Impregnating Alice Ch. 05

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The following week was pretty frantic.

Curt pitched the deal. Acting like he had never met her before, Gabe wrote a report that Alice was healthy, of above average intelligence, and that there was no awful hereditary disease in her family. Mr. Numbnuts bought it, especially after he saw a picture of Alice looking innocent and sweet. Curt drew up papers and had both parties sign them. Alice packed (she had very little in her closet, mainly because she didn’t wear very much).

She went to her supervisor and negotiated a year off her job as a senior computer programmer. The company wanted her to come back so much they guaranteed her job. One reason was that they were afraid of morale problems — half the software division thought they were in love with her. The other reason was that she was their best expert at finding and debugging recursive loops in the deep machine logic of computer programs for missle guidance systems.

Bobili also made arrangements for time off with her supervisor at the hospital. Gabe boned up on obstetrics. He also boned Alice but this time he had to wear a condom because she was going off the pill. Fertility was going to change Alice’s whole lifestyle, it seemed.

The “ranch” was really a small estate with a Spanish-style house. It was hidden at the end of a long road and surrounded by a wall. In some places where the wall was low there was a fence on top. One guard was always out front of patrolling the property and a second was in a bunker in the basement, watching the monitors. Everything was monitored by a security system. In case of emergency, they would call Mr. Numbnuts’ security organization first, not the local police. They could deal with any problems privately.

This level of security had never been really necessary before at the ranch. Mr. Numbnuts and his family had never actually lived there. He had bought the property figuring that someday it would be the perfect hideaway for a mistress. That had never worked out, mainly because he was too busy making big bucks to get one. Now, with his life hanging in the balance, he would use it for another purpose, to protect his sexual investment.

Gabe took Alice’s temperature for several days and figured out from that and her cycle when she would be most fertile. Just after her period, she moved into the ranch and her confinement began.

Alice certainly casino siteleri felt like property under guard when she moved into the place. For a while she thought that maybe she had made a mistake. There was nothing she liked more than sex, and she wanted to feel pregnancy, but she was a little scared. This wasn’t spontaneous, happy, swinging sexual abandon the way she usually had sex. This was the first time she was doing it for money, even if she wasn’t really doing it. She would sure miss balling with her friends and occasional lovers if she had to stay under guard all the time.

It was not a bad place at all, really, though. The guards were professional and left her alone and stayed out of her way on that first day. The house was comfortable and luxurious and the swimming pool was private. There were tennis courts and she had cable. The food was fantastic, with a professional cook just for her and the visitors. A maid came three times a week and the place was spotless. Still, she wondered if she could stay cooped up here for however many months it took — nine plus however many she needed to conceive. That would make ten if she was very lucky.

The first day was pretty boring but then she saw that it would not be as bad as she thought. Gabe and Curt could come and go as they pleased, because Gabe was authorized as her doctor and Curt as the lawyer Mr. Numbnuts expected to “manage the project.” The guards turned out to be very friendly and were even sympathetic once they heard the story behind what was going on. They thought she was very brave doing this.

Still, she didn’t feel totally free. Although the ranch was very secluded and she could not see any neighbors, she did not feel right about walking around nude. She wasn’t sure about the guards, at first. She wore a bikini around the pool and a little skirt and blouse around the house. She even wore a robe in the bathroom and undressed at night with the lights turned out. There was no telling what the guards were reporting or what the closed-circuit television monitors were taping. She didn’t want to lose this chance by violating some rule or whim of Mr. Numbnuts, even though he hadn’t sent her any list of rules beyond what was in the rather sketchy contract she signed.

Every afternoon, Bobili came with the capped syringe she called the “turkey baster”, full of semen from Mr. Numbnuts, canlı casino and on ice during the drive from Huntington Beach. Bobili would make the long drive to pick it up from Mr. Numbnuts’ personal assistant at a rendezvous point near Mr. Numbnuts’ corporate headquarters. Then she would drive back with the syringe, in the closed ice bucket, sitting beside her in the front seat, held down by the seat belt. She would bring it into the bedroom, dump the ice in the attached bathroom , and then inseminate Alice with it.

Bobili would warm it between her hands and take off the cap. Alice would pull down her panties, lie back with a pillow under her butt, and let Bobili insert the syringe all the way up into her vagina, feeling it knock against her delicious little pink cervix, and then spritz. Then Alice would lay back for an hour to give the sperm a chance to swim upstream — this was the most boring part and it got her hooked on soap operas. Each insemination went the same, mechanical way. Her cunt was simply a vessel. Mr. Numbnuts’ seed would be poured into it and she would wait to see what happened.

While this mechanical process was going on she felt nothing sexual and when it was over she felt nothing sexual. The only thing she felt was a wish that she would conceive quickly and get the show on the road.

Alice really wanted each insemination to impregnate her. She would have masturbated if she thought it would have helped but she wasn’t sure what that might do. She read books she had brought to see if there was something she could do to get more fertile. She visualized getting pregnant. She listened to meditation tapes and repeated her “I am pregnant and I feel wonderful” affirmation ten times a day. She wore pink clothes. A week passed that way before she had had enough.

“Bobili, can you at least wiggle that thing around?” she asked one day while lying on her back, feeling the syringe go in. ‘I’m dying for a little stimulation!”

Bobili was surprised. “Honey, haven’t you been wanking?”

“Well, no,” Alice said. “I didn’t know if I would be wasting my energy or confusing the little spermies.”

Bobili realized that maybe this woman, for all she knew about sexual pleasure, really didn’t know as much as she thought about biology. “Alice, don’t worry about that! You can come all you want and still conceive!”

Alice kaçak casino groaned. “And here I’ve been holding off! I should have talked to you before. Bobili, could you help me! If I can’t have a man I’m going to need a woman!”

Bobili was delighted. She replied “You bet I can!”

That day Bobili moved in and expanded her job description. She took charge of pleasuring Alice using hands, mouth, and genitals. She turned the insemination into a sexual ritual. Every day Bobili massaged Alice’s shoulders and back, fondled her boobs, tweaked her little inner nips, fingered her labes, and licked Alice’s pulsating clit to orgasm, until the time came to spray the semen out of the “turkey baster”. She even warmed up the syringe in her own cunt before she incapped it and inseminated Alice. They played with the syringe, using it as a dildo. Then, after Alice had had a good come and was all relaxed, Bobili would push the plunger and give Alice another shot at conceiving. Bobili believed — even if she couldn’t prove it — that an orgasm made a woman more fertile.

Alice herself just liked to rut. She couldn’t believe that she had put herself through two weeks of deprivation when she could have been getting it on with Bobili or masturbating.

Soon. Bobili shared Alice’s bed and sometimes at night she would reach between Alice’s legs and stroke her. Alice loved this because it gave her sweet dreams. But Bobili always knew that this would not last forever or turn into a lesbian love affair. Alice liked men too much. This was what they call an “interim arrangement”.

The guards turned out to be good guys. The guards were smart enough to figure it out: if their boss bought the farm and there was no family inheritance, the property would be sold and they’d lose their jobs. They had every reason to be in on what was going on. They also liked Alice. They naturally loved looking at her soft, curvy, fertile body. They started hanging around and talking with Alice when she lounged around at the pool. They knew that she was off limits sexually — not only their jobs but there heads might be on the line if they touched her.

Alice found the guards easy to talk to and genuinely interested in her. They brought her books and magazines and anything she wanted from the store. She liked having them around for company and didn’t mind when they stared at her body. She stopped wearing her bathing suit. Eventually, she and Bobili did not bother to pull the draps while Alice was being inseminated. The guards could have all the fantasies about her they wanted, as far as she was concerned. Everybody else did.

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