Hot For Summer School Teacher

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This is a true story from my wild youth. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing it with you all.

I was always a somewhat troublesome student in high school. I started out being a good boy, a good student, first string linebacker, somewhat of a star around school. I am not exactly sure how the transformation happened, but girls, fun and drugs played a big part of it…especially girls.

I eventually quit the football team so I could work after school, much to everyone’s dismay. I learned quickly that girls did not like to date guys that couldn’t afford to show them a good time, even a muscle bound football star.

I managed to find a job cleaning a butcher shop a few evenings a week, which worked out perfectly. It gave me enough money to buy gas, party with my friends and take girls out on nice dates.

I wasn’t a bad kid, I just loved having fun, I wasn’t out to do mean things or hurt anyone. But I found myself slipping away from my studies, falling behind, skipping classes.

I looked older than I was, I already had a receding hairline and had a very heavy beard that required shaving every day, and left a 5 o’clock shadow by noon. Because of this I mostly dated college girls, and even had occasional flings with older women.

I was barely passing my senior year, when I was kicked out for the remainder of the year for beating up another kid. I saw this kid picking on a defenseless special-ed student, and I stepped in and told him to pick on someone his own size. The kid thought he was a tough guy and took a swing at me, punching me in the face. I only hit him three times before he went down with blood running down his face from the gash in his forehead. Our school had a zero tolerance policy, when it came to fighting , and both parties involved are automatically suspended for 30 days. Which meant I was out for the remainder of the year and would not graduate.

My parents pressured me to enroll in night school for the summer. I landed a job at a cemetery during the day, and I turned 18 at the beginning of June. I was dreading going to school every night, when I could be out with my friends, or my girlfriend, but oh well, I was making some money and still had my weekends free. And I had a friend who had enrolled in the same night school class. So it shouldn’t be too bad.

The teacher’s name was Miss Cranston, according to the schedule. Oh great, I envisioned a lonely old spinster, that probably had a dozen cats and hated guys like me. So the first night of class my buddy picked me up and we smoked a joint on the way to school. We wanted to be primed to deal with this old battle axe .

We were cutting up as we walked down the hall to our classroom. I had brought an apple to make a good first impression, I wanted to start things off on the right foot. I was surprised when I walked in the classroom to find not a cranky old spinster, but instead there was a young woman, who looked fresh out of college and was actually quite lovely. She had kind of a hippie look about her, like most young women in the 1970s did. Long dark hair, jeans, a modest loose fitting shirt. Small and very attractive.

She looked a little timid when I walked up to her desk and put the apple in front of her. “Hi Miss Cranston! I am John and I am excited to be in your class!” Her big blue eyes looked up at me, I am sure she noticed my glowing eyes, I saw her checking out my long hair and looking at my beefy arms and chest through my T-shirt. “Please call me Jan, and have a seat and we will get started.”

This must have been her first teaching gig, and she seemed very nervous and very intimidated by the class. It was kind of a rough crowd, mostly guys. I was one of the youngest in the class at 18. There were quite a few adults, and some of them looked rode hard and put away wet, as they say. But as the classes went on, she got into her groove, she learned to make it fun and to keep our attention. She was so sweet, very mild and still somewhat timid. The students were all very nice to her, she really was adorable.

She would stand outside the classroom before and after each class, and I would stop and chat with her a little bit every day. She would laugh and shake her head when she saw my red eyes, and I am sure she could smell the weed on me as I came into class every night. I was really starting to have the hots for her, I loved her smile and the way she looked at me with those big blue eyes.

She was a tiny little thing, but she always wore such loose clothing, it was hard to see her shape very well. Judging from what I could see, she had some nice little curves, and some very ample breasts, and like so many women during that era, she didn’t always wear a bra.

On more than one occasion, when she was standing outside the classroom leaning against the lockers, I had a hard time not looking at her hard nipples poking through the material of her top. She always blushed when she noticed what I was looking at, and it seemed to casino siteleri make them even harder.

We had our last day of class for the summer session on a Friday, it was the beginning of August and it was ungodly hot and humid. The air conditioning in the big old school couldn’t keep up with it and our classroom was like a sauna.

Jan had told us all it was going to be a casual evening and she also said form everyone to bring in a record album with a favorite song on it, and she would play everyone song and give them a chance to explain why they liked the song so much.

Friday was my payday and after work I scored some killer hashish from a friend. I shared some with my buddy when he picked me up for school, and we were ripped by the time we got there. We were joking and laughing as we walked down the hallway.

Jan was in her spot leaning against the lockers when we walked up. Instead of wearing her usual jeans and a loose top, with her hair pulled back, she had on a long hippie looking dress. It buttoned down the front, and was only buttoned halfway up her chest and was unbuttoned from about mid thigh down. Her long brown hair was hanging down and she had one foot flat against the locker she was leaning on, which made her knee stick out of the opening of her dress. She looked stunning!

I was very high, and I stopped to talk to her as I went in, she seemed different, her eyes were as glassy as mine. She was running her foot up and down the locker behind her as we chatted. There was no mistaking how hard her nipples were, I couldn’t stop looking at them as they poked through the thin material of her dress.

I was wearing a muscle shirt, and my skin was very tan from my job at the cemetery . The short time we chatted, she kept looking at my bare arms and shoulders, my big hairy chest was pushing out the front of my shirt. My cock was starting to make a bulge in my jeans, which apparently did not go unnoticed by her.

Jan had set up a little record player in the classroom and started things off in alphabetical order. Each person getting up and explaining their choice of song, and what they liked about it. When my name came up I played “The Lemon Song” by Led Zeppelin. I picked it just for it’s sexual connotations, I explained that I liked how primal and raw it was. It wasn’t even a double entendres, it was intensely sexual and pornographic, no beating around the bush with those lyrics.

She was blushing as she listened to my description, but her eyes were fixed on me and she was hanging on every word I spoke. When Robert Plant started moaning ” Squeeze my lemon baby, til the juice runs down my leg.” Her face was blushing deep red and her eyes were fixed on the throbbing bulge in my pants, her nipples were poking out like diamond cutters as she listened to the intensely sexual lyrics. I picked this song as somewhat of a seduction move and she was definitely taking the bait.

After everyone in the class had played their songs, It was Jan’s turn to play hers. Her choice was “The Zoo” by the Scorpions. Her explanation was brief and she only said that the song reminded her of her college days. We made brief eye contact as she started the song, and she blushed deeply as her eyes travelled down my body to my crotch. I was having a hard time keeping my erection down, Jan was really turning me on, the sexual tension between us had been building all summer, and it was now at a fevers pitch.

After her song was over she wrapped up class and stood outside the doorway, saying her goodbyes to each student as they left. I took my time and waited so I was the last one to leave. I walked up to her and said “The Zoo, huh? Interesting choice, but a good one. I would love to hear the reason behind that choice!” She blushed and laughed and said ” I am sure you would.”

She looked me in the eye and said “What are your plans after class?”

” I really don’t have any, other than seeing if any of my friends want to hang out or something.” I said.

She blushed a little more “Well I wouldn’t mind hanging out.”

It seemed like she had a hard time mustering up the courage for that one. “We could listen to each other’s songs again, and explore the personal meanings a little deeper, my stereo sounds much better than that record player.”

I loved how she made it sound like homework, or tutoring. I was now officially really hot for teacher. “Sounds good to me! I just scored some killer hash too!” I replied.

I told my buddy to go ahead without me, and that I had a ride with Jan. He shook his head and laughed. “You are such a dog! Have fun!” He said as he turned and headed down the hallway.

Jan led me to her yellow, Volkswagen Beetle, and she drove us to a house not far from the school, in a very sketchy neighborhood. It was obviously an old house bastardized into small apartments. My cock was throbbing now as she led me up the back staircase to her apartment. Inside it was very much a hippie pad, sparse furnishings, canlı casino it smelled of incense and she had beads hanging in the doorways of each room.

She lit some incense and pulled out a tray with a few buds on it and a bong. “Would you like some Chianti?” She asked.

“Sure, that sounds great! ” I said, not really knowing what Chianti was.

I started breaking up a bud that was on her tray and I crumbled up a nice chunk of hash and mixed it in with the pot. I filled up the bowl of the bong with it and set it on the coffee table.

The anticipation was killing me, I was a little nervous and unsure of myself. I could tell she was interested in me, but she had to be six or seven years older, which is a huge difference at that age. I was a boy trapped in a man’s body, and she was a full grown woman with her own place.

She brought in the wine and sat next to me on the couch and we each took a couple of bong hits while we chatted and sipped our wine. It appeared to me that there were more buttons opened on her dress, on the top and bottom. Most of her thigh was showing now, it was slightly tan and looked so soft and creamy. Every time she leaned forward , I got a great tit shot, her dress was unbuttoned down below her breasts now. If the lighting were brighter I am sure I would have seen her nipple.

So tell me why you like “The Zoo” so much? I asked.

Jan gave a little chuckle and replied “No, lets talk about your song first. Do you have sex on the brain? Or do you just like the novelty of hearing about it in a song?”

“To be honest,” I said “that song really turns me on, I think it’s very erotic. I wanted to see if it turned you on also.” I was hoping to shock her by being so blunt and forward. But, I think I ended up shocking myself more than I did her. I could feel my face blushing.

“Oh! I see!” She said with an impish grin on her face “Well let’s hear it again and maybe we can find out.”

She put the song on, turned up the volume and returned to her seat next to me. We were really high, and getting into Led Zeppelin laying down the blues. She was sitting very close to me, and when my arm went around her shoulders, she leaned into me further. I was touching her bare shoulders underneath her dress. Softly caressing her skin as we grooved to the music.

Her hand was squeezing my thigh as I softly rubbed her soft skin. I wondered if she could see how hard my cock was through my jeans in her dimly lit apartment. I had her dress pulled over her shoulder, and was rubbing the front of her shoulder now, sliding my hand closer to her bare breast. Her breathing was getting heavier as she squeezed and rubbed her hand up and down my thigh.

When we got to the part of the song where Robert was crooning about squeezing his lemon until the juice runs down his leg. She moved her hand over my hard cock through my jeans. She rubbed her hand up and down the length and gave it a good hard squeeze. I am sure she could feel it throbbing as she squeezed it. Pre-cum was oozing out like crazy now, soaking my thigh.

When the song was over , she reached for the bong and had another sip of wine. “Okay, now it’s your turn.” I said with a chuckle. “What is it that you like about your song?”

“I danced at a strip club when I was in college, it was my favorite song to dance to.” She looked me right in the eyes when she said it, wanting to see my reaction. “The beat always really turned me on, it make me feel so sexy when I was on stage and it was playing.”

She went to the stereo and put on the album. When the guitar intro started she turned up the volume. She was standing in front of me, her long hair tousled and hanging in her face. It didn’t cover it enough to hide her sly little smile, I could see one of her glowing eyes looking at me through her hair. Her hips were swaying to the heavy beat.

Her dress was unbuttoned to her belly button now and as she shimmied and shook her shoulders at me, I caught wonderfully tantalizing glimpses of her bare tits.

I was as hard as a rock now, my cock was throbbing and dripping. I started rubbing it through my jeans. Her smile got wider and she licked her lips as she watched me rubbing my self.

The song ended too quickly. She stood there looking at me, her dress hanging mostly open, one of her tits was completely exposed. She was breathing hard and I could see beads of sweat on her skin. There were only a few buttons left holding her dress on. She looked so fucking hot, like a truly sensual being. And she needed to get fucked. Right now!

She walked up to me and I scooted up to the edge of the couch. I grabbed her hips and slid my hands around to her soft little ass as I buried my face between her breasts. Her skin tasted so sweet, a little salty from the thin film of sweat. She moaned and grabbed my head pulling me into her.

I continued squeezing her ass through her dress, as I kissed and sucked her breasts. She was stroking my head and moaning. I started kaçak casino focusing on her hard little nipples, sucking one and then the other as I undid the last few buttons of her dress. And she shrugged it off, letting it fall to the floor.

To my delight, she was not wearing panties. I caressed her ass and her soft back, as I sucked her tits and kissed my way down her belly. I went down on my knees and held her ass in my hand as I nuzzled my nose into her sparse little forest of hair. I could smell her arousal and she gasped as my tongue flicked her engorged clit.

She was holding my head in her hands, as she started grinding her hot little cunt against my face. She was so wet and she was smearing her juice all over my face as she humped against me. She was totally using me to get off, humping my face like I was a sex toy. She just kept moaning and grinding.I was licking and sucking her lips and clit as they passed by mouth.

Sometimes she would get up high on my face and I would push my tongue in between her swollen lips, into her juicy hole.

She grabbed my head tightly and started feverishly humping my face “Oh god! Oh my fucking god yes!” She cried out as her juices poured onto my face and into my mouth.

She held me there until her orgasm subsided. I stood up and we locked into a passionate embrace, kissing me hard and licking her juices off of my face as she rubbed my hard cock through my jeans.

She started undoing my pants as I peeled off my shirt. We were standing there naked, both of us sweaty, just enough to make our skin glisten in the soft light. She ran her hands over my shoulders and down my chest. Her hand wrapped around my hard dripping cock that was sticking straight out in front of me, as she moved in and started kissing my chest.

She stroked my cock softly as she kissed her way down my body. She took her hand away and with both hands pushed me back to a sitting position on the couch. I leaned back with my ass on the edge as she crawled between my legs. Her hands on my thighs as she started licking at my throbbing cock.

She looked me in the eyes as she licked the shaft and the head. She was teasing the fuck out of me, and I loved it. She took each of my big, heavy, cum filled balls in her mouth. Sucking them and swirling her tongue around them. My cock was laying on her forehead and dripping Pre-cum all over her pretty face and in her hair.

She put her hands under my knees, prompting me to pull my knees up, so she could continue her assault on my balls. She kept going back and forth from one to the other, licking them and sucking them. Making a sloppy mess.

She ran her tongue down between my balls and flicked at my asshole. This was new territory for me, the intense ball sucking and now she wanted to eat my ass. I pulled my legs up further as she pushed her tongue into my ass. She was moaning something that sounded like “Yum, yum, yum!” As she ate me.

After she finished giving my asshole a good tongue fucking, she let me put my legs down and she fixed her gaze on my dripping cock.

Keeping her hands on my thighs she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and sucked it into her mouth. I felt harder than I have ever been, as she sucked the head. She would occasionally take it to down to the entrance of her throat and then she would back off.

I stroked her hair, and put my hand on the back of her head, holding it still with the head of my cock in her mouth. With a firm grip on her head I slowly eased my cock into her mouth. I felt it hit the back of her mouth, and I slowly pushed the head down her throat. She tensed up and gagged. I pulled it back almost all the way out and eased it in again. She was coughing up spit around my cock as I slowly fucked her throat.

I pushed it all the way down and held it in her throat. She was gripping my thighs tightly. I could feel her throat gagging on my dick. I pulled it out after a few seconds and she gasped loudly, trying to catch her breath. Long strands of spit were connecting her lips to my cock. I stood up in front of her, her eyes were watering as she looked up at me.

She grabbed my shaft at the base, her hand wrapped around my balls and she sucked the head into her mouth. I grabbed her head with both hands and pushed my cock down her throat. I pulled it out and rammed it back in. She was clutching my legs with both hands as I fucked her throat.

I don’t know what came over me, I was like a demon possessed. I was holding her head in my hand and ramming the head of my cock down her throat. She was choking and gagging, big gobs of drools were dripping down her chin and my balls. Every stroke I pushed my dick all the way in so her nose would be buried in my pubic hair and my balls would be on her chin.

My balls tensed up and I pulled it back so just the head was in her mouth and I squirted my sperm into her. I was cumming so hard and she was gobbling it all up. She couldn’t quite keep up and a little of it dropped out of the corner of her mouth.

I released my grip on her head and she continued sucking every drop out of my twitching cock. She was sucking it nice and slow, savoring it, and also keeping it nice and hard for her.

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