I Want You

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I look at the clock. 4:00 p.m. You’ll be home in about an hour. I rush to get the house picked up and get myself ready for you. I go and take a quick shower, making myself nice and clean, soft and smooth. I go into the bedroom and put on the thigh length, red silk robe you like so well. My nipples harden as the fabric glides across them gently and I can feel myself getting wet with anticipation of what the night will bring.

I go back into the living room and sit on the couch awaiting your arrival. 5:07 and I finally hear you pull into the driveway. I jump up off the couch and rush to the door. My heart starts racing as I hear your keys finding the keyhole and unlocking the door. As the door opens and you enter, you stop in your tracks and stare at me in shock. I let you take in the sight of me for a few moments before wrapping my arms around you and greeting you with a long, passionate kiss.

After our lips part, I lean in to you more and whisper, “Surprise.” in your ear and began sucking on your earlobe. I then allow you to throw your keys and briefcase on the couch before taking your hand and leading you into our bedroom. There is a soft glow illuminating from the candles I lit on the nightstand and dresser.

Pulling you by the hand, I lead you over to the bed and gently push you down making you sit. I then begin slowly undressing you. First your jacket. Then tie. As I begin to unbutton your shirt, your hands come up and begin to fondle my breasts through the silky fabric of my robe. You take each nipple between your fingers and tecavüz porno squeeze them gently at first. The second time, you were a little rougher. You pinched and pulled on them making me gasp from the sensation.

Your shirt is now off and I kneel down to remove your shoes. I look up at you as I take the first one off. I can see in your eyes what you would like me to do, but you’ll have to wait for that. I remove your other shoe and then begin to unbuckle your belt. As I start to unbutton and unzip your pants, I feel your erection bulging against the fabric of your pants. After I have your pants undone, I slide my hand down between you and your boxers, grasp your hard on and begin to stroke it. I can feel your precum ooze out of the tip. You lay back and lift your legs so I can remove your pants and boxers exposing your hard cock.

Now that you are naked, I take off my robe and let you see my full beauty. I can see the desire in your eyes as your hands caress my freshly washed skin. You grip my waist and pull me closer to you, taking my breast into your warm mouth. I gasp and let out a soft moan as you take my nipple between your teeth and begin to nibble ever so gently on it. You do this to both breasts as your hand moves between my legs. I part them slightly giving you better access.

Your finger finds my wetness and starts probing my love box. You slowly insert two fingers as your thumb massages my tender clit. I moan louder and my breathing becomes rapid as I can feel my impending orgasm, but rather than travesti porno let me cum, you suddenly stop, making me moan from frustration rather than pleasure.

Now, you pull me down to you and kiss me. Feeling your tongue probe mine is almost enough to send me over the edge. You sense this and stop kissing me. My loins ache wanting to have its release.

You grasp my shoulders and gently push me down to my knees. Knowing what you want, I grasp your hard dick in my hands and begin stroking it as I plant soft kisses on it and swirl my tongue around the engorged head.

I then remove one hand from your cock and start to massage your balls. I can hear your breathe faster and harder as I take more of you into my mouth. Your hands grasp my hair and your hips thrust as you start to fuck my mouth. I am now taking all you in my mouth and I can feel your head slide down my throat. You begin to grunt and moan as your climax nears, but I want to torture you the way did me and stop sucking your dick.

You lay there in agony and frustration as I climb on the bed next to you. I then run my nails along your muscular chest sending chills throughout your body. Then, leaning closer to you, I whisper, “Take me.” You look at me with your beautiful, loving eyes and start to kiss me as you roll me on to my back and get on top of me. You part my legs with your knees and slowly slide your love pole inside my snatch. I let out a long, soft moan and wrap my legs around your waist.

You start thrusting very slow as to drive me tumblr porno crazy, but then gradually speed up. I begin bucking my hips in rhythm with you and silently pray this night to never end. Your head down by my ear, I hear you moan softly as you re-enter me over and over again.

Our bodies are enveloped with pleasure as our orgasms hit and we reach ecstasy together, but we are not done yet.

You get off of me and make me roll over on my hands and knees. I can feel you penetrate me from behind and begin rocking my body against yours. You then grab my waist and start thrusting deeper and harder and I can hear our thighs make a slapping sound as your body is racked with your second orgasm. Sweat is now dripping off our bodies from all the pleasure we are feeling.

We collapse onto the bed, exhausted, but wanting me to be fully pleased, you crawl between my legs and begin kissing my inner thighs. My pussy is throbbing now, knowing what you plan to do to it. You slide your talented tongue between the folds and find my awaiting clit. You then flick it a few times before sucking it in your mouth.

I didn’t think it could get any better, but then you slid your tongue inside my hole and I lost all control. I explode my sweet nectar into your mouth and my body convulses with my last thunderous orgasm.

Knowing how you have pleased me, you crawl back up and wrap me in your arms. “Did you like your surprise?” I ask. You answer me by lifting my chin so I am looking at you and giving me the most passionate kiss you’ve ever given me. It seems it lasts forever before we finally part. “Does that answer your question?” you ask.

After a long night of passion and pleasure, we just lay in bed, holding each other, drenched in sweat and love juices. I can’t wait to surprise you again. What about you?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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