Hotel Games

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All Holes

All rights reserved The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author. No part of this book may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without express written permission of the publisher.

Copyright @2021 Carpe Noctem

Hotel Games By Carpe Noctem

She is on a small trip with her family. A small hockey tourney several hrs. Away. She had been talking to this poet and author and nice guy online. The best part is that her husband didn’t know about it. He seemed sweet and just made her smile. She even bought his book of erotica. She keeps checking in during the trip to chit-chat and sees how he is as he is doing the same. On the first day of the tournament, he says he is out for a drive and hopes she is well. Early that morning before the sun was even a glimmer on the horizon she got a text saying come to room 110. She is shocked because she has no idea how he found her. She wanders down the hall a little afraid of what she will find. She knocks on the door and hears the words enter and walks in.

He had driven all afternoon and part of the night after tracking her phone she was so amazing he just had to meet her even if she ran away he hears a knock on the door and says enter and watches her slowly walk-in he is standing behind the door and closes it as she walks past pulling her into his arms at long last he gives her a deep passionate kiss as she settles into his arms he looks her in the eyes and sees the small fear as he takes her over to a table where a small black box sits a small hole in the lid I want you to reach in and pick out a slip of paper whatever it says we are going to do we will play three rounds of this game if you last all three rounds then you with get a special prize at the end.

She reaches in and feels around scared of what it might say she pulls it out loud and it says double penetration. Now she is scared because it is just him and her so, who does the second cock belong to?

He reaches into the high bag and pulls out a medium-sized vibrating dildo she breathes a sigh of relief at this without a word he walks behind her and pushes her over the table pulling up her nightgown and whistles hmm looks like this princess wants some dick bad you ain’t got no panties on. She starts to struggle and he smacks her ass making her yelp and shake.

Now be a good girl and let daddy have some fun and you will have a great time. He drops his ataşehir escort bayan pants and pulls out his already hard cock rubbing the head on her pussy lips getting her wet. Then with a grab of her hips, he slides in till his balls touch her ass.

He starts a slow steady rhythm to get her going as he looks down and smiles at the sight of his cock fucking her after a few minutes she hears the dildo turn on and braces for the worst he slowly slides it alongside his cock stretching her out the vibrations cause her to instantly cum as he holds the vibe still and starts pounding her again as the dildo remains in place rumbling along her orgasm is building fast as he leans forward and grabs a handful of her breasts and pinches a nipple as she screams out ohhh yesss.

He lets go and straightens up continuing to pound this hot slutty woman and as he spanks her sexy ass she tenses up and moans yesssss daddy I’m going to cum that’s it baby cum for me he turns up the dildo and starts fucking her with it as she moans harder. He feels her tighten and pulse as she cums hard leaking juices all on the carpet he leans forward again whisper good girl you passed round one. She whimpers as he pulls out and pulls out the dildo ok hun time to pick round two I will give you ten minutes to recover then you pick.

She takes a few minutes to drink some cold water as she sits on the edge of the tub trying to figure out what just happened. She is a married woman unhappy but married. This total stranger has just taken her in a way she never dreamed of. Her heart is racing and all she can do is breathe. She gathers her courage and walks back out to him. Listen I need to know right now if I want to leave at any time is that going to be a problem. No, the only problem is the regret of not knowing what would have happened.

She sighs and walks over to the box and pulls out another slip and hands it to him. OHH he holds it up and shows her. TIE HER TO THE BED AND EAT HER OUT. He walks over and removes some soft rope from his bag. Lay down on the bed he says he gently ties each hand to the bed frame and one ankle to the frame as well I want on leg free so I can move you if needed. Ok, she says and takes a deep breath. He kisses her lips trailing kisses down her neck to her soft round breasts. He licks each nipple before sucking on it causing her to moan as he bites each one hard enough to leave a mark around them. He keeps kissing down her stomach and along her thigh as he kisses back up her inner thigh. He kisses just to the side of her still wet slit. Starts running his tongue along the outer escort kadıöy edges down her leg and back. He lifts her free leg over her shoulder as he slides his tongue inside her warm wet hole slurping her juices while kissing her lips. She shudders and moans as he nibbles her clit. Meanwhile, he is sending a text to someone else. As he keeps driving his tongue deeper and sucking harder, he hears the door open and, in the mirror, sees the maid from the hotel walk in. She nods at him and walks to the bed shedding the robe revealing she is naked. Ingrid looks on and starts to say something as the maid climbs on the bed. Just then he sucks hard on her clit making her moan instead as the maid starts sucking on her nipples, she becomes lost in the sensation.

He keeps sucking hard and reaches up to smack the maid’s ass as her signal to move. The maid climbs up and straddles Ingrid’s face just as he slips the vibrating dildo back into her wet waiting hole. The maid lowers down engulfing her face with her pussy. Ingrid is scared and lost but the scent makes her hunger to please so she slowly starts to lick the wet slit of the maid.

The maid rides her face moaning out how good a princess sub she is to lick a stranger’s pussy for her dom. Ingrid is lost in lust as he eats and fucks her with the dildo and the maid rides her tongue. The maid starts moaning as she starts Cumming on Ingrid’s face. Ingrid starts Cumming on him as he keeps driving the dildo in her. The maid climbs off and kisses her tasting herself on Ingrid’s lips. She says thank you as she gathers her robe and leaves the room.

He puts her leg down and pulls the dildo out making her whimper in delight. Well, Hunny Ya just passed round 2 are you sure you want to keep playing. He unties her hands and feet helping her sit up, holding her. She looks at him with fire in her eyes and pushes him down on the bed. She mounts his hard cock in one swift motion pulling his hands to her breasts as she rides him harder and faster. Before long she starts moaning louder and louder till her orgasm explodes all over the bed drenching him and the bed around her. She rolls off panting and stutters a thank you before falling asleep.

She wakes to find almost no time has passed. She looks around and sees him sitting at the table watching her. She slides off the bed and runs to him as he holds out the box. She reaches in and grabs the last slip of paper. When she opens it up it reads Slow Blow Job with a surprise ending. She is nervous as he is already so hard. She has never blown a cock that was erect already. He goes and sits on the maltepe escort edge of the bed spreading his legs so she will have room. He places a few pillows so the floor won’t hurt her.

He looks at her as he slowly rubs his engorged member. She gets on her knees moving his hand away and letting hers take its place. She slides her hand up and down the smooth schlong. It’s hard and she can feel the heartbeat in the veins. As she strokes it up and down she kisses the tip causing him to moan. She looks up at him and purrs does daddy like that? He smiles down and nods his head. This gives her the courage to start sucking the tip into her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the edge of the head before running her tongue down the side and backs up feeling the throbbing of his vein as her wet warm tongue slides up. As she nears the tip she opens wide and swallows the first few inches. She rests there a moment to get used to it. She backs it out with a loud slurp. She looks up at daddy and wiggles her ass a little.

He can tell she is excited by all this. He crooks a finger telling her to come closer. As she leans in to take him in her again he waits till she has him in her mouth then grabs her hair and drives the rest of his seven inches into her mouth. She fights at first as he holds her there. He lets go of her and smiles as she slowly slides it out to the tip than with a wink and moans. She takes it all back down to his balls over and over making him moan loud with pleasure.

He pulls her head back and taps the head of his pecker on her lips as she kisses the tip each time. He asks if she is ready for the surprise finish. She nods yes as he tells her to wrap her beautiful mounds of glory around his hard member. As he fucks her tits like he did her mouth he starts grunting as he gets closer to her he looks down into her eyes and says here ya go baby doll. He takes it in his hand and strokes faster as he grunts and growls till he explodes shooting streams onto her waiting face. The globs run down her cheek to drip onto her breasts.

She runs a finger up over her nipple and breast scooping the cream into her mouth and swallows smiling as she does. She takes him back in her mouth sucking the last drops out as he begins to soften.

He helps her up and showers with her getting her all clean. She kisses him and thanks him knowing it will never happen again. She looks at her phone and sees there is about an hr. Till the family wakes up. She wakes to someone shaking her. Her husband is shaking her asking if she is ok. She looks at him and says yes why. He laughed and said she was mumbling and moaning in her sleep all night. She sits up with a start thinking it was all just a dream.

She goes to the bathroom to freshen up and sees a missed pm on her phone. THANKS FOR THE GREAT GAME it says. She nearly drops the phone afraid that it wasn’t a dream. OR WAS IT?

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