Idyllic Sex

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I first saw the woman at breakfast at the B&B. She was fishing for fruit from a bowl and looked up as I approached the table. She gave me a bright smile set in lovely brown cascading curls, only five foot tall, or a little more, wearing a stiff-looking white blouse and light brown shorts. I smiled back and got on with my breakfast, assuming she was attached to a man yet to appear in the dining room. She was really straight-backed, instantly attractive to me. She had good breasts and a gold heavy medallion-type of neckwear over the blouse. The sleeves were short and the arms had nicely delineated muscles.

It was later that morning I saw her again. I had walked off with my electronic pad so that I could quietly get on with the preparation for the book. I had found a field a little way back from the sea, a little in the shade amongst long grass where the quietness set an appropriate mood for the book. The chapter in mind was going to be a rather sad tale. At some point in the hot morning I must have nearly fallen asleep, for suddenly I was aware of the swish of approaching steps through the grass. Then, there was this same girl standing near enough for me to touch her ankle, seemingly towering over me and smiling. In my mind I ran my hand up the back of her smooth-looking leg from her blue lace-ups, I could have reached well above her knee. The idea brought a tingle and tumescence in my trousers; did she know what I was thinking? Her blouse was no longer tucked into her shorts, which really were more of a hipster fit on her. I could see her navel, I think, because the bottom few buttons of her blouse were undone.

Perhaps our minds met; I can hardly remember the words we exchanged; perhaps nothing at all was said. I just recall she was suddenly crouching by me, and then kneeling and then she was tumbling onto me, sitting in the grass yet lying across my body with the sexiest little smile on her face. Her hand was on my trousers where my manhood might have been if it were not already packing into one of those semi-tumescent tangles that all men know about. She just laughed and rubbed my stomach through the fabric. Close up I noticed first her blue eyes, also laughing, and her neck, which bore the elegant lines of the two muscles that run from the ears to the top of her chest. There was a luscious hollow to her throat between them. She had thrown her head back. I noticed her hair was a light brown in the bright sunlight. She felt so warm to me, or do I mean towards me, so I kissed her neck just below the jaw line, kissing again and again as I moved around. She lent her head right back in an invitation and stretched. Her hand went to undo my belt buckle as she advised I needed to straighten myself out. As I started to do so she just giggled.

“Wait, let’s move into the full sun.”

I followed her so that from all sides we were really private in even longer grass.

After resuming her position and my adjusting things for best comfort I confess I did not know quite where to start, with her stretched out so provocatively. I placed a hand over her navel and moved it around, concentrating on moving down rather than up. Her breathing deepened as she stretched again and I think I heard her making little keening sounds. Her breasts were pressed against the white cotton, her nipples showing through. Her collarbones projected a delightful smoothed ridge above them and her neck remained appealing as she turned her head to the right so that she could look at me. The medallion had lodged between her breasts and she carefully recovered it and placed it behind her.

I moved my hand down her stomach to the very top of her right thigh. With her flat stomach, the loosely hugging hipsters and seemingly no knickers at all, my hand felt nothing but invitation. Her legs were a little apart and my fingers went over onto her inner thigh while my palm could caress the front. Thus I was fondling the heavy muscle attachment from her leg to her pelvis. Rather than lightly stroke the skin over the muscle, I pressed rather firmly, holding her down by my hand and I massaged over the muscle, pulling the skin alternately from the front and then from the inner thigh. Evidently she loved this — she placed her left hand over mine to encourage me and she shifted a little to press hard against my penis with the other hand. Her pressing hard was so tantalising; the shaft of my penis was bent upwards to touch my stomach and the bulbous part, its head, was pushing urgently under my belt and filling rapidly.

Wondering what women really prefer, I ventured to move my caressing hand sideways to first border her lips down there, rubbing and pulling over the silkiness. Before long, my hand was completely covering the lips, rounding from the front, moving under and coming back to the front, again and again. She was flexing her spine, lifting her shoulders, and soon took it as a cue to shift position again, rotate her hips and separate her legs. I was stroking her mound and lips one moment and the next I was loosing two fingers into the gulf between the brazzers porno opening lips. It was delightfully moist down there as I curled two fingers into her vagina. I continued to curl them until my fingertips touched the vagina wall — at which point she quietly gasped. Now I could feel her divine little bump, quite sizeable, under my palm or my thumb if I moved about a bit. At the same time I could feel the other side, inside, with my fingertips. As I stretched my fingers up into her vagina I could see that, in effect, I had got hold of her by the pubic bone. The covering of this bone was not muscle and it was not just skin, it seemed spongy and inflated so that I could push it around with my fingers. I pressed at the outside and the inside and pulled up to press onto the bone. Any movement seemed enjoyable for her but circular rubbings and occasional squeezes seemed to work the best. She signalled her enjoyment by rubbing across my shaft with her hand and loosened my belt and trouser top.

For variety I switched to her bump. With my thumb or with the same fingers with the hand moved out, circular movements around it made her wriggle and groan. She took my hand away and licked it. Answering the question forming in my head, she told me she did not want me to lick down there and she put my hand back again. She was breathing quite rapidly by then and her neck had become pink. I went on another excursion and kissed her neck from the hollow up to the jaw line and back again. She began to lift her hips off the ground and bump them down again a few times, this while all I was doing down there was firmly rubbing, pulling her lips about, to the left and right and inwards and outwards. With all this, my shaft had hardened further down in its root — a feeling I had not experienced before. She was pressing my penis against me and rolling it a little from left to right, working through the fabric. This was a minute and subtle twisting and bending action that was truly delicious; I hoped I would not suddenly ejaculate. By now the head of my penis was visible above my loosened belt and trousers.

At this stage neither of us had reached an orgasm though later she told me that her body frequently experienced mini orgasms that could be set off by the lightest of events. I wondered what else in a repertoire of massage and caress would bring her up to full orgasm. I knew damn well what my body needed and hoped I was not going to be ahead of her by miles. The act of entering her properly would have given us an orgasm together, I thought. But I had no condoms and I supposed nor had she. I went inside her again. Perhaps my fingers were only just over an inch inside her vagina. She shuddered and seemed charged, lungs full, anticipating.

Holding her by the pubic bone, I gave my whole hand a tiny jerk upwards to give a pulse of pressure on her clitoris and the inside wall of her vagina. She gasped and arched her back; she may have also lifted her hips off the ground, if not then, at that first little thrust, certainly later. I pulsed once more and the reaction was heightened. Then once more at random, teasing her, and she was again holding her breath. I gave her three more in rapid succession and she collapsed and began to rock her hip slowly to tell me this was the way. Maybe less than half a minute later with rhythmic pulses, and some random pauses to tease her, she was in full orgasm, back arched again, breathing hoarsely, gulping and roaring in my ear. This was definitely not the moment to wonder whether she was faking!

I reverted to gentle rubbing her clitoris with a circular motion. She wanted to sit up and kiss me but not for long. She must have noticed my penis was wet at its end and she gave it gentle suck. Other than this, she never touched it but preferred to massage it through the fabric, that being her way of teasing me in return. I returned to holding her “by the bone”. Within seconds she had quickly climaxed again with a breath-stopping orgasm. I wondered if I was doing her any harm. She was smiling ecstatically however, now rolled over to straddle me.

She pulled my trousers down a few inches and blew on the head of my penis. I noticed it was absolutely shiny all over. There was the usual groove at the front but it was very much deepened by the pull of the attached skin stretched all the way down to the root. My balls had been drawn up into my body — clearly they anticipated some deep and energetic intercourse. There was that tightness and an aching erection in the root that was perhaps making my shaft longer than usual. There was more wetness, clear and slippy, oozing from the head but it was not to be wasted by her — she licked it away. With her tongue she explored the line running parallel down the shaft from the groove in the head. She was stroking with her tongue, whipping really, from side to side. The head was lifting off my stomach and settling down rhythmically. As she descended a short distance down, the whipping got to my nervous system. The ridge felt different after that, radiating clip4sale porno an ache. I felt the ridge with my fingers and thought it had become harder and sharper.

“Hands off!”

With that she took both my hands and placed them over my head; continuing the whipping, her smile was one of mock disapproval. God, she was lovely! Then she used just one finger to pull, very gently and very slowly, the stretched skin across the ridge from left to right and back again. I felt I was going to ejaculate as the near pain in the shaft mounted up. Except for my panting I was silently willing her to continue, the feeling was unique, I was going somewhere not wanting to resist, she had found a wonderful way and continued, never speeding up, never… My being seemed enshrined only in this one large and pained shaft, never harder, going “yards” from its head to my back. Suddenly the shaft and root were pulsing as though pushing out an ejaculation, this was the orgasm at last, involving my whole lower body, it was my turn to arch my back and gasp… When I opened my eyes she was just smiling, knowing I was in heaven. I looked down for the mess. Then I realised there had been no ejaculation at all; this had been a dry orgasm. Although my penis had contracted a little and the head had descended to be tickled on my stomach the whole of it was still deliciously pained. My balls ached in a pleasant way too — they never felt like that before. I say the orgasm was “dry” — actually, a moment afterwards, there was a copious amount of clear liquid that served to attract my humming-bird partner. With a wicked smile, she gave me a severe suck, re-inflating the head, after licking up every drop. She told me that I tasted clean. Her lips were glossy!

After a good rest, I tipped her over and returned to my repertoire of massaging her clitoris and pulsing under the bone. She had one more substantial orgasm and then rolled to the side, put her legs together and clenched down on my fingers, which were momentarily trapped at work. This last orgasm was enough apparently! But it was not supposed to be enough for me. Moments later, with me again put on my back, she whipped with her tongue that same sensitive spot. A half deflated penis you would not expect to feel much but in fact something in there at that particular place had been awakened. It inflated rapidly with a delicious ache, again to the full length with the root completely tense too. She made an “O” with her thumb and fingers. Placing the thumb between my penis and the stomach she tighten the “O” as she moved it down, lower and lower until the thumb was pressed into the base of the penis. She very slowly and almost sadistically pulled down hard two or three times and then finally relaxed the grip. She then tickled the head with her tongue and stroked particularly the bulbous edges of it until I was ready to ejaculate. Then she stopped, teased me by waiting and then resumed until, with brain and nerves overriding all else, I uncontrollably ejaculated into her gentle sucking mouth. I throbbed for ages. Later, my penis was clearly uninterested in anything more — I was spent.

What would we do next? I slowly unbutton her blouse for the first time, kissing the midline of her body, higher and higher. She was delighted I wanted to do that. The breasts were a good shape, had no bra at all, and the nipples were hard. Although I rubbed and kissed them for a while she signalled that we were both sexually spent out for the moment and maybe we should come back to this later. I kissed her neck and her face, her lips and her eyebrows. She fondled my penis and then put it away, rather expertly I thought. What a morning — we just spent a while admiring each other’s bodies until she suggested getting cooled off and eating some lunch. We put our clothes straight and walked up over some low dunes to the beach. There it was breezy and deserted and she undid her blouse completely to cool off and dry off. Half a mile away, on a small headland was the pub and thank goodness she decided to put her breasts away after few minutes as we walked along. That was when we exchanged names, Elivia and Matthew, and had a good laugh at the luscious spontaneity of the morning.

Later, we each had a shower. The B&B landlady was maybe sensitive to us returning mid-afternoon together so we each used our own shower. We commandeered sun-beds in the garden all afternoon. Later, a walk in the other direction would bring us to another pub that served fairly good evening food. We planned over the meal to go to my bedroom, which had a balcony facing the sea and facing the setting sun. We agreed to try and use other methods of stimulation than those we had already enjoyed. Actually she just came out with it and I agreed with a touch of trepidation, as I knew little else. Should I have worried — no, of course not, Elivia was utterly lovely and we enjoyed every moment.

We stripped completely in my bedroom and moved to touch together, kissing wildly as my penis tried to return to full glory. There we lay, on a colette porno folded duvet in the threshold of the balcony doors, thrown wide. The sun was low and yellowing but was still able to warm us. She explained her plan was for her to rub that ridge of my penis with her clitoris. I was put on my back for the third time in the day, hands above my head and legs together. My penis was hard and full enough to rest against my stomach. With her legs very wide she straddled me and lowered her opening lips onto the shaft and then began to rub from side to side, with increasing weight from her body. I could not feel anything except her enclosing lips and the bending and twisting action from her rubbing. I would detonate with another ejaculation before much more and told her so. She quickly lifted off saying it did not work for her either.

By now the root had tensed and my penis would not lie down, it pulsed up and down with my involuntary muscle action. She then moved up my body and suggested pushing the head into the mouth of her vagina to press on the wall rather than run right up inside her. I lowered my arms and held her backside as I jerked the head in blind excitement. I would kiss her neck and feel her breasts bounce against me. The head sometimes slipped into her, pressing where we had hoped, and sometimes slipped towards her clitoris. In a relatively gentle way, compared to the morning’s antics, we reached an orgasm perfectly together. Mine was a long one that loaded my stomach with a copious amount of semen. She ran for a towel before the duvet would be marked.

Although it was a gentle orgasm, and just the one, we both celebrated it as the reward for setting our bodies against each other — it seemed simply loving. No other word sufficed. Hang the landlady if she were listening — we showered together, douching liberally.

As dusk descended I put on a feeble bedside lamp and we knelt by the open balcony doors and explored our bodies. In the nude, Elivia’s body was simply devastating, her skin shining in the half-light. I was again erect before long and, with just one finger of each hand, I rubbed and tracked around her body – kissing where I had been before. So, I would rub under the side of her chin and track down her throat to rest on a nipple. Then my kisses would follow that route. I held her nipple between my lips, nipping it with teeth behind the lips. I drew the entire nipple and areola into my mouth and played with it with my tongue. Still kneeling she opened her legs wide and pushed the towel under her. Her eyes were shining; her arms were up and her hands behind her head. I repeated the routine on the other side and in the middle of the kissing she experienced a mini orgasm and hugged me tightly.

“No no — there will be no stopping now, my lady!”

My left-hand finger tracked down her spine from her hair as far down as was polite. The other finger began at the hollow of her throat and moved very slowly all the way down to her navel then passed there to rest between her lips and slowly descended a little further. I brought the hand back to her neck and she held it and licked the finger. I repeated the move, throat to clitoris and then into her vagina. Then I began to kiss along the route.

I got down as far as between her breasts with the kissing when she fell against me and then rolled onto her back with another mini orgasm. She found my hand and placed it between her breasts — a command to continue. Her chest was heaving with the anticipation of what I might do next. One of her hands had found my penis and was holding it to enclose the head completely, pulling hard. This was the only time her touching me seemed a little aggressive. But this only briefly, for she realised her hand was dry and uncomfortable to me and brought her other hand up from her lips to lubricate things by rolling her wet fingers around the head. With the tight handhold re-established, she made very slight finger movements around the bulbous part. She was twisting the head to the right and then to the left. I knew I would ejaculate very soon and so I pressed on with the kissing. As I went below her navel she lifted her hips, bumped on the floor and started to stretch and squirm. I licked her clitoris downwards then upwards. Then I flicked it from side to side. From somewhere she seemed to gush and I was faced with too much wetness and an aroma and taste both clean and just a tiny bit sour. My whole shaft became pained with the thrill of this sexy encounter. Her clitoris was slippy but I managed to centre it onto my lips and suck at it. She jolted, moaned and my quarry slipped away, I caught it again and sucked much harder, holding it between my lips. Now her hips pulsed as she implored me to stop. I returned with my wet face to see if she was mad with me. She simply kissed me and licked my face.

It had become dark by then. Maybe I had ejaculated at some point, I hardly remember the event. She told me she had enjoyed the last orgasm but it was too fierce to cope with and she had to stop me. From the bedside light I could see that she had perspired all over. This had been even more of a workout for her than the morning’s enjoyment. She promised she would plan some routes for her to follow with fingers and kissing to tease my nerves; I told her she was far too weak for that now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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