His Fever

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I had just received an email that morning from one of my closest friends. He would be unavailable to chat with me in the evening like we usually do, as he was sick with awful head and body aches and was going straight to bed for the rest of the day. I was disappointed – I looked forward to our talks more than anything. I spend a great deal of time alone and our conversations really make my day. He and I have never had sex, although we have known each other for over 30 years, but the tension was starting to build in that department! Recently our cyber chats had taken a turn for the better and we had shared the delicious distraction of sex on line – who knew it could be so HOT! I had already planned a naughty little adventure to share with him in cyberspace tonight and was feeling let down that he wasn’t going to be there. But then an idea occurred. I had a plan to help him recover.

After a trip to the mall and a few stops at some of the stores, I rushed home to get ready to put my plan into play. A luxurious shower with sweet smelling, silky body oils, a smoothing massage with lotion and then, the outfit. A tight little white nurse’s dress, with buttons down the front, a smooth satin bra with white lace trim, a white satin and lace garter to hold up my sheer white stockings and absolutely no panties at all. I finished the look with sensible nurse’s shoes, a starchy white nurse’s cap and a blue sweater.

To anyone observing, I looked like an old-fashioned nurse on her way to work at the hospital. I filled a small black bag with “cures” and drove the distance to his house, planning what I would do when I got there, with my bare pussy getting hotter and wetter as I went. As I walked up to his door, I noticed that the shades were closed and there was no noise from within. Just as I had hoped! I reached into his hiding place and brought out a key to let myself in.

I walked slowly through the silent house, not wanting to wake my patient just yet. I stopped in the kitchen for a glass of very hot water and dropped a glass bottle of scented oil into it to heat it. I took a moment to turn the heat up, and then carrying my bag and the glass, I went upstairs to his bedroom. From the doorway I could see his lean body sprawled on the bed, sprawled on his stomach, fast asleep. His strong arms were raised above his head, the sheet was pulled down to his waist, revealing his back before going down to cover the beautiful rise of his ass. I felt the fire in my naked crotch bursa escort ignite as I walked towards him. Moving silently, I set down my things and knelt beside his bed. After rubbing my hands with the now hot oil, I slid them gently under the sheet and began to slowly, slowly massage his firm butt.

Small gentle circles, kneading just the slightest bit. He groaned in his sleep but did not wake. I moved my hot, slick fingers down the inside of his thighs a little, still gently circling, barely applying pressure but generating some heat. I was so incredibly turned on I could barely focus on what I was doing. My fingers came to the top of his inner thighs and I lightly scratched my fingernails into the soft hair there. He sighed and turned slightly, about to wake but still not quite there. I reached in to grasp his cock with my hot slippery hand and to my surprise found it almost completely hard! Just as I wrapped my hand around the satisfying firmness of it, his eyes fluttered open and he turned his head to look at me.

I continued about my business as if I hadn’t noticed. Under his disbelieving stare, I slid my soft warm hand lovingly up and down his shaft, bringing it to its full arousal and trembling a bit as I felt him harden completely. He rolled over onto his back, presenting me now with his full front. I slid the sheet off of him and was taken aback by how beautiful his body was. I couldn’t help but just stop and stare for a moment. I released him and stood up, removing those sensible shoes and sweater to reveal my taut nipples straining against my snug little uniform, undoing a few of those buttons to reveal the creamy swell of my breasts in their pretty lace-trimmed bra and shaking my hair down from the confines of the starchy white hat. I sat gently on the edge of the bed and reached for the bottle of hot oil.

Slowly and very lightly, I started to rub some onto that magnificent chest, hoping to ease the aching muscles his illness was causing. The tension that had filled him at the initial shock of being awakened and seeing me there was starting to disappear, and I could feel his body starting to relax again under my hands as he sighed and closed his eyes. I pressed deeper and ran my hands over him, rubbing and stroking him, feeling that passion that I had been trying to ignore for so long.

We had yet to speak, but no words were necessary. His soft moans told me I was accomplishing what I set out to do, and I moved my fingers down to his stomach, bursa escort bayan trailing my nails across the sensitive skin there. His cock throbbed with every heartbeat and by now my pussy was hot and almost painfully in need. Moving down to his thighs and making it a point to pass by his crotch, I kneaded deeper and stronger, eliciting groans of pain and pleasure, sinking my fingers into his feverish flesh. He was so hot to the touch and the oil was so slippery, I knew my will to resist him was drifting away.

He slid a hand up to my face, then reached around to the back of my neck and pulled my lips down to his. He was hot with fever and his lips felt as if they were on fire. I lingered there, savoring that kiss and then our tongues touched, and entwined, sliding over each other and tasting each other. I felt shocks of fire shooting to my center, burning me with a desire so strong I couldn’t move. Our kiss became more urgent and his other arm circled up around my waist and pulled me down beside him.

Our bodies were touching from head to toe, feeling all of the places we have never felt before and his breathing became heavier, sending warm air across the skin of my neck.

“Please” he whispered as he guided my hand to his swollen cock and I was all too happy to oblige. He reached for the buttons on my dress and opened them slowly while I gripped his hardness and stroked slowly with soft hands. His fingertips grazed my nipples and I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped me. I was aching, but not from a fever, from a need to have his hands on me, touching all of my intimate places. I sensed his hand very near to my uncovered crotch and shivered with anticipation.

When his fingers made contact, I melted. I stopped all movement and took selfish pleasure in the feel of his hot touch on my swollen clit. We began kissing again, hungry searching kisses, diving into each other’s mouths and crushing my tender nipples against his hard chest. His gentle stroking on my pulsing clit and the hungry thrashing of our tongues was driving me close to the edge. I ground my sex into his hand and exploded into orgasm as he slipped a finger inside, and I could feel my walls clamping down on it. After a moment, gasping and shaking, I rolled over on top of him. I could feel his rock-hard pole grinding against my still throbbing clit. I began to rock against him, putting pressure on my love button, causing shock after shock to rocket through my hot pussy. His hands escort bursa slid to my tight ass, maneuvering me to slide onto his shaft. But not yet.

Impatient, he moaned a protest and writhed under me, making me hotter. I nibbled his chest and neck while I moved on him, teasing and nipping at earlobes, lips and jaw line, then moving down his lean hard body. His skin was so hot and I loved the feel of it against my thighs and legs. Reaching back, I liberated my aching breasts from their restraint and leaned into him, feeling his heat and hardness against them. He moved his head down to them and greedily took my engorged nipple into his feverish mouth, drawing it in deeply and lashing it with his tongue. My hands were running down his body, feeling him, touching him.

He released my tender nipple and moved to its twin, punishing it too, while my hands found their way into his hair, pulling his head tight into my breasts. I felt his hands on my hips, urging them and I allowed him to lead my hot, wet pussy onto his heated mouth. Straddling his face, I pushed into his mouth. My hands went to my nipples, pinching and rolling them while his tongue danced over my clit and his lips tugged and teased. I moved away only long enough to turn my own mouth onto his swollen cock, then lowered my hot box back onto his searching mouth. I took his length into my eager mouth, licking his shaft and grazing my teeth ever so lightly over the sensitive head while he ate my pussy.

We tortured each other, lips and tongues consuming one another, each driving the other close to the end. My head was reeling with every pass of his tongue over my love spot and my release was not far away. I devoted myself to his cock, giving all I had to his throbbing member, taking him deep into my throat until I felt his body stiffen. I dug nails into his ass, crammed his hard dick into my mouth and took the full force of his orgasm as I felt my own building beneath his lips.

Breathless, I came hard, grinding my swollen flesh into his face while his hips bucked and rocked beneath my relentless tongue, his hot load shooting deep into my throat. I moaned loudly and felt my center turn liquid with the heat of my climax. I rolled over onto my side, sated but reluctant to break contact with his hot body. I moved up to kiss him, our tastes mingling on our lips, luxuriating in our mutual heat and pleasure, sharing that soft sleepy kiss. My sick friend was worn out, happy but ready for some rest. We dozed in each other’s arms and as I drifted away, I wondered if I would catch his sickness, hoping that if I did he would be ready to be my nurse… I could hardly wait until he woke up again so we could see what else I have in my bag.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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