Hot Like That!

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She was hot like that.

It seemed quite apparent the way she snaked her way across my body she definitely was going to get what she wanted. Not that I was ever stopping her; for me I looked at it like a dealer catering to the needs of the addicted, and no stint in sex rehab would ever convince her otherwise.

She wore something simply easy to get into: a summer dress, patterned in light colors with three mere buttons stitched in. It was all that was separating me from her apparent good that sat so wonderful inside the threads. I quickly adjusted myself with a tug in order to be more comfortable.

As on cue, the wet trail of slopping kisses from my neck down to my torso finally made a stop to my crotch, where after much coaxing, she carefully dipped into first my shorts then my boxers like a Scrabble player grabbing a handful of letters; in this case, she paused slightly, caressing my nuts with a gentle massage before starting her oral engagement. With a twitch of its own, the sucker stood attentively for some attention.

Of course, my idle hands, not wanting left out of such excitement decided on doing much of the same upon her ample jutting cleavage. The impressive set, carefully stacked in a manner that wasn’t overbearing, pushed hard against those weak set of buttons. The fleshy toned skin, packed tight upon her wired bra, peaked above, and this part of her sex called to me; I too sunk my hands through her open collar. Underneath, my fingers ran at a snail’s pace as I crept along searching for her pebbled nipples. My hope was to tweak them to a sensual casino siteleri pulse and send that straight jolt like an electrified sensation throughout her body.

My fingers made contact, and she stopped for a moment, my dick stuck in the act, and huffed a pant from the corners of her lips. “Damn,” I thought. It only made her throat her even deeper into the recess of her mouth when I rolled my index finger in and around it; in her moaning, I twist it upwards a little harder in the guise of balancing it out from fleeting excitement to pleasurable pain, and back again.

Her head bobbed with each thrust of her mouth down upon it, and she rhythmically danced upon the shaft; she milked it with her tongue wrapped around both the bloated head and the thickness, as she continued assaulting it with her own version of an oral tug of war.

By then, her hands slipped to her wide hips, her fingers pulling up on the sides of her dress till the end sat comfortably upon her rounded ass. The sweet smell of her sex soon drifted up and touched my senses; yes, she had started diddling herself, when I, slit eyed looked straight down and watched her play upon her pussy. She ran her fingers and twirling her silken thong into a circular frenzy upon her clit, and the fleeting action seeped through a damp impression on the pink.

The all out blitz of our foreplay clocked so rapidly upon me: up and down, around the shaft she sucked harder, and rubbed her pussy longer. Yet, as we drifted along, I cringed when the burning thrills of my ball sack boiled and churned as she milked canlı casino the wet shaft into her mouth for the umpteenth time: my cock, giving into her oral whims, continued lurching to the point I felt the inevitable push of cum heading toward its end run. I definitely didn’t want to miss out on being inside of her before I blew my load.

Apparently, she felt it was time too.

I never felt the cool crisp air surround my dick when she pulled off it; I was busy, much too busy figuring out a way to let loose the vixen on my cock so I could slip into the folds of her pussy. Yet, with her ass upturned and her hands planted on the wall, the invitation to the game continued on.

And with deliberate slow and slick apprehension, I pushed – the head of my cock, kissed by another set of wet lips, sunk into confines of what I could only describe as “The Grip” – the confines were a tight squeeze yes, but the way the wet heat embraced me left my mouth rounded with no sounds coming out. And underneath me, she scattered her panting as well, signaling her loss of control; she contracted even harder upon me, causing her to arch her back to accommodate the pulsing cock intruding into her womanly channels. I, for one, I pressed onto the soft reaches of her cunt, taking in the way her muscles massaged my cock for all the right reasons.

The wickedly fun of our deviant sexual actions up the ante; my piston cock pumping into her snug form fit glove wrapped like a vice around my dick – it tempted me to unload it all. Yet, as my hands handled her hips with a kneading death wish kaçak casino claw into her skin, I tried concentrating on a thousand different things other than my dick in her pussy. It was hard though. The frenetic pace illustrated her mature experience – as if she were to say, “Fuck it! Just fuck me!” She was quick in returning my thrusting dick even faster now; it was as though she wanted the hot blast of young cum to coat the inside of her burning pussy.

Ah, such wishes! Oh well, then, fuck it! Sweaty and needing to let it go, I fucked her to her pussy’s content, making her face eat wall as I deep ended jabs of my cock into her at an unforgiving pace. “Yes, you motherfucker, I’m coming!” she yelled. “You’re such a bad, bad boy!”

And with that she flooded my shaft as her pussy muscles tightened and never let go. I got very close to her then, my mouth, whisper hot near her ear, my chest lying upon her back. The euphoria was akin to when I was fucking in a pool; except I think this time, my dick went numb. But not before my cum, which seem to settle at the tip of my cock waiting for the CUE, suddenly broke out and upon her insides, shooting gobs and gobs up and in her soaping cunt.

She stiffened a little, while she maintained her balance on weakened legs; all that seemed to hold her up was just me, and her small hands on the wall. Instantly, she went limp, as did my dick (my overworked member left shop, and out of the folds of her sensitive pussy). I saw some twinkle in her eye, as she threw her head back and resting it upon my shoulders. It was as though she was taking it all in: the sex, the young man fucking her, and cum inside her pussy. And when she turned her head placing a kiss upon my parched lips, all was definitely good and well, especially when I know, she is hot like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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