Hotel Meeting

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It had been a week since that fateful day in the rain for Samantha and Daniel, and both of them had been to busy to meet up again since during their lunch. The two handled themselves really well on the Saturday when they with their respective spouses met to have thai food. A brief brush of the leg. A slightly more tender hug, but nothing more.

Finally, there was a perfect opportunity for them to meet up again. This time they had made sure that Samantha was able to take a long lunch, and Daniel had been able to score a short leave of work for a doctor’s’ appointment that was never going to happen. Daniel picked Samantha up, this time she was wearing a long white and black dress, striped and showing off just a hint of cleavage. Daniel in dress slacks and a clean top and tie. Samantha got into the car blushing, her slick legs exposed behind the dress slit.

They drove a few minutes down the main street to a small motel that would suit their needs for the remaining hour. Daniel paid the front in cash and gave fake names (Mr and Mrs Dumas) and was given a key to the quaint room 6. Both Daniel and Samantha jogged to the room, holding hands giggling like school kids, and Daniel opened the door. The room was a blend of browns and dark greens, two flat pillows lay on the bed. The floor was musty and dirty, any other day this room would be a disgrace, but today, it was a palace to them.

Samantha lead Daniel to the bed and they both fell to the hard mattress with a thud. Lips pressed against each other, pendik escort arms exploring the others in a way that just wasn’t possible in the car. Daniel pushed Samantha on to the bed, Daniel kissed down Samantha’s neck. His hands groping her full breasts, he could feel her hands going through his hair, arching back moaning as his have slides between her dress and legs.

Samantha grabbed Daniel’s hair firmly and pulled his head back. “Now if I remember correctly you were greedy last week and got everything leaving me all unsatisfied and unhappy.” Samantha said.

“You’re right Samantha. I’m so..”

Samantha slapped Daniels face. She grabbed his chin and pulled him up close.

“Today I am not Samantha, today I am Mistress Rey and you will be my obedient little slave. Understood?”

“Yes Sam…Mistress Rey.” replied Daniel.

“Good. Now be a good little boy and eat me out.” Ordered Samantha. “And I want you to get on your knees and mumble your indiscretions into a mouth full of my pussy. Got it?”

Before Daniel could comprehend what his orders were, Samantha pushed him off the bed. Falling on his knees he looked up the striped dress and could see Samantha’s wet juicy pussy before him. She apparently forgot to wear panties today. Then just as he got a good view of her shaved cunt Samantha slid down the bed. Her ankles pressed into Daniel’s back. She pulled him into her pink box.

Slowly Daniel pressed his tongue up against Samantha’s clit. Flicking the tiny little bulb with the escort pendik tip of his tongue. He moaned as she started to flow down his throat. Tasting her exquisite juices got Daniel rock hard precum dripping in his boxers.

Daniel felt Samantha’s hand caress his head. Her ankles digging into his back firmly. Daniel’s tongue swayed across her clit, feeling her pussy drip down his chin was driving him wild. Just then Samantha kicked him in the back. Pain gently seared through him.

“I thought I ordered you to mumble indiscretions into my cunt you bad boy. Don’t make me punish you.” Samantha growled.

Daniel obeyed gleefully, he started moaning into Samantha’s pussy all the thoughts he had about her, what he wanted to do to her, what he wanted to do to her. Daniel picked up speed as Samantha’s hips bucked as he forced his tongue into her clit harder, faster.

Samantha came with a fish of juices that poured into Daniel’s mouth. She held his head drop in between her legs and she squirted heavily. It had been a while since she had cum.

Samantha’s hands fell beside her. Panting, her cheeks pink, she gave out a cute giggle and but her lips. She felt Daniel move up to her. Removing his pants and unbuttoning his shirt. She looked down to his big hard cock, dripping onto her legs. It was pointing right at her wet pussy.

She stopped him from going any farther. “Now, now bad little man. You are going to have to be punished.”

Samantha reached for her purse and out fell a pair of purple pendik escort bayan panties and a small dildo, condom, and lube.

Samantha put the condom on the toy, and applied a generous amount of lube to the modest pink piece of silicone.

“Bend over.” Demanded Samantha, Daniel slowly this time obeyed. Nervous about having something enter his ass for the first time. Samantha admired the nice butt before she slowly inserted the toy into him.

Samantha slowly started to fuck Daniel seeing his cock start to really drip, small drops falling over her legs and the bedding. Daniel watched in ecstasy as Samantha wiped up some from her legs and his head and licked her finger.

Samantha picked up her speed. And while Daniel’s eyes were closed, grabbed her panties with her free hand. Daniel have it a loud “Fuck, I’m cumming!” And Samantha took her panties and placed then at the to of his cock. His cum shooting into her covered hand. She felt his huge load pound against her palm, trickling down her wrist.

Daniel watched as Samantha slid the cum drenched purple underwear up her long legs and covered her smooth dripping pussy. Daniel grabbed her wrist and licked his cum of her skin. Samantha and him exchanged a delightful grin.

They tidied up and exchanged kisses while doing so. Swapping each other’s cum in their mouths. They turned the keys to the indifferent receptionist and got back into Daniel’s car.

As he dropped Samantha off Daniel noted he is going on his yearly fishing weekend trip in a few weeks. All alone in the woods for the days. To which Samantha noted she would be free and alone herself for that very weekend. They kissed one last time and Samantha got out of the car waving bye and winking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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