His Imaginings Ch. 05

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Sean’s cock had lost nearly all of its vigour this time, but Natasha continued to hold it in her left hand, as if unwilling to give it up. With her right, she scooped up his come and fed it into her mouth, sucking off the contents and meowing like a cat with the cream. Sean slipped down between her thighs, licking the inside of one of them as he went. His target was that huge clitoris; he had never seen it this size before, in truth, Natasha rarely allowed them to make love in day-light or with the lights on if at night. So other than the feel of her most precious jewel, his viewing pleasure had been limited.

Not now however, because he was filming every exquisite second of this beautiful woman’s lust. His tongue lashed across her clitoral hood and found the target, immediately causing Natasha to jump. She was hyper-sensitive, that was a surety, and more so than normal. Sean’s tongue ran along her vaginal cleft as his arms snaked around her thighs, he had recovered the toy that he wanted to use on her and lined in up on her open pussy. He did not want to spoil the moment for her, by inserting something that she would not want inside her, but since he bought this vibrator two years ago, they had only used it twice, and he felt that both times had not been the success he would have liked.

The creamy coloured vibrator was 20cm long and had a smooth tip of about 6cm. The rest of the length was ridged. What he liked about it was when it was switched on it got warm and didn’t shock with the cold hardness of something man-made and therefore felt a little more realistic. This toy also had a thrusting action as well as the usual vibrations, thrusting the top 6cm portion forwards by about 3-4cm. He had asked Natasha to use this toy on herself a number of times, but she had refused, so now she was going to get it whether she wanted to or not. It was his Birthday after all!

Slipping his fingers into her hot, wet vagina, as his tongue manipulated her clit, caused several moans. “OOOHHH SEAN, oohhh yessss. Slowly, yes right there, ooh I love your fingers and your tongue!” Her vaginal walls contracted on his fingers and Natasha’s hips started to thrust upwards, pushing her clitoris onto his tongue. He slipped his fingers out of her fanny and quickly pushed the head of the vibrator in. Natasha didn’t seem to notice and continued to thrust, only with a little more urgency.

“OOOOOhhhh, ummmmm, that’s… Ohhh, that’s nice. Oh yes!” Sean pushed the vibrator in a little further, no more than about 3cm and Natasha exploded in orgasm. “OOOOOH GOD, oooohyessss that is good. Uuuhhh, uhhh. Oh lick me, oh shit that is soooo goooood!” Natasha was gulping in air and at the same time was playing her hand along the length of his cock. Sean gently urged more of the toy into her vagina, hoping that it would increase her enjoyment rather than detract from it. Her cries continued, so he decided now was the time to turn the toy on.

Grasping it free spin in both hands he dialled on a slow vibration. Immediately the toy started to hum in his hands and the strong vibrations pulsed through Natasha’s tight pussy, pushing her orgasm to greater heights.

“OOhh you naughty boy… what are you doing to me? Oh Sean that is good, oh oh. Yes, fuck me with it, FUCK ME!” He needed no more urging and started to thrust the toy into her, he raised his head so that the camera could catch the act of him fucking his wife with the large toy, her vagina gripped the vibrator tightly as he pulled it out, slick with her juices: her swollen labia dripping in her excitement. He lent forwards and sucked one of her lips into his mouth, savouring her sexual lubrication.

Suddenly Natasha exclaimed, “OH MY GOD, he’s getting hard again!”

“What do you expect when you’re rubbing him, and I’m doing this?” Sean responded.

“Three times in one night, oh this is delightful!” Natasha said before he then felt her tongue once again begin to play around his glans as he continued to fuck her cunt with the vibrator. “Sean I just love your cock, I love the way he gets large when I touch him, when I kiss him. It is such a turn on. He’s getting even bigger, is that because you are enjoying yourself down there?”

“I am,” he said, but now there is one more thing that I want.”

“What is that?” She replied with a little suspicion in her voice.

“This,” he said, taking her right hand and placing the finger tips onto her clitoris.

“I see,” Natasha responded, “You want me to play with myself again. Once wasn’t enough eh?”

“Whilst I have you in the mood, 10 times wouldn’t be enough!” Natasha didn’t respond, her fingers had already started the circular clitoral manipulation as her left hand fed his cock back into her mouth and Natasha swallowed his cock into her throat.

He held onto her knees watching her fingers flick across her swollen clit. Her index finger applying pressure where she wanted it, when she wanted it and how she needed it. Her fingers were already slick with her vaginal juices as she opened her thighs even wider, as if allowing the camera to take it all in; she continued to slide her mouth up and down the long length of his throbbing phallus. This was incredible! He could not have wanted anything more. His cock deep inside his wife’s throat as she deep-throated him, her luscious, wet pussy gripping tightly on a buzzing vibrator, half of its length inserted inside of her, as she played with her clit; her moaning getting louder once again. He could feel his arousal rising quickly to orgasm and wondered if there would be any come left in him.

He leant forwards and pushed the vibrator one slow centimetre after one slow centimetre into Natasha’s cunt until all but two remained. Her hips thrust upwards at him like she was fucking him as he pulled out the toy and rammed it back in. “Oh bonus veren siteler that’s nice,” she said between mouthfuls, “you are being a naughty boy tonight aren’t you?”

“Uh huh. It’s you and your body that makes me this naughty. And especially when you do that.”

“Well I’d like to think so,” Natasha replied. “You like me playing with myself whilst sucking your cock do you?”

“OH God!” was his only response. Her deep-throating was really getting to him. “Slow down, I can’t hold on much longer.”

“GOOD!” she said giggling, “I’m going to make you suffer!”

Her lips enclosed the head of his penis and she sucked hard, her tongue roaming over the glans in her mouth. His breathing was difficult to control as he continued to watch her fingers working harder on her clit, and she started to moan even louder. She let go of his rock hard cock with her left hand and as he watched, she ran her hand across her wet chest to her nipple and slowly caressed the nub until it was fully hard again, then she tormented the other breast, before descending down towards her pubic mound. He was entranced as her left hand grabbed hold of the vibrator and slowly pulled it out. ‘Had she had enough?’ He thought to himself with a little disappointment. But as the tip of the vibrating phallus was removed from her pussy, she grasped the wet implement with her other hand and directed the vibrating tip to her clit.

Immediately the throbbing tip touched, she let out a cock muffled scream. Her legs would have slammed shut had he not been grasping hold of her knees tightly.

She ran the toy along her vaginal cleft so that the ridges rasped across her clit and with each ridge she thrust her hips at the toy, before drawing it back down again. ‘GOD, she is enjoying this.’ He thought. Her fingers manipulated the switch on the toy and the head started to thrust forwards and backward, simulating the fucking motion. Natasha placed the toy along her cleft and allowed the head to push against her clit on the top end of the thrust. Squealing each time it came into contact with her sexual nerve centre.

She was panting for breath, and fast approaching her second self induced orgasm of the night, and Sean knew that she would take him with her. He watched in fascination as she played with herself, learning as he did, what obviously pleased her. Her finger tips rested on her clit once more as the thrusting head of the toy was embedded back inside her cunt and pushed in to the hilt. The trusting head contacting her cervix and making her scream out in enjoyment.

“Oooohh, mmmmmm, uuuuuuu.” Was all she could manage with a mouthful of erect cock?

Sean could stand this sort of excitement no-longer and started to fuck her throat with powerful thrusts, with her head back Natasha accepted the oral fucking without complaint. Indeed it appeared to be heightening her level of arousal further. Natasha’s moans reverberated deneme bonusu veren siteler around his cock as it was deep within her throat even that was turning him on. Her cries grew more urgent and her fingers were a blur upon her clit as the vibrator was thrust deeply into her time and again, each time being met with an upwards thrust of her hips.

He could not remember a time when Natasha had been this wet, this passionate, this needy and above all this arousingly sexy.

“I’m coming”, he simply said, “go on fuck yourself, pull it out, pull it right out, yes, now… Make yourself, come for me!” He didn’t need to ask, Natasha was pumping her cunt vigorously and panting, struggling to breathe with a mouth full of cock and her other orifice rammed full with a thrusting vibrator.

As his first spurt of come shot down her throat, she came too. Bucking and thrusting in a momentous orgasm as he filled her stomach again with his hot semen. What seemed like thrust after thrust from his cock resulted in shot after hot shot of his come down her throat, at one point it appeared that she was struggling to swallow. He nearly pulled his cock out of her, but her suction told him everything was fine.

“Uuuummm, ummmm, oooohhhh.” She murmured onto his cock as she continued her fucking and thrusting of her hips upwards towards him. He felt exhausted his legs shaking as his weapon quickly diminished this time, not unsurprisingly. Natasha continued to pump the vibrator into her, though with less vigour obviously still enjoying the sensation; her juices flooding from her vagina and soaking the bedclothes. He stood up and looked down at her face, as a drip of his come fell onto her cheek. She didn’t seem to notice as she completed her own lustful orgasm; it was very obvious that this level of self induced pleasure had been a long time in coming.

Natasha looked at him, licking her lips, “you almost drowned me then!” She ran a vaginal juice covered finger across her face scooping up the spots of come that she had missed and fed them into her mouth, making sure that nothing went to waste. The vibrator continued to thrust between her legs and instead of removing it; she clamped her thighs together to hold it in place as it continued in its fucking motion. Slowly her panting subsided as her hands drifted lightly across her breasts mopping up all of his come. Finally she sat up and removed the buzzing toy, switching it off she turned around to face Sean and making sure he was watching, licked her juices off of the toy, deep-throating it in the process.

“Uuumm that was lovely”. She looked up at him, “did you enjoy your present then?”

“Well,” Sean responded, unable to take his eyes from his wife’s swollen, red, glistening wet pussy and come spattered breasts; “provided I get to play with it like that going forwards, I have absolutely no complaints at all.”

She smiled at him, “you are more than welcome, and we shall see about the “playing thing” won’t we?” He thought that that meant back to normal, but he had a way of making sure now didn’t he? It was obvious to him that the drug had worked, and more than he could have wished for. There will be times when he will use it again, of that he had no doubt!

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