I Became an Art Model

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My friends call me Tash, I am an Art student in my final year at a Glasgow University. My grades so far are very good and my finals are now only three months away. I was brought up by my single mother, who in her youth was a swinger, I also have four fathers. I was the outcome of one of her weekend romps with them. I like having four fathers, it’s good, as I get four Christmas presents and four Birthday presents each year from my fathers.

When I was eighteen my mother thought I should get a good steady job in a department store, like she did. But I loved art and I was good at it and I wanted to go to University to study art. My four fathers agreed she was out voted five to one. My four fathers each gave me £100 a month to help fund it and one would buy me a restaurant meal each Friday night, for a student that’s culinary heaven. Mike, father number three, was a bit of a Jack the lad and slipped me an extra £50 if he couldn’t make his Friday night with me. Also as my mother was a single parent I got a full grant. I didn’t have much left at the end of the month, but I got by.

When I went to University I was warned by everyone about sex on the campus. I have already been there for over two and a half years and no sex. I was five foot eight inches tall, great smile, long blond hair and fantastic skin tone. But my breasts resembled two fried eggs, my nipples protruded further than my breasts, my hips and waist were almost the same size. I was the original match stick girl but I also had great legs and a tight butt.

To try and get my body beautiful confidence, I even joined a life drawing class as a paid model, you know the one sitting on the stool with either next to nothing on or naked. Fortunately following on from an altercation with a City Councillor and a naked male student, the University did not allow any of the students to pose naked.

I was however allowed to pose one time, in a nude colour, one piece swimsuit, which was borrowed but two sizes too small, I felt I would get recognition for it from the boys and sex maybe.

When they submitted their charcoal sketches for marking, they all failed their body drawings and were marked as looking like matchstick men. Since they all failed, were allowed to resubmit, this time using a new model, nicknamed Betty Boob, they all passed, say no more.

Gavin the Director of the University Art faculty was very supportive to me when he found out what happened. Telling me, I was the best life and landscape painter in oil, student that he has ever seen. Gavin was gay and didn’t care who knew, his head of Administration, his partner, was blond, had an hourglass figure, effeminate mannerism and great skin tone. I was very jealous of him, which is how I wanted to look but with boobs.

As this was my final year I was thinking of Proms night and had already picked out my outfit, in the shop window, cost £300. I had saved £50 father three no show and a fish and chip tea that night; only £250 to go.

I was to go and see Gavin, who was also my tutor, for my final assessment assignments for my degree. Each student would be given a different assignment and three months to complete them.

Mines was to comprise off four assignments, a large size landscape painting in oil, a life drawing with an unusual vista, art talk for erotic, a large scale life sketch in charcoal, the last, which is usually the grade breaker this time was to be a self-portrayed in charcoal. All of the work this year had also to have their workings submitted too, along with photographs of you doing it. All certified by someone as being original. We had a ten day Easter holiday starting tomorrow which you used to plan out and prepare you exam assignments.

After we were finished, Gavin asked me if I had anything planned for Easter. I said nothing but I would probably start on my prep work. He then asked would I like to do some life modelling for Carol, like she was one of Scotland’s top artists and gave private exhibitions each year in Italy, France and Monaco. She will pay you £50 a day plus expenses, paid in advance, at the moment she only wants one day, but you never know. I was to make my way to Balloch station, where she would pick me up and take me to her studio in the hills above Loch Lomond. Bringing me back to the railway station at night to go home.

First thing that ran through my head was with this £50 and the £50 that I already have saved, means that I was a third of the way there to getting my Prom dress. And as Carol was a top artist, maybe I could learn a lot from her, even if it was for only one day. I said yes. Gavin said great I will let her know.

As I left his office, I realised that I had just agreed to pose naked for someone, my stomach started to fill with butterflies and I had to run to the loo. As I sat there I started to calm down, as I had already met Carol, when she was a guest lecturer and really liked her. It would be ok. Then I remembered what happened casino oyna the last time I posed, the butterflies came back. What would I do, I know I will shut the curtains and go naked at home tonight and build my confidence. I looked Carol up in the web, it was her birthday the day after tomorrow, same as me. I would get her a birthday card, get on her positive side.

I didn’t sleep very well that night, in the morning I was still running to the loo. But I calmed down, went to the station, got on my train and headed to Balloch. Journey took about an hour, when I arrived there, had to run to the loo again. As I came out of the loo, Carol arrived in her battered Land Rover, she recognised me and waved me over.

I got into the Land Rover I could see she had wellingtons on and a long dust coat with paint splashes on it and bare legs. We moved off, headed out of town and started up the shores of Loch Lomond, I had never been there before. Carol started to give me the tourist talk as she drove us to her studio. We turned off onto a narrow road and started to climb up the valley, and then she turned off into a cottage with a glass conservatory down one side. She said that’s my studio.

I looked out of the Land Rover window and could see Ben Lomond with the last of the spring snow still on its tops and Loch Lomond below with the sun shining on it, turning it royal blue. I stepped out right into a deep and muddy puddle, my shoes and socks were soaked as well as the bottom of my trousers. Carol looked at me and said don’t worry we will soon have you dried off.

We went into the cottage, which I fell in love with the moment I saw it with its big log fire in the living area. Carol said take-off you shoes and socks and I will dry them in front of the fire, which I did but the bottom half of my trouser legs were dripping onto my bare feet. Carol said follow me and went into her bedroom, which was nice and homely with a three quarters size bed. Take off your trousers and I will dry them off in front of the fire too. Which I did without hesitation and handed them to her.

As she left said why not get undressed, leave your clothes on the hanging chair. I will go and make us a coffee. The moment of reckoning had arrived as I stood there in my sweater and plain black knickers. The butterflies came back, my stomach was doing cartwheels.

I calmed myself, quickly pulled off my sweater put it on the chair. Hands shaking I took off my bra, to be honest it was more like a belt, standing there only in my knickers. I knew I was going to freeze if I just stood there. Quickly pulled down my knickers and dropped then on the chair. I started to touch and rub myself, then inside with my fingers until I felt something build, until I could feel wetness on my fingers, I had read somewhere that it gives you a confidence rush. I then walked into the big living room bare footed and totally naked, I could still feel being wet wondering if it would show or worse.

Carol was standing there and said your coffee is on the table. It was then that I became aware that I was standing naked in front of someone, in a strange house, in the middle of nowhere. I lifted my coffee and sat on the two seater couch, not trembling or anything like that. Carol sat down beside me, but not touching, asked me a question, I could not form the words in my mouth to reply. She said don’t be nervous, drink your coffee which was very nice but very, very strong, the caffeine quickly kicked in, this on top of the self-induced confidence rush. We can get started, that will settle you.

We went into her studio, she asked me to pose sitting on a stool and started to focus her camera with a remote control. Which I had just noticed and asked do you not do charcoal sketches. No not now its only students that do that. Don’t worry I will give you the camera chip when I am finished. She then started to position me by moving my hands, legs and body positioning, she had warm, very tender and caring hands.

She said I see you are a still a bit nervous, tell you what, she moved over to the breakfast bar, opened her dust coat buttons and took it off, she was naked too. Carol said I often paint naked, it allows me to focus and relax on what I am looking for. I felt so much more relaxed with both of us there together naked. It was giving me a bit of a rush too, a sort of erotic sexual rush. Each time Carol wanted me to repose would come over to me and move my positioning. I enjoyed her touching me as I could feel her body warmth, skin to skin.

The walls of her studio had fixed floor to ceiling and movable mirrors, which allowed me to see myself and Carol naked from many angles. I was now relaxed and we made many poses, on posing stools, chair’s and a love couch together. As a photograph was being framed or taken it appeared up in a large television screen, amazing to see and it was me and what’s more I looked really good. I really liked posing for these erotic poses, I canlı casino think I always wanted to do that but never really had the courage to do it, particularly in front of a camera.

I sat on the love couch with Carol leaning erotically over and on me, we changed position with me draping myself on Carol. I felt the rush as I posed and reposed without prompting from Carol, the camera clicking away and the large screen showing me and Carol together on it. We took many photographs. On one pose Carol was on her knees kissing me between my legs this rush was particularly fantastic, my head back over the top of the love couch, my hands on her shoulders with my mouth wide open mid silent scream, that only I could hear.

We took a break as Carol had prepared a lunch for us, which we had with a couple of glasses of very nice wine, we did all that naked too. By this time we were both comfortable when we touched each other, I enjoyed it as I think Carol did too. I started to feel a bit of wetness form, I touched myself to see, I was wet but I didn’t care, it was still life after all.

We restarted this time in a large bedroom, which turned out to be her and her ex-husbands bedroom and was very tastefully decorated. She hadn’t used it since they separated. I was now sitting on the big bed with my back propped up against two large pillows and my arms wrapped round my knees, reminiscent of a foetal position. I was very relaxed and smiling with enjoyment.

Carol sat on the bed beside me, opened the bedside table drawer and lifted out £50 for my modelling fee. And asked me if I was gay or lesbian, lost for words I asked why. Carol replied, it would please her if I was, and she would be appreciative of it. I said I don’t know, I have never had sex with anyone and anyway I wouldn’t know what to do. She said, I do and I can show you if you like. I will also give you another £50 too. All that ran through my mind was, this £50 and the £100 I already had would be halfway to me getting my Prom dress. I don’t know why but I said yes ok. My rush became more alluring, I could feel myself tensing up in anticipation of what was about to happen.

She smiled and leaned over me, kissed me on the lips, I liked it and kissed her back, she then ran her hand slowly and seductively up the inside of my leg and touched and rubbed me intimately. I really enjoyed her doing this. She then leaned over as we lay together, kissing each other on the mouth, breasts, nipples abdomen. Carol then put her head between my legs, I could feel her touching me intimately and then start to enter me. That rush was so intense that I rolled my head back and gasped in excitement. Never felt that before, I felt complete.

Carol then move alongside me we faced each other, our lips and tips of our tongs touching. I felt her arm slide down my leg, then her finger enter me and move around. Suddenly I had a wet uncontrollable rush, I felt the wetness move, then I squirted, and again and again. My energy drained as I lay back and gasped. My first true orgasm with someone, I was complete. We both lay on our bed embracing each other, relaxing and content with each other. A while later Carol said your turn. I followed my tutor on how, we knew we both enjoyed each other when Carol rolled her head back and gasped as I had done. I could feel the enjoyment in her gasp.

We must have lay their together for an hour, maybe more, it was dark now. Carol got up, switched on a light and walked through into the living area. I lay there thinking how my life had changed today for ever. Carol came back in, took my hand and said our bath is ready. As I went through she said you better stay the night with me it’s too late to go home. My first shared warm bath with anyone, I enjoyed it as we slowly sponged each other. We then went to bed together, in the big bed that we posed in together this afternoon and had wonderful sex. I learned how to that night. We fell asleep together that night with Carol’s arms wrapped around me.

We woke in the morning as the sun broke through the bedroom window. We got up together Carol pulled on her long cardigan wrap and I had my chunky sweater. When our first coffee of the day was ready, we pulled on our wellingtons and Carol took me outside to see the morning arrive. It was very fresh as we sat on her garden bench tucking our woolly tops under our naked bottoms. Holding each other we witnessed another day being reborn.

Carol kissed me and asked would I like to stay here over Easter and assist her getting ready for her shows and I could start my exam assignment. I said yes and I knew what I was going to paint and draw. I remembered something and asked Carol to wait a minute as I went inside, returning with Carol’s birthday card from me. It made her day and the day wasn’t over, just starting.

We were going to drive to my student flat in Glasgow and get a case full of clothes for me for next week. As we drove there, Carol told me that she called her kaçak casino Land Rover, Betty Boobs, because of the two large headlamps she had fitted to it. It was to disguise her imperfections to make her look body beautiful and desirable. I smiled as Carol said that.

We arrived at my student flat, Carol really liked it as it reminded her of her student days not far from here. Told me we were going to visit her sister Bree’s shop in Byers Road to get us birthday presents. We left Betty Boobs parked outside and got the subway to Byers Road. The shop was exclusive for private shopping, by prior appointment. You rang a door bell and were buzzed in. Carol had phoned ahead and arranged it.

Inside it was amazing. Bree was waiting for us with her assistant Cresaa. Who was from Romania and also an art student. They were both dressed in sheer almost see through robes, with erotic underwear and stockings on underneath it, which you could see as their robes opened walking towards us. I had a rush of erotic excitement just looking at them standing there.

Cresaa led Carol into an anti-room to be dressed. Bree came over to me and led me into a plush dressing room and said I have something you will like. Take all your clothes off, two days ago I would have panicked, now I was relaxed about it. Bree produced a number of samples of erotic underwear for me to see, and then started to dress me.

She took me out to let Carol see me. As I came out Carol removed her robe revealing her new erotic underwear, stockings, suspender belt, micro heart shaped knickers and lace bra. I removed my robe as she looked on, I felt so confident and proud standing there with my stockings, suspender belt, and micro heart shaped knickers and lace bra. Carol smiled at me, I could feel the chemistry between us bond. Carol said, charge them to my account, my birthday present to you for all that you have done for me, I feel reborn after yesterday and last night being with you.

Bree said do you want me to pack them for you. Carol said no, just pack the clothes we came in, we will go home like this under our coats. I gasped but knew I would do it. We walked back to the tube, Carol in her long coat, me in my mid length army green parker. Traveling back to my flat on the tube I have never felt so erotic, I thought I was going to have an orgasm as we stood there alongside commuters not knowing what we had on; but we did.

By the time we arrived at my flat we were both high with adrenalin or something. We took off our coats and I put on my second hand coffee machine and a CD. We chilled while we drank our coffee sitting there in our provocative underwear. By this time I thought we deserved an organism as we lay in front of my gas fire together.

Carol had booked us a table at a Glasgow ladies only club, which I didn’t know even existed; London yes, maybe. We went by taxi to it off George Square, again we had to be buzzed in. It was opulent and evocative inside; we were led to our table. Carol was well known here, as the guest’s greeter her, I was introduced to successful business women, senior police officers and politicians, some with their partners; like me. I was buzzing being recognised as a friend of Carol. The matching erotic underwear that both Carol and I were wearing, under our more sober dresses, added to the buzz of it all.

When Carol told me that most of the clientele here shopped at her sisters shop, which she jointly owned with Carol, were in all probability wearing some of her range tonight. To be shared later with their partners or guests. I didn’t know what to say.

We returned late to my flat, we had agreed to stay the night there together, rather than at the big hotel across the road. Carol wanted to relive, for one night, student accommodation.

We undressed each other, as lovers do, until we were both naked and went to bed together that way. We relived our previous sexual encounters, but more experienced of each other’s desires demands and ways.

Morning arrived, we packed our cases and took them down to Betty Boobs to return to Loch Lomond. Which was to be our home for the next eight days and nights.

I worked with Carol helping her to prepare for her exclusive art shows in Italy, France and Monaco. Carol helped me with my four art assignments. She also did one of her signature landscape drawing’s that is now hanging in some billionaires’ yacht in the Mediterranean.

My large size landscape oil painting was of Ben Lomond, with the last of its winter snow and a royal blue loch below. As I was painting it, naked, in the garden a seaplane with big floats and passengers flew over me. The erotic life drawing was of Carol and me in her sister’s shop wearing our provocative underwear. The charcoal life sketch with an unusual vista was of me and Carol embracing each other on a love couch.

The charcoal self-portrayed was of me and carol kneeling, with her kissing me in an erotic place, with my head back over the top of the love couch, my mouth wide open mid silent scream. Carol certified all my workings and photographs of me doing them. Together with the photograph of me, naked, when the sea plane flew over.

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