I’ll Take Care of You

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She drew away from him her lips trembling, breathe drawn and warm. She was taken back. The mixture of feelings and passion that was between them was far beyond describable. The grasp of her understanding; the overwhelming touch and warm she felt in the moment. In that moment all that she had thought up beforehand could not compare. And it was then that she knew that she had to have more of it. Their lips met again and the fire reignited.

She has wanted him for so long and now being in that present moment she had frozen, unable to move or aware what to do next. But she knew she didn’t want to walk away now.

His hand slid through her soft hair as she continued to taste him; slowly pressing her lips to kiss down his neck. His eyes closed and neck tilted back she knew what was happening and that neither of them would be turning back.

He gently caressed her shoulders, gently and softly making his way to her supple breast. They were just as he had imagined. Admiring her full figure large but perking breast in a small top that defined her large breast very well. She was a stacked woman, hips, thighs, nice round ass the works. And he loved it.

He used his index finger and the strength in his hand to raise up her chin, smiling at her beautiful face he leaned in for a long drawn out kiss of passion. Hands slid to her breast cupping them and heavy in his hand. Kneading her nipples as their lips remained locked feeling them hardening to his touch.

Her breathe was short and sweet. The intensity and pleasure in her body was beginning to build up. She wrapped her arms around his neck to pull closer to him her breast and nipples pressed up against his body stimulating casino oyna a part of him down bellow. The sensation was rapidly growing between the lust and pleasure that they were giving each other.

“I can’t believe this is all happening right now.” She exclaimed out of breath; parting from the long lip lock.

He smiled brightly at her surprise and shocked face. “If you’re wondering if I want this as bad as you the answer is yes. So relax.”That was all she needed to hear. Letting her guard down, she let the waves of pleasure take over.

He lips touch on top of her breast lightly kissing them as he inched to her already half erect nipples. He could feel the tension loosening up in her ass he flicked and sucked on her nipple with his tongue and mouth. She placed her hands on his chest as he backed her into a wall and nailed her body up against it. She began to rub down his body from his chest rubbing on his nipples letting them get hard as she continued to feel down to this belt buckle. He watched for a brief moment as she began to undo the buckle and opening his shorts. Sliding her hand down the front side of his boxers rubbing the bulge in his underwear, he continued to suck on her hard nipples. Pulling and sucking harder. He wanted to hear her moan. A small squeal came from her as he began to be rougher on her.

She felt his bulge hardening and becoming more erect with her touch. She remained rubbing on it till she slipped her hand down the inside of his boxers. She happens to catch his reaction and his body relaxing even more as she stroked his long dick through his boxers. She could tell that he was now warmed up.

Grabbing her thighs he picked her up wrapping canlı casino her legs around his waist carrying her over to the bed just across the room. Lightly letting her fall onto the sheet as she spread her legs to let him lye above her back to kissing her lips, as her hands slide to his waist and down between the both of their now hot burning bodies. She was once again tugging on his large member as he kissed his way down her body past her breast, stomach and thighs.

“You’re so beautiful, so perfect.” He exclaimed to her as she was stroking harder and longer around his stiff hard cock. She gasped and flinched a little at the surprising touch and urgent push she felt inside her. He has slid his middle and ring finger inside of her. Heavy breathing and moans came from both their mouths the more the continued and quickened their speed.

At this point she was far more ready then she thought she had expected to want him inside of her. Her mind was running a million times faster than it had ever done before. She was stuck in pure ecstasy and she only wanted it to keep going.

His desires for her were become more abundant as his animalistic feelings began to fill him he just wanted to ravish her right there were she was and have his way with her. But he knew that he could not do that just yet. He touched beneath him to remove her hand from his swollen cock hard and on fire as he slowly slide inside her tight small hole.

“ooooh its so big!” screaming in some pain but more pleasure. She didn’t want him to stop but she wasn’t ready to take all of him inside her just yet. He slide out of her and worked his way into her as he pumped his cock further and deeper into her small kaçak casino tight pussy. Moans and groans spoke deep as he pushed deeper inside her and then he was all in.

“mmmmm this feels so great. Being inside you like this..its like imagined it to be.” He was grinding inside her faster as he felt her tighten her pussy muscles around his large thick rock hard cock.

She begged and pleaded for him to give his all to hear to not hold back, and with that his animalistic instincts gave in. He was thrusting ever so hard and deep inside her he thought he might break her. But her moaning prevailed otherwise as he pulled and sucked on her perky rosebud like nipples she dug her nails deep into his back as she held on to him. Before she could get to comfortable in that same position he flipped her over him now lying on his back so that she could ride him. She swayed her hips back and forth rough and fast and he moved with her letting her bounce her body up and down on his cock.

“Mmm that’s right just like that, you’re so good. I’m getting so close to Cumming.”

That was all she needed to hear. She leaned back hear arms supporting her as she continued to rock her body quickly, thrusting her pussy walls back and forth on him rubbing her clit in front of him as he watched her pleasure herself it sent him closer than he could hold back any longer. He pulled her back onto his rock hard cock thrusting himself inside her mercy less as he exploded. Shooting ropes and ropes of his hot thick cum inside her, she reached her peak also Cumming as he filled her up with a large load of semen.

The two of the lay there silent for a moment she had moved over to lay on his chest him still hard and erect inside her dripping sweet cum out of her pussy.

“Next time I won’t be so quick to shoot my load.” He said as he smiled and wrapped his arms around her and they both feel asleep together until morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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