Her Panties

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Kyle stood at the door of his bedroom watching his fiancé get ready for the party. She was slowly putting on her high heels and as she bent over her black dress was riding up her thighs. She was wearing this sexy little black dress with spaghetti straps. Sammy always looked good in anything but tonight she looked amazing. Her jet-black hair was up in a bun and the dress hugged her curves in all the right places. She was wearing a strapless black lace bra and matching panties. Kyle had watched her slid them on after she had showered and it took all his willpower not to grab her and take her right there in the bedroom.

Sammy stood up and smiled at Kyle. Kyle was practically drooling and as she glanced at his crotch she could see the outline of his cock against his dress pants. She had known Kyle almost all her life and when they started dating after high school both sets of parents were happy that they finally realized they were meant for each other.

“Ready to go baby?”

Kyle grinned as Sammy walked over, planting a light kiss on his nose before sliding past him to walk towards the door. Kyle eyed her cute round butt and followed her out to the car.

“So whose party is this anyways?”

“It’s a party to celebrate casino oyna a new partner in the law firm. It’s a big deal for my dad and wives and girlfriends are supposed to tag along.”

Kyle smiled as he patted her left hand, the sparkling diamond glittering in the sunlight. They arrived at the posh five star hotel and after giving the keys to the valet they walked into the grand ballroom. Some of the guests glanced up as Kyle and Sammy walked in. They were a stunning couple and in a few months they would be walking into this ballroom as husband and wife.

The evening continued and without realizing it Sammy was slowly giving signs to Kyle of how horny she was getting. She would rub his inner thigh as they chatted to friends at their table. She also was rubbing her foot against his ankle, waiting for a reaction. Kyle’s breathing was increasing and once dinner was over and the band began to play, Sammy led him onto the dance floor and wrapped her body around his, pressing up against his hard lean body.

“I want you to do something for me sweetie.”

Sammy purred into his ear as she explained what she wanted him to do. Kyle’s cock, which was already rock hard, somehow hardened even more and he felt the precum almost gush canlı casino out. Kyle grabbed her hand and practically dragged her to the washroom. Sammy giggled as she entered the woman’s washroom and slowly removed her panties. They were wet from her juices and she could already smell her arousal. She whimpered as she felt her bare pussy lips rub against each other and adjusted her skirt. Holding her panties in one hand she exited the washroom and handed her panties to Kyle. She glanced to make sure no one was looking and Kyle practically ran into the men’s washroom. Sammy waited, knowing exactly what he was going to do.

Kyle entered the washroom and getting into a stall unzipped his dress pants, pulling out his long thick cock. He normally liked to tease his cock a bit but tonight was different. Wrapping her lace panties around his cock he stroked hard and fast. His hand pumped his cock as he leaned against the door for balance. He could smell her pussy juices and that drove him crazy. He wished she were here so he could lick and suck her beautiful pussy lips but part of him enjoyed the idea of what he was about to do. He covered the tip of his cock with the crotch of her panties and stroked hard once, twice, three times.

“Oh god kaçak casino that’s it.”

On the third stroke he was cumming, he tried to make sure his hot white cum filled her panties and as he watched it fill the black panties he had to bite his lip not to moan too loudly. He finished cumming and zipped up his pants, holding his fiancé soaking wet panties in his left hand. He exited the washroom and saw his mother chatting with Sammy. His eyes grew wide as he hoped she couldn’t smell his semen or her juices.

“Oh hello Kyle. What a dear you are to wait for each other before going back to the party. You know everyone is talking about what a lovely couple you are.”

Kyle’s mom kissed her cheek and then patted his cheek before walking back to the party.

“Wow that was close.”

Sammy grinned as she reached for his left hand, grabbing her panties. Giggling she looked around and then right in the foyer slid on her panties. She could feel the wetness against her pussy and loved the fact that it was his cum that had soaked her panties. Her hands smelled of their juices and she loved that smell.

They returned to the party and mingled for the rest of the night. Occasionally Kyle would wonder how much wetter her panties were getting but he knew at the end of the night he would find out. Sammy grinned as she stared at her future husband, happy at how much they loved each other and ecstatic at how their fetishes fit so perfect together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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