles away and it’s over an hour into town, l say town but there’s only two bars and a general store, plus the Sheriff’s office and the church.”

“Doesn’t the Sheriff know what is going on?” Jack said.

“Oh he doesn’t care,” Joe replied, “he’s been fucking his daughter for years, mind you she’s a right ugly bitch so she’s probably grateful to have someone fucking her.”

“You have a great life,” Emma said, “much freer than over here.”

“Oh you folks seem to be doing alright,” Joe said, “but if ever you want to come over, we’ll make you very welcome.”

“Yes, a nice fresh cunt to fuck,” Emma laughed.

“No seriously,” Joe replied, “no strings attached, if you want to come over you don’t have to join in with us.”

“It sounds like the trip of a lifetime,” Emma said.

“You get your grandad’s sucker planted in your belly, then come on over for a visit,” Joe said.

“But if you want to take on our Bruce you’ll have to wait till the baby is born, or come over before you get pregnant,” Jeanie said.

“Well it’s been great meeting you all,” Joe said, “we all need to shower up then l have to take Katie into town for the Reverend to bless the baby.”

“How does he do that when the baby hasn’t been born yet?” Rebecca asked.

“Well the Reverend calls it blessing the baby,” Joe chuckled, “he says that as he’s a holy man, then anointing the inside of her pussy with his cum is a way of blessing the baby.”

“That just sounds like a good excuse for shagging some young pussy,” Rebecca laughed.

“Oh, no doubt,” Joe said, “but he gets to bless every baby when the mother is young and single, it keeps him happy.”

“And me,” Katie piped up, “he’s got a nice big cock, and he likes to lick me out when he’s finished, It’s good fun.”

They each said their goodbyes, promising to get together again soon, then Steve disconnected the call.

“Wow,” Rebecca said once they had all settled down and drinks had been poured. “That was the wildest scene l’ve ever been involved in.”

“I loved it when Bruce got knotted in her bum hole,” Steve said, “l thought for a minute she was going to be stuck there.”

“I bet you’d like me to do something like that,” Rebecca said.

“That would be good,” Steve replied, “after all, if you can take all of Jack’s cock up your arse you should be able to cope with an a****l like Bruce.”

“You really are turning into a proper pervert Steve,” Rebecca smiled, “perhaps you’d like him up your arse.”

“Oh l’d like to see that Daddy,” Emma said, “l wonder what dog cum tastes like.”

“Well, if we all went over to stay with Joe you could find out,” Rebecca laughed.

The room went silent for a few moments before Emma spoke.

“Could we Daddy,” she said excitedly, “could we go there…oh that would be great, they have such a free life…it would be such fun.”

“Well l suppose we could,” Steve replied, “it would take a bit of organising but we could sort something out.”

“Oh that would be wonderful,” Emma trotted over and kissed her father, then went to her grandad and sat on his lap. “You’d have to come too Grandad,” she said, “they would love to have this to play with,” she said, giving his cock a squeeze.

Rebecca stifled a yawn. “I’m tired now,” she said, “it’s been quite a day.”

“I’d better be going too,” Jack said.

“Oh don’t go Grandad,” Emma protested, “you can sleep with me, there’s plenty of room in my bed, anyway we will probably spend most of the night on op of one another,” she giggled.

“You’re welcome to stay Jack,” Steve said.

Jack agreed to stay, thinking it was probably the wise decision as he had had a drink.

“Oh that’s wonderful,” Emma said, standing and reaching out for Jack’s hand, “come on then, l’m buzzing too much to sleep, you can come to bed with me and fuck me.” She gave her mother and father a kiss as they passed. “Thank you both for a wonderful evening, now all l have to do is persuade Grandad to give me a baby and life will be perfect.”

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