I Knew a Girl

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Big Tits

I once knew a girl who was the most sexually adventurous women that I ever met. She knew no boundaries. We did many things and explored many new sensualities. This girlie had a cute little body. She was about 5’4” had huge 44DD tits, a small waist, small arse and a relatively narrow hips. She looked like a brunette version of a Barbie doll. She actually looked like Elizabeth Hurley’s younger sister. Even to the surname. She also had the fattest plumpest outer cunt lips and her inner lips just poked out like little tongues.

When she wore tight sexy knickers it was easy to see the definition of her cunt lips and the secret slit in between.

She wasn’t very hairy naturally so her lips were naturally hair free and her pubic bush was quite sparse and offered a nice unobstructed view of the universe. We both delighted in shaving her cunt and I would shave her often and keep her smooth and exposed. She has pale white skin that looked even more amazing without any cunt hair. She would often tease me around the house by flashing me her bald cunt at every opportunity.

As I said we had a wild sex life. I would like to recount how I fucked her arse for the first time. I was meant to be perfect, but it didn’t quite work out like that. We had planned to make it quite formalised and have an evening of Greek and all things that involved.

We had planned to go to a Greek restaurant and continue a Greek theme through the evening until I finally Greeked her.

Unfortunately, I was a bit too impatient and we didn’t get that far.

One evening we were messing around in my studio, smoking joints and drinking red wine. My girl was lying on the rug on the floor on her stomach reading a magazine. We were pretty out of it by this time and I was getting horny. This girl of mine was always ready for sex, anytime at all, even when she was having her period, we’d fuck each other into a bloody mess.

I bent of her body and started to massage her back through her shirt. Slowly I worked my way up her body and was soon kissing around her neck and twirling her hair through my fingers and exploring her face with my fingers.

I lent around under and searched for her face. She turned to face me and I started kissing those amazing lips. We kissed and played tonsil hockey for a while, working us both up into a little frenzy, but she didn’t move from her position of lying on her belly on the floor.

Sometimes, she would initiate proceedings by assuming a position that she knew would turn me on and then just let me do the rest.

I took her kissing enthusiasm as an invitation to continue. I straddled canlı bahis her and sat down across her arse and covered her body with mine and reached around and slowly started exploring her huge bra-restrained tits. I’m not much of tit man, I usually prefer and nice arse instead, but when faced with such beauties I do all that I can to appreciate them. I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her and reached around and wiggled my fingers inside her bra and played with her nipples and continued to define the shape of her breasts with my large hand. I have large hands, but her tits were bigger than my hands could accommodate.

I unhooked her bra and pulled it free, allowing her tits to swing free as she raised herself into a half kneeling position. Her breasts swung like udders and I couldn’t resist moving under her and suckling her nipples. She had nice sized nipples and huge aureoles. He nipples were almost insensitive and didn’t mind a little rough treatment as she could actually feel something then. I lapped for a while and then started to gently nip her nips with my teeth, and started to bite and chew on them until she was writhing in both pleasure and pain. I wasn’t messing around and I know it hurt her, but she seemed to get off on it more the harder I chewed.

Still on her hands and knees, head down and hair over her face I moved down her body and slipped my hand down the front of her jeans, feeling her sexy knickers and down the front of her knickers so that I could feel her cunt slit through her knickers. She was already wet and I could feel the heat through her panties. I withdrew my exploring fingers and undid her jeans and pulled then down to her knees. Her beautiful panty clad arse displayed for my pleasure.

I bent down and traced the edge of her panties with my tongue, following the seams from her waist down better the hidden valley between her legs. Her wetness was seeping through her panties making a delightful little damp patch before my eyes. As my searching tongue progressed southward, I reached her wet spot and used my tongue to wiggle under her panties and seek out the source of the wetness. Eventually, I reached my goal and soon I was licking her juices. This started driving her wild, she grinded her hips around and around as my tongue explored her wet crease.

I pulled her panties to one side to give myself unrestricted access to her cunt. I spread her fat outer cunt lips and could see the whole universe from there. Her fat outer lips, her swollen smaller inner lips growing fatter and with every second, her tiny clitoris getting harder and peeking out from under it’s bahis siteleri protective hood. Her cunt opening was seeping wetness which I eagerly lapped up, sending her into wild convulsions as my tongue searched for the source of her wetness penetrating her cunt hole. As I lapped deeper I was rewarded with a burst of sweet slippery wetness flooding onto my tongue and she forcefully ground her cunt into my face. Soon she was thrusting so hard I thought she was going to break my nose, then her whole body jerked as she slammed her cunt back into my face, forcing my tongue deeper into her cunt, licking up her orgasm juices.

She pulled away from my face and started as slow collapse to the floor breathing heavy, sweat glistening over her heaving body.

Before she hit the floor though I quickly pulled her panties down to her knees with her jeans.

I pulled my jeans off and took my shirt off and moved up behind her. Her arse was still poking up a little in the air I could see her wet cunt peeking out between her thighs. I was dripped wet and hard as a rock by now and moved up behind her and started tracing the slit of her cunt with my cock. When she felt my cock she started a slow hip rotate. Taking this as an invitation I slipped my cock slowly in her wetness. I didn’t slid all the way in, just the head. I gently teased her. She tried to push back and get my cock into her cunt, but I wouldn’t let her move, so I just kept my cock teasing her. Suddenly without any warning, I plunged my cock right into the base. She was taken by surprise, and she jerked her body and moaned approval. I held my pulsing cock in the depths of her cunt. She didn’t have the tightest cunt I have ever fucked, but it was always beautifully wet and willing.

I slowly started a gentle fucking motion, sliding in and all the way out and back in again. Nothing rough, just long slow movements of my cock, feeling how her cunt flesh was pushed away by my cock and how her cunt flesh moved back into the void as my cock exited her pussy. I loved the way her fat lips flowed with my cock, dragging them out with each withdrawal and pushing them in with my cock.

I lifted her onto her knees so I could make a better job of fucking her and grabbed her hips and pushed myself deep into her cunt, starting a more vigorous tempo. She responded by groaning and thrusting her cunt back onto my cock.

Just then I noticed her little arsehole winking at me. I had put my fingers in her anus before, so it was not that unusual. So I licked my forefinger and moved it to her tight hole. Her hole was always wonderfully accepted of my finger and I traced bahis şirketleri the small opening round and round, before slowly starting to define her smallest opening. I licked my fingers again and could taste the seat of her arse on my finger. Slowly I started to invade her rectum. She had amazing anal muscle control and I could feel her sphincter relax to accommodate my finger, soon my finger was buried deep in her anus feeling my cock fucking her cunt through the thin flesh that separated the two holes. I could have cum right there and then, but I resisted.

I was very nicely stoned and half pissed and so was she, so when the opportunity came to explore further I took it.

I pulled my cock out of her cunt, with a wet squishy sound. My cock was wet with hers and my combined juices and it dripped obscenely down her legs.

I kept my finger in her arsehole, continuing to massage the walls of her arsehole. I brought my cock up to where my finger was entering her body, and slowly started to withdraw my finger, while at the same time pressing forward with my cock filling the small opening before it could close up.

Before she know what was happening I had my cockhead past her sphincter and in her arse. She tried to pull away by falling forward down to floor, but I held on tight and fell with her, and by the time she reached the floor my cock ploughed into her bowels to the base. She tried to get away, but I was far too hot to stop. She didn’t seem to be in pain, she just didn’t want my cock there right now. If I wasn’t so turned on and stoned I would normally have obliged.

Soon she stopped resisting and as she was nearly always horny, started to move with my cock and enjoy the sensation of her arse being fucked.

I pulled her up on her knees once again and slowly started fucking her arsehole very slowly. I bent over her and she twisted her head around and we started tongue fucking each other’s mouths deeply. Guys, there is nothing better than arse fucking and tongue fucking at the same time.

My balls started to boil so I broke our, straightened up and grabbed her hips and started to plough her arse deeply and vigorously. Soon it was beyond my control and I started hammering her anus with my cock. The pressure started to build and I felt the whole universe pouring in through the top of my head, down my spine, out my cock and into her guts. I collapsed onto top her, pushing her small body down with my larger size, my cock still embedded in her arse.

She looked around at me and said; “You raped me to bastard!” she said with some anger and disappointment. “Were going to make it special”

I felt bad. I should have waited, but the temptation of fucking my first arsehole was too great.

She did forgive me and we went onto add anal sex as a regularly part of our lovemaking thereafter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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