Impossible Love (You , Me)

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3D Porn

Editing by NiteJunky

This chapter is written by my dream girl, CT, in response to my previous story. She agreed to letting me post the story after reading the edits I made. This is her first publication.


We’re in a luxurious hotel. It’s just you and me. We went on a vacation together. We’re finally going to get some time alone.

When we got to the hotel I went straight to bed to take a nap, I was feeling tired. But you, you weren’t tired for some reason.

When I woke up, you weren’t in the room, it was pretty late. I called you on your cellphone and you’ve told me that you were at the bar of the hotel.

I showered and got dressed to go and meet you at the bar. On my way to the bar, in the elevator, there was this guy that kept staring at my cleavage and didn’t care that I caught him staring.

With a seductive smile on my face I said, “Do you like what you see?”

While still staring at my boobs he replied, “Yes, I do.”

If a random stranger gets this reaction from me wearing this dress, I wonder what my lover would think.

I get to the bar and I see you there sitting alone on a bar stole and having a drink. Just by seeing you my heart starts to beat faster and faster. I come up behind you to surprise you. I give you a kiss on your lips. Those lips of yours, they drive me crazy.

Without saying anything you admire my look. I’m dressed in a short black dress, high heels on, curled my long black shiny hair, put on make up.

You pull me closer to you as you whisper in my ear, “Baby, the things I want to do to you right now”

Your words send shivers down my spine.

While pass my tongue on your earlobe I reply, “What are you waiting for?”

I know you’re excited for me. But I decide to tease you a little bit.

So we stay longer at the bar have a few drinks. I’m feeling tipsy and horny. Super horny. If it were for me we could fuck at the bar. I tell you, “Let’s go!”

Without hesitating you stand up and we’re going to the elevator. On the way you’re touching my body and we’re kissing passionately.

With czech first video porno a seductive smile on my pretty face I say, “Oh baby, I want you so bad. I want to feel you in me. I want you to fuck me like your dirty little slut.”

The door opens up and luckily for us it’s empty even though by this point we wouldn’t care who sees or not. We keep kissing and you slowly start to move your hand down as you reach my pussy.

With a soft sexy voice you say to me, “Ahh, baby you’re so wet.”

I reply, “You have this effect on me.”

We stop kissing as you’re holding my face with one hand and we’re staring in each others eyes. We’re on our floor, the elevator door opens as we run like teenagers holding hands straight to our room.

We quickly close the door of our room behind us and start to kiss passionately and touching each other. I unbutton your shirt without leaving your lips.

“I am crazy about you baby,” I whisper while I slide my hands down to your hard rock cock.

I’m anxious to take it out and suck it. We get to the bed as I push you towards the bed and you fall on your back and giving me this sexy smile.

I unzip your pants as you help me to take it off. To my surprise you’re not wearing any underwear which for me is extremely sexy. Your hard cock is inches away from my face. But I’m going to tease you a little bit first.

I love your muscular toned body.

I start by letting my hands run down your chest as I kiss it all over going down to your abdomen. I lick and kiss all over your abs.

I ask you, “Do you like it?”

“Yes, don’t stop,” you reply.

I keep going, I reach your member and I grab your cock shaft, kiss it all over and start to lick its head, which by now is dripping pre cum, which I lick with much enthusiasm.

I position my mouth around your cock and slowly let it slide in my mouth and start to suck.

You move and groan.

“Oh baby, your dick is so delicious,” I moan with your dick still in my mouth.

I push your dick deeper in my mouth I know you like it czech game porno when I take it deep in my mouth. I take it out and lick all over the shaft and around the head. I take the head of your penis hold it and position my tongue on your pee hole and start to move my tongue on it.

You move again.

I put your dick back in my mouth and start sucking hard. More deep throats.

While your dick is in my mouth I play with my tongue around your shaft and penis head as you push my head further down with your hands so that your cock can go all the way down and you make me gag.

I take your penis out. I stop sucking. I don’t want you to cum yet.

“Now it’s my turn to pleasure you,” you tell me.

You get up and this time and you start to unzip my dress. Leaving my black heels on, you ask me to stand up so that you can admire my tight ass and my cleavage.

I’m wearing a black tong and a black see through bra. You slowly take off my tong as your kissing my body all over and then you take off my bra and let my boobs out. You immediately grab them and start to suck on them.

I immediately start to moan. “Ahh, this feels amazing don’t stop please,” I beg.

You’re now sucking them harder and I can almost cum by just having you suck my boobs.

You slowly push me on the bed so that you can be on top of me. You’re on me and still playing with my boobs. I can’t keep still and I keep moaning. You start kissing and licking between my boobs going down to my belly. I’m about to lose my mind.

Almost out of breath I say, “I want you to eat my pussy, please baby.”

I open my legs as far as i can. Your face is just inches away from my shaved pussy.

You start to lick my dripping cunt.

“Your pussy tastes so sweet,” you tell me.

“Pass your tongue on my clit and suck it,” I command you while you are driving me crazy making me moan harder.

You insert your tongue in my pussy and it feels amazing. Then you slide a finger in my pussy and suck my clit while you’re going in and out with your finger. But one finger isn’t czech gangbang porno enough.

“Two fingers baby,” I ask you.

You do as you are told and by this time I’m drowning in pleasure and it doesn’t take long for me cum hard, drowning your face in my juices. My body goes out of control. The most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

“That’s it, I want you in me. Fuck me right now,” I almost scream at you.

“You don’t have to ask twice,” you reply while getting up and positioning your penis on my pussy in missionary style.

Forcefully you ask me, “How bad do you want it sexy?”

I reply, “Please baby i want it now. Give it to me!”

You slowly insert your penis in my by then dripping pussy and I take a deep breath and moan as you push forward deep inside me. My eyes are closed and I’m biting my lips and just enjoying this amazing feeling of having you in me.

I plead, “Baby fuck me. I’m yours tonight, completely yours.”

You start to slowly thrust in me and you pick up the pace and start going harder. I’m moaning uncontrollably this feeling is just too good to be true.

“Yes baby give it to me, fuck me hard fuck yesssss ahhh don’t stop, you’re amazing,” I am encouraging you.

You kiss me on my lips and tell me how good my warm, wet and tight my pussy feels.

I beg you, “Fuck me doggy baby, I want you to fuck me from behind.”

You stop and we position ourselves into doggy style. You slide your dick in my pussy and I scream of pleasure, “Spank me and tell me what an amazing view you have right now.”

“I love your tight ass babe,” you reply.

As you’re fucking me from behind I start to play with my clit.

“Fuck the shit out of me, I’m your slut, your fucking whore. Abuse my pussy, it’s all yours,” I am saying loudly.

I’m in heaven and I can feel that my orgasm is coming closer.

I shout, “I’m gonna cummm!”

You grab my hair and fuck me harder and the feeling intensifies as I cum on your cock and you feel my pussy clenching on your cock squeezing it.

You can’t hold it any longer and you cum as well. Filling my pussy with your warm juice. As we both start to recover from our orgasms. You take your dick out and we both fall on the bed tired and we kiss each other passionately and fall asleep in each others arms.

This is my wet dream reply to yours, Nitejunky.

Your CT forever


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