I Love A Man In Uniform

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Blue parked her red Toyota in the parking lot of the University. She was to pick up her daughter and drive her to visit her cousin for the weekend.

As Blue waited, she noticed a very handsome security guard walking along the pathway. From what she could discern, he was tall, dark complexioned and had a great physique. Blue loved seeing a man in uniform; it was such a turn on for her.

As he walked closer, she fantasized about him stopping and coming over to her car. Much to her surprise, he did just that. She was shocked when he requested that she roll down her window. He wanted to know what she was doing here.

Blue smiled and tried her best to not appear nervous and replied with “I’m waiting for my daughter.”

He smiled in return and said “This is a no parking zone, and you will have to move.”

He was so handsome with his dark sexy eyes and big smile. Blue wondered how she could continue the conversation with him, without seeming too eager!

Blue not knowing where else to park, asked him “Where do visitors park?”

He replied “why don’t I just show you.”

Grateful for the offer, Blue agreed and secretly smiled to herself. She wondered why he was being so helpful. Did he do this for everyone? She doubted that very much and suspected that maybe he was interested in her.

She had worn a soft pink sweater that showcased her large tits and Blue’s denim skirt was short enough to allow her smooth and tanned thighs to peak through. She had shaved her legs this morning and they were silky soft to her touch.

It was only a short drive to the visitor’s parking, and too soon she was parked.

She could see him out of the corner of her eye, looking admiringly at her legs and once parked, brazenly said “do you like what you see?”

A bit taken aback, he replied “well actually, yes.”

He was not the least bit coy about his reply and she decided to be direct in return. Blue told him that she found him very attractive and would love to see him later after his shift.

Before he had a chance to reply, Blue’s daughter drove up with some friends and said that she’d found another ride and did not need her Mom to make the trip. Waving bye masaj porno and with a promise to call later on, her daughter left, leaving Blue alone with the security guard.

Turning to face him, Blue once again asked if he liked what he saw and in reply, he placed his hand on her thigh and moved in for a kiss. Blue felt his lips press against her lips, softly at first, then with more pressure as his tongue slipped inside her mouth.

Blue moaned in response to his kiss and as his hand moved closer to her panties, she opened her legs to give him easier access to her soft wetness. His fingers pried apart her panties to find her pussy hot and wet. One finger slid inside, then two, making Blue moan again and squirm as his fingers probed and pushed their way in deeper and deeper.

Their kiss became more intense and passionate and Blue took that opportunity to feel his cock through his pants.

He was hard, very hard and Blue desperately tried to unzip his pants to gain access to his hard cock. It was his turn to moan as he felt her fingers slowly rub his cock in response to his touch and kiss. Finally Blue managed to unzip his pants and was surprised to see he wore no underwear.

She grinned impishly and said “do all security guards dress like this?”

He laughed and replied “I don’t go looking at other guys cocks, so I have no idea.”

Blue gently pulled his swollen member out and began to slowly pump it up and down, rubbing the tip with her thumb. She could feel the pre-cum and used it to massage the tip. Blue wanted to taste him, she wanted to take it in her mouth, feel his hardness on her tongue, and taste his pre-cum, feel him thrusting into her mouth.

Blue slowly pulled away from the kiss and as if on queue, she bent her head to take his hard cock into her mouth. Blue used her tongue to gently taste the pre-cum dripping from his opening then slowly began to take more of his cock in her mouth. Blue then began bobbing up and down on his cock, while he held her head, thrusting upwards.

He was moaning now, begging her to take more, begging her to suck harder, lick and suck, and yes to fuck her. His hard cock felt good in her mouth, sliding meet suck and fuck porno in wet and warm, back and forth, in and out, when suddenly he pulled her up and away to kiss her once again, tasting his pre-cum, sharing the sweet saltiness with her.

She continued to squeeze his cock in her hand while he pushed his fingers inside her wet, hot cunt. Blue knew that he would come soon if she did not stop, his breathing was labored and she too wanted release. Besides, they were in a public spot and might be caught so she pulled away from the kiss and suggested they find a more suitable place to continue their tryst. He zipped up his pants and told her that his office would be very private.

Once there, he locked the door and told Blue to sit on his desk. Blue did as requested. She felt wanton and totally uninhibited and the whole idea of sex with a strange man was a huge turn on for her.

Her legs were spread wide, an open invitation for him to explore her intimate wetness. He moved towards her and pulled down her pink sweater so that he could cup her huge tits without having the material hamper his exploration.

Blue’s tits were firm and round and oh so soft. He slowly and deliberately opened the buttons on the front of her sweater taking his time with each one, savoring the moment and the tease his hot touch brought to her. He then pulled down her bra to allow his lips better access to her large brown nipples. His tongue caressed one nipple and then the other, cupping, squeezing and massaging, all the while sucking and licking her tits.

Blue moaned and pulled his head closer, wanting him to bury himself in her cleavage. He then moved one hand towards her hot, wet pussy. He pulled apart her panties and began rubbing her clit, making Blue moan all the more.

“Yeah, baby, that it’s, finger fuck me” Blue moaned out loud, all the while thrusting her hips back and forth while he continued probing.

Blue was so wet, and his fingers continued their exploration of her cunt. Once inside her pussy, he found her spot and began rubbing it lightly with two fingers, and after just a few seconds, Blue yelled “I’m coming” and gushed all milf porno over his hand.

Grinning at Blue, he then unzipped his pants and sat in his chair. He pulled out his throbbing cock and started to rub it up and down. He motioned for Blue to get down on her knees in front of him. He wanted her mouth on his hard cock and wanted that wonderful tongue to once again lick and suck his throbbing member. Blue got on her knees and bent her head to take his hard cock into her mouth.

Blue used her tongue to gently but firmly slide over the tip, tasting once again, his pre-cum then slowly began to take more of his delightful cock into her mouth. He held her head with one hand while fondling one of her huge tits with the other.

Blue’s head bobbed up and down, while he began thrusting up towards her warm, welcoming mouth. His cock felt good in her mouth, sliding wet and warm, back and forth, in and out. His thrusts became harder and faster. Her mouth felt so warm and wet wrapped around his cock and he loved how she would take one of his balls in her mouth, then the other. He knew he should stop and roughly pulled her away.

“God woman, you are so hot, you are driving me crazy” he managed to breathlessly say.

He continued with “I want to fuck you.”

He pulled her up and told her to sit on the desk. Once again, spreading her legs, he bent his head to taste her sweetness, loving the fact she was completely shaved. His tongue tickled her pussy licking back and forth across her clit then he stood up and pulled her hips closer to his body, probing her pussy with his hard, throbbing cock.

Once in place, he quickly thrust deep and hard, eliciting a moan from Blue, pushing past the entrance to finally fill her with his throbbing hot cock. He began thrusting back and forth, pulling her towards him and then pulling out, just a little to tease, then thrusting back again.

Blue’s huge tits jiggled with each thrust and he bent his head to slip one nipple in his mouth while at the same time fucking her. She was so hot and wet and he was so hard, his need to possess, to fill her, overcame his senses. He felt his balls tighten, felt the signs of an oncoming orgasm and with one final thrust, filled her cunt with his cum.

Finally, his breathing slowed down, he looked into Blue’s eyes and said “Hey, I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Ted, what’s your name?”

Smiling she said “I’ll tell you if you promise to shove that delightful cock back into my pussy!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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