Housework in the Evening

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I sat in my favorite chair all evening watching her. She was wearing tiny pink shorts and an even smaller pink tank top with no bra or panties. She was busy cleaning the living room and angry at me that I was just sitting there instead of helping her. The truth was there was nothing I’d rather be doing at this time than just sitting here watching her. The sun was just going down and the sunlight coming in through the windows was hitting her skin just right. Her tan body glistening as she worked up a little sweat while cleaning. My eyes watched her every muscle in her arms as she slid the vacuum back and forth. She is much shorter than me but her body is strong…lean…she has been working out more lately I thought to myself as she walked in front of me…standing there just looking at me. I finally got the hint and pulled the lever on my chair to pull my legs up for her to vacuum under my legs. From my position I had a perfect view at her beautiful breasts. So firm and tight in her little pink shirt…her chest moist from her sweat…my eyes tracing the sexy curves of her neck…down her shoulders…down her chest…finding her nipples hard under her shirt. She tried not to smile at me when she realized I was getting hard, but I saw it. I saw that look in her eye even though she was trying to be mad at me.

Normally, I would be doing the housework and letting her rest. Today I was being lazy and only wanted to watch her. She was so beautiful when she got angry I couldn’t help but get turned on by her. After all these years just the sight of her skin turned me on. I didn’t dare touch her as she walked by me knowing I wouldn’t be able to resist grabbing her and pulling her down on me…and that might make her even more angry at me. So I decided to wait…to watch her every move as she stretched her arms…knelt down…bent over to reach every spot in the living room…her tight little ass in front of me teasing me each time she bent over. Her tiny shorts covered very little and ankara escort each time she bent over in front of me I could see the outline of her tight little pussy…teasing me more and more with every minute that passed.

She was soon done with the vacuum and moved to the laundry. I could hear her in the room next to me turning the dryer on then throwing clothes in the washer. She came back out and asked for my shirt…telling me she was going to wash it. I took my shirt off and asked her if she wanted my pants too. She said yes and watched me slide them off. She left the room and as she was about to turn the corner out of sight she stopped and slid her shorts down…bending over at the perfect angle as she slid her legs out of her shorts…slowly..knowing I was sitting there in my boxers staring at her tight ass and wanting to lick her body. She laughed as she walked away and started the washer.

She returned completely naked and came over to me and asked me if I had anything I needed to say. I knew that was my cue to apologize and I did with a kiss on her belly. Telling her I was sorry for not helping her while I kissed her warm moist skin…my hands sliding around her pulling her gently towards me. I could feel her resisting me but as she put her hands on my head I could feel her body relax in my arms and she let me pull her body in the chair with me. Her arms wrapped around my neck as our lips played together. We kissed and held each other like we were high school students again sneaking around together. She knew I was ready for her to slide on my cock but we didn’t rush anything. It was such a nice change of pace to just feel her naked body with mine like this. It was exciting to just taste her lips and kiss her…feeling her passion building and growing just as mine was…her kisses getting harder…her grip getting more hands slowing moving down her back…sliding over her ass…enjoying the curve down her spine over her ass…that curve…that sensation…my escort ankara favorite spot on her body…that tiny arch at the bottom of her back where her beautiful ass begins…one single touch always made me instantly hard.

Her hands sliding down my chest and pulling my boxers off as our lips stayed together…I could feel her hunger as she pushed her hips over my cock..grinding down on me…her pussy so wet and juicy ready for me…her tiny body over me sliding down on me…one quick push…her hips sliding down on me…her tight wet lips spreading around my throbbing cock and taking me deep insider her…my hands holding her hips down on me as we continued to make out together.

Her body was so hot and smooth in my arms..her hips rocking back and forth…pushing harder and harder against me. I could feel her pussy squeezing me…holding me in then pushing me out…my lips on her neck as we picked up speed…her hot breath on my neck…my ear…her soft moaning as I slid deep inside her then back out. Her hard nipples on my chest as we stared at each other…my hands sliding her tiny body up and down on my hard throbbing cock…I love the way she looks right now…all hot…sweaty on top of me…her blond hair sticking to her cheeks…her mouth slightly open breathing heavy so close to me…knowing it is me inside her doing this to her…knowing we are both so close to cumming together…both anticipating..craving that together.

I was already about to cum but needed to hear her first…needed that moan…that look on her face…to see her biting her lip with her eyes closed…holding her breath sometimes as she came hard with me inside her…knowing what she needed to get her there. I turned her body around while still inside her…love to feel my cock inside her while I spun her body around…leaning her back against my chest..her legs on each armrest with my hands holding her hips…slowly pushing harder inside her…pulling her up and down on top ankara escort bayan of me…If only I had a mirror in front of us so we could both watch…we always loved to watch each other and always had a large mirror in our bedroom…but none in the living room. She reached down and grabbed my hand…pushing it down between her legs…her lips whispering to me to rub her clit…my skin barely touching her wet pussy…then harder…firm against her clit…fast circles over her clit. I could feel my cock sliding in and out…trying to move faster and faster inside her while I rubbed her clit in rhythm with my cock….finally hearing that sound leave her body I was waiting for…her hips vibrating on my cock…squeezing me…her legs closing together as she came with me inside her…feeling her grip around my cock making me about to cum…still pushing faster inside her.

She knew I was about to cum inside her and quickly jumped up and slid her ass in front of my face…pushing her ass over my head as she grabbed my cock and slid it in her mouth…sucking my cock fast…hard . Her wet pussy sliding over my mouth…tongue tasting her…drinking her juices as she sucked more and more of me. I loved to taste her wet pussy…would love to do it for hours if she let me…trying not to cum yet so I could enjoy her ass in my face longer…love the view…her wet lips on my tongue…but her tongue is too good sliding up and down my cock and her hands stroking me faster and faster finally making me cum inside her…shooting my hot cum in her mouth..her lips tightening around me…holding me in while her hands still stroked me…squeezing me…my hands holding her ass down on my face tighter and tighter as she licked every drop…finally letting me go…my hands finally relaxing and letting her lose from my grip.

This was the best I’ve had for a really long time…both always too busy to really enjoy each other like this. We both laid there quietly together watching the sun finish setting. It never mattered how many times we made love or how many times we watched the sunset…each time seemed as magical as the first…and again I kissed her and apologized for not helping her with the housework and she forgave me as usual.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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