Hitting the showers (part 3)

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“so where do we go from here.” ross asked shaun. They had just arrived at his house after the conversation they just had from the bathroom. “are you saying that your gay?”
“I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m freaking out over here.” shaun said.
“well do you or do you not like boys.”
“I don’t know, i have a girlfriend I should have these. Should I?”
“The only person that can answer that question is you. How do you feel inside?”
“I don’t know half of me is saying Alice the other half is saying… well its saying you.”

Even though he had already heard this at the bathroom, it still shocked ross. this was his best friend since before he could remember, and he was admitting to loving him.
“I sorry i just cant do this though, it would screw up my whole life.” Shaun said. “but i promise i will be a better friend.”
“Ok i understand.” ross said, with tears running down his eyes.
“so where do we go from here?” shaun asked.
“I don’t know, I guess we could just watch a movie or something.”
“that would be good.”

Ross really didn’t care what movie he grabbed, He was to hurt to even realize what any of the movies where. He didn’t notice until they He started the movie that he grabbed broke back mountain.
“I’m sorry I didn’t even realize what movie i grabbed i will go change it.” ross said rushing to the TV.
“Oh no it ok i like this movie.” shaun said.

Ross sat back down feeling a little uncomfortable about this whole situation. Many different thoughts where running through his mind. ‘does shaun shaun want something to happen between us.’ ‘is this a sign that something will happen.’ ‘should i make a move?’ while all of these thought where running through his head izmir escort bayan shaun decided to lay down and he put his head in ross’s lap. This wasn’t the first time shaun had done this, he used to do it all the time. But many thoughts where running through his mind and not all of them where clean.
“Do you want a drink?” shaun said getting up hopping shaun would not feel the hard on forming in his pants.
“sure that would be great.” shaun replied.

As soon as ross got into the kitchen he slumped against the fridge in order to collect his thoughts. ‘don’t do anything stupid you just got him back, you don’t want to ruin things again.’ he go up and waited for his boner to go away. He then grabbed some pop and headed back in. As soon as he got in the room he froze and almost dropped the drinks. Shaun was spread out on the couch completely naked.

“But what about Alice, what about your life?” ross said walking up to shaun.
“Fuck her, she isn’t my type anyways.”
Shaun grabbed ross by the shirt and forced their lips together. Ross felt like he was in a dream, like none of this could be real. That was until he heard the fly on his pants being unzipped. at that moment his phone went off, it was Abby.
“Hay I’ll talk to you latter, shuns here.”
“WHA-” He turned off the phone and continued kissing shaun.

ross’s shirt was ripped off next and than came his pants. He was completely naked down to his boxers which where sporting a pretty big tent in them. He started to grind against shaun with only his boxer material between there rock hard boners.

“do you want to continue this in my room.” ross whispered breaking there kiss. shaun didn’t even answer he just picked ross up buca escort and run up the stairs. as soon as they made it into his room, shaun tossed ross onto the bed and jumped on top of him continuing there kiss. shaun than started kissing ross’s neck causing him to let out loud moans. He than started kissing his way down ross’s chest reaching his nipples. He started licking both of them softly switching of between each one, giving them little kisses. he than started sucking them giving ross little hickeys on each one. he than made his way down to his balls and put each one in his mouth.

“Time for me to return the favor.” he said and took ross’s whole dick into his mouth. ross was surprised by this and almost came the second his lips made contact with his dick. He controlled himself and enjoyed the best feeling he ever had in his life. Shaun felt like he had of of the many porn stars ross had seen on his computer, he was doing all the moves. He was using plenty of tong, he nibbled on the tip a little, he jacked him while he blew him. Ross couldn’t help but wonder how much he actually fantasize about this moment. that was until he felt like he was about to explode. He warned shaun but that just made him suck harder. The pressure was so much he couldn’t help himself but scream as he came the biggest load in his life. It felt like he he came buckets with each shot. To his amazement shaun swallowed it all without spilling any.”

“That… was… amazing.” ross said catching his breath.
“Thanks but why don’t we have a little more fun.” shaun said with a misgivious grin on his face. He than started kissing ross and lined his dick up with ross’s. ross knew what was coming and braced himself for what was coming. izmir escort He felt shaun’s dick poking at his entrance but it was to tight and hurt to much for shaun to get it in.
“wait here.” ross said and ran into his parents bedroom. He came with a little thing of Vaseline. he gave it to shaun and he coated his dick in the stuff. he than rubbed some of it around ross’s hole and stuck a finger in. ross almost lost his breath from how strange it felt to have an alien object inside of his ass. ross removed his finger and placed his dick by ross’s entrance. Ross could feel his head pop in as shaun slowly wiggled his dick into his butt. it was the best and worst feeling ross had ever felt in his life. It hurt like hell as his ass hole was getting stretched around shaun’s dick but at the same time that pain was lined with great amounts of pleasure. as soon as he felt shaun’s balls touch his but the pain started to go away and the pleasure took over. shaun waited a minuter until the pain was all gone then he began thrusting. ross was in heaven. he had the guy of his dreams laying on top of him and making love with him. He never felt so horny in his life. shaun started kissing him and that sent him over the edge as he had another orgasm. shaun wasn’t done yet though. He must have had the stamina of a stallion. He went on and on and on. Ross was in a state of ecstasy as his insides where being turned to jello by shaun. he could feel another orgasm being built up and he could tell shaun was two by the way his cock was expanding in his ass. As ross came the contractions from his ass sent Shaun over the edge as he filled ross up with his hot juices. they both collapsed onto the bed and the last things ross remembered before he drifted to sleep was the smell of sweat and sex in his room and the feeling of cum dripping out between his cheeks.

(Part 4 coming soon)

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