Holly’s Story – Day 11

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Big Tits


Holly woke up early. Emma was sound asleep. They had been up late performing for Uncle Jack’s sex club. And stayed up even later playing with each other.

Holly smiled and looked at Emma. “I’m engaged!” she thought, “To my best friend.” The idea was still new to her and made her burst with emotion.

She smelled Emma’s hair and licked behind her ear. She loved the way Emma smelled. She loved the way Emma tasted. She loved Emma and Emma loved her! Life was good.

Quietly, Holly got out of bed. It was better not to wake Emma too early. She could be a grumpy puss.

Uncle Jack and Miss Burton were still asleep too. It had been a late night for everyone.

Holly looked in the refrigerator. No milk. There was no cereal either. That meant no breakfast. Holly was a terrible cook. Even she wouldn’t eat what she cooked.

She grabbed a skirt and halter out of the laundry. The skirt was short, the halter semi-transparent.

The girl hopped in the car. A quick trip to the grocery store for milk and cereal. She’d be back before anyone woke up. Maybe a cake to celebrate her engagement. She hugged herself. She was engaged!

The grocery store was pretty empty. It was too early for many people to be out shopping. Holly loved the grocery store, all the smells, all the selections. She couldn’t cook any of it but she sure could admire it.

She always started at the far side of the store so she could end by the produce section. It was so colorful and everything was fresh. Plus the corn and cucumbers made her think of penises which made her think of fucking which made her want to go home and masturbate.

Holly was in the boring toilet paper aisle when she saw a strange scene ahead of her. A mother was coping with two young children. She was probably in her early thirties. The woman wore a loose summer dress.

Behind the woman, but clearly not with her, was a man in his early twenties. He kept swinging his foot toward the mother and holding it there. Holly realized he had a phone strapped to his shoe. He was taking pictures up the woman’s skirt!

Holly hated bullies and this was the worst kind of bully. Someone you could never face down because they did their dirty work in secret. Holly phoned the store’s customer service number and quietly said, “You need security in Aisle 13. Right now.”

Of course, Holly wasn’t going to wait for security. She snuck up behind the man and waited for him to swing his foot out again. He was standing on one leg. She let loose with a snap kick and her foot hit him squarely in the back of the knee.

He went crashing to the floor on his back. Holly stomped her heel down hard into his crotch. She hadn’t taken all those self defense courses for nothing. A man’s most vulnerable area is his crotch. The man screamed and curled into a ball.

The mother turned around, confused. There was a short teen wearing next to nothing standing in the aisle. The mother’s first reaction was “She needs to put some decent clothes on.” Then she noticed the injured man lying on the floor. What had happened?

“He was taking pictures up your skirt with his phone.” Holly’s voice quivered with rage. “I called security.” The mother looked horrified and grateful.

Just then a security guard turned the corner. It was Jimmie, Holly’s friend. He had a part time job with a security company, saving up for college.

Holly had saved Jimmie from bullies a few days earlier. He knew how she felt about bullies. “What did he do?” he asked. Holly explained.

Jimmie confiscated the camera and called the police. Fortunately, a patrol car was nearby. They took the creep away in handcuffs, still moaning in pain. Holly would have to give a statement later.

The mother gave Holly a hug. “I was busy with the kids. I never would have known.”

Holly whistled as she continued shopping. That was fun. Her quick 20 minute casino oyna shopping trip was now approaching an hour and a half.

The girl got to the produce section. She breathed in deep. The smells were wonderful. Holly was just discovering that smells were one of her sexual triggers. That was part of the reason she liked smelling Emma so much.

Holly was standing in the aisle, enjoying the fragrances, feeling her pussy get damp. A woman in her late twenties passed by and stopped to study the vegetables. She was wearing a sleeveless black tee shirt from some band Holly had never heard of and tight leather pants. There were colorful tattoos on her arms.

What really got Holly’s attention was the woman’s hair. Not on her head. On her armpits. It was bushy. Even when her arms were at her sides, the hair stuck out. It was almost black and sexy as hell. Holly’s pussy got damper.

Holly took a step closer. “I wonder what it smells like,” Holly thought. She took another step closer, about to lean in and try to get a whiff.

Suddenly, she felt like the creep taking the upskirt photos. This was so totally wrong. The woman casually glanced at Holly and moved down by the melons.

Holly had to know. It was insane but she had to know. She went over to the woman. “Excuse me. I know this is a very odd request but could I smell your arm hair?”

The woman looked her over and smiled. Holly’s nipples were just visible through the halter. Her ass and pussy were barely covered by the short skirt.

“I get asked that a lot. Usually by creepy men. Why do you want to smell it? Are you kinky?”

The woman ran a finger over Holly’s breast. She pulled the halter down exposing one small tit. “You look like you might be kinky.”

Holly smiled. “Probably. I kind of get off on smells. That’s why I like the produce department. It’s got so many different smells. Like these melons, so musky.” Holly blushed a little.

“My girlfriend thinks I’m crazy but if I could bottle her scent, I’d wear it like perfume.”

The woman looked around. Business was starting to pick up. There were several people in the produce aisle now. “Come with me,” she said taking Holly’s hand.

She led Holly around the corner and into the warehouse. Hastily looking around, she found a spot where they were unlikely to be seen.

“My name is Kylie. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll let you smell my arm hair if you lick it afterward. I like to be licked.”

Holly grinned. “Can I smell under your pants too? I bet those leather pants make you nice and sweaty.” She held Kylie by the waist and waited for the answer.

“What is your girlfriend going to say about this?” Kylie didn’t want to cause any domestic drama.

“Emma says I’m an impetuous slut fuck bunny. But she loves me anyway. She knows what I do. I’ll tell her about this when I get home. She’ll shake her head and call me a dope and then we’ll probably have some great sex.”

Kylie nodded and pulled her tee shirt off. She was braless and very flat chested. Her tattoos continued from her arms onto her shoulders and most of her chest. There were flowers and birds and wild animals.

Her nipples were long and at the center of two tattooed flowers. Holly licked her lips and pulled her own top off. Fair was fair.

Kylie lifted both arms. The hair underneath was thick and bushy. Holly smelled one side. The smell was surprisingly sweet. Holly began licking. The taste was sweet too. She rubbed her hand on the other armpit and smelled the result.

Holly stood with eyes closed, savoring the smell and taste.

“You really do like this, don’t you?” Kylie was surprised. Usually, the person only smelled and licked once and then moved on to trying to fuck her. Holly was different.

Holly nodded and murmured with pleasure. Her pussy was getting very wet.

The teen switched to the other armpit as she stretched every part canlı casino of her body just because it felt good. Her hands coasted over the leather pants, feeling Kylie’s ass.

“Can I suck your nipples?” Holly had long nipples. She liked having her own nipples sucked. She liked having her nipples bitten even more.

“Do you like having your nipples bitten?”

“Never tried it. Be gentle.”

Holly began sucking on Kylie’s nipples. She went from one to the other. She licked the chest in between. “You taste good.” Her teeth nibbled at Kylie’s nipples. Holly giggled. ‘Nibble on a nipple’ was funny.

Kylie didn’t ask permission. She moved her hand under Holly’s tiny skirt and slid a finger into the teen’s ass. She moved in and out a few times and removed the finger. Kylie licked it off and savored the taste. She repeated the process and then stuck two fingers in Holly’s ass.

Holly was hot. Her pussy was almost dripping. She licked and sucked and nibbled. Holly took off her skirt, put a finger in her pussy, and let Kylie lick it off.

Kylie stopped fingering Holly’s ass long enough to unzip four well concealed zippers. One on the outside of each leg and one each on the front and back. The tight pants were suddenly loose and dropped to the ground.

Holly knelt down and smelled the aroma that had been released. It was delicious. Leathery and sweaty with a little tang to it. She began licking on one hip and worked her way across to the other.

Kylie had a thick bush. Clearly, she didn’t shave anything. There was a faint scent of pee on it. Holly licked it all over.

She turned Kylie around and pulled her ass cheeks apart. Holly licked deep inside. There was a musky scent and taste. The woman was a walking buffet.

Kylie said “Don’t finger my ass. I hate that. Just lick it.” Holly obeyed but she did put a finger through the thick pubic hair and into the woman’s pussy. Kylie was quietly moaning.

Holly thought about the first day she had gone to school without panties. Uncle Jack had put a glass egg in her pussy. She couldn’t put a real egg in Kylie’s pussy but she was in a grocery store. Surely they had something that could substitute.

She spotted it. A whole flat of loose strawberries. Nice and red. Nice and big. She dashed over and brought it back, setting it on the floor between Kylie’s legs.

She took a strawberry and carefully inserted it inside the hairy pussy. Kylie was wet and her pussy was fairly large, the strawberry went in easily. A second and a third followed. Holly licked on the ass some more and then pulled one of the strawberries out.

It was covered with white sticky fluid. Holly took a bite and savored the taste. She stood and fed the other half of the strawberry to Kylie. They kissed and tongued. Strawberry juice dribbled down Kylie’s chin. It was very erotic. Holly did the same with the other two strawberries — ate half and fed the rest to Kylie. Both berries were covered in the white fluid.

Holly put some of the smaller berries in her own pussy. When she bent to get more, she felt the fruit inside of her crush. Red juice dripped out of her pussy and the scent of strawberries filled the air. It gave her an idea.

She grabbed two handfuls of berries and crushed them on Kylie’s chest and breasts. Some of the meat and seeds clung to the skin. The juice flowed down over the woman’s ribs and stomach. Holly licked at the whole mess. Stomach, ribs, nipples, chest, tattooed flowers, birds, and animals. She smeared around as much as she licked up.

Kylie bent and got a handful of berries. She crushed them on Holly’s chest. She bent and sucked on a nipple covered in strawberry, bit it, and then moved to Holly’s mouth. She used her tongue to move bits of berry from one mouth to the other.

Holly put a few crushed berries inside Kylie’s pussy. Then she rubbed more berries on the woman’s hairy armpits and kaçak casino pussy. The aroma filled the air. The sweet juice dripped off their bodies.

Kylie was gasping and thrusting her hips. She stood perfectly still, arms braced against boxes on either side. She was cumming. The cum started out white and thick, mixed with the berry juice, and ended up pink and thin. It dripped onto the flat of strawberries on the floor.

Holly was cumming too. She had never even touched her pussy. It was the overpowering scent and taste that brought her to orgasm. She shuddered and felt cum run down her leg.

Kylie and Holly sat side by side on a case full of cereal. Cum oozed from both pussies. The two gently fingered each other.

They heard a noise. It was the security guard. He had heard noises and come to investigate. It was Jimmie again.

“How long have you been there?” asked Holly, offering him a cum coated strawberry.

“Long enough to know you’re going to have to buy all those strawberries. And that case of cereal you’re dripping on.” He smiled and popped the strawberry in his mouth.

Kylie looked nervous. Her experience with security guards was not good. For some reason, they all seemed to dislike tattoed hairy women.

“Jimmie’s okay. He’s my friend. We go to school together.” Kylie relaxed a little but not much.

“You go to that concert?” Jimmie pointed to the tee shirt draped over a box. “I like their music but I couldn’t afford to go.” Kylie relaxed even more. Most people had never even heard of the group.

“Could I have another strawberry? They’re awfully good.” Jimmie looked to Holly for the answer but it was Kylie who responded.

She hopped off the case of cereal and selected three of the largest berries. She got up on the case again and leaned back against a pile of boxes. Kylie motioned Jimmie closer. When he was standing right in front of her, she opened her legs wide.

“She must have been a gymnast,” Holly thought because the legs were almost in a straight line from side to side.

Kylie took a berry and put it in her mouth. Rolled it around. She handed it to Jimmie.

“You put it in.” Jimmie slowly inserted the berry in her pussy. Kylie took the second berry out of her mouth and handed it over. When all three were inside, Jimmie took one out. He ate half and fed the other half to Kylie.

With her legs still spread wide, Kylie began removing Jimmie’s clothes. Holly was fingering herself, ready to stay and enjoy the show when she glanced at her watch.

“Oh damn,” she thought. “I have to get home.” She gave a little wave but doubted either Jimmie or Kylie saw it. Kylie was going to have to pay for the strawberries and case of cereal.

Holly’s shopping bag lay near the door. She picked it up and checked out in a hurry.

Holly sighed on the way home. She had really wanted to see Jimmie fuck that strawberry filled pussy.

Three hours after she had left to go to the store, Holly returned. Everyone was awake and eating the breakfast Jack had cooked.

Holly brought in her purchases — a flat of strawberries, a box of cereal, and half a gallon of milk. She had forgotten the cake.

Emma looked at her suspiciously. “It took you three hours to buy that?”. She walked over by her new fiancee. “Why do you smell like strawberries?”

Emma stood with hands on hips, amused. She thought “I bet she fucked someone at the grocery store. Who does that? Other than my little fuck bunny.”

Holly said, “Could I eat breakfast first? It’s a long story.”

Holly ate and told the story. She had been right. Emma called her a dope.

Holly picked up the flat of strawberries. “Anyone want dessert?” Miss Burton and Emma both stood.

Jack said, “Use the air mattress in the garage and hose off afterward. I don’t want to be stepping on strawberry seeds for the next month.” He put away the last of the dishes. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

Holly had been right about the other thing too. She and Emma had some great sex. So did she and Uncle Jack. And Emma and Miss Burton.

They were going to need more strawberries.

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