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Here goes my second attempt at a story. It took me a while to gain the courage to write again, because some of the first comments were harsh and critical. That’s fine I have thick skin, but since these stories actually happened and aren’t being made up it took me a while to decide to open up again. Once again, ALL CHARACTERS ARE ASSUMED TO BE 18 and names have been changed to protect identities.

For those who did not read my first story, here is the quick background. My name is Caleb and my high school girlfriend’s name was Alyson Annette Anderson (AAA for short). She was approximately 5’8″, 150lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, b-cup boobs, and a trimmed pussy. I was 5’9″, athletic, 120lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, with a 7″ dick. My girlfriend and I had been dating for about 6 months now and I only recently lost my virginity to her as you can read in my last story.


School had ended for the year and summer was here! Wrong! The two weeks between school and summer school went by basically overnight and it was time to start summer school. I saw this as both a good and a bad thing. It was a bad thing because it was summer school and required me to leave my house every day to go be told what to do all day long! It was a good thing because it allowed me to see my girlfriend in a building that had less than half the teaching staff there since it was summer school and because my classes consisted of a PE class (which was basically basketball practice since it was run by the basketball coach) and a math credit that I needed to make up. It was a rural school in the middle of a town of 500 people. It was 15 minutes away from my house and 15 minutes away from the closest town with a gas station in it. Most of the school had the lights turned out and was only lit by sunlight through the windows and security lights to save on electricity. This left plenty of opportunity for Alyson and me to meet up and fool around!

The days were hot since it was June in the middle of Missouri. So, Alyson always wore shorts and a t-shirt to stay cool and I generally wore cargo shorts and a t-shirt after basketball practice.

One day, after I had showered after basketball practice in the morning, I saw Alyson walking along one of the dark corridors by herself. I snuck up behind her and gave her a big bear hug from behind! She screamed and turned around to see who it was. When she discovered it was me, she slapped me on the shoulder and told me that I scared her and that I shouldn’t do that again, while laughing of course! I was laughing because of the look on her face and told her “I’m sorry! Is my baby girl scared? Here, let Caleb hold you close and show you everything will be alright!”

I then pulled czech casting porno her close to me and held her close while I patted her head and told her everything would be fine. She finally calmed down and I released her head so she could look at me. I then gave her a deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues swirled around each other and she could feel me getting hard. She started to giggled. I pulled away from our kiss and asked her what was so funny? She reached down and grabbed my dick and told me she could feel me getting hard while we kissed. I told her “yeah, you do that to me! I know you’re not considered the hottest girl in school, but you really do turn me on. I find you to be very beautiful!”

“Awww, I love you, Caleb.” Alyson said as she leaned in and began kissing me again. I was massaging her back while we made out. I started to move my hands under her shirt and bra and gently began massaging her breasts. I was rolling her tits between my fingers while she was moaning into my mouth while we made out. Her hands found my zipper and pulled my dick out of my shorts and began stroking it.

Just then, we heard a door close in the distance and quickly covered ourselves up again. No one ended up coming our direction, but it was too close for comfort. Both of us live about 15-20 minutes away from the school and I was the only one with a car. Both of my parents worked tomorrow and the house would be empty. We made plans for me to pick her up at school tomorrow morning and then go back to my house for some “alone time.” We never said it, but we both knew what that meant. If you read the first story, you would know her mom was the school librarian. Unfortunately, she was one of the few faculty who was at school for summer school. Fortunately, Alyson knew how to lie to her mother and told her mother some lie about skipping summer school for a day and going to a friend’s house. Her mother bought it and we were home free.

The next morning I arrived at school and picked Alyson up. She gave me a kiss and told me she was really excited to get to see where I lived. She lived in town her whole life and had never known what it was like to be on a farm, which is where my house was. We made small talk the whole way home about what I was going to show her.

We arrived at my house and my dog came up to greet us as he does with everybody. I then showed her around the farm. I showed her the barn with the cows, then the tool shop where dad does all his tinkering, and finally I started the tour of the house. When we got to my room, I showed her my desk where I do homework and let her look at some of my trophies. I then sat down on the twin size bed and waited to see what she was czech couples porno going to do.

After setting down the last trophy of mine she was looking at, she turned around and I could see that lust in her eyes again. It both excited me and scared me just a little since I was still new to all this sex stuff. She told me she thought it was hot in the house. Me, being the naïve idiot that I was actually asked if I should turn it down for her. She took off her shirt and told me “No, this is helping. A little.” I swallowed hard as I was caught off guard by all of a sudden seeing Alyson in her sports bra and jean shorts in the middle of my bedroom.

Alyson then came up to me and straddled me on the bed while she put her arms around me to bring me in for a deep and passionate kiss. After making out for a minute, she grabbed my shirt and pulled it above my head and off. I then grabbed her sports bra and pulled it off over her head. I immediately started kissing and sucking on her boobs and tits while grabbing them and massaging them. I would be sucking on one while I was rolling the other tit between my fingers. At first, this had caught Aly off guard and she squealed with pleasure. Then, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her boobs while I continued to play. Aly began grinding her hips back and forth on my now protruding boner.

I stopped sucking and playing with Aly’s boobs and gently pushed her off the bed, where she stood topless in her jean shorts and white socks. I grabbed her but to pull her close while I kissed down her stomach to the top of her jeans. I then undid her button and pulled down her zipper. I grabbed the waistband of her shorts and her panties and in one motion pulled them to the ground. I held them there while she stepped out of them. I then reached over and helped her out of her socks so that when I looked up again, I sat back and admired the beauty of Alyson’s completely naked body standing inches away from me in my bedroom. She then reached down and grabbed my hand to pull me up to stand in front of her. She then undid my shorts and dropped them to the ground. I go commando when in cargo shorts, so when I stepped out of them I was completely naked. She then pushed me back onto my bed where she straddled my hips and began kissing me. Aly then started grinding her pussy on my dick. I snuck a peek between us where I saw, just below her hanging nipples, the head of my dick disappearing and reappearing from between her pussy lips. Each time it would reappear it would be wetter than the time before. I then looked Alyson in her eyes and told her to “Put me in you.”

Alyson reached between us and grabbed my dick. She pointed it in the czech estrogenolit porno air and positioned her pussy directly overtop it. She then slowly lowered herself on to it, getting used to the size. Once she had all of me in her, she sat for a moment and got accustomed to my meat filling her up. She then began to slowly raise and lower herself on my cock. Before long, she was going faster and faster until she was rocking her hips back and forth while keeping one hand on me and the other on one of her boobs, squeezing it and teasing the nipple. Her head falls back while a loud moan emits from her lips. I reach up and grab the boob she is not grabbing. I twist her nipple in my fingers. Her moans get louder.

I grab her hips to slow her down telling her our fun is about to be over if she continues any longer. She stops rocking her hips and gets off of me. We switch positions. I gaze upon her gorgeous body laying naked on my bed. I kiss her deeply, placing my hand on her cheek. I then kiss down her neck to her boobs. I start kissing around the edge of her right breast. I slowly circle to the nipple. I do the same to the left breast. I then start kissing and sucking on Alyson’s left nipple while squeeze and play with her right breast and nipple. She begins to moan again. Music to my ears!

I lean back and place my tip at her entrance. I slowly push all the way in, savoring every millimeter. I pull almost all the way out and hold for a second. I then quickly push all the way in. This emits a guttural grunt of approval from Aly. I start to pick up my pace as I watch my cock disappear into Alyson’s pussy. With my left hand I begin to squeeze her right boob. With my right hand I place it just above her pussy so my thumb can start rubbing her clit. As I do this Aly’s eyes roll into the back of her head as she arches her back and lets out a moan loud enough, I thought the neighbors would hear her! (remember we are on a farm!) She tells me to keep going. She is almost there. I then begin rubbing her clit as fast as I can while pumping in and out as fast as I can. I am desperately trying to not explode myself.

Just a few more pumps and I hear her draw in a deep breath and hold it. She then let’s out an even louder scream than before as I tell her “I can’t hold on any longer!” I then push one last time as deep into her as I have gotten all day and spurt my seed deep into her teenage womb! I then collapsed on top of her and began kissing her deeply. I roll onto my side and hold Aly close. In a few short seconds, we were both asleep.

Our nap only lasted an hour or so. As I awoke I remembered that I had the love of my life laying naked in my arms and that we just had mind blowing sex. I started teasing her nipples again. This caused her to start grinding her butt against my groin, causing my dick to start to get hard again. Alyson then said, “Ready for round two already? Geeze, you little horn dog!” as she giggled. That day was one of the best of my life, because we fucked and were naked all day long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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