How Not to Keep a Secret

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Just about every office has one; that one really hot woman who wears her skirts a little too short and her blouses a little too low and/or tight? My office is like that, but I have it good. There are four of them here; one who is tall, about 5’11” who likes to wear heels that push her over six feet, another who is very petite, a third who is a little plump with incredibly large breasts and the last who is above average height, smaller breasts but who has an interesting transformative tale.

When she started working here, she was homely almost. She wore plain clothes, no makeup, flat shoes, and would not have caused anyone to look at her twice, much less have lustful thoughts about her. But then one day, I passed her in the lobby of the building and nearly tripped over myself. She was wearing a loose blouse that was very low cut, exposing her minimal cleavage; a loose, flowing skirt that was rather short and these sky high heels that accentuated her best feature, her muscular, toned legs. Those legs were striking. I actually turned around and walked backward as I past her, to try and figure out who she was. She looked at me with a knowing smile and said hi. I think I stammered hello back and then spun around and left to get my lunch mumbling to myself. That was Missy, wasn’t it? Damn she was hot all of a sudden. From that day forward, every time I ran into Missy, she looked equally as hot. Whether she was wearing short skirts or tight pants (which accentuate her incredible firm and round ass), she always had on heels; nice stiletto heels that were at least four inchers. She had all the guys drooling over her and she eventually got married and had a couple of kids, but she always got that killer body back into shape and kept exposing as much of herself as she could. Hot, simply ridiculously hot.

Then for sometime our paths didn’t cross very frequently. We’ve been now working together, on different floors, for over 7 years or so. We usually were very cordial with each other. She knew I thought she was hot and I knew she thought I was funny and charming. We flirted in a way that wasn’t obvious to anyone else. I am about 10 years older than she is, and would never have expected her to go for me, but I am a confident guy and I have certain characteristics that make women happy, and I don’t mean my sense of humor or charisma. I am hung pretty well and when most women who have a thing for large packages find out about me, they are entirely too eager to have at it. I have remained single into my late 30’s because I enjoy the chase and how it works out for me. The look on women’s faces when they first see me (well not me, but it), and when they get it are etched forever in my mind and I guess my narcissism fuels my need to share my gift with as many women as possible. That said, I have refrained from sharing that gift with my co-workers because I enjoy my job a lot and don’t want some office gossip to color me in a negative light with my bosses or human resources. They all love me and I love being here. So, I have kept my “whoring” off site so to speak. Not that I haven’t been tempted, believe me.

The situation with Missy took a turn when I was out with a new friend one of my other “conquests” had reluctantly introduced to me. Most women were very reluctant to share once they had me. I was very upfront with all of my “friends” about my non-committal lifestyle, but that non-committal attitude typically caused things to end with a bit of hostility, but it was never an issue for me; just them. Anyway, I am enjoying a nice evening with my new “friend” when Missy appears around the corner, looking for the restroom.

Missy looks at me briefly, looks at my dinner partner and lets out a scream, “Oh my God, Beth, what in the world are you doing here!! I haven’t seen you in forever. And here I run into you while you are having dinner with someone I work with! How weird is that! Hi Greg! asyalı porno Weird isn’t it? Beth and I went to high school together.”

I was aghast. At this point, Beth and I had already “shared” our mutually beneficial gifts; her incredibly sensitive clitoris, nipples and anus with my massive tool and long tongue ( I failed to mention earlier, that my tongue is abnormally long and I can roll it, twirl it and contort it in ways most people can not). We had already engaged in some incredibly hot sex on a number of occasions and we had only known each other for about ten days. If Beth knew Missy and said something about me, I would be in trouble at work.

You see Missy had a reputation as a bit of a cock hound. Even though she was married with no indication of trouble in her marriage, when she went out with the girls after work, stories would come back about some of her antics. So, I knew if Missy heard about my “gifts”, she would either blab to the other girls she hung out with (including the other three I mentioned previously) or make an effort to determine how gifted I really was. That would be bad for me either way (well other than having sex with the hottest girls at work, that wouldn’t be so bad).

So Missy sat down for a bit, chatted with Beth and I just ogled them both; lots of exposed skin between the two of them. Beth had large 38DD breasts that she very rarely encased in a bra. They were remarkably firm for their size and they were entirely all natural. She had no qualms about sharing them with the public and she was wearing a very sexy wrap around dress that tied in front. It was one of those dresses that if you untied the “belt” the dress would open completely. I loved it. Because of the wrap around style, when she crossed her legs, she often exposed a lot of let and she wore nice sheer thigh high stockings, which is one of my favorites. Missy had on a nice classy suit, with a very short skirt and she too was wearing sheer stockings or nylons.

I couldn’t tell at this point if they were full hose, thigh highs or garters/stockings. Missy had removed her jacket and was showing off her modest 32BB breasts in a sheer skintight blouse. She must have been in a good mood because her nipples were excitedly attempting to rip through the fabric. I excused myself to use the restroom. Both girls remained at the table. I figured I would give them some time to catch up and spent a good five minutes or so taking a leak and making sure I looked good. After passing inspection, I returned to the table to see Missy and Beth in an embrace; smiling, giggling and telling each other how great it was to run into each other. As they separated, Beth sat down. Missy gave me the once over, making sure to make a lengthy pause at my crotch as she progressed from my shoes to my head.

When she made eye contact, she smirked and said, “See you at work tomorrow Greg,” and she returned her gaze to my lap.

She even looked over her shoulder, and smiled at me as she left. As I sat down, my mind was spinning. Holy hell, what did Beth say to Missy? In the five minutes I was gone did Beth share too much information about my special gifts? She must have said something. I knew I didn’t just imagine the odd way in which Missy checked my out. I tried to let it go, but all night, it was stuck in the back of my mind. I wouldn’t have long to wait, though, tomorrow morning I would see Missy, I was sure of it.

Now normally, I wouldn’t see Missy for days on end. And when we did, it was for no more than a how are you, how are your kids, you look really nice today, just a few simple flirtatious moments. Today, I went in a bit earlier than usual. It was a restless night of sleep for me and I woke up a bit earlier than usual. I go to my office and got my day started. I am on the 7th floor and have a nice corner office with ample windows and tons of natural light. Most castajans porno people get to the office between 8:45 and 9:00 am, and it was about 7 am when I got there. I soon was preoccupied with the project I was working on. At about 7:45, I heard my door close. I looked up from my computer and there was Missy.

“Hey Missy, what are you doing here so early,” I asked. She didn’t say anything. She was just looking at me with a wicked smile on her face.

I asked her a different question, “Missy, is there something I can help you with?”

With that, I looked into her eyes and there was something mischievous, or devious, about her look. She was wearing a classy business suit, with a very short skirt. Her heels were the usual sky high variety and she was wearing stockings. As she got closer, she removed her suit jacket and she was wearing a see through, skin tight white blouse. Her nipples were obviously erect and she sauntered toward me seductively. I stared at her nipples for a moment and then realized as she walked toward me, she was slowly hiking up her skirt to expose not only her thigh high stocking tops, but the fact she was not wearing any panties. By the time she got in front of my desk, I was staring right at her beautifully shaved pussy, glistening with moisture. She obviously had been thinking wicked thoughts all morning and couldn’t wait to get here.

“As a matter of fact Greg, there is something you can help me with,” Missy said. “You have been hiding something from me for all these years and I need to see if what Beth told me is true. I haven’t slept at all. I’ve been thinking about this all night. I’ve become hornier and hornier and my pussy has been dripping for hours.”

I didn’t know what to say. But I spit out, “Missy, please, you don’t know what you are doing. Beth likes to exaggerate. I don’t know what exactly she told you but you shouldn’t do this. Please pull your skirt down. People will start arriving soon and you can’t be here like this with your breasts so easily visible. Please, I am asking you to not go any further with whatever it is you think you need to do.”

She started to move around my desk. I hadn’t realized, but the sight of her erect nipples, so excitedly poking through her shirt and that glistening wet pussy had aroused my interest and I was starting to get hard. As I stood up, to try and keep Missy at bay, I realized my cock was going to contradict my words. Missy noticed right away.

“Oh my God Greg, Beth didn’t exaggerate, you are huge! I can tell even with those loose suit pants! Just let me touch it. Greg, please. No, better yet, just whip it out and stick it in me. I have to feel how big it is inside me.”

She started moving faster toward me. Before I could backpedal fast enough, she had her hands on my belt. With one hand she was trying to undo my belt while the other was trying to grab my dick. She was like a dog in heat. She couldn’t get my cock into her fast enough. I tried to pull away, but a part of me was enjoying this. Missy was hot there was no denying that, but this was going to wind up bad.

I spoke to her sternly, “Missy! Stop it. Right now. I am not kidding.”

I grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her hands away from my throbbing cock. She looked up into my eyes and tears started to form.

“Missy, listen to me please. We can’t do this here. Do you understand? We could both lose our jobs. Got it?”

I let go of one of her hands and wiped the tear from her cheek.

“It’s still early and nobody is here. If I let you see it will you cover yourself, finish the work day and then we can get together and discuss our options? Can you do that?”

She nodded her head. I wiped another small tear drop. I was shocked at how she went from devilish to meek and submissive so quickly. It kind of turned me on. So I let go of her other wrist bangbros porno and put both my arms around her waist, pulling her in tight to me. She reached around me and grabbed my ass and pulled my pelvis into hers. She wanted to feel my cock against her body. I returned the favor, grabbing her bare ass cheeks with both hands and massaging them tenderly. A small moan escaped her lips. She pulled her head away from my shoulder and planted her lips gently on mine. It was a soft, sensual kiss. I returned it. I then reached my right hand in front of me and unzipped my fly. I reached in and pulled out my cock. It is not ridiculously long, but it is the girth that causes jaws to drop. Still, it is eight inches long, which isn’t too shabby, but the fact it is as thick as the circumference of the bottom of a champagne bottle is what makes eyes go wide and pussies to drip expectantly. The other facet of my penis is the size of the head. While at its widest, the girth is like the bottle, it does narrow as it comes to the head, but then the head sits there like an enormous bulbous lemon, waiting to penetrate any opening in its path. As I got it out, Missy moved away from me to look at it. She got weak in the knees and I had to grab her.

She whispered, “Greg, it’s incredible. How have you hidden this from me all these years? Can’t you just slide it in; I need to know how it feels inside me.”

I have to admit, the thought was incredibly appealing. My cock was throbbing and aching for release. I put my hands under her ass and lifted her up. She was breathing heavy. She put her head on my shoulder. I guided her unbelievably soaking wet slit toward my manhood. The head touched her clit and I felt the shiver of her body as she anticipated the penetration. I wiggled the head around her opening, trying to touch her clit as much as possible. She started writhing in my arms. As I felt the head find her hole, I made sure it was going to ease in. As soon as I felt the tip find its home, I drove her down on to my penis. She gasped and bit my shoulder. She instantly started bucking and thrusting against me. We found our rhythm and we were fucking like we had done this a hundred times before. She was moaning into my shoulder. I was humping her like I hadn’t fucked anyone in weeks. We went at if for about 15 minutes, I guessed it was about 8:15 at this point and the office would start bustling in 20 to 30 minutes.

I whispered in Missy’s ear as I slowed the pace, “Missy, do you want me to cum in your pussy or in your mouth?”

She heatedly replied, “Cum in me now. I’ll suck that big beauty later.”

“Ok,” I said, “Ready?”

I started pistoning her on my cock. It only took about 3 minutes and as I shot my load deep into her, she had an incredible orgasm, seconds later. She practically screamed into my shoulder so no one would hear her. I set her back on the floor and she was a bit wobbly. She bent down and licked some jizz off of the tip of my cock and then rubbed her pussy with her other hand. She then licked the jizz and juice off her hand and moaned while she did so.

“Damn, Greg, you and I taste great together. I think I’ll be able to make it through the day now, but I won’t be able to stop thinking about this meat.”

With that she grabbed my cock and pulled her skirt down. She came up to me, gave me another soft, sensual kiss and then zipped me up. She grabbed her coat, put it on, straightened up and then asked me, “Do I look ok?”

“You might want to head to the restroom and make sure you don’t have anything running down your leg later. Plus you may want to “freshen” up a bit and reapply your makeup. How do I look?”

Missy said, “You look good. Just wipe off a bit of sweat and nobody will have any idea.”

I asked her one thing, “Missy, please do me a favor and please keep my “secret” just that? If you can manage that, you’ll be the only one here who can enjoy my gift. Can you do that for me?”

Missy smiled at me, that same smile she had on her face when she first walked in and didn’t say a word. With that, Missy opened the door and left. I sat down at my desk and wondered what Pandora ‘s Box had just been opened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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