Her Fantasy

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A/N — This is a oneshot, and a serious fantasy of mine…at the least the teacher/student thing *sighs* anyways on with the fic…

** ** ** ** ** **

For most of my high school years, I never really found any teacher to be “hot” enough to have a crush on. Then again, I had been a bit of a tomboy/nerd for the first two years of high school. That all changed the day I stepped into Mr. Kiernan’s science class, Physics to be exact. While not immediately handsome or stunning, he had a “boy-next-door” quality to him that I found absolutely irresistible. Looking back, there were many older men that would have easily beat him in the looks department, but in smarts, he would be above par at the least.

While smart and funny, his looks were obviously what got me the first time round. His hair was short and sandy, with a slightly darker tint to a couple strands and his eyes were the clearest green I’d ever seen. His hands were large and capable; strong really, and attached to arms that could easily lift me off the ground with little to no strain. His shoulders were wide and his chest broad. He had a slight tummy, but nothing that detracted from the overall view. His legs were in amazing shape because of the Lacrosse team that he coached, and his ass was a very nice view, especially when he bent over in shorts.

Of course, I was never the type that any guy would look for, or even see. I was the single girl that would hang with the nerds; pretty without makeup; but I could have worn better clothes. I was never even near the “average” weight of most girls, which seemed to be closer to anorexic than average. At 155lbs I was a bit larger than other girls, but was frequently told otherwise by many despite my constant disbelief. It could be said that I had it in all the right places, namely hips and ass. But of course it had also migrated to my thighs as well, which were larger than I would have liked them to be, but again, not overly large.

Still, my looks would never really help me in the relationships department, as I just wasn’t out there enough. Nonetheless, I still fantasized about him in class, more times than not, either about taking me right in the very chair I sat in, or calling me up to the front of class to bend me over his desk and take me from behind. I’m pretty sure it was quite easily readable in my eyes at certain times, but I quickly learned to mask it, especially after a couple of curious looks from him. I knew nothing would ever happen; the whole teacher-student thing was of course a fantasy. Besides, I liked him too much as a teacher to get him fired from his job, and he was an excellent teacher that could always make us kids laugh with ease. I guess that’s why he was considered to be one of the best teachers in the school.

Now that I have graduated I wanted to take my fantasy to the next level, and actually go ahead and fuck him silly but, I had absolutely no idea as to what to do or where to start. I had always tried to imagine what size he would be, mentally undressing him with my eyes. But what if he was smaller than I’d imagined? Like any normal woman, I may have over imagined what he really looked like. I continued thinking about a plan for the rest of the hour. Eventually, my craving for caffeine over took my need for sex; my ‘fuck planning’ would have to wait. As I got ready to make an assault on the Tim Horton’s by my house, I quickly fantasized again, wondering what he would say now that I had grown a bit taller, and had matured a little more. Of course, he might just treat me like a student still, which would throw a huge wrench in my plans.

“I need caffeine…” I muttered to myself, reminding myself to get a move on.

I locked the door behind me as I walked quickly down the front steps and onto the street. As normal the gate was locked, and jammed by some idiot kid that thought that his key would fit in the lock. I maneuvered my key between the latch and the post to open it and carefully let it lean so that it wouldn’t lock behind me, and then went on towards the plaza where the Tim’s was. It was surprisingly busy for mid-morning, normally they would slow down at around nine, yet the line was still at least fifteen people long. I walked in and let the door shut behind me, relishing the cool air conditioning of the small building. My good friend was still working here, but she was working the drive-thru and wouldn’t be able to see me. I turned quickly as the line moved up, and slammed into another patron, spilling the hot coffee that they had been carrying down my shirt.

Fuck, what a great day to be wearing a white shirt! I mentally abused myself as I stood for a second, the heat from the coffee not registering yet.

“Crap, I’m sorry,” a strong masculine voice stated, “Are you badly burnt at all?”

Wait a moment I recognize that voice! Hmm, fate seemed to be smiling on me today.

“It’s alright, I think it mostly spilled on the floor,” I answered quickly, ” I actually think pendik escort I should buy you some replacement coffee. Perhaps after I change…”

At that moment I looked up into Mr. Kiernan’s green eyes and nearly swooned. If anything, he had lost a bit of weight, and had muscled up slightly. Even hotter than I remembered. I mentally undressed him quickly through lowered lashes, and felt the wetness grow in my panties. I looked up and beamed a smile at him; I had noticed that he was still taller than me and now a little more imposing.

“Mr. Kiernan!” I exclaimed, “How are you doing, it’s been awhile, do you drop coffee on all of your old students or am I special?” Wow, that was cocky! I think I got a jolt of confidence with the hot coffee. Of course, he noticed it and answered back with one of his own quips.

“Only you, then again, do you always run into old teachers or am I special?” If only he knew how special. I blanked out for a moment then let a smile grow. I decided that the stickiness of my shirt would have to take precedence considering that my bra, which was green lace, was now army camo from the coffee stains.

“I’m going to have to change, how about I buy you another coffee, and you drop me off at my house so that I can change and we can call it even.” Shit, do you even know if he’s busy? “Although, if you’re busy then I can just walk over…”

“Not busy at all… was just grabbing a coffee, so it won’t take that long to drop you off.” YES! I mentally applauded myself at the small fortune that had fallen into my lap. I had three minutes to figure out how to get him into my house, and get him undressed. I tried many variations on the plan while I bought two coffees; one for each of us; each failing worse than before.

“Your coffee.” I presented him with the coffee while taking a fortifying sip of my own, “You know, coffee is much better digested rather than absorbed.” I smiled around the lip of the cup while I walked out into the humid sunshine. I looked at him quizzically while I waited for him to direct me to his car, taking small sips of my coffee as I waited. I was much too nervous, and the coffee would soon be gone.

He pointed in an overall area to the right of us and muttered, “Black Saab.” I whistled low, because I had always thought it was a hot car, but now was not the time to have fantasies of car sex. I walked to the door and tilted my head back, draining the last of coffee. When I lowered my eyes, I caught him staring at my neck; only for a second then he was opening the car doors for the both of us.

“It just the next right.” I stated. I was so close to actually having him, yet there was no way that I could get him into bed, was there? ” It’s just the last house on the left.”

I sat in the car for a second then turned quickly, “Can I get you anything? It’s my Italian duty to feed you, a sandwich perhaps?” Don’t push it… It would do me no good to scare him off now.

“Actually, I am feeling a bit peckish, a sandwich would be nice!” I felt like doing a dance around the car and I smiled as I opened the car door and shut it neatly. I quickly followed the steps up to my front door reaching down to grab a stray newspaper that had been left out, not realizing that I had fully given him a perfect view of my ass. I straightened, not hearing the almost imperceptible clearing of his throat, and unlocked the door.

My cat as normal was waiting for me, and meowed at the intruder that walked in behind me. I slipped off my shoes and grabbed his coat to hang it up, brushing his arms in the close proximity. I felt shocks dance up my skin to the base of my neck and down my spine, and tried my damnedest not to shiver. As I started to walk up the stair to the main level, my cat chose that time to scamper underfoot, throwing me off balance.

I found myself falling backwards and braced myself for the impact that never came. Instead I found myself wrapped in strong arms, my back pressed up against a very hard chest that I had met earlier. All thoughts of changing, or cooking left my head and I focused on the very male body holding me.

“Uh, t-thanks.” I stammered out and grabbed the handrail for support as I carefully extracted myself from his arms and walked up the stairs.

“Your welcome.” He replied. Is it just me, or was his voice as breathless as mine? I continued on to the living room and asked if he needed another coffee or a different drink while I was upstairs changing. He told me that his coffee would do for now, and with that I made my way upstairs, rushing into the bathroom to strip off my coffee stained shirt. My skin was sticky and damp so I ran a damp washcloth over my front to get rid of the excess coffee. The shirt could, thankfully, be washed so I put it in the hamper along with my bra and exited the bathroom to head towards my room to grab a new bra and shirt.

I heard a quickly muttered “I’m sorry.” and watched as he turned away fast enough to give maltepe escort anyone whiplash. Thankfully I had been covered up, but now I was sorry that I had covered myself up. I could have flashed a bit of skin to give him the temptation. Instead I quickly rushed into my room to throw on a simple black silk and lace bra with a black cotton t-shirt. Better safe than sorry.

I turned to see him standing in the doorway, with a strange look in his eyes. How long had he been standing there? I looked up to him, with a slight blush darkening my cheeks; I opened my mouth to say something then shut it, speechless. He walked towards me and slid his hand around my wrist to pull me closer. I felt him shiver when my body came into contact with his, and heard his sigh when my hand came to rest on his bicep. His hand came up to cup the back of my head and he searched my face for a second before dropping his lips to mine. They were strong and soft, and they pressed lightly on mine, eliciting a sigh from me, parting my lips only slightly. His tongue delved inside to taste my mouth, flicking over my own tongue, rubbing and stroking.

My body near sang in his arms, and my limbs were heavy and near immobile while he kissed me. He could have easily overpowered me, not that he would get any resistance though. I broke the kiss, eager for air. Looking up at him, my lips parted, I dragged more air into my depraved lungs. He seemed to want to say something, but I already knew the answer.

“Take me,” I whispered, allowing my more cautious side to fall back, and my sexual side to take over. “Please,” I added as an afterthought. It seemed to be what he needed to hear as his lips lowered to mine and his hands roamed my body, sliding over the curves and pulling me closer to his hard body, and harder cock. I shifted my hips, grinding into the bulge in his pants.

It was as large as I had fantasized, larger even.

He leaned back against the door jam and started to trail kisses down my chin and neck. It was as if he knew exactly where to kiss and lick and suck, and he quickly made me moan for more. My breasts started to ache, craving his touch, wanting him to roll my now hardened nipples between his fingers. I wanted his tongue and lips everywhere, all over my body. As I stood inbetween his legs, I realized that my fantasy was about to be realized and my knees nearly gave out. I slid my hands to his shoulders, gripping them hard as he bit my neck. I could have sworn that my moan echoed throughout the house. Smiling against my neck his hands slid down to my lower back, then lower to my ass, squeezing and playing with my jeans, sliding the tips of his fingers down beneath the hem.

Without warning he lifted me up by my hips and ass and pulled my pussy to his cock.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to feel you wrap your legs around me,” he groaned. I was taken aback. He wanted me? I quickly arched my back as he started to pump into me, his clothed cock rubbing against my clothed pussy. My pussy was, of course, more than damp. It was near dripping, and my panties were now soaked with my juice. I shivered as he pumped harder, keeping me on the cusp of pain and pleasure.

“I have wanted to fuck you ever since you walked into my class.” I could hardly believe what I was hearing and arched my back, allowing him better access to my other assets. He took the offer quickly and latched onto my lower neck with his lips sucking at the fast-beating pulse that he found there. With one hand he held my lower back, allowing me to set the pace as we gyrated against each other, the other slid over my breast gripping it lightly and weighing it in his hands. He growled in admiration and his lips lowered to the crest of my tit sucking through my shirt.

His hand slid up and underneath my shirt cupping my silk covered breast then around the back to quickly undo the clasp. I felt my breasts freed and then empty space as he lowered me back to my feet and moved away to undress me. My shirt went first, then my bra shortly after, he smiled and groaned deep in his throat before coming quickly towards me to run his lips over each breast. I felt his tongue flick across my nipple, which made me arch my back and push my chest towards him. With each suck, a tiny shockwave raced to my core, and I grew even more wet then before.

My hands reached for him and I brought him up before he made me orgasm from simple foreplay alone. “My turn now.” I said, and pushed him towards the bed. His knees caught the edge and he sat back, looking at me with passion-filled eyes. I walked over to him and when I was about a foot away I started to take off the rest of my clothes. I undid my belt and slowly pulled it off then popped open the button on my jeans, and painstakingly pulled down the fly. Then, hooking my fingers over the waistband of both my jeans and panties, I pulled them down my legs to slide the rest of the way to the floor. I watched him swallow as I walked kartal escort the short distance towards him.

As I bent over and started to tease him the way he had done to me, first with his neck. I licked and sucked along the tendons, and shivered at the thrill that it gave me to hear him hiss as I bit him.

My hands now roamed all over his body, starting with his shoulders. I ran my hands down his arms, feel his triceps and biceps, then farther down to his forearms and back up again. He shoulders were just as strong as when he had been my teacher and I gripped them hard before moving on. My hands splayed across his chest, feeling his pecs then moving farther down to his abs. I caught the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head, my breasts at eye level for more than a few moments.

He took the chance and pulled me closer, sucking on my nipples hard, and nearly making me scream him name aloud. I broke away and slid to my knees in front of him flicking my tongue against his nipples then sucking on the hardened buds. My nails scratched along his stomach causing him to shiver and tip his head back. I couldn’t help myself and licked and kissed his neck again while my hand slid to his pants rubbing over the bulge that seemed to have grown larger in the short time.

I couldn’t take it any more and started to trail kissed from his chest down to his stomach and then finally to the area above his waistband, teasing with my teeth and tongue, as I quickly undid his pants. I pulled them down as he raised his hips up and quickly nibbled on the bulge in his boxers. Those were pulled of quickly as well and I watched his thick cock spring forward, jutting proudly from his body. But before I could slide it into my mouth, and play my tongue over it, he stood and picked me up. Depositing me on the bed on my back, he climbed over top of me and lowered his cock into my waiting mouth; meanwhile he lowered his lips to my dripping wet pussy, licking the moisture off before starting to tease me with his lips and tongue.

I eagerly sucked his cock, sliding my tongue over the large head and sucking on it, delighting when a drop of pre-cum formed anew on his cock. It was so thick, and larger than I had imagined. I could see the veins stand out as I sucked slowly. I quickly learned what made him moan, and yell my name. I could hardly believe that this was happening.

“Please,” I just couldn’t take it any more, “please fuck me now, Mr. Kiernan.”

“How much do you want it?” he asked as he moved from above me. I watched his strong hand stroke his thick cock and shivered in anticipation.

“I need you inside me now, I need to feel your cock inside me…” My pleasure was so great that I nearly started to cry. Quickly he moved over top of me again, this time facing me and looked into my eyes as if asking permission. I nodded to him and watched as his guided his thick, hard cock into my waiting hole. I felt him almost split me open, he was so large, inch by tortuous inch he pushed his cock into my willing pussy, my juices covering him and he pulled out to push deeper.

He slammed the last inch into me, and I felt his balls hit my ass with the force. He waited for a moment, allowing my pussy to get used to his size, then started to pump hard into me, getting faster and faster, synchronizing his pumps to my moans. He grabbed my ankles and pulled them behind his head, putting most of his weight on my thighs while he bucked against me. I could feel his balls slap against my ass with each hard thrust.

“Do you like that? Want it harder?” He asked me, and then without my answer pressed on, fucking my pussy with renewed vigor. I could see my juices coating his cock each time he pulled out, and when I placed my hand down to rub my aching clit he pulled it away, along with the other, holding my hands up, above my head, trapping me under his body. All I could do was watch as he fucked me; taking his pleasure from my tight, wet pussy. I could feel my orgasm building as the tip of his cock rubbed against the opening of my womb.

Before I realized what he had done, I was on my hands and knees with him behind me. He quickly slid his cock into my pussy from behind and gripped my shoulders pumping harder and faster. This time letting his balls slam against my clit, sensitizing it. I knew that I was going to cum soon, and I pressed my hips up towards him.

“So you gonna cum for me now and squeeze my thick cock?” My eyes rolled back just from the words that spilled from his mouth. He started to slow down, sliding his cock in and out of me with an agonizing pace. Had it not been for the pleasure, I would never have noticed his movement. In a second, he slammed his hips towards me sliding the bed forward with the force. I could feel it now, the waves of my orgasm, slowly building inside me.

After a few more thrusts the wave broke, and I felt pleasure wash over me. My legs shook as my pussy clenched around him, strong enough to make him arch his back and hold there while my orgasm milked his cock. I fell forward, my energy sapped from me in the wake of my orgasm. He wasn’t finished yet though and he continued to pump at my swollen, pussy, gripping my ass and driving hard into me.

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