How I Tricked My Girlfriend

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This is a cheating story. If you don’t enjoy these types of stories please move on. If you stay and read I hope you enjoy, and I would love to hear your feedback.

I recently found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me and I shared the story of the first time I caught her. This is the story of how I believe the urge for her to cheat started.

It started while we were in a long-distance relationship. Things were going great and we were extremely happy. We met here on Reddit, and we would spend hours talking here. One day I noticed a comment from some guy on one of her posts. It was nothing bad, not even flirtatious but she responded and they talked back and forth for a bit. It got me wondering and my head filled with stupid guy insecurity.

I got the smart idea to “test” her, so I set up a fake account and used it for almost two months to build up a decent history before anything. Around the same time I’d met up with a friend of mine from the military who was in town and I got a bunch of pics of him from his phone after borrowing it to transfer a movie he had. I had the idea to “borrow” his pics because of his looks. He’s a good looking guy build like a Grecian God and hung like a porn star.

Once I felt like I had enough to be convincing I commented on one of her posts then sent her a message. She didn’t message back right away but eventually, she did and we chatted for a bit. After a few messages back and forth of “getting to know her” I talked about hobbies, shows I was into, favorite books, and movies. I used my intimate knowledge of her as her boyfriend to make my alter ego seem like he had so much in common with her. Eventually, she was messaging him daily. Always friendly and nothing flirty at all. Anytime I did try to flirt she would bring up her boyfriend (me)

It took a lot of urging. She was always bringing up the fact that she has a boyfriend. The thing was I kept it cool it was only ever light flirting. I used my knowledge of her and what she likes to lower her defense and go in. It actually took a good 3 months of chatting before she started kind of flirting back, and after sending her a “selfie” I even convinced her to send me a selfie or two. I told her she was gorgeous and she thanked me.

I told her my alter ego’s name was Michael and she told me (her boyfriend) about Michael right away. She told me about any time they talked and what they talked about. She told me he flirted a bit but nothing disrespectful and he always stopped when she told him to. She told me he was nothing to worry about.

Then one day we got into a bit of an argument. I was coming to see her but I bought my ticket late and as a result, I’d be there later than expected. That same day I was talking to her as Michael, and she admitted to him she was upset. He talked to her about it calmed her down and they started talking about all the things her boyfriend does that upsets her.

She said I (her boyfriend) was sometimes too nice. She brought up Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She said her boyfriend is too much like Angel (Buffy’s main love interest) and sometimes she needed a Spike (Angel’s rival bad boy type) in her life. Of course, altyazılı porno I took that and ran.

“I have a spike for you,” I told her, “you are so hot you know that? Your boyfriend is a lucky guy.”

She replied “mmmm you’re a naughty boy. Do you want to be my Spike or just give me your spike.”

I knew I had her.

“Both,” I told her.

“You’re just being a perv! Lol!” She said.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be,” I apologized, “I’m just horny as hell.”

“It’s ok,” She said accepting my apology then asks, “What’s got you so worked up bad boy?”

I told her it’s just been a while since I’ve been laid. She says she didn’t believe me. I asked her why not.

“I’m sure you have a ton of girls chasing you.” She says.

I told her not at all. We talked a bit more then I wanted to press things to see how she would react.

“I’m so hard right now,” I tell her.

“You should go take care of that,” She replied, “I’ll talk to you later.”

I think she was feeling a bit of guilt but I could tell she didn’t want to stop talking so I pressed more.

“I already am,” I told her.

“Really?!” She asks, “right now?”

“Yeah,” I said, and sent her one of the borrowed dick pics, “you are so hot, my spike is always ready for you.”

“Ummmmm oh wow!” She replied, “What the fuck?!”

She got pissed and stopped responding. I apologized but she wasn’t responding. I messaged her a few times apologizing over and over. I thought I’d fuck things up because she wasn’t responding at all. I was starting to think she blocked me when she finally responded.

“You shouldn’t have sent that.” She said, “I told you I have a boyfriend.”

I apologized again.

“Forget about it,” She said, “Are you still hard? Or is it safe to talk?”

“It’s safe,” I said, “I’ve taken care of things. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you off.”

She said she felt bad and said no I didn’t scare her off, but she wasn’t really talking. So I asked her what was wrong, and she kinda went quiet again.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” I said, “I can tell you’re upset.”

“You’re so big…” She responded hesitantly, “I have to go. I shouldn’t be talking to you right now.”

“Why not,” I asked, “please don’t go.”

“I really should go,” She said, “I have a boyfriend.”

I asked her what made her decide to message me back. What made her ask me if I was still hard. At first, she played it off saying she wanted to make sure it was safe to talk. So I asked her what made her still want to talk? She said she likes talking to me and she understands being horny can cause you to make bad decisions. So I asked why she asked if I was still hard. She didn’t answer for a long time, so I asked again.

“I want to see it again…” She said.

I asked if she is still looking at the pic I sent her. She said she was. I asked if she liked it. She said she did. She said she wanted to see more. I told her if she got me hard I’d let her see it. She was at work at the time so she couldn’t take any pics but she sent him a pic that she took for her boyfriend the night before amatör porno of her in a bra. I told her that her tits were amazing and it was a good start.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said before sending another pic of her tits in a different bra, “This feels so naughty it’s turning me on.”

She sent a few more just her tits but in different bras. I told her it was getting me hard but I wanted more so she finally sent me a pic of her tits from a few nights before and asked if that was good enough I said yes and sent another dick pic.

“You have a gorgeous cock,” She said, “It’s just so big and thick.”

She talked to Michael for a bit more telling him how horny he made her and how she desperately needed to take care of it when she got home. After a few hours, she was getting off work and had to go. She said bye and said we would talk again tomorrow.

When she got off worked she called me (her boyfriend) she said she was super fucking horny and wanted to have phone sex. While we talked all she could talk about was my big cock, how much she loved my big cock, and how bad she needed to be filled with my big cock. Always emphasizing “big cock”. I’m not small and she’s called it big before but never like this. She was fixated on taking a big cock. She kept asking me to call her a slut and saying she was a slut for big cocks. Not a slut for my big cock but cocks plural.

After that night her relationship with Michael completely changed. She stopped telling me about them talking even though they were still talking daily, and every time they talked she would end up talking dirty with him. Things evolved into her sending him pics. At first, it was all pics she’d sent me already, but soon she was taking pics just for him. Then he started having her call herself his slut. If she didn’t refer to herself as his slut he would stop talking to her and she’d freak out. Then she started sending audio clips of her moaning his name, and then videos. She completely submitted to him. One night after they’d been talking dirty while she was at work he talked her into taking off her bra she sat at work wearing a low cut top and no bra. She had coworkers coming to talk to her and a few male coworkers lingering longer than usual at her desk after that.

I asked her if it turned her on knowing her coworkers were looking down her top.that the could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and staring at her big tits. She said it was turning her on so much and she was extremely horny. I told her to take her tits out and show me. She said she couldn’t but I told her that it was an order and my slut couldn’t deny my orders. She hesitated but before I could message her again I got a pic of her with her top pulled down with her big tits exposed. I called her a good girl and told her I wanted to see more. She took a few more pics of her playing with her tits and a quick video. I told her I was stroking my cock and I wanted her to cum with me. I told her I wanted her to cum at her desk for me. She said she would and took a pic of her hand in her jeans. She was really worked up and talking dirty. I told her I loved how much of a slut she was for arap porno me. She told me she was desperate for my big cock. I told her she was desperate for any cock right now and I bet if one of her coworkers had come to her cubicle and caught her she’d let him fuck her right there on her desk. She admitted that she was so fucking horny right then that she probably would let it happen. I called her a good slut. All the talk and the idea of her giving in and being a complete slut pushed her over the edge. She came right there at her desk. She begged me to cum for her and I came hard.

A few months later I was going to visit her again, and while I was there Michael had sent her a message telling her to go buy a dildo as big his cock so she can know what it’s going to be like when he finally gets to fuck her. She thought it was a great idea and said she would. One night after sex we were talking about our fantasies and she brought up a fantasy of having two cocks at once and she suggested we go to a sex shop and I can buy her a dildo for us to play with.

In the sex shop, she took her time looking for a big one.

She finally settled on a big black cock (even though my buddy isn’t black. It was just the closest she could find) she told me she wanted to name it, so I asked her what she wanted to name it. She said she named it Michael. When I asked her why that name she said it was the first name that popped into her head. That night I fucked her with it and she was cumming over and over pretty much nonstop. She kept moaning about loving big cocks, about how much of a slut she was for a big cock.

Once I went back home she would send him videos of her using “his cock” and moaning his name. They are some of the hottest videos I’ve ever seen.

After a while, she asked Michael about meeting up and I told her we could meet up if she proved once and for all she was my slut. She asked if she’d hadn’t already proved it enough. I said no. I told her I wanted her to go to a bar or club and pick up a random guy and fuck him. Film it and send it to me. She thought about it and she said yes, she was so turned on by the idea she started sending me pics of her playing. She sent a video of her moaning and saying she was going to fuck a random stranger for me and she came hard moaning and writhing. As she was about to cum again she told me she said her slut would do anything for me.

Later that same night she was talking to me (her bf) and I think she was feeling guilty because it was around that same time we were tailing about our relationship, feelings, and about her moving in with me. She got quiet and told me she had to go, that she had some things to think about. As soon as we stopped talking she messaged Michael saying she needed to talk. I didn’t reply to her until the next day. When they did talk she ended it with him she told him she couldn’t do it anymore that things had gone too far and she loves her boyfriend. She didn’t want to hurt me or him. After that, she stopped talking blocked him. The same day she told me almost everything. She told me how things with Michael had progressed, how they had been talking dirty and how she had sent him a few of the pics that she’d taken for me. She never told me about the pics she took just for him, the videos she sent, or about the truth about the dildo. I never admitted to her that I was Michael. not long after that, she moved in with me and things have been awesome.

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