(Indian) Aunt Rina’s milk.

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Apu as child grew up with his aunt Rina. When Apu was just 5 years old his both parents dies in an accident and there was no one accept aunt Rina to take care of him. Rina adopted Apu to fulfill the longing of her 9 month old son Jack who died of jaundice. To lessen the weight of tragedy in her day to day life she treats Apu as her own child and even Apu treats her like her mother. Both of them shares a very deep understanding for each other. Rina is a female of 35, whitish complexion and have long black hairs. As an Indian female she wears saree and blouse which makes her look more sexy than in any other outfits. Her bossoms are really huge and her blouse seems to hold her two beautiful breast with real difficulty. Apu, now 20 years old, subconsciously has always fantasized to suckle on those two huge milk bottles but couldn’t accumulate enough guts to go and ask straight in his aunt’s face for his craving need. That’s not the end. As day passed he became more and more desperate to suckle on those titties but possibly he couldn’t find a way out to this problem. One day accidentally he comes to the kitchen and finds aunt Rina is pumping out her breast milk onto the washbasin nearby. This was the first time when Apu saw her open breast jiggling out of her tight blouse. Her breast was well shaped and the nipple was highly protruded. Apu stood by the corner of the kitchen and started watching the whole show. Apu could see her right breast, swollen up and momentarily dripping milk out of the dark chocolate colored areolas. Apu could hear aunt Rina moaning as she was squeezing her left nipple. Milk was spurting out of her breast and was filing the washbasin. Apu couldn’t continue any more at this sight and he called aunt Rina slowly tapping at her back.

“Aunty where is my lunch I am feeling hungry.” said apu with a sense of fake astonishment.

Aunt Rina didn’t seemed a bit surprised and replied to Apu with a smile ” Just amoment my dear. I will serve your lunch within a few minutes.”

After that she turned to Apu with her breast hanging out and gave him a gesture to go and sit in the table. After Apu came back to table she milked her breast for a while and then came to the table to serve the lunch. Her blouse was still undone and Apu could see those black tities ambushed under her thin cotton saree. While having lunch Apu’s full focus was on the two black nipples that was still leaking and was making a patch mark in her saree.

With utter astonishment apu suddenly ask ” Aunty do you still have milk in your breast.” Rina gazes at Apu’s face for a while without any reparation. And then burst into laughter.

Then speaks ” canlı bahis Ya I do have milk…a lot of milk that I have to drain it sometime to avoid pain. When you stay at school in afternoon and in late mid night when you are asleep I come to the kitchen to squeeze out my swollen breast to avoid pain and fatigue.”

“Sorry aunty to interrupt you in…” Apu hadn’t even completed his sentence when aunt Rina consoles her. “It’s okay my dear, don’t feel guilty about that. Instead I should be thankful to you about breaking the ice that I was planning to do from a long time back which became possible only for you my dear. Now I will be able to milk even in front of you and there is now no reason to hide myself in private to milk my breast.”

After that they both started having their lunch but Apu couldn’t concentrate on any thing else other than those two gooseberry tities. He was gradually becoming more and more desperate to suck those tities but he couldn’t some how managed to. But then a fabulous idea came to his mind. But for the meanwhile he have to wait for night to come.

In evening Apu was studying and as usual Rina was guiding him sitting next to her. “Apu if you can complete your mathematics home work on time, I promise I will give you what ever you want from me.” said Rina Aunty.

Apu grinned and replied “Are you sure”. “Ya, anything you want,” added Rina. Apu started to working on mathemetics and completed it before expected time.

Rina happily asked Apu “so there you go my boy! What do you want.”

Apu replies with a sense of awkwardness in his face “Can I have your breast milk?” Rina thought for awhile and then replied “Ya you can but only after dinner and not any time in day.” as Rina acceptes the proposal of breastfeeding, Apu’s sunken face Seems to brighten up in a beam of hope and excitement to enjoy this heavenly pleasure. They came to the dinner table and was having their usual soft conversation while having food. Apu was getting restless to bite on the buttery skin of her aunt’s breast and now and then was trying to fondle with her boobs. Rina didn’t provide any resistance to Apu’s activity but rather facilitates his naughtiness by asking him

“Apu do you want to fondle my nipples? If you want to do that, then I will open my bra for you.” then she gets up from the table for a while and unhooks her bra underneath her blouse. Even after unhooking her bra, the shape of the breast remains intact and doesn’t hangs down like juggs of other women. This heats up Apu much more.

Then she pulls the chair near Apu and asks him “Now Apu slid your hand under my blouse and squeeze the nipples until bahis siteleri my blouse starts getting wet with milk.”

Apu slid his hand down her cleavage and was trying hard to reach one of the nipples but couldn’t as the blouse was so tight. He then pleads Rina “Aunty Can I unhook your blouse please. I am unable to reach your areolas.”

“Oh Sure! Please be comfortable to play with My soft toys. And remember, don’t pluck them or squeeze them hard, it’s very delicate and pains a lot if mishandled” said Rina.

“Don’t worry aunt I will take utmost care in milking you down. I promise to give you the most wonderful milking experience” said Apu.

Now slowly Apu opens her blouse and slid the straps of her bra from her shoulder. Then he stands behind her back and started rolling his fingers over her areolas cupping both the breasts. This stimulated her so much that she made some low moaning noise in sheer enjoyment. Apu understood that his Aunty is experiencing height of excitement. So he came down to her lap slowly and pressed her right boob in his warm and moist lips and milk spurted out of Rina’s breast. Rina at this moment pushed him aside and made a mischivieous smile.

And said “Apu you said that you want to drink my milk…but…”

Apu asks inquisitively “but what?”

Rina continues “but you never mentioned that you want to suckle on this heavenly chocolate colored areolas. Did you? I don’t think so. So now bring a cup from the kitchen I will pour my milk on it, then you can devour on it anyway.”

Poor Apu got trapped and did what his aunty offered him at last. He couldn’t dared to argue any more because he felt that it may worsen the situation and leave him with desperation and nothing else. After clearing the dinner table Apu went to bed to sleep. After a while aunt Rina accompanied him to bed. She was still wearing a bra under her blouse and changed her blouse for a more tighter one so that Apu couldn’t slide it in any possible means. Apu soon understood it when he tried to slid her blouse while she was asleep. At last failed in his attempt he restores back to his sleep.

In the mid night Apu wakes up hearing a low moaning voice. He gets up and finds aunt Rina moaning with discomfort and pain. “what happened aunty?” asks Apu.

“My breast have swollen up so much that it has started hurting me” said Rina.

“Please open your blouse or it will hurt more. And if you are worrying about me then I promise that I will not fiddle with your titties.” said Apu.

Rina got up opened her blouse and unhooked her bra but didn’t removed it completely, showing an implication of low trust toward bahis şirketleri his nephew Apu. Apu too felt bad mentally regarding his aunties attitude and he slept that night turning his back toward his beloved aunty. Rina also felt that what she has done was quite bad. But how would now convince Apu to suckle on her breast. Even after removing the bra she was still experiencing the constant throbbing pain of swollen milk around her breast. She gently taps to Apu’s back and begs “Apu my dear Child please suckle on my breast. Its hurting me a lot. And now I cant milk it anymore. It will hurt more.”

“I will suckle and relief you from pain but you need to promise me that you will let me suckle on those titties whenever I want to. Promise me.” demands Apu.

“Ok I will…now come suckle on it fast.” said Rina in a pleading tone. Apu jumped over her. Removed her bra very slowly, took one of the massive areolas in his mouth and started squirming it slowly. But after few minute suckings when milk was still not coming out. Apu took a drastic measure to end the problem. He squeezed the whole lumpy mass of breast with hands and pressed his teeths hard on the areola and started sucking violently.

“Uh you little goblin…slowly…they are delicate…uuuuhh oh god…slowly apu….Don’t tear it apart,” cried Rina.

“No aunty I will do that until you start milking like a cow. You better start milking or I will cut you breast apart,” said Apu commandingly.

After a few second of tormenting Rina’s breast started milking. Still Apu doesn’t loosens the grip of his teeth from the areolas. After half an hour the breast dries out and apu shift out to the another breast. In the meanwhile when he looks at the previous breast he was suckling. He founds his teeth marks engraved on her smooth creamy skin. Apu taps on Rina’s cheek and finds she is half unconscious. Apu looks at her subtle body. Every curve was filled with an sex appeal. For moment when he gets up he sees that her aunty’s hole is partly unleashed as the saree has got tangled. Apu felt a throbbing on his dick by looking at the sight. But couldn’t understand what to do. He was in a total confusion. He pressed his groins upon her auty and started to suck the other breast with more power than before.

“Apu slowly my son…feel pity on me” cried Rina and tears rolled down her eyes.

Rina could feel the throbbing dick of Apu between her legs and so she divided her legs more to enjoy the ecstasy. Rina was tempted to experience the dodge of the throbbing dick but couldn’t urged Apu for that. In the meanwhile Apu was devouring on the creamy black areolas which he was almost chewing with his teeths. After a while when the other breast’s also dries out Apu starts licking Rina’s bossoms and rolling the nipples between his fingers.

“Apu that’s enough for tonight now let sleep”


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