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At 25,000 feet my mind drifts back to the last six months. My deployment to Operation Baltic Hammer is over. 147 combat missions and I’m still alive. My plane and body are still in one peace and I’m coming home. I scan the inside of my cockpit as I have done a million times before. The heads up display tells me I am on course at 25,000 feet and the final waypoint marches to the center. I scan outside of my plane. Yup. Razor is right where he should be. A steady 36 inches and to the right of my wing tip. Razor. What a character. He will be off to Nellis in a few weeks to begin the flight phase of selection to the Thunderbird team. When he found out he had been selected for trials, he started hanging his helmet upside down in the classic number five opposing solo position. He swears he is going to make it onto the team. Ah youth. Hell, he is only twenty-seven. Not much younger than I am.

The sunlight shines through my canopy in a bright glow. It is good to see the sunlight after six months of clouds and rain. The mountains of Arizona are barren compared to the mountains in the Baltic States. I’m almost home now. “Strike Eagle Lead, this is Luke tower. We have you on radar showing 25,000, heading 112 degrees, range 45 nautical miles. Air traffic is commercial at 31, 050, heading 270 degrees, range 22 nautical miles. You are cleared into military air space and is free of other traffic. Winds are 2 miles per hour south by southwest. Visibility 75 miles, ceiling is unlimited. Cleared for landing, runway two one north, over. Roger Luke tower, this is Strike Eagle Lead. Thank you and requesting missing man formation flyby for squadron. “Roger, Strike Eagle Lead. Permission granted. Luke tower out.”

The squadron forms up on my wings. I look out my canopy and see Razor looking at me. I know what he is thinking. The same thing we all are. The missing man formation is for Spade. Shot down in the Balkans. His body was never recovered. Spade was Razors roommate in the academy and flight school. He was also Razors best man when he and Samantha got married.

We see the base up ahead as we drop our altitude to three hundred feet. Lined up on the runway. Air speed 180 knots. I can see the people on the ramp. Ten miles and closing. Five miles. One mile. Center ramp and Digger pulls hard on the stick as the crowd passes under us. We all separate now heading back to the south end of the runway. Razor kicks it up to the afterburners and rolls inverted as a signal to Samantha that they are going to Nellis. Eight ball is next in the flyby. It looks like he is going to drop out of the sky he is moving so slow. The nose is up forty-five degrees and the speed breaks are out. I Kick the afterburners and am greeted by the slam into the ejection seat. The crowd passes in a blur and I kick the rudder hard left. Grunting hard now. 9 G’s now. G-suit is tightening around me. One turn, level and pull tuzla escort hard on the stick and kick the rudder. Strait up and roll. Watch the altimeter. 25,000. 30,000. Roll it over. Level out. Head back to the end and land this thing now. Wheels down. Steady on the nose gear. Down.

I roll to the ramp and raise the canopy. The crew chief directs me to park. Slow on the breaks. “Strike Eagle, welcome home sir. Luke tower out.” I smile. I power down and remove my gloves and helmet. The ladder is up and the crew chief helps to unbuckle me from the ejection seat. He climbs down and I follow. American soil. I haven’t felt it under my boots in six months. I look around as the families’ race to the planes to hold their loved ones. I turn to look at my plane and touch her skin. She has been faithful to me. She carried me into battle and brought me home. The crew chief extends his hand and says, “Welcome home sir. It’s good to see you and my bird.” It’s good to be home Tom. I shake his hand and hand him the logbook from my flight bag. The air is hot and humid and the smell of jet exhaust is strong.

I smell a light perfume and hands coming over my shoulders to my chest. Distantly familiar hands that race to the front of my memory. I turn to see a tearful, smiling face. I take you in my arms and hold you close. These arms kept me going for so long. The memory of your touch. Our lips meet in a kiss that tells on each other. We have been apart for too long. The kiss is mixed with different emotions. I miss you. I need you. I was worried. I am happy. I am relieved. I want and desire you. Our kiss ends and I step back to drink you in. You turn like a runway model. Your dress covers your body and hugs your every curve. I am amazed at the sight before me and smile at you. I take your hand and walk towards the waiting bus to take us back to the squadron.

The wives have decorated the squadron with welcome home banners and balloons. The cold air conditioning is refreshing as I walk through the doors. The smell of real food is strong in the air. A caterer has come in to feed us. We all mix and mingle with the other wives and pilots. I leave you to change clothes. In the locker room, I sit and think about the last six months. A flood of emotion hits me. Razors locker and Spades are next to me. A yellow ribbon on Spades locker tells it all. I open the door and see the pictures taped to the inside of the door. Not. Much left inside the small locker. He had most of his stuff with him. I see the pictures from Razors wedding. The tears flow as the memories flood my mind. I see the fireball as the SAM missile hits his plane. It was a strange mix of colors. The brilliant green mountains, the dark, gray, overcast sky, the red and yellow fireball and the black smoke. I never saw a parachute. I can hear the sound of his voice as he raced to dodge the incoming missile in my ears. I remember the gut wrenching tuzla escort bayan feeling I had when I saw the missile hit. It was instantaneous, but he was scared. He knew the missile had him. I can’t imagine what went through his mind with the missile tone getting louder in his ears. I shut the door and sit down.

I get changed and go back to the party. I find you and take you in my arms. It is good to see you. I know I am complete now. I take your hand and lead you out to the parking lot. We get into the truck and leave the base behind. We drive and drive just to hear the others voice longer. Instead of going home, we drive north to the mountains. The sun is setting and the sky grows dark with the summer monsoon thunderclouds. We get out and walk along a trail to the pond, hand in hand. I love coming to the cabin. It is a place to relax.

I sit under an old pine tree and you sit in my lap and drape your arms over me. I smell your perfume. So soft and sweet. You smile up at me and trace lines on my face. I stare deep into your eyes. So many emotions at play. You lean forward and our lips meet. Soft and tender. My heart skips a beat as you softly moan. My hands rub up your back and hair. Our kiss becomes stronger as the breeze picks up. A low moan comes from deep with in me. You stand up and slowly remove your dress.

You stare deep into my eyes and I see the hunger building in your expression as you remove your bra. Your hard nipples stand atop hard, firm breast. A wicked smile spreads across your face. You slowly pull the French cut panties down your hard legs. You remove your shoes and stand before me and smile. You turn around and spread your legs wide and look between them as you did your finger deep into your pussy. You slowly rub your clit as your moans of pleasure fill the woods. You tell me “This is what I had to do for the last six months that you have been gone. I have to rub my aching pussy all alone while I think of you.” I laugh and watch your show as I untie my shoes. Your hips sway as if you were dancing to an unheard song. Your tits sway with each movement and I am as captive as a cobra is to the charmers flute. I remove my shirt and pants and sit back down to watch you.

You seem perfectly content to satisfy yourself. Your fingers slide in and out as the wet sounds of your pussy fill the air. I slowly stroke my hard cock and tell you that this is what I had to do for the last six months too. You moan your approval. Your moans get louder as do mine. In the distance, thunder rolls up the valley to us. We are breathing deeper now as the floodwaters swell within us. Your scream fills the valley as the first wave of your orgasm hits you. Your fingers are a blur as they rub your clit. Lightning flashes across the sky as you scream in sheer delight and release. You turn around and walk to me and get on your knees. The burning passion in your eyes is white escort tuzla hot. You say, “It looks like you need some help” as you take my cock into your hands.

Your touch is electric. It has been so long since I have felt your hands around my cock. You waist no time as you are consumed by passion and take my cock deep into your throat. The sensation is mind warping. You stroke my cock with your hands as your lips slide up and down its length. Your tongue circles the head, sending shock waves through my body. Your mouth is so hot and feels like satin. I tremble at your touch. My chest heaves as I erupt deep in your throat. You moan as each spurt hits the back of your mouth. You stroke my cock, milking it, trying to get every last drop. You rise up with a smile and tell me how much you missed my cum in your mouth. We kiss and I taste my cum on your lips.

You stand and take my hand and lead me to the pond. The water is cool compared to the hot, humid air. I take you in my arms and kiss you deeply as the thunder rolls through the valley. You wrap your legs around me and slowly guide me into your depths. You are so hot and wet. Your tight muscles grip and pull me deeper within you. We groan as I slowly stroke deeper into your depths. I see a burning desire building in your eyes. The rain starts to fall lightly on us as we begin to breathe deeper. Our lips meet and it electrifies our bodies. Our tongues search deeper in our mouths. Our moans get louder as our intensity grows. The rain falls harder as we thrust into each other harder. The thunder is louder as our moans turn to small screams of delight. You scream for me to fuck you harder as you dig your fingernails into my back. We stair deep into each other’s eyes. Our passion wells deep within and rises like the waters of a flooding river. My hard cock slams deep into your molten pussy as you scream for me to give it to you. A flood of emotions race through my mind. I have come home to the most wonderful woman God ever put breath into. The Balkans are another life time away now. It seems like you are trying to fuck the last six months away from my soul, struggling to get me back from it’s clutches.

Lightning strikes near by. So loud. I slam deeper into you. Your head is thrown back and you scream with each thrust. I am dizzy. Our chest’s heave and burn from breathing so deeply. The ripples in the pond have turned to waves. The rain is pelting us hard now. We scream louder as we ride the tide of emotion. I slam harder and harder into you. Tears flow from our eyes as we hold each other. The storm around us rages. Our orgasm builds and begins to sweep over our bodies. It overwhelms the storm around us. Lightning strikes an old oak tree at the edge of the pond and shatters into thousands of pieces as we cum together. Our screams mingle with the sound of the lightning. Our bodies’ spasm together as I pour cum deep into you. Your pussy quivers around my cock, milking it. Our chest’s heave as we sob in each other’s arms. The emotion is strong. We are together at last. You raise my head and softly kiss me and say, “We are ok and welcome home…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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