I Have Never

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This story contains group sex involving a married couple, as well as mild incest. If this offends you then do not proceed.


“Not at all?….Yes, I understand it’s a safety issue…yes but…yes, yes but…but we prepaid. I expect a full refund…okay…right, fine.”

Ashley ended the call and shoved his mobile into his pocket. He walked back into the living room, ducking under the helium balloons that had started to slowly descend.

“Any luck?” Steph asked.

“They won’t come out until the morning. Apparently the roads are blocked so all their taxis are off the road. They’ve agreed to a refund though.”

“That’s alright then, plenty more drinking to be had,” Jason said as he emptied yet another can into his beer glass.

Ashley settled down on the floor, a cushion propping him up next to the coffee table. Jason was to his left, sitting with his back to the fire. He was a few years older than Ashley, in his late thirties, and was trying to play the considerate host as they celebrated his girlfriend’s new job. It wasn’t the party that had been planned for Zoë. The snow had meant that barely anyone had shown up and so it had turned into a quiet night of drinking and conversation.

Opposite Ashley, Zoë sat in an armchair and sipped a cocktail. She wore a long red dress that covered her small chest but had a slit along the side to expose her slender legs. Ashley felt his eyes constantly wandering to the exposed skin but he had to stop himself from looking in case his wife Steph got annoyed. She was sat on the sofa, her black dress just above her knees but showing a lot of her ample cleavage.

At that moment, she was too busy laughing at one of Rob’s jokes. He was the charming boss of the firm and seemed to be liked by everyone. Despite his obvious flirting with Steph and Zoë, Ashley still found himself warming to Rob. That may have been due to the presence of Warren, who seemed to be moving around the room latching onto them one by one.

“The thing about brandy is, it’s a connoisseur’s drink,” he said as he sat between Ashley and Jason and poured himself a large glass. “It’s not like beer or cocktails where the point is to get drunk. This is about savouring the flavours.”

“Is that right?” Ashley answered.

“It certainly is,” Warren replied before downing the glass in two gulps. “Hey, Zoë, go get everyone another drink. It’s time we played a game.”

“Do people want to?” Zoë asked.

There was a general murmuring of agreement until Rob answered for the group. “It could be good fun. I’ll give you a hand with the drinks.”

“Okay Uncle Warren,” Zoë said. “We’ll play a game.”

As she got out of the chair, Ashley was convinced he caught a glimpse of her white underwear. His heart skipped a beat and he guiltily looked to Steph. She was too preoccupied finishing her own drink off to notice.

When Zoë and Rob returned, everyone had a full drink and there were bottles on the table to refill when necessary. They listened to Warren try and explain the rules. Ashley tried to move away from him. Warren was in his forties but tried to appear younger. He had messy hair like a surfer and wore a checked shirt over jeans. He was slightly menacing but his muscles were hidden under a layer of fat.

“I think we’ve got it,” said Rob. “Someone says I have never…and if you have you drink.”

“Exactly!” Warren banged his glass on the table.

The game proceeded and was fairly tame to begin with. Most of the things suggested were to do with drinking or work. Zoë had to explain when she’d lied to her boss whilst Ashley had to tell about the time he’d woken up in a hedge. It was Warren who changed the tone.

“I have never had sex outdoors,” he said and drank.

Ashley, Steph and Rob all drank. So did Zoë, reluctantly.

“I’ve done it on a beach, in a car park, everywhere,” Warren boasted.

“We did it in some woods on holiday,” Steph admitted.

“I used go backpacking with my wife so we did it everywhere we could,” Rob laughed.

“What about you, Zoë?” Ashley asked.

“Wait a minute,” Warren interrupted, “Jason didn’t drink.”

There were mock “oohs” from everyone as they waited to hear Zoë’s explanation. She shifted uneasily in her seat, giving Ashley another glimpse of her knickers.

“It was with my ex-boyfriend. Well, obviously. We had sex in a park.”

“At night?” Rob asked.

“No, in the day.”

“Weren’t there people around?” Steph asked.

Zoë was getting redder in the face. “This teenage boy spotted us so we had to stop. He ran off.”

“I bet he saved that one into the wank bank,” Warren said and nudged Ashley.

It was Ashley’s turn to ask a question. He tried to judge the mood and thought he could get away with another mention of sex.

“Following on from that then, I have never had sex in a room where there were other people.”

“Does that include the person you’re having sex with?” Rob asked and everyone laughed.

“You know what I casino siteleri mean,” Ashley answered.

Warren drank, as usual. As did Rob and Ashley.

“Who have you done that with?” Steph questioned Ashley.

“You!” She looked confused. “Zurich.”

“Oh yeah, the hostel. Does that count when they weren’t actually watching?”

“Yes, drink” Warren shouted.

She drank and Rob told them that he had also done it in hostels with his wife. It was Rob’s turn and he had a glint in his eye.

“I have never had, or given,” he pointed to the girls, “a lap dance.”

Rob drank and so did Warren but the others shook their heads.

“You’ve never had one?” Rob asked.

“No,” Ashley replied.

“Everyone’s been to a lap dancing club,” said Warren.

“Doesn’t appeal to me,” said Ashley.

“Me either,” Jason slurred.

“You don’t have to go to one. You’ve got partners,” said Rob. “I can’t believe you haven’t given them a lap dance,” he said to Steph and Zoë.

“I didn’t know he wanted one,” Zoë said.

Warren laughed. “Course he does! Every guy does.”

“Exactly,” Jason said.

“I can’t do it now, can I?”

“Why not? Go on, make his dreams come true,” Warren teased. “He could sit in the chair.”

“I’m not getting naked in front of you guys,” Zoë said and folded her arms.

“Neither am I,” said Steph adamantly.

Ashley was shocked. No one had suggested she do it but clearly it was on her mind.

“Obviously you don’t need to get naked,” Rob assured her. “Just give him a fun dance in your clothes.”

There was a strange shift in the atmosphere. Even though it was supposedly in fun, a silence fell across the group. Only the music from the stereo, playing at a low volume, could be heard as Jason sat in the armchair. Zoë’s movements were awkward and she avoided eye contact with everyone. She started to shake her hips slowly, moving them from side to side. She bent over Jason and then turned away, bending away from him before lowering herself onto his lap. Her dress had fallen across her leg so that it was exposed right up to her hip. Everyone was entranced as they watched the reluctant young woman grow in confidence. Her movements were still slow and sensual but became more purposeful. Each time she pushed her hips down into Jason’s lap he let out an audible groan. His hands were wandering up and down her sides. Zoë stood and turned, Jason’s hand caught beneath the slit of her dress, it pulled the material to the side and gave everyone a clear view of her white knickers as she lowered herself to her knees. She ran her hands up his legs, tightening his trousers and outlining his erection. Then she pushed herself away.

“Does that mean we can both drink?” Zoë broke the silence.

“Damn right you can, girl,” Warren said.

Zoë sat on the floor between Jason’s legs. They both sipped their drinks but everyone’s attention was still on them. Zoë looked to Steph.

“Your turn.”

Ashley looked at his wife. She was the kind of woman to join in with jokes and games but she lacked sexual confidence. He could tell that she was looking for an excuse.

“It’s alright if…”

“I’ll do it,” she interrupted him and stood.

“You can sit here,” Rob motioned to the empty space on the sofa that Steph had left.

Ashley stepped over Rob’s legs and sat himself on the sofa. He didn’t know wear to put his hands and opted to rest one on the arm and the other on his jeans. He looked around the room but all eyes were on Steph. She took a deep breath, getting up the courage to begin, then she started to move.

She stood between his legs, echoing the movements of Zoë. Her hips moved from one side to the other as she sank lower before rising up, lifting her hands along her body and over her breasts. Ashley saw that her eyes were closed and it soon dawned on him that she was losing herself in the music. She leaned over him, rubbing her breasts down his body, pushing her arse out behind her. Then she turned, pushing back onto his quickly hardening cock. As she leaned away from him, Ashley saw Jason and Warren both staring down the top of her dress.

As the dance continued, Ashley felt his cock straining at the fly of his jeans. Zoë leaned back onto him, grinding against his crotch. Her legs had spread and Ashley caught a glimpse of Rob’s hand on her thigh. As she lifted off him, Ashley realised that Warren had shifted position so that he had been staring up her dress.

Steph picked her wine up and downed the glass. After refilling it, she sank onto the sofa between Ashley and Rob. Ashley tried to calm himself down but he was so turned on that all he could think of was fucking his wife.

“It’s your go,” Warren said to Steph.

Ashley waited in anticipation at what Steph would do. If she changed the topic away from sex then it would be clear that she’d had enough. After what seemed like minutes, she spoke.

“I have never spanked or been spanked as an adult” She sipped her drink, as did canlı casino Warren, Ashley and Jason.

“So it’s just Zoë and Rob. Let’s see how much they want a drink,” Warren said.

Rob raised an eyebrow to Zoë, who didn’t object. Instead she looked back to Jason who looked uncomfortable.

“I’m sure Jason won’t mind,” Warren said. “Will you?”

Jason hesitated. It was clear he was against it but he daren’t go against Warren. He gave an awkward nod.

Unsure of what to do, both Rob and Zoë remained still. It was Warren who stood and took control. He walked over to Zoë and lifted her by her arm, pulling her so that she stood in front of Rob. Then Warren pushed her to her knees and bent her over the table. It was almost as though she was under his spell, they all were. He stood over her head, his back to the fire, watching as Rob moved off the sofa to kneel at her side.

He raised his hand, looking to Jason for a final approval. Jason made no objection and so Rob brought his hand down.


It his Zoë’s arse.


It was a dull sound.


The material acted as padding.


Warren leaned over Zoë. No one made any move to stop him as he grabbed the slit and hauled it across to expose her underwear. A pair of plain white knickers was all that stood between Rob’s hand and the skin of her arse.


Zoë moaned.


Ashley saw Steph was engrossed in the spanking.


“That’s it, spank her hard,” Warren ordered.


Zoë moaned again.


Ashley could see the wet patch appearing on her knickers.


“Are you enjoying it?” Warren asked her.




“It’s your go, naughty girl,” Warren said.


“I have…”


“…never been made…”


“…to cum while…”


“…Jason watches.”




Rob withdrew his hand as Zoë’s orgasm subsided. Jason was rubbing his dick through his trousers. Glen looked at his wife and saw her rapid breathing. She was clearly aroused and her nipples were hard and poking through the fabric of her dress.

“Your turn,” Warren said to Jason.

Jason stared at his girlfriend, who remained bent over the table. Then his attention turned to Steph.

“I’ve never played with tits bigger than a C cup.”

Steph looked to Ashley with a mixture of apprehension and lust. Ashley could tell that she didn’t want Jason to touch her but she was so turned on she needed some contact.

“If you don’t want…” Ashley began to whisper. He didn’t finish his sentence because Warren had already dragged Steph up and had her standing in front of Jason.

“Wait,” Ashley said.

His pleas were ignored as Warren pushed Steph forwards. He held her by her arms so that she was leaning over the seated Jason. He reached up and began to squeeze her tits like an inexperienced teenager. Steph made no attempt to resist and Ashley could see her reaction each time shots of excitement pulsed through her body.

“It’s too difficult with her dress on,” Jason muttered.

Warren pushed her to her knees and shoved the dress down over her shoulders. Ashley leaned forwards to stop him but Rob held his arm across him. “She’ll stop him if she wants to.”

She didn’t stop him. They watched as Warren revealed her bra before unclasping it. Jason’s eyes were wide as the bra was peeled from her breasts. Her large and erect nipples came into view only to disappear beneath the hands and mouth of Jason. Steph moaned as the touches satisfied some of the urges she had rushing through her body.

Warren grabbed her again and lifted her so that she was seated on the coffee table. Jason knelt before her, his hands cupping her right breast, his tongue lapping at her nipple. Warren then began to work on her other breast. He was more sensual, clearly being more experienced. It made Steph begin to moan.

Ashley heard more moaning. Rob had returned to Zoë and had pushed her knickers to the side. His fingers were ramming in and out of her pussy and it was clear she was about to cum again.

Ashley moved around to watch from the other side. He wanted to see Zoë’s face as she was finger fucked. It was an expression of pure enjoyment. Her moans filled the room and it caught the attention of Warren.

“Sounds like someone’s having fun,” he said to Steph. “She’s not the only one, is she?”

“Mmm no,” Steph moaned.

“Have you ever had a tit wank Jason?”

“No,” he pulled his mouth from Steph’s nipple.

Warren picked a bottle up and poured liquid between her breasts. “Fuck her tits then.”

Jason got to his feet and almost tore his trousers off.

Almost oblivious to his wife, Ashley rubbed his cock through his trousers as Rob got ready to fuck Zoë. Warren saw Rob rubbing his cock to full hardness before he pushed it at her kaçak casino pussy. It disappeared inside and was greeted with a moan from Zoë. Rob went gently at first but soon became more forceful.

At the end of the table, Jason’s cock disappeared between Steph’s tits as he enjoyed the first tit fuck of his life. Warren’s hand had found its way up Steph’s dress and had pushed her lace knickers aside. Three fingers delved into her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh you like that, don’t you?” Warren taunted her.

“Mmm yes.”

“Tell him you like it.”

“I like it.”

“Tell him what you like.”

“I like you fucking my tits. I like your hard cock between my big tits.”

Her pussy began to spasm around Warren’s fingers. “That’s it, cum on my fingers.”

“OOOhhhh yyyyyeeessssssss.”

The sound of his wife cumming only hastened Ashley’s attempts to free his cock. It was rock hard and he held it in front of Zoë as she was being fucked hard by her boss. Her back was arched as Rob pounded his cock in and out of her.

Warren appeared beside him. He too was removing his cock from his jeans. Once it was free, he placed his hands around Zoë’s neck. Freeing the fastenings, he allowed it to fall forwards to expose his niece’s small tits. She had no bra on, they were barely big enough to need a bra. Her perky nipples bounced with each thrust of Rob’s cock. They heard him grunt and he pulled her hips back onto his cock as he shot his cum deep inside her.

With Rob pulling out from her, Warren grabbed her head and pushed it towards Ashley.

“Suck his cock.”

She didn’t hesitate, taking it deep into her mouth. Ashley groaned as he felt the warmth around his dick. Warren pushed her head up and down, forcing her to fuck Ashley’s cock with her mouth.

Ashley managed to look away long enough to see Steph. She was sitting in the armchair, straddled by Jason who fucked her tits. Between her legs, Rob was knelt and lapping away at her pussy.

Suddenly Zoë’s mouth was gone from his cock. Warren had forced his own between her lips. She held on to Ashley’s dick with her hand and soon started to alternate between the cocks. Ashley felt her tongue licking around his shaft as the head of his dick was pushed against Warren’s inside her mouth.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Jason grunted as he rammed his cock in and out of Steph’s tits as she held them together.

Steph barely responded. Another climax raced through her body as Rob’s tongue probed inside her.

Jason held still as the first few spurts of cum sprayed up and landed over Steph’s large breasts. White liquid slowly dripped down them as Jason milked the last drops over her chest.

Ashley aimed his cock at the cum-dripping pussy of Zoë. He pushed forwards and slid easily into her hole. For a minute or two there was nothing on Ashley’s mind other than fucking his wife’s friend as hard as he could. Once he got into a good rhythm, he saw Steph being lowered by Rob and Jason onto Warren’s cock. She had cum dripping down her tits as she moaned at being filled by Warren’s cock.

“That’s it, that’s a good slut,” Warren told her.

Steph just moaned in agreement as she began to rock her hips. Warren’s cock stretched her pussy while she felt Rob’s fingers rub against her clit.

“MMmm yess,” she moaned.

“You like being centre of attention?” Warren asked.

“Fuck yes.”

“Look at your husband as he fucks your friend. Do you want to swap with her?”

She bounced up and down on his dick.


Jason was sucking on her nipple once more.

“Why not?”


Steph screamed out in pleasure and pushed herself off Warren.

“No more. Please.”

Warren got up and looked at Ashley fucking Zoë.

“Stop fucking her.”

Ashley paused and looked at Warren.

“Both of you come here.”

They did as they were told. Rob and Jason were moved aside so that Steph knelt on the floor between Warren and Ashley. Behind her, Zoë was made to kneel on the armchair.

“Hold you tits together,” Warren told Steph.

She pushed them together and looked up expectantly.

“Make us cum on her tits,” Warren ordered Zoë.

Her hands reached out, each one holding a cock. She began to jerk them, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

Ashley moaned first, his cum spurting down to splash onto Steph’s tits. It was a huge load and began to pour down alongside Jason’s.

“Come on you little bitch, make me cum. Jerk my cock.”

Zoë wanked it harder.

“That’s it.”

He moved closer to Steph.

“Beg for it.”

She said nothing.

“Beg for it!”

“I want your cum. I want it all over my tits. I want to be covered in cum like a slut.”

It was enough to send Warren over the edge. Jets of cum splashed across Steph’s tits until she could release them. As they lowered, a river of cum flowed over her breasts and pooled on her black dress.

Everyone looked to Warren for direction. He stood, almost triumphantly, in silence for a brief moment.

“Whose turn is it then?”


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