I Do Like The New Suit?

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Ayisha Cottontail

“Hi baby,” she walked in the living room and my eyes transfixed upon her. She walked towards me and dropped her bag on the sofa as she bent down and kissed me.

“Hi sugar,” I managed to say as my eyes followed her across the room.

“Oh my god…,” she continued as she walked through to the kitchen, grabbing a beer from the fridge, “I need to change and have a shower.”

She kicked her shoes to one side as she took a mouthful from the bottle. My eyes looking down her body, impressed with her suit and seeing how sexy she looked in it as she walked back through.

“You wouldn’t believe the meeting this afternoon,” she said as she unbuttoned the jacket. She took another sip while my eyes watched the jacket open, exposing her further, but yet I could not see.

“Not only did I have to explain the damn proposal,” her body shifted as she placed her hand on her hip.

“God, you look good,” I said, watching her every move.

“…But I had to,” she paused, “What?” she asked.

“I said, you look good,” I replied.

“I do,” she asked,

“Hell yeah,” I smiled.

“Why thank you,” she coyly said, adjusting her body language in response to her surprise. It took her a second to pick up from where she had left off, “So anyway, do you think he knew what I was talking about?” She asked as she walked towards the table, placing down the bottle.

“That has to be a new suit,” I asked, still watching her as the jacket moved with her as she lifted her hands to the back of her neck, removing her necklace. I saw the curve of her ass as her body once again lent to the side, showing that the trousers fitted her perfectly.

“Yes honey it is…” Not taking a breath as she continued, “I don’t know why canlı bahis that guy is on our team,” Placing the necklace down next to the bottle. “I mean…” Thinking of the right word, “He such a jerk,” She placed both hands on her hip, unimpressed.

“You look fucking hot,” I stated.

“Honey…” She picked up the bottle and smirked, as she said, “You’re not creasing this suit,” before taking another sip. My eyebrow rose to the challenge as I did from the sofa.

“Then let me undress you,” I spoke as I walked around her, taking hold of her hair and kissing the back of her neck. Answering over her shoulder in her dry tone, “…Really?”

“Yes…” My teeth, now taking little bites, “…Really,” I answered, mimicking her tone, taking the jacket in hand to slip of her shoulders. “Then it doesn’t need to get creased, does it dear?” I asked, smirking, not needing an answer as I placed it carefully over the back of the chair. She was still smirking with her lips pressed against the bottle as I slowly walked back towards her.

Her silk shirt gave a new feel to the steady rising sensations inside me as my hands touched. “He just didn’t add anything to the proposal at all,” she continued, shaking her head as my hand moved down and followed around as I stepped behind her. My hand trailing over her as I Uh huh’d, But I was not actually listening. My eyes were just swallowing her as she continued talking.

My hand followed over her ass as I full circled her as I walked.

“Are you listening?” she asked as I naturally “Uh huh’d,” again. Now standing in front of her, she narrowed her eyes. I pulled at her belt, bringing her closer to me but our lips did not touch. Our eyes smirking as she moved the bottle out of the bahis siteleri way and I slowly pulled the belt through the buckle.

I coyly stepped back, pulled the belt through the loops and we both watched it fall. As she was still looking down to it on the floor, with only her eyes, she looked up and spoke,

“Your gonna pick that up right?” with her brow raised. I stepped in closer to her feeling even more aroused with her looks and took hold of her by the trouser waist and with my other hand, unzipped her zipper slowly down.

Moving my lips closer to hers, our eyes played as I pushed myself up against her to the sofa. Using both hands, I slowly pulled at her pants, not letting them drop as I got onto one knee, feeling her skin upon my fingertips as I brought the then down over her hips.

I was left breathless as I realized bringing them down her thighs, that she was indeed pantie less and smooth. My heart leaped, as I looked up quick to see her smirking, trying to look as though she was drinking from the bottle.

She sat herself down and I took hold of her ankle and slipped of the last of her pants before placing a kiss upon her foot. I carefully folded and placed the them on the table and took hold of her bottle and took a sip myself and placed it down.

There she sat, smooth and with a coy smirk, looking absolutely incredible to which made me melt as she slowly unbuttoned her silk shirt. Exposing her skin slowly and deliberately with somewhat delicacy, her fingertips playing with the buttons.

“So you like my new suit huh?” she asked and I smiled. I step forward and slowly maneuvered over her, keeping her gaze, and feeling exceptionally turned on.

“I love you in your new suit,” I answered.

I bahis şirketleri pushed my body down upon her and closed my hands over her skin. Her lips, a whisper away, feeling her breath, and with smelling her perfume a longing desire to be inside her.

My hand found her warm wetness as our eyes stared into each others. My finger went deeper as our lips hovered to tease. I pushed myself further upon her, holding her close, my fingers working faster. Watching her eyes, listening to her breathing, feeling her body moving under mine.

Her hands came up and took hold of me tighter as her eyes still watched mine. “Don’t close your eyes,” I spoke softly as I pushed deeper. She pulled at my shirt, as our lips teased. Neither not pushing the other to kiss but just to feel the sensual tension. Needing to feel her lips against mine. Lusting the wet, moist, touch of her tongue as my fingers played within her moister, her wetness building, tightening as her eyes still watched mine.

Her moans were overtaking her short gasps. “Look at me,” I repeated as I still watched and felt her breathing over me. Her body rising and falling in my grasp as she pulled harder at me, taking me further inside of her with her breathe, harder upon my face as she began to arch.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and held tight, “Don’t close your eyes,” I spoke into her mouth as I still laid over her, watching. She tightened around my fingers, I could feel her rise, her sounds were of the onset of orgasm as she pushed against my fingers. Her eyes momentarily flickered and softened as I felt her pulsate against my fingers.

I inhaled her orgasm as she released it before kissing her full and deep on the lips. My fingers slowed to a caressing rub as we both lost ourselves with in the kiss. Moments past before, we slowed our kiss and opened our eyes once again to each others.

“So you do love the suit huh?” she asked again, “Baby…” I answered, “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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