Immortal Gift of Beauty Ch. 04

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Hank and Brosie continue to fall in love…

I hope you enjoy it.


Our life together had begun, although not in the manner either of us would have planned. After the argument with my parents, and the release of emotions that followed, Brosie and I had retired to her bedroom, to talk and cuddle.

I suppose I should refer to it as our bedroom now, shouldn’t I?

“Thank you, honey,” she said softly, resting her head on my chest. “Thank you so much, for stepping in, and defending me. That means more than I can say.”

“Well, I love you,” I replied, holding her tight. “Anyone who has a problem with you, has a problem with me. Parents included.”

“You gave up so much, though,” she whispered, caressing my face. “Your whole world has changed, in the blink of an eye.”

“I prefer to think of it as a trade. After all, I get to have you. That’s a pretty good deal, at any cost,” I smiled. My hand moved instinctively to her breast, cupping the fullness softly.

“Yes, well, I suppose that’s true,” she giggled, pressing her own hand over mine, and firmly fondling her breast. “Still, there’s more to your future than just physical needs being satisfied. I do expect that your parents will change their tune a bit, once the shock wears off, but what if they don’t? Have you thought that through?”

“In the last five minutes? No,” I laughed. “I’ll find a job. Might have to save for a year, but I can still go to school later.”

“Oh, I’m not worried about that,” she smiled, patting my chest as she sat up. “Money is not the issue. I’m a wealthy widow, remember? We have more than enough to pay for your classes. I’m talking about them cutting themselves out of your life. You’ll miss them.”

“It had to happen sometime,” I observed. “Even in a perfect world, they weren’t going to live forever.”

“No,” she replied, “but this is a little different. We’re not talking about losing them to natural causes. We’re talking about losing them by their choice. You’ll know where they are. That’s a powerful distraction.”

“You’re probably right,” I nodded, “but at least I am not going through it alone.”

“No, you’re not,” Brosie smiled. She stood up, and went to check the bedroom door, making sure it was locked. When she turned back to face me, I could see that familiar look in her eyes. Just like our first time together, back on Santorini. Then we had been a secret, just starting the journey that brought us here. Now, we were out in the open. Even my sister and her daughter being in the house wasn’t going to stop her, this time.

I watched her peel off her top as she walked back to join me on the bed. That awesome body was now mine to enjoy, anytime I wanted. Her huge tits jiggled in their bra, as she sat beside me on the bed and turned to kiss me, pulling me down to lay atop her.

“I know we’ve done this, in this room before,” she giggled, “but the circumstances have changed. I think a new beginning is in order. Care to help me christen the room?”

I laughed. She hadn’t said ‘christen the bed’. The last room we christened like this had ended up looking like a tornado had rampaged through it.

This was going to be fun.

Without another word, we began to feast on each other, pawing and kissing with passionate urgency. Clothing flew wildly, tossed away as soon as it was removed. It didn’t take long for us both to get naked, and when we were, our pace slowed slightly. Our touches became gentler, caressing each other with love, and stoking the fires inside. We pulled a sheet up over ourselves on the bed and forgot about the world outside this room.

Rolling around the bed, we took turns being on top, kissing and fondling each other happily. My hand found its way between her legs, slipping a finger into her extremely damp cleft. Brosie moaned and grabbed my dick.

“I need this, inside me,” she purred, lifting her hips higher. “I can’t wait.”

I felt the slippery lips of her pussy part as they captured the head of my cock. The warm sensation slid lower, as more and more of my shaft was engulfed by her snug opening. At last, I could feel the tickle of her labia against my balls, as she sat upright, fully impaled.

“Mmmmmm, I think I’m going to like having daily access to your cock, my love,” she moaned. “You’re definitely going to spoil me.”

“I’m spoiling YOU?” I laughed, palming her big tits as they hung before my face. “My first serious relationship, and it’s with a woman who’s more than I could ever have dreamed. Loving, beautiful, sexy as hell… my Greek goddess. You’re worried that I’m spoiling you, huh? I guess we’ll just spoil each other.”

“You do have a way with words, darling,” she smiled, leaning forward. First, I felt the pressure of her breasts against me, then her lips, as she kissed me with passion. I felt her pussy grab my cock tighter, as she lifted her hips, pulling on it before relaxing again to allow it back in smoothly on the down stroke. I just loved it when she did that, and moaned my enjoyment casino siteleri into her kiss. She moaned back, and sat up.

I watched her eyes flutter closed, and she tilted her head up, letting her long dark hair hang fully down the smooth skin of her back. My hands were on her hips and thighs, feeling the firm muscle under them flex and shift as she slowly rose and fell on my shaft. The room was quiet, and I could hear her quivering, excited breathing, building with her arousal.

She was right. Things had changed. This was now our bed, and we were no longer two separate individuals with a shared interest in each other’s bodies. We were now one entity, connected at the heart, and that new status was palpable. She was taking her time, as we had no reason to rush.

Truthfully, we not only had no reason to rush, we had no motivation to do so. I could feel the difference, and I’m just a man, so I can only imagine how it must be for a woman. Even in my limited experience with women, I had noticed how much more emotionally perceptive they were. It’s one of the things that makes them so maddening, but it also makes them endearing, and an irreplaceable part of our lives.

From my place below her, I could see her orgasm building, like a constant flow of water trapped behind a fragile dam. It was only a matter of time before it broke through.

“Oh my god ohmyGodohmy…” she began, in a whisper of impending release. Her eyes screwed shut again, and I felt the explosion from within, as her pussy clamped down on my hard penis, and she screamed. “Mmmnahn, GNAHHHHHN! YESSSS! YESSSSSS! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YES!”

Her body bucked wildly in the saddle, and I gripped her waist, holding her up, until she collapsed forward onto my chest, panting for breath. It took a minute for her to recover.

“I was beginning to think that I might never feel this way again,” she said softly, resting her head on my shoulder while I held her.

“I wasn’t going to give you up, no matter what they said,” I replied. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you, my dear,” she giggled, lifting her head to look at me. “I appreciate the compliment, but I was speaking of something a little deeper… Um, no not your wonderful long cock… I mean something inside me… Oh hell! Everything I say is coming out as a sexual comment! I, um, I mean…”

“You mean love,” I smiled, completing her sentence. A bright smile erupted on her face, and she leaned in to kiss me.

“That’s right, honey,” she breathed. “You gave up everything, for me. Now, I’m pretty good in bed, but I have to believe there’s more than that that made you do such a thing. After my husband, I thought I would be alone for the rest of my life, but you showed me how you feel in a way words never could.”

“Well, I love you,” I repeated. “You’re the most important person in my life. I wanted them to know that, as well as you.”

“Mmmmmm, I certainly do now,” she purred, smiling at me from close range. “The feeling is most definitely mutual.”

Our lips met again, in an embrace of emotional completion. The passion escalated again, and I felt her pussy grab my cock, which was still inside her warm crevice. She slowly lifted her hips, and groaned as my hard shaft moved inside her, then lowered herself onto it once more, as I pushed up to meet her. The kiss continued, while we gently made love in this position.

A startling knock on the bedroom door made us both jump.

“Mom?” came Marina’s muffled voice.

“Busy!” Brosie moaned, sitting up in frustration.

“Yes, Mom. I know. We heard you,” Marina giggled. “Just letting you know I’m taking Sharon home. I’ll be back in an hour or so.”

“Thank you, honey,” Brosie answered, still breathing hard. “Drive safe.”

“I will,” she replied. “Have fun.”

“I will,” Brosie giggled back. She resumed her rhythm, again dangling her breasts in my face. I found a nipple, and suckled her gently.

“I’ll call you later, Hank,” my sister chimed in.

“Mmmmm hmmm,” I mumbled, my mouth full.

We both heard the girls laughing on the other side of the door, then silence, but no footsteps going down the stairs.

“I think they’re listening,” Brosie whispered. “Let’s teach them a lesson. Follow my lead?”

I nodded, and released my grip on her nipple.

“Oh god, yes Hank!” she gasped, making sure her voice could be heard clearly. “Do it, honey! Fuck me!”

I grunted a few times, playing my part, but she hadn’t yet dropped the bomb.

“Yeah!” she continued. “Oh it’s so good! That’s it! Stick your big cock up my ass!”

Bombs away! I tried to muffle my giggle as we heard an “Eww!” outside the door.

“Well, that’s what happens when you eavesdrop, girls,” Brosie said directly. “Sometimes, you hear things you’d rather not hear.”

“Very funny, Mother,” Marina called through the door, and this time we heard them go down, followed by the front door closing.

“I think they’re actually gone, this time,” Brosie smiled. “On a related canlı casino note, would you like to fuck my ass? Not necessarily today, but as a general idea.”

Oh, my god, yes! I thought, trying to supress the smile that threatened to meet at the back of my head.

“Oh, um, sure,” I nodded, imagining my dick disappearing up her anal opening.

“It’s been a long time since I took it in the butt,” she smiled. “My husband’s dick wasn’t in your league, but it felt pretty good up there. I’d like to try it, sometime.”

“I can’t believe a sophisticated, elegant woman like you is into anal sex,” I shook my head.

“Hey! I’m Greek! I think we invented it,” she giggled, winking at me. My cock was still hard, and still up her pussy as she sat on top of me. “How about some doggy? I really love how deep you reach that way.”

I may be young, but I’m not stupid. Anything that would result in my cock sliding in and out of her exceptionally juicy pussy was fine with me. Besides, I did like to do her from behind, grabbing those firm hips, and slamming into her rump with urgency.

Before you could say ‘fuck me harder’, three times, she had arranged herself on hands and knees, and was wagging her butt at me.

“Come on, darling,” she smiled, looking over her shoulder at me. “Put that big, beautiful dick back where it feels so good.”

I glanced briefly at her tightly puckered asshole. I didn’t need to be greedy today. There would be plenty of chances to fuck her in the ass, now that we were together for good. Her pussy was open, dripping wet, and begging to be filled, so I lined up, and plugged in.

“Mmmmmm, yeah, that’s it, honey,” she groaned. “All the way in. So deep. I love the way you stretch me open. I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too,” I replied, taking a grip on her waist. I ground myself all the way inside her.

“I want to make you happy, my sweet,” she whispered. “I’ll do anything you want. Anything. I may be a mother, and a widow, but I can be a slut for you, my love. In here, in our bedroom, when we are alone, I’m yours to use as you wish… with one exception; no rough stuff. At least, not, too rough. I’ll tell you if you go too far.”

“Of course. I would never do that,” I answered.

“I know. That’s one of the reasons I love you. I know you love and respect me. I know you would never hurt me,” she nodded. Her expression changed, becoming more playful. “Now, fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard. Make me cum again, then shoot that hot jizz all over my face. Make me your cum slut. I want it!”

Kneeling behind her, with my hands gripping her mature yet slender waist, I pulled her back with each thrust of my hips, while considering the events of the day. She was right; my world had changed very quickly.

Only last night, we were having secret sex on her sofa bed, and my parents were still blissfully unaware. I still lived with my family, and all was normal.

Turn the page to today. Shit met fan, and now nothing was normal. We were public knowledge, in a very unconventional sexual relationship. My parents’ disapproval had manifested itself in banishment. Thankfully, my homeless period had been measured in seconds, and now I had a new home, with a new, warm bed to sleep in, and a sexy, warm lover to share it with.

Now that sexy lady was giving herself to me, completely, and promising to be my own personal porn star in the bedroom… Our bedroom.

I’m sure I hadn’t yet felt all the consequences, but so far, it may have been an improvement.

“Mmmmmm, yes,” Brosie moaned, refocusing my attention. “That’s my man. Slide that big dick in, nice and deep.”

I looked down as I pulled back, watching my luscious Brosie’s thick, swollen labia drag along my shaft, leaving trails of frothy pussy juice in their wake. I pushed inside again, until those same aroused lips were nestled around my balls. Her asshole puckered as her internal muscles grabbed the thickness of my intruder, and she moaned softly.

“More!” she hissed, pushing back against me on every stroke. “Give me more!” She tossed her head back, letting her long, dark hair fall within reach, encouraging me to grab it. I did, snarling it around my fingers and pulling firmly.

“GNAHHHHHN! YESSSS! PULL MY HAIR, AND FUCK ME HARD! YESSSS! I LOVE IT!” she gasped. Her tits swung wildly as they hung below her chest. Her rump quivered as it absorbed each thrust, and our bodies crashed together. Inside, her pussy clutched me tight, in a grip that grew tighter as her orgasm raced toward us. When it arrived, it hit like a hurricane.

“Uhhn! Oh! Uhhn, fuck! YES! FUCK! UHHN! UHHN! UHHHHHN! FUUUCK! MY GOD, YES! YES! YES! YES!” she screamed.

My own zenith was brewing quickly, and I couldn’t stop, so I kept thrusting into her right through her climax. She grunted, dropping her shoulders to the bed, ass high in the air.

“Cum… on my… face!” she hissed, between strokes. “I’m a… bad girl!”

“You’re my bad girl,” I corrected.

“Yes! I’m your bad girl! Your slut! Cum on me!” she moaned. kaçak casino

“Get ready!” I groaned, my balls tingling, an orgasm imminent. I pulled out, and Brosie spun around. She tilted her head back, and opened her mouth wide, lolling her tongue out as a target.

I loved Brosie. She was so beautiful, and sexy, yet respectable and sophisticated. Being around her made me feel like the man I wanted to be. That’s why we wanted to be together.

She was also all the sexual partner I could ever ask for, especially if she was willing to explore her nasty side. She had offered me her ass, and someday soon, I’d be taking her up on that. Today though, it was time to give her a facial.

“Cum on me, baby,” she moaned, encouraging me as I jerked like a madman. “Give me all your hot, sticky semen, all over my face. I want it.”

“MmmmnnnaaaAAAHHHHHNNNNNN!” I grunted, as the first ribbon landed with a ‘splat’, stretching from her chin to her eyebrows. “UHHN!” I groaned, as more pearly goo shot out, draping across her nose, and across her cheek. Two more streaks were added, before there was nothing left but a few weak drops that speckled her hair.

“That’s my man,” she moaned, looking up at me through the drops of cum that had landed on her lashes. “Do I look slutty?”

“As far as I’m concerned, you’re always beautiful,” I smiled. Her fingers dragged through the goo, pulling more of it within range of her tongue, which had already cleaned the area around her mouth instinctively. “Beautiful, sexy, and occasionally an insatiable, unstoppable force of nature,” I chuckled, watching her lick her fingers.

“That’s me. All natural,” she smiled, shaking her big tits at me. I’d never get tired of watching that.


Mom and Dad didn’t know this, but I had a spy, embedded deep in their camp. Sharon was happy to collect and share the gossip from home.

There I go again, living in the past. That location wasn’t my home, anymore. It may still be hers, but it’s no longer mine.

Anyway, Sharon was keeping me filled in on the happenings there. Cracks were forming in their consolidated front. Mom was voicing her wishes that I come home.

I had no intention, and no need, to do that. Having lived with my parents my whole life, I knew that they didn’t change their minds once they took a stand. Any leeway after the fact was meant to soften the inevitable; that they were in charge, and we did what they said.

So, I also knew that even if this was the first time they were actually having a change of heart, it was too fast to be genuine. It was a ploy, to get me back home, where they could work on breaking me down.

I wasn’t buying it. Don’t get me wrong; I love my parents, and they had never been anything but caring and protective of both me and my sister. However, in this instance, I felt they had overstepped. I was an adult. As far as the government was concerned, I was legally able to give my life for my country, but my parents were acting as if I shouldn’t be able to decide who I could share that life with. They needed to know that I was serious about that decision and was willing to deal with the consequences.

Even if the consequences didn’t include them.

As for my relationship with my sister, it had never been better. All my life, I had been her pain-in-the-ass little brother, and she had merely tolerated my presence. Now, I had graduated, and she looked at me differently. When she told me that standing up for Brosie, in front of my parents, was the most romantic thing she’d ever seen, it signaled a complete change in our future.

We were now friends in a way that had never been considered before.

I was happy that my parents had at least let Sharon remain neutral in the matter. I jokingly called her my ‘Swiss-ter’. They weren’t giving her a hard time about coming over to visit Marina, even though they knew she’d see me, as well. She was a visitor about twice a week, which was just the perfect amount of time, in my book. Just often enough to remain a guest, not an intrusion.

I came home from running a few errands to find Sharon’s car in the driveway. I guess it was time to be debriefed on the home situation, and I went straight out into the backyard, where I found all three ladies baking in the sun, chatting about who knows what. They were all very scantily clad, even Sharon, who was wearing a bikini that would probably have given my mother a stroke. They were all laying face up, oiled and shiny, with their bodies available for my viewing pleasure. One, of course, held a special appeal for me.

Brosie was wearing her red suit, the one that she’d worn the day my parents visited. It was my favourite, of all the suits in her collection, and the next best thing to her sunbathing naked, which was often the case as well. Brosie had no issues laying out around the pool stark naked, but deferred to social convention when Marina was around, or guests were expected.

Anyway, while I stood taking in the scenery and listening to them cackle, my love gestured me over. She had a kiss for me, of course, and it was nice to be able to deliver it without fear of getting caught. While the whole ‘sneaking around’ thing had been very exciting, it had also been stressful. Now that we were in the open, it was much better.

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