How Does Your Garden Grow?

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An interesting way to inject fertilizer.


My name is Susan. I am 36 years old and on my second marriage.

I live in what most people would call a mansion. More rooms than I ever use, acres of manicured grounds, with a gated security system.

Judgmental people consider me to be a trophy wife. I am not ashamed of that. Why should I be? I live the life of the rich and famous, and I don’t have to endure any unpleasant sex with an old man to justify it.

What I mean by that is this. My husband is two things; Very rich and very old.

The rich part is what attracted me to him. I can buy anything I please, he never complains about my spending. The old part is both good and bad. It’s good because there are no demands on me for sex, but bad because I do not get any sex.

Well, I do get some. He loves to eat my pussy and make me have an orgasm. That’s kind of nice. But his cock is a limp noodle.

He wants me to suck him off occasionally, which I dutifully do. It gets kind of hard, and he whimpers like a sick dog and a little semen goes into my mouth. I swallow it to show him how much I love him and that takes care of that.

I try to satisfy my sexual needs with masturbation. My favorite masturbation fantasy is being fucked in the ass. I lived with a guy for almost a year before I met my husband, and he introduced me to anal sex. He was not hung like a horse, but it did take a while for me to get broken in.

Once my asshole was stretched to accommodate his six inches it was the most exciting sex I had ever had. I broke up with him when I had the opportunity to hook up with my husband.

I gave up good sex to have a wealthy life style. My days are filled with on-line shopping or lounging by the pool. Don’t you hate me?

I am not required to do any house work, or any yard work for that matter.

For the house work we have Marie, a charming young woman who recently moved to the states from France. The house is so large that she comes twice a week to do the cleaning.

I could not possibly do the gardening because it is a full-time job. We have a full-time gardener named Henry who needs to work his butt off just to keep up with it.

I don’t think my husband even cares that much about the gardens, it is just a competitive thing. You know; my house is bigger than yours, my gardens are more beautiful than yours, and of course, my wife is hotter than yours.

He loves to take me to dinner parties or cocktail parties, all dolled up. He parades me around hoping that all the men are fantasizing that they are fucking me so he can gloat and remind himself that he gets to do that. If only they knew that he can’t.

One sunny day I went to the pool, not to swim but to just lay in the sun. I put on one of my brief two-piece swimsuits to get maximum sun exposure.

I relaxed in one of the chaise lounges and eventually dozed off.

When I woke up I had a strange feeling that I was not alone. I looked past the hedge that surrounds the pool, and saw Henry standing there. He was staring at me, to be exact he was staring at my crotch.

Henry is a tall, strong bull of a man. All muscles and hair and testosterone. But he is not the brightest bulb in the lamp. If you will excuse a term that is not politically correct, he is not retarded. He is just a little slow and not sophisticated. What would you expect from a gardener?

I stared back at him and he averted his eyes and walked away. He knows I am the boss, or at least I sleep with the boss.

I thought about what had happened for the rest of the afternoon. I thought it would be fun to tempt him and tease him some more. It might even turn in to more than just teasing. He looks like he could fuck me into a coma.

The next afternoon I called him up to the house, and I asked him to run a little errand for me. I asked him to cut some fresh flowers for me to brighten up the house. I told him to bring them to me at the house when he finished.

There are French doors overlooking the patio by our bedroom, and I told him I would wait for him there. I left the doors open as if to get some fresh air in the house.

When he was gone I stripped naked and lay on the bed, with my legs apart and my naked pussy facing the door. I closed my eyes and acted as if I was napping.

I heard him shuffle up to the doors, and instead of trying to wake me or get my attention he quietly stood there.

I let him enjoy the view for several minutes, and then I opened my eyes and acted startled.

“Henry! What are you doing?”

He was mortified and mumbled, “Nothing, mumm.”

He doesn’t know how to address me, he thinks that is the proper way.

“Well I think you were doing something. I think you were looking at my naked body.”

I got up and covered up with a robe that was at my bedside.

“Please come into the house. I want to talk to you.”

He stepped inside and stood shamefaced and waited to be fired.

“Henry, were you imagining that you were having canlı bahis sex with me?”

Now he was very ashamed, and said, “No, mumm.”

I was silent for a few moments to let him twist in the wind.

“Henry, I do not like being spied on. This is not a peep show. But I do not like lying even more. I am pretty sure you were imagining what it would be like to have your penis in me and slide it in and out until you ejaculated. Isn’t that what you were thinking?”

His face turned red and he mumbled, “No.”

“Henry, if you continue to lie to me I might have to turn this over to my husband, and he will deal with it. Do you want that to happen?”

“Please don’t do that. I will lose my job.”

“Then tell me the truth.”

This big strong man was trembling in fear. Maybe I had gone too far.

He quietly said, “Yes. I was thinking about having sex with you. You are beautiful and seeing you naked made me think about that. I’m sorry.”

“Well Henry, if you were imagining that, perhaps we should do it. If you really want to fuck me I will let you.”

He flinched at the word “fuck”. He was probably not used to hearing a woman use that word.

“But you need to do it the way I want you to. I need to be in control.”

He nodded his head in agreement.

“I like to be nice to our employees, and we are all alone in the house so it would be between us. No one needs to know, especially not my husband.”

He avoided my gaze and seemed to be uncomfortable.

“You are not required to do this as part of your employment. I would not do that. I am not coercing you in any way. Just say no if you want to and I will not mention it again. You will not be in any trouble. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mumm.”

He is not great at conversation. But he didn’t say no, he said yes.

“Henry, I am completely naked under this robe. Why don’t you get naked too?”

He was shocked at how direct and nonchalant I was.

“Henry, it’s OK. I have seen naked men before.”

“Yes, mumm.”

He began to take off his work clothes and throw them on the floor. When he pulled off his boxer shorts the biggest cock I have ever seen swung into view.

I estimated nine or ten inches, stiff as a steel rod and straight. I think I could do chin-ups on it.

To try to give you the picture, his cock was as muscular as the rest of his body. The head was exposed which I prefer. I don’t like foreskin covering it up. The shaft had ridges and ripples and veins and the sight of it was making me weak in the knees.

His balls were large, too. His big hairy ball-sack hung low beneath his huge hard cock.

I said, “Come here, please.”

This time he didn’t say the same dumb thing, he walked over next to me as I sat on the bed.

I reached out and touched his hard-on, and gripped it gently. I fondled his big nuts with my other hand.

“This is very nice Henry. I wish you had shown it to me a long time ago.”

I leaned over and took the head in my mouth, and began to slide it in and out.

I couldn’t even get half of in it my mouth, so I put my hand on the exposed part, and encircled it with my thumb and index finger. As I slid as much as I could in and out of my mouth I stroked the rest of it. I know how men jack off and I imitated that.

He tensed up and I was afraid he was going to cum, so I stopped.

“Henry, I think you should fuck me now.”

This time he just said, “Yes.”

I climbed up on the bed and assumed the missionary position. I thought we should start there.

He followed me and hovered over me, and I felt his huge erection go into my wet and slippery vagina. It was good that I was so aroused or I wouldn’t have been able to take it so easily.

He began to fuck me with a nice technique. Maybe he is more sophisticated than I gave him credit for. I lifted my legs up and over him to provide maximum penetration.

I had never had a cock that big in either of my holes. The sensation was wonderful.

I was enjoying being impaled by the largest cock in the state, but I really wanted to find out how much of it I could take up my ass. I decided to find out if he accepted the fact that I am in charge.

“Pull out a minute, Henry. I want to turn over.”

He obediently did so, and I laid face-down with my legs spread in excited anticipation.

He hovered over me again, and I felt his cock touch my gooey pussy.

“Henry, wait. Let me show you something.”

I reached back and took his shaft in my hand, and guided the tip to my asshole.

“In here, Henry.”

He was confused, and said, “In there?”

“Yes, Henry. Push.”

He did but my anus resisted and it didn’t go in.

“Push harder, Henry.”

I mentioned earlier that he is a strong man, and he gave a mighty push.

The head went in, and there was a momentary spasm with some pain.

I just said, “Oh!”

He said, “I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to push anymore”

“Let me make that decision, bahis siteleri Henry. Push!”

He did, and once the head was past the tight ring at the entrance the discomfort stopped.

“Push some more.”

When it was about half-way in, he asked, “Will it all fit?”

“I don’t know, but we are going to find out. Keep pushing.”

Well, dear reader, it did all fit. After a half-dozen more pushes his hairy ball-sack pressed against my hot pussy.

I said, “OK, Henry. Now fuck me like you were doing in the other hole.”

He obeyed, and soon I was in a completely submissive state of mind. His steady rocking motion made the bed creak and squeak, and his ball sack kept slapping up against me. In my experience, a man’s balls pull up tight against his body when he is fucking. Not with Henry. His balls swung to and fro loose and free.

I swear I had never experienced sex like this. It was like a dream and I was in a trance. When he thrusted into me the tip of his cock went further up my ass than I thought anything could ever go. It felt like it was up between my shoulder blades. OK, a slight exaggeration. But believe me, it went deep.

Each time it went all the way in I exhaled with a soft grunt. My eyes might have crossed a little.

I was hoping this would last all afternoon but of course it couldn’t.

He held his breath and tensed up, and pushed all the way in and stopped.

I felt his cock throb and twitch, and his semen shot forcefully into me. It went further up in me than the tip of his cock had gone. I had never felt that much cum squirt out of a man before. It felt like I was getting a warm high-colonic enema, except I knew it would stay in me.

It turned me on so much that I rubbed my clit and had an intense orgasm. I never had an orgasm when my old boyfriend fucked me anally, but his cock only went about half as far as Henry’s did and his ejaculation was just a dribble.

We both huffed and puffed like racehorses for a few minutes.

He withdrew slowly which I appreciated because it didn’t turn me inside out.

We embraced side-by-side like we actually knew each other, which we don’t.

“Thank you, Henry, for doing what I asked you to do. I know it was a new experience for you. I hope you liked it.”

I think he was about to give me his subservient answer, so I stopped him.

“For god’s sake, Henry. Just call me Susan. You have just had your cock all the way up my ass, I think we are on a first-name basis now.”

“I will, Susan. I liked that more than anything I have ever done before. Thank you for letting me.”

“Yes, of course. Remember, not a word about this to anyone.”

He seemed to think he was dismissed, so he got up, got dressed, and was headed to the door.

“Wait a minute, Henry.”

I walked over to him and took him by the hand. I led him into the master bathroom and got him to stand in front of the sink. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and pulled them down. He is so tall that his genitals were higher than the counter-top, and his half-hard cock stuck out over the sink.

I ran some warm water and soaped up his beautiful shaft. I washed it meticulously and got into all the potential hiding places, like the space just behind the rim of the head. Then I rinsed off all the soap and gently dried it with a towel.

I gave him a hug and said, “A good workman takes care of his tools.”

He mumbled “Thank you” and pulled up his boxers and jeans.

He headed to the door again and this time I called after him.

“We can do this again whenever you want to. Tomorrow afternoon would be fine with me.”

He answered quickly, “OK. I will be here.”

With that he was gone. I don’t know if he got any more work done and I didn’t care.

I didn’t bother to get dressed, I just laid on the bed and thought about what had happened.

I felt a kind of void inside me where he had pushed everything out of the way to make room for his meat-pole. I began to have some stomach cramping and I thought about sitting on the toilet to see what would happen.

I decided against that because I didn’t want to lose any of his semen, I wanted it to stay far up inside me.

I turned over face-down to let gravity help keep it in me, and promptly fell into the best deep sleep I had in a long time.

When I woke it was time for dinner so I went to the kitchen and made a light meal. I was feeling romantic about him and I wished I had invited him to dinner but I am sure he was home in his trailer park a few miles away.

I went back to bed early and slept like a baby.

The next morning, I looked out the window and saw Henry out in one of the gardens working away. I was frustrated but I remembered I said this afternoon so I knew he would not show up sooner. He still relates to me as the boss.

I decided to get ready for him so I removed the pajamas I wore overnight. I didn’t want him to waste any time fucking me in the cunt, I wanted him to go right to bahis şirketleri my asshole. So, without the vaginal lubrication I decided to add some artificial stuff.

I had a small tube of the water-based lube that is recommended for sex. I laid face-down on the bed and inserted the tip of the tube in my asshole and squirted some of it in me.

Then I waited impatiently for him with my bedroom TV on to try to distract me.

At long last there was a soft knock on the patio doors.

“Come in, please.”

He did, and just stood there. Time for the boss to take over again.

“Are you doing this of your own free will? You don’t think I am making you do it, do you?”

He looked at the floor instead of making eye contact, and he said, “No, I want to do it again.”

I bet you do, I thought. What red-blooded man would not want to fuck his boss-lady up the ass?

“Please take off all of your clothes and come over here.”

I never saw a man undress so fast. Then he walked over to me sitting on the bed. His enormous hard-on swung and swayed back and forth as he walked. Good thing I wasn’t standing up because I would have gotten weak in the knees again. What an incredible cock, and it was about to go up my ass again.

I played with it for a few moments and then said, “Let’s not waste time.”

I assumed my prone position and he was right there on top of me. I pulled one of my pillows down and placed it under my hips. Hard to believe but I wanted it in me even further than yesterday and that would do it. I felt the smooth head of his cock touch my anus and he began to push, without any prompting from me.

It went in easier this time, partly because I was permanently stretched and partly due to the lube I put in me. Slowly and methodically he shoved it all the way in.

His strong arms were around me, his hairy chest was pressed against me, his rock-hard belly was pressing against the small of my back. God, how much I had been missing the feeling of being dominated by a testosterone-fueled fucking machine like him.

“Take your time. Enjoy it.”

He mumbled something that I took to be yes.

He began his rhythmic poking and prodding. The head of his cock was bumping up against a twist or turn in my GI tract, but it was not uncomfortable, it was intensely pleasurable.

I went into my out-of-body semi-conscious state and surrendered to whatever he wanted to do to me.

The bed was creaking and groaning, I was breathing hot and heavy, and he was almost hyper-ventilating.

It seemed like a half an hour went by but it was probably ten minutes and I could sense that the finish line was approaching.

As I expected, he shoved into me and held still. Then came the explosion. I felt his cock pulsing as the cum pumped through on its way into me. It squirted and spurted and gushed into me. I never knew a man could produce so much semen.

This time I didn’t have to touch my clit, the sensation of his huge load filling me up set me off. I had an orgasm that was like I was having a seizure.

We rested again in each other’s arms as if we were lovers. Not so, of course. I am just the horny bitch who loves to get fucked in the ass, and he is the lucky guy that happens to be available. Sorry if you were hoping for a love story.

We went to the bathroom sink again for the clean-up ritual. I didn’t see anything that needed to be washed off, but better safe than sorry.

“I better get back to work. I am getting behind in my work.”

No, I thought, you are getting some behind instead of doing your work. I didn’t say that out loud because I doubt that he would get the joke.

He left through the patio doors.

Once again, I experienced some stomach cramping from the deep penetration of his man-meat. I laid face-down on the bed knowing it would pass. I had the calm satisfied feeling that comes with the after glow of being thoroughly fucked.

The next day my beloved husband came home. I didn’t get too upset because I knew he wouldn’t be home long. He has business arrangements all over the world and he is gone more than home.

Over martinis that evening I told him, “I think you should give Henry a raise. He is such a hard worker.”

I emphasized the word “hard” and I had to fight to control myself so I didn’t laugh. Hubby’s dick is about as hard as al-dente pasta. He couldn’t get it up my asshole if he tried.

He is oblivious to the fact that I need sex. He can barely do it, and I don’t think he misses it. So what harm does it do if I find someone who can do it right?

“I’m so glad you are pleased with Henry’s performance, dear. I will include a nice raise for him in his next paycheck.”

I was indeed pleased with his performance, and I was looking forward to evaluating it again, hopefully soon. I will tell him I got him a raise, and maybe he will fuck me twice a day from now on. If the gardens start to suffer I will hire another gardener part-time to take up the slack. If that works out well maybe Henry’s job description will change and he will be full-time in my bedroom, fucking me in the ass as often as he can recover and be ready. I will be as sore as a whore in a Navy seaport, and he will be exhausted.

Poor guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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