Identity Crisis Ch. 02

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Fiona drifted slowly into wakefulness, not immediately sure where she was at first, only conscious of the most exquisite warmth enveloping her entire body. She glanced over and smiled fondly as she saw the gorgeous face of her best friend turned lover Rianne, enchantingly tranquil in slumber. The blonde flushed a bit when she noticed their nudity, but it quickly turned to arousal when the events of the previous night began running through her head: the kissing, the touching, the soft skin and heaving breaths, their whispered declarations of love, deep and intimate, and most of all Rianne’s insistent fingers bringing her to a mind-shattering climax.

Fiona had given Rianne her flower that night, given it freely and happily, with not so much as a flicker of regret. But she’d given her more than that, given her everything that was hers to give. Her heart, her soul, her very being. The blonde beauty knew that she should feel at least a little nervous about getting so close so quickly, that she might well be crazy not to, but she wasn’t. She couldn’t explain it, not even to herself, but she somehow knew that right here, in the arms of this grey-eyed angel, limbs intertwined, sharing one another’s breath, was exactly where she belonged. They were connected, on a level neither of them could begin to comprehend, and Fiona was only beginning to realize that it had been that way for a while now.

Which was probably the reason this felt so right, so familiar. This wasn’t new, or even unexpected, just a natural evolution of the special relationship the two of them shared, had always shared.

Fiona now thought that connection had only deepened since they’d made love, and she felt a thundering in her chest that was only partly sexual as she gazed fixedly at her lover’s sleeping visage. The youthful innocence of Rianne’s pale features betrayed none of the intensely sexual creature that had so possessed and dominated Fiona the night before. The blonde still felt a tremble in the muscles of her legs when she remembered the brunette pouncing on her, holding her down and taking her, biting her neck and claiming her. She’d never thought of herself as submissive, but Rianne dominating her had all but driven her insane with lust, and the faint throbbing of the hickey on her neck made her smile softly as she considered that the idea of being Rianne’s property appealed to her more than was probably healthy.

Fiona didn’t want to wake her lovely girlfriend, but she couldn’t resist running a gentle hand over the brunette’s face, tucking a stray lock of black hair behind her ear, and caressing her smooth, porcelain cheek with infinite care.

“God, I love you so much,” Fiona breathed, mostly to herself, her shining violet eyes fixed on her lover’s face, committing every millimeter of it to memory. If she forgot everything else in her old age, she would surely remember this face, and this day. Nothing would ever feel this amazing again, and nothing would ever be as important as this, this love growing between the two of them. It was so powerful, so all-consuming that Fiona knew, just knew, that heaven was real and she was one of the blessed few who managed to find herself within its hallowed halls.

“I love you too, baby,” Rianne muttered sleepily, causing Fiona to jump slightly.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” Fiona answered guiltily, still smiling as her girlfriend’s eyes opened and found her own.

“It’s okay,” Rianne reassured, clasping Fiona’s hand between her own and laying a gentle kiss on her fingers. “I’ve got a sexy naked girl in my bed, so I’d rather be awake anyway.”

“Plus I’m here, too,” Fiona answered, causing Rianne to slap her arm playfully and both girls to break into a fit of giggling laughter.

“You’re such a smartass,” Rianne retorted, squeezing the blonde close and sighing in satisfaction at the feel of their naked bodies pressed together.

“You know you love it,” Fiona teased. She rubbed her nose affectionately against Rianne’s as she rested a hand on her girlfriend’s hip, and brushed her lips over the brunette’s in invitation.

Rianne didn’t hesitate. She surged forward and captured the blonde’s mouth with her own, and slipped her hot tongue inside when Fiona parted her lips for her.

Fiona moaned in appreciation as Rianne’s heat swept over her, and their kiss grew deeper and more passionate. She rolled over onto her back, pulling her dark-haired girlfriend on top of her, and languidly draped her arms around Rianne’s neck. Then it was Rianne’s turn to gasp as Fiona’s smooth, slender thighs wrapped around her waist, pressing the blonde’s scorching, wet center into her flat stomach.

Rianne was unbelievably aroused now at the feeling of being so completely surrounded by the perfect blonde beneath her, and kissed her girlfriend deeper, grinding hard into Fiona’s warm, welcoming flesh and eliciting a loving purr and another gush of moisture against her already soaked belly.

Then Rianne’s arousal was kicked into high gear as the smell of Fiona’s dripping sex reached her nostrils, casino siteleri and she started thrusting against her blonde lover, moaning huskily as she felt the girl’s arms and legs tighten their grip and her hips thrusting to match the rhythm of the brunette’s movements.

“Do you like this, baby?” Rianne whispered, as she licked the shell of Fiona’s ear. She smirked when she heard a whimper from the girl beneath her. “You like being mine, don’t you? You love it when I just hold you down and take you.”

She bit Fiona’s neck, just short of drawing blood, and smiled widely at the way the slim blonde shook beneath her and offered her neck submissively.

“Dirty girl, you want me to mark you, don’t you? You want everyone to know that you belong to me.” Rianne laughed softly, then bit the blonde’s neck again, a little softer this time. “Maybe later I’ll tattoo my name on you somewhere.”

“You know-I’m all yours,” Fiona managed to gasp, her hips snapping repeatedly up into the sultry brunette. “Oh, don’t stop, Ree, please, don’t ever stop!”

“Come for me, sweetheart,” Rianne encouraged her, shocked to find herself approaching orgasm as well. The sensation of having the blonde at her mercy, combined with not having climaxed the night before, was pushing Rianne right to the brink of release. “Be my good girl and let go.”

Then, perhaps prompted by her lover’s voice, Fiona buried her face in Rianne’s neck and cried out as her throbbing cleft squirted its viscous juices all over Rianne’s belly. Her hips jerked uncontrollably, her body trembled, and her thighs clamped around the brunette’s waist with crushing force.

Somehow, Fiona’s massive orgasm triggered that of her partner as well, and Rianne was forced to bury her face in the pillow to keep from screaming her rapture out into the still morning air. She could feel her own juices leaking profusely down her thighs and dripping onto her bedspread, but at the moment she couldn’t care if she tried.

The two girls found themselves totally drained after their orgasms subsided, and Fiona’s thighs had loosened from around her girlfriend’s waist. But she’d stopped Rianne from rolling off of her, so the brunette simply lay on top of her, their legs tangled together, her sweaty, sable tresses tickling Fiona’s face delightfully.

“We’ll have to get up sooner or later, you know,” Rianne whispered, when she could breathe properly again. Fiona sighed ruefully, but wound her arms around the brunette’s waist and held her close.

“I know, but I’m not ready to let you go yet,” she responded shyly. “This-you, it’s all so perfect, and I’m afraid everything will go back to the way it was before if we leave this bed.”

“I want you to listen to me, okay?” Rianne told her, gripping the blonde’s chin with a firm hand to ensure she kept her gaze. “I don’t want to lose this either. I just got you, all of you, and there is no way I’m letting you go, do you hear me? You’re mine, all mine, and that’s never going to change. Okay?”

“You promise?”

Rianne found a genuine smile gracing her lips at the cuteness of the question; the blonde almost sounded like a little girl.

“I promise. Forever and ever.”

It was an ordeal, getting out of bed without jumping each other again, but the girls managed it, through sheer force of will. Luckily, they’d woken up early, and weren’t in any danger of being late for school yet.

Fiona had a bit of a scare when she’d pulled her phone from the pocket of her jeans and found out it was dead, but quickly called her dad from Rianne’s phone to tell him where she was and assure him she was all right.

Then there was the problem of her clothes. She could wear her jeans and top from last night, since she’d only worn them from her house to Rianne’s, but her panties were still damp from her juices, and there was no way she was wearing them again until they’d been washed.

“Here, wear these,” Rianne suggested, holding up a pair of sheer black bikini panties from her own drawer, a mischievous smile dancing over her full lips. “Come on, admit it. It’s a sexy idea, right? You wearing my panties?”

“Maybe too sexy,” Fiona murmured, already imagining the lusty haze that would consume her the entire day, until she could get home to change. But her hand was already reaching out to take the satin panties, the feel of them somehow so much more erotic than her own. She couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to wear them.

“Now go shower,” Rianne ordered her, playfully smacking her on the ass. “You smell like pussy.”

Fiona ran a finger through the thick glaze of fluid still coating Rianne’s stomach and held it up, eyebrow raised sarcastically. “You were saying?”

But the brunette surprised her yet again. She gripped Fiona’s wrist tightly, and guided the wet finger toward her mouth. She closed her lips around it sensually, and ran her tongue around and around Fiona’s suddenly over-sensitive fingertip, her eyes locked onto the blonde’s the entire time. There was a popping sound as she finally canlı casino relinquished the thoroughly-cleaned digit and smirked at the look of frank desire in Fiona’s eyes.

“Now hurry, or we’re gonna be late.”

The hot shower felt amazing on her sore muscles, but sadly did nothing to quell the arousal burning though Fiona’s body. It was unbelievable; a week ago she’d almost never thought about sex, now after one night with the outrageously hot Rianne she could think about little else. The unassuming brunette had invaded her heart and mind in a way that Fiona had only ever read about in those cheesy romance novels that she would never admit she enjoyed, and was well on her way to owning the blonde’s body as well.

Fiona was a bit embarrassed how much she enjoyed the idea of belonging to her lovely girlfriend, but she knew Rianne. She knew her heart was in good hands, and she knew Rianne wouldn’t misuse the inexplicable power she held over her. And it had already proven to be a lot of fun, as evidenced by the incredible, transcendent climaxes her dominant lover had given her. So perhaps she should just let go, and follow wherever Rianne happened to lead.

Fiona rushed through her shower as quickly as possible, knowing they still had to go to school, and that Rianne was waiting to use the shower. And as it always did, the thought of the grey-eyed siren brought a tender, almost silly smile to her lips.

But here, standing under the sobering spray of water, she could see how mad her sudden transformation would seem to anyone else. Just the previous day Fiona had been wracked with anxiety at the idea of being romantically involved with someone of the same sex, to the point of almost physically attacking a boy for accusing her of it, his needlessly unpleasant demeanor notwithstanding. But now she was happily indulging herself in the charms of the fairer sex, and it already felt so right. Fiona wasn’t sure she could explain it or even understand it, but she felt more at peace now, like some massively important piece of her life she hadn’t known was missing had slotted into place.

The blonde jumped in fright and almost fell as a loud knock on the door startled her out of her thoughts. “Fi, are you almost done in there? Hurry up, we’re gonna be late!”

“Okay, sorry, I’m just finishing up!” Fiona called back, as she quickly rinsed Rianne’s expensive salon conditioner out of her dripping hair. She smiled again (she’d done a lot of that in the last sixteen hours, it seemed, more than ever before) at the thought of using her girlfriend’s bath products, and smelling like her all day. Yet another sign of Rianne’s ownership of her.

Rianne knocked again, once Fiona was out and drying her hair with one towel, with another one wrapped around her nude form. “I’m almost done, Ree, just drying my hair!”

“Come on, Fi, let me in!”

Fiona unlocked the door and stepped back as Rianne swept in, still naked and carrying fresh clothes. She silently set her clothes aside and approached her lover like a wolf stalking a sheep, and the blonde felt an exquisite shiver dance up and down her spine as those smoky grey eyes swept over her body, the approval and desire evident in her eyes. She stepped back involuntarily as the brunette stepped forward, and whimpered like a prey animal as her back hit the sink and Rianne’s hands found her hips.

“Mmmm, look at you,” Rianne purred, as she pressed harder against the trembling blonde. “You’re so pretty, and you smell so nice.” She leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down the smooth expanse of her girlfriend’s neck, eliciting from the blonde that shaky moan that she was coming to absolutely adore. “If we didn’t have to go to school today, I’d take you right here. And you wouldn’t stop me, would you?”

Fiona shook her head at once, wondering how Rianne could hold such power over her. One glance from those smoldering grey eyes and she was so much putty in the girl’s hands. She knew that could possibly get her into trouble later, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. She was totally consumed by this girl, drowning in her, and she had never been happier.

“Wait right here,” Rianne whispered, her lips ghosting over Fiona’s earlobe. “But get dressed. I wanna do your hair and makeup.” Fiona nodded wordlessly, not quite trusting herself to speak yet, as the brunette stepped into the shower and drew the curtain.

Fiona looked at the black satin panties Rianne had given her, but didn’t dare put them on yet. As aroused as she was, they would be soaked almost immediately. But even as her hand travelled down between her legs to relieve some of her tension, Rianne whipped the shower curtain aside, as if she knew.

“No,” she said firmly, with a stern nod at the blonde’s questing hand. “Don’t touch that. While I’m here, that’s mine. Do you understand?”

Fiona blushed. “Sorry, Ree, I just didn’t want to ruin your panties.”

Rianne laughed. “I want you to be wet, sweet one. I want you to feel that, all day long, and for you to always remember who kaçak casino did that to you. I want you to be constantly reminded, all day, that you’re mine. Okay?”

“Like I could ever forget,” Fiona mumbled, but nevertheless pulled her girlfriend’s panties up over her drenched sex. The naughty feeling of wearing another girl’s underwear, combined with her already delirious state of arousal, nearly made Fiona’s knees give out, and she was forced to grab the edge of the sink to keep from falling. The feeling multiplied by a factor of ten once she slid her tight jeans up over her legs, and by the time she’d put on her bra and top her nipples were so hard that the slight pressure of her clothing was very nearly bringing her to orgasm.

But she knew they didn’t have time for another round, so Fiona simply sat down on the closed toilet lid and forced herself to perform some meditation exercises. She focused her thoughts inward, accompanied by the slight hissing of the shower running and Rianne softly singing to herself, her voice surprisingly soulful and melodic.

Thankfully, Fiona felt the arousal subside after a few minutes, at least enough so that the lust wasn’t driving her to the brink of insanity. She knew it wouldn’t go away completely, not with her stunning lover totally nude, less than six feet away, but she also knew that if she intended to still be friends with Rianne, she would need to learn to control her arousal around her. As much fun as it was, their relationship couldn’t be all about sex, or it was doomed from the start.

But hopefully there will still be plenty of sex, she found herself thinking as Rianne stepped out of the shower, water dripping off her glorious, nubile figure. She caught Fiona’s gaze and smiled, her eyes sparkling enchantingly, and Fiona grinned at the love she saw in those eyes.

“Here, let me get that for you,” the blonde said huskily, and grabbed a clean towel from the rack. She stepped forward, the brunette watching her intently all the while, and began drying her off, patting the fluffy towel all over her girlfriend’s body with unmistakable sensuality, unable to resist placing the occasional kiss on the girl’s heated flesh.

By the time she knelt before Rianne to dry her legs, the evidence of the brunette’s arousal was impossible to miss. The scent was divine, and Fiona took a moment to revel in the fact that Rianne was just as turned on by her as she was by Rianne. The temptation to lean forward and taste her sweet ambrosia was almost irresistable, but Fiona knew that if she did that, they would most certainly be late for school.

She was thorough but quick, and by the time the blonde took another towel and went to work on her hair, Rianne’s entire body was humming, feverish with desire. But even as rushed as they were, Fiona couldn’t resist just a little tease. She embraced the heated brunette from behind, and her hand wandered underneath the towel that was now wrapped around her girlfriend’s body, running a single finger over her soaked cleft. The blonde then brought that finger to her mouth and sucked on it, savoring the taste of the brunette’s nectar.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who’s wet,” she whispered lowly, her soft lips tickling Rianne’s ear, as she barely suppressed a mad giggle.

“You’re gonna pay for that, Blondie,” Rianne said hoarsely, turning to face the snickering blonde. “But later. Now we need to get ready.”

She then manuevered Fiona in front of the mirror and began brushing out her still-damp hair, with a quiet tenderness and intimacy that was stimulating, but oddly comforting as well. Fiona could feel some part of her reaching out in yearning for the brilliant girl who was now running gentle fingers through her cornsilk hair, and the fond kiss that Rianne placed on her temple when she was done sent a frisson of warmth cascading through her body, making her heart beat just that little bit faster. Then she glanced at their reflection in the mirror, her eyes connected with Rianne’s, and she could almost sense the other girl’s heart reaching out for her as well.

Even through all the kissing, all the touching, the fantastic sex and the long, deep conversations, Fiona would later remember this exact moment-their intense gazes meeting in that mirror, Rianne’s fingers absently stroking her hair-as the moment she knew she’d found her other half. All the storybook romances, the talk of soulmates, which she’d always loved despite secretly not believing it was real, none of that seemed so ridiculous now. It was as if there were some great, invisible force in the universe, one that only made its presence known to a select few, and now that she’d seen it and experienced it she couldn’t live in ignorance any longer.

She thought back to Plato again, and she figured that this was what his allegorical prisoners must have felt like, as they broke their chains and stepped out of the cave for the first time. Now she saw the light of the sun, she saw the real world, and she marveled at how she could’ve been so blind. All the misery, that pervasive feeling of misanthropy, those had only been the shadows on the wall of the cave. But now she could live under the sun and the sky, and would happily spend the rest of her life showing her love and gratitude to the girl who had brought her out.

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