How You Seduced Me Ch. 02

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I’ve always thought of myself as being straight. Yet, here I am sitting on a chair in your kitchen, with your hands on the back of my head forcing your hard cock deep inside my throat, while my middle finger slides in and out of your asshole, fucking it. I smell the musky odor of your crotch as you finally bottom out inside me and your balls slap against my chin. How did I let you talk me into this? If I’m so straight, why is my dick so hard?

You pull your prick out of my mouth and caress my cheeks. “Would you like me to talk dirty to you?”

I nod my head yes.

Your eyes gleam. “Kiss my cockhead, you dirty little cocksucker. You love having my shaft shoved between your sexy lips, don’t you?”

I can feel my cheeks getting hot from blushing. I give your cockhead a soft kiss on the tip, then I wrap my lips around the head and slowly slide my tongue along the underside, back and forth, teasing you. I taste your salty, slightly sour precum in my mouth, and feel it coating my lips. My middle finger inside your ass must be hitting your prostate, because you groan and rapidly pump just your cockhead between my lips. I tighten my lips and apply more pressure to the silky skin of your head as it slips in and out, my lips kissing the tip on the outstroke and then sliding over the ridge of the helmet as you push back in.

You reach inside my shirt and knead my shoulders, then work lower onto my shoulder blades. I moan. The vibration from the moaning must feel good on your cock because you grunt and thrust your shaft deep inside my throat. I’m gagging a bit, but it feels good to be giving you so much pleasure, and even better to have my back muscles rubbed, taking away the soreness from my workout at the gym today.

I remember how we met at the gym today, when you offered to spot me while I bench-pressed. I remember how I started to get a bit hard, looking up at the weights and seeing the bulge in your shorts as you stood over me, your hands poised to catch the heavy bar laden with weights, your eyes giving my crotch an amused look and then grinning at me while I blushed in confusion. I remember how we talked afterwards, and your deep voice oh-so-innocently suggested I come to your house and have a beer with you. I remember the knowing, not-so-innocent gleam in your eye when I hesitantly accepted.

I snap out of my reverie when you say, “Unnh. You better stop sucking, or you’re gonna have a mouth full of cum. Or do you want to take my cum inside your slutty little mouth?”

I shake my head no, which is a bit of tactical mistake, since your cock is still inside my mouth and the vibration from shaking my head is liable to release your sperm.

You give one last pump, then pull out. “Stand up.”

I stand, and you slide my shirt off, then lean in to kiss me.

I turn my head aside, refusing.

You laugh. “You’re OK with my prick shoved between those sexy lips, but my tongue is too intimate?”

It sounds kind of silly when you put it that way, so when you press against me and push your tongue against my lips, I part them for you and your tongue slips inside. It’s not a gentle kiss. You’re fucking me with your tongue, letting me know you’re in charge here. I let you take me in my mouth. I let you push your cock against my groin. I let one of your hands reach around me and knead my aching back while the other unzips canlı bahis my pants and slips inside. You fuck me with your tongue and stroke my stiff cock while I wonder at how you managed to get me to agree to allow all these intimate, dirty things to be done to me.

You quit kissing me and say, “Turn around and let me rub oil on your back. Put your hands on that countertop.”

I do so.

You open a cabinet and take out a bottle of vegetable oil, then step behind me. “Spread your legs.”

I look over my shoulder. Oh, no. Why does he want me to do that? “I — I don’t think I should –”

You slap my ass hard enough to make it sting. “I said spread them, bitch.”

I meekly comply, opening them a bit for you.

“That’s better, you little tart. Any more backtalk, I’ll swat your ass again.” You put your strong hands on my inner thighs and push, and I spread them wider. I watch over my shoulder as you pull your T-shirt over your head, then unbutton the waistband of your pants. The pants drop to the floor, and now you’re naked except for the socks on your feet. Your kick the pants free of your feet, then step between my legs and rub your stiff dick against the cotton sheathing my hard buttocks. You kiss my cheek and say, “Better. Look at my little virgin blush. Never had a man do this to you, hunh?”

I shake my head no.

You keep rubbing your cock into my ass while you open the bottle of oil and drizzle some onto my back. You start rubbing it in, your strong hands grabbing and kneading my shoulders and spine and the sides of my ribcage.

“Oohh,” I say. “Don’t stop. It feels so good.”

You reach around and rub some oil onto my cock and start to stroke it. You press your chest against my back, your skin hot from the pumped up metabolism you get after a workout. Your other hand slides around to my front and rubs oil onto my tiny nipples while you kiss my neck.

“Huuh,” I grunt. “That feels good. Please don’t stop.” I close my eyes and moan.

You rub my nipples until they get hard, as your cock keeps rubbing into my ass and you stroke my dick. Then you unbutton my pants and slide them off me.

You put your lips to my ear and whisper, “Bend over.”

“What — why do you want –”

“I want to rub your ass, that’s all. Do you want me to slap you again?” You push down on my back, and I reluctantly bend over. I feel so vulnerable, naked and gleaming with oil, bent over a countertop with my legs parted and your hard cock pressing against my asscheek, but it’s exciting, too. I’m hard as a rock, and waiting for your hands to touch my ass and make my buns shiny with oil, too.

You step back a bit and pour oil on my lower back. A lot of oil. It runs down over my buttocks and down my asscrack, and some of it trickles down my legs, tickling my leg hair. Your warm hands cup my buttocks for a moment, then you begin spreading the oil all over my butt and my hips. You stroke my cock and I wiggle my hips with pleasure. Your other hand presses into my lower back, easing the tension from the workout.

Your hand slides down from my lower back and into the cleft between my partly opened cheeks. I gasp from the shock. A finger starts circling my hole.

“Oh, no,” I say. “Not there. Please.”

You pull your hand out, and I feel a moment of relief. Then you swat my ass hard.

“OW!” bahis siteleri

“I said no backtalk. Want another slap, bitch?”

“Please. Don’t. I’ll be quiet.”

“You better.” Your hand invades my cleft again, and now your finger is pushing against my hole. I try to escape the pressure, but I’m bent over with my hips pressed against the countertop and there’s nowhere to go. Your finger slips inside, and I bite my lip against the pain. I don’t say anything, though — my buttocks must be red already from the two slaps you gave them, and I don’t want to provoke another.

You start pushing inside. “Do you like my finger inside your virgin hole?”

I stay silent, blinking back tears.

“Do you want me to take it out?”

I nod.

Your finger slides out.

I sigh in relief, thinking you’re done, but then you start pushing your cock between my cheeks.

“No, please — not in my ass.” I tense, waiting for another slap, but it doesn’t come.

You grasp my hips. “I won’t put it inside you, I promise. I just want to slide it up and down between those sweet cheeks of yours. It’ll feel good, I promise. OK?”

I look over my shoulder and meet your eyes. “I — I — I guess so.”

“Good girl. You’ll enjoy this.” You begin sliding your hard cock up and down my slit, and you’re right. It does feel good. It feels so sexy having your cockhead brush against my rosebud, over and over, while I’m bent over and vulnerable and giving you such pleasure. You’re grunting and thrusting, and your hips and hard belly are sliding up and down my buttocks, warming them. You press your hand against one of my legs, and I take the hint and let you lift it up and place the knee on the countertop. This opens my asscheeks even wider, and it feels so sexy and erotic to be open and waiting for the strong hard man who’s behind me, taking his pleasure.

Your cockhead pauses in the middle of a stroke, pauses on my asshole, and now you’re grasping your shaft and rubbing your cock in circles around my hole and muttering, “Does this feel good, slut? Do you like my cockhead slipping around your sweet puckered hole?”

I groan with pleasure. “Yes. Yes, rim me. I like feeling your cockhead against me.”

“Is your sweet boypussy tingling?”

“Oh, god, yes. Don’t stop.”

And then you start pressing in.

“What the fuck? You promised you wouldn’t.”

The pressure increases. “I just want to put the head inside. Unnh. Unnh. It won’t hurt, I promise. Open up for me, dammit. Take my head inside your ass.”

I wriggle and try to stop you, but I’m helpless. You’ve grabbed my knee that’s up on the countertop and you’ve pinned it in place. And, you’ve got your other hand pressing down on my back. And, you’re right, it does feel good despite the mounting pressure. God help me, it feels so sexy to be vulnerable and waiting to take your cock inside me like a woman.

“OK,” I gasp. “But just the head. Be gentle. Please.”

You press harder, and your cockhead pops inside me. You pause with it buried inside me.

“Unnh. Ow. Ow. Arrg,” I grunt. “It hurts. You lied.” I look over my shoulder into your grinning eyes.

“I didn’t lie. It doesn’t hurt me a bit.”

“You lying son-of-a-bitch!”

“Shhh. OK, I’ll take it out.”

Your cockhead slips out, and I sigh in relief. But then bahis şirketleri I feel more oil drizzling onto my open hole, and you slip inside again.

You release the hand that’s been pinning my spine to the countertop, and rest your chest on my back and whisper in my ear, “Is it feeling better?”

And you’re right. It doesn’t hurt so much. It’s actually starting to feel good, having you inside me.

You murmur, “Do you like being my woman? Do you want my cock in your ass?” You kiss my neck and stroke my hair, and your other hand slips between my hips and the countertop and touches my now flaccid cock. My cock stirs.

“Yes,” I hear myself saying. “Yes, I like being your woman.”

“Good. Now let me put some of the shaft in your pussy. You’ll let your man do that, won’t you? You want me to feel good, right?”

I sigh, loving the feel of your hand on my stiffening cock. “OK. But, please be gentle.”

“OK. Here we go. I’m going to start fucking you slowly. Tell me if it’s going too fast.”

It feels surreal. A few hours ago, I was a straight man working out in a gym, and now I’m oiled up and bent over, and I’m telling you to fuck my ass, take me like a woman. How did you manage to talk me into this?

You start pushing into my ass. It stings a little, but I’m starting to feel a warmth and tingling in my core spreading out to my extremities as my dick responds to your hand sliding up and down. You inch inside, bit by bit, until you bottom out. You begin rubbing oil on my balls as you slide all the way out except for the tip of your cock.

“Beg for it,” you say. “Beg me to fuck you.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

You grasp my hip with your free hand and plunge inside. I hear a slapping, squishing noise as you bottom out and your hard belly smacks against my buns. You start fucking me, pumping in and out, slowly at first then picking up the pace. “Are you my bitch?” you ask.

“I’m your bitch.”

“Take my cock, slut. Take it all the way inside your cunt.” You take your hand off my cock and grab one of my shoulders, seeking more leverage so you can drive your hard prick as deeply as possible inside my ass. You’re grunting and sweating and slamming into me at top speed, and I’m bent over and taking my man’s lust, letting him fill me with his hardness. I love being your woman. I love being taken roughly and unleashing your desires.

“I’m cumming,” you shout. “Aaaah.” You grab my hips with both hands and thrust as you cum deep inside me, shooting your sperm into my depths. “Ooooh.” You sigh and collapse on my back. Your sweat mingles with the oil on my back.

Then you reach around and touch my stiff cock, and that’s all I need to go over the edge. I moan and spurt my seed on the cool countertop beneath me.

We lie there, panting for breath. You reach down with your free hand and give my buns an affectionate squeeze, while your hand on my softening prick squeezes and milks the last of the cum out.

“Mmmm,” you murmur into my ear, and nibble on an earlobe. “That was a great fuck. We’ll have to do that again.”

I lie there, feeling your racing heart pounding against my back. I slip my leg down from the counter, enjoying the feel of your legs between mine, and your cock softening inside my boypussy.

“Yes,” I say. “I want to be fucked like a woman again.”

We lie locked together on your sticky countertop, and I lazily wonder what other things I can do to please you and stir your lust.

You stroke my hair. “My sweet bitch. I love being in your cunt like this.”

I love it too.

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