Her Awakening Ch. 08

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A few weeks had past since Jake fucked both Victoria and Penny on the same night. Penny had not told Victoria about her romp with Jake after Victoria had been with him. The two women’s sexual relationship had turned into a close friendship as well. Victoria was spending lots of time with Penny. Preston had voiced his dislike of Penny to Victoria many times, so Victoria seldom mentioned the times she spent with her to Preston. Little did she know this was just his way of deflecting any suspicions he thought she might get about Penny and him.

One day Penny informed Victoria that she would be going on a Vacation to the Bahamas for two weeks. Penny had some pets she needed cared for while she was away. She usually boarded them in a kennel when she left, but now that she had someone she could trust, she preferred to leave them at home. She asked Victoria if she would take care of them for her. Victoria agreed. Penny gave her a key and instructions the day before she left and Victoria assured her that everything would be fine.

The day after Penny left, Victoria made her way to Penny’s house. She had only been to Penny’s house one time to drop something off, she had never been inside. She went in and was amazed at how beautiful and big it was. After feeding the animals, curiosity got the better of her. She wanted to see the rest of her gorgeous home. She walked the entire house. When she got to Penny’s room she opened the closet and admired her wardrobe. Then she opened her dresser and began to shuffle through all her unmentionables. Everything was luxurious, even her intimates. She pulled out one of her sexy nighties and placed it against her full figure in the mirror. “I could never fit into this” She thought to herself, but boy was it sexy. She picked up another and did the same. However, this time, she rubbed the silky smooth material on her face. It was lovely. Victoria found herself becoming a bit aroused. She made herself put away the clothes and she headed toward the front door.

As she entered the hall, she noticed a room at the end with the door closed. This was too inviting to pass up she thought. She made her way to the door and opened it. It was just like any of the other rooms, nothing special. It had a large four post bed that matched the large dresser and night stands. There was a closet with full length mirrored doors and a book shelf that covered one entire wall, and of course it was impeccably decorated. It seemed odd to her that the door had been closed; it was just like any other room. She turned to leave, and just as she got to the doorway she glanced over her shoulder one more time toward the bed. Something caught her eye. There was a shiny object visible from just under the bedspread. She moved to the bed and lifted the comforter. She gasped out loud at the sight of the handcuffs that were secured to the post.

Victoria checked each of the other posts and found matching cuffs on each. This peaked her curiosity and her need to investigate further. She went to the dresser and began to open each drawer. In each one was a collection of some kind of sex toy or accessory. There were dildos, oils, more restraints, paddles, everything Victoria had ever heard about, and some things she didn’t even know what they were. She proceeded to the closet. As she opened it, she was treated to a huge display of sexy costumes, from leather and chains to maid’s outfits and anything else in between. She pulled them out and inspected many of them. She couldn’t believe all the stuff Penny had. As she moved around the room, she got to the book self. It was filled with books on sex and many DVD’s. What Victoria hadn’t noticed at first, was that they were all adult films. She picked a few out and looked at them, and put them back. Then she noticed the bottom shelf had sliding doors that covered its contents. She slid one of the doors open and into view came a long row of mini DVD’s, each one had a small label with a name and a date on it. Victoria wondered what these might be. Then she realized that maybe they could be homemade sex tapes.

Victoria perused the names. There were only first names, so she didn’t really know who they were. Then suddenly a collection of three all had the same name on them, “Preston”. “It couldn’t be!” She thought. Then she noticed the dates; 9/04, 1/05 and 10/05. 9/04? That was over a year ago. Could he have been fucking Penny for over a year? He hated Penny. He hated Victoria spending time with her. He was always talking bad about her. Then the realization hit, it had to be, how many Prestons could there be? Victoria was furious. He didn’t even like sex. He never spent more than ten minutes on her. What did he want that only Penny could provide. She had to see them.

She grabbed all three and started searching the house for a player. She found one in the living room. As she loaded the disc marked 9/04, her anger began to subside a bit. What did she really have to be mad at? She too was having an affair. When it finished loading, she pressed play.

The scene on the casino oyna screen was surreal. There was her husband standing in his business attire watching as Penny seductively undressed. Victoria noticed the room as the one she had just been in. Penny unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor. Then she unzipped the skirt she had on and dropped it to the floor as well, and stepped out of it. Under her clothes was a sexy matching forest green satin bra and panty set along with a garter belt and black stockings. She kept her heels on.

“Do you like? She asked him.

“Yes, very much.” He answered.

“I’ll bet sweet little proper Victoria doesn’t dress like this” She said.

Preston just shook his head.

That Bitch! Victoria thought. Why does she have to be so sarcastic and talk about me that way? Then she got control and remembered how much they really didn’t get along back then.

Penny proceeded to walk up to Preston and remove his clothes article by article; first his tie, then his shirt. He stepped out of his shoes and Penny unbuckled and unzipped his pants, dropping them in a heap at his ankles. Preston stood naked, except for his boxers which had a noticeable tent in them. Penny moved his shorts so that his hard cock was now sticking out of the fly hole. She grabbed hold of it and began to stroke it slowly.

“Does sweet little Victoria suck your cock Preston?” She asked

“No, she doesn’t” he answered. “She wouldn’t do anything like that.”

“I wouldn’t huh?” Victoria said out loud. She took a seat on the couch and continued to watch.

Penny dropped to her knees and took Preston’s rock hard meat in her mouth and began to slowly suck it. Preston moaned out loud as he grabbed Penny’s head and guided her while she gave him an excellent blow job.

Victoria was really getting turned on. She could feel the tingle in her pussy as she watched this beautiful sexy woman suck her husband’s cock. She began to rub her pussy through the thin cotton pants she was wearing. She found her clit and rubbed it harder. Reaching under her shirt, she found one of her large round breasts and began to squeeze it and pinch the nipple through her bra.

On the screen, Penny was now standing up and seductively dancing for Preston. Victoria watched as Penny used her hands to molest her own body. She stroked her pussy and massaged her breasts. She removed her bra and teased Preston as she pinched her nipples and squealed with excitement.

“Victoria doesn’t look this good does she?” Penny teased.

It seemed to Victoria that Penny got a perverse thrill making Preston tell her how much better she was than Victoria. “Must be why she gets so hot when I eat her pussy.” Victoria thought to herself.

“No” was all Preston could say.

“Stroke your cock.” Penny told him.

Preston just stood there and began to stroke his rigid shaft.

Victoria had never seen Preston do that, it was quite a turn on. She moved her hand inside her pants and slid two fingers inside her now dripping pussy. She pinched her swollen nipples hard as she finger fucked her own pussy. She was really enjoying watching this. It was making her really hot.

Penny walked to the bed and told Preston to lie down on his back. Then she climbed on top and slid his pole into her waiting cunt. Preston moaned out loud.

“You like that?” Penny inquired. “Does my pussy feel good?”

“Oh yes!” Preston moaned.

“I’ll bet sweet little Victoria doesn’t feel that good does she?” She demanded to know.

Penny was now rising up and dropping down hard on Preston’s cock. She pushed a bit further. “Tell me I fuck you better than your sweet perfect little wife.” She instructed him.

“You are perfect!” He screamed. “You fuck me so much better than my wife.”

Victoria should have been mad, but she was too far gone to care. The DVD was thrilling her and she was about to cum. She slammed her fingers into her pussy and mauled her tits as she watched the two figures on the screen fuck and talk to each other. She let out a scream and continued her activities as cum spilled from her pussy and onto her fingers as the orgasm washed over her.

Penny was now humping Victoria’s husband like a whore in a hotel room. She kept making him tell her how much better she was than Victoria.

“Tell me how much better I am than your perfect little bitch of a wife.” She demanded.

“Yes! Yes!” He screamed. “You are so much better than my wife. She doesn’t even like sex.”

Victoria was now recovering from her climax. This little comment caught her ear and she looked at the screen and spoke, “That’s what you think dumbass, if you only knew.”

Just then Penny announced her orgasm and screamed as she felt it rip through her.

Preston was not too far behind and as he declared he was going to cum, Penny stopped moving. She looked him in the eye and spoke again, “I want you to cum in my mouth. I know sweet little Vicky won’t do that.”

She rose from his cock and moved canlı casino down to take it in her mouth a few moments later Preston grunted loudly and spilled his load into Penny’s mouth. She expertly sucked it all down. After they were done, she moved up and said to Preston, “Your perfect wife was never that good huh?”

“No Way!” Preston assured her.

Victoria had seen enough for that day. She stopped the DVD and left. She figured she could watch the others tomorrow.

That night Victoria looked at her husband a little differently. Before, she thought he just didn’t like sex, now she knew he was just an idiot. If he would have just introduced her to more things sexually, he would have found out what an animal she was in bed. However, he had chosen to neglect her, and hence, had lost her for good. She now had a great lover and she wasn’t about to give that up. They had a pretty quiet night. Victoria couldn’t fall asleep, she kept picturing Penny and Preston, and wondering what was on the other DVD’s. She barely slept at all that night. In the morning she got up and put on a casual dress, it had spaghetti straps and came down to her knees. She decided to go without a bra and panties, as not to hinder her access, and she hurried to Penny’s.

After feeding the animals, she immediately went to the living room and popped in the next DVD. She moved to the couch and watched as the scene began to play out on the TV. She was a little shocked to see what came on. Penny was backing away from the camera as if she had just turned it on. This time Penny was dressed in a dominatrix outfit. Victoria recognized it from the closet. It was a leather corset that clung to her tight body. It had no material to cover her big firm breasts, just three swooping chains that dangled across each mound. She wore silky black French cut panties and black sheer thigh high stockings with high black spiked heels. In her hand she held a thin black , leather riding crop. Penny looked incredibly hot, and Victoria instantly felt her pussy tingle, it had been wet since she woke up thinking about this. She grabbed the straps of her dress and lowered then down and her big round soft boobs spilled out over the top of her dress. Victoria grabbed them and began to play with them.

Behind Penny, Victoria could see Preston naked and bound to the bed with the handcuffs she had discovered yesterday. His cock was hard and rested on his stomach. Penny slowly made her way to the bed and slapped the crop down hard on the bed. The noise made Preston jump, not to mention the close proximity of the crop to his body.

“Are you ready to service me slave?” Penny barked at him.

“Yes Mistress.” He replied.

Victoria was in a bit of shock. Here was her hardass husband being treated like a slave. Victoria was very turned on. She continued to play with her big fat tits. She pinched her nipples and squeezed her flesh roughly.

“You are just a little bitch aren’t you?” Penny asked.

“Yes mistress.” He replied.

“Whose bitch are you?” She snapped again.

“I’m your bitch mistress.” He came back. Victoria was amazed. He was totally under Penny’s control. She could feel her pussy beginning to drip. She couldn’t hold out any longer. She raised her dress to her stomach and attacked her pussy. She spread her lips and inserted a couple fingers inside her hot soaked cunt.

“That’s right my little bitch.” Penny said to Preston. Then she took the end of the riding crop and slowly rubbed it up and down on the underside of his hard shaft. When she reached his balls, she gently smacked his sack with the crop. Preston moaned out.

“You like that slave?”

“Yes Mistress.” He answered.

“Ask me for another.” She hissed.

“Please Mistress, may I have another.” He almost begged.

Penny slapped him again. This repeated for a few more times until Penny had him begging for her to abuse his scrotum.

Victoria was hot. Watching her husband beg Penny to assault his sack was too much. She furiously fingered her pussy. She squeezed a breast and pinched its nipple. Her fingers were nice, but she needed more. She remembered that Penny’s “playroom” had many dildos. She paused the show and hustled to the back room. She opened a drawer that had all the fake cocks and rifled through them. When she found one that suited her, she returned to the TV. She held up the big, fat, purple, rubber phallus. It was shaped exactly like a cock, all the way down to the faux veins it had molded into it. In addition, it had a big, round, smooth head and a huge nut sack. Victoria couldn’t help herself; she opened her mouth and began to suck on it like it was attached to Jake. She slid it way down her throat, then pulled it out feeling every bump it had to offer. She slid it back in and fucked her mouth with it repeatedly. When she had it good and wet with her spit, she placed it at her slash and pushed it all the way in until she felt the balls hit her ass. She turned on the DVD again and slowly continued to stab her hot hole with her kaçak casino new friend.

By now, Penny had tortured Preston’s testicles to the point that his sack was red and stinging a bit. She climbed on the bed and straddled his face. Her moist snatch was inches from his face.

“You want my pussy slave?” she asked.

“Yes Mistress.” He answered.

“Ask nicely!” She demanded.

“Please Mistress; may I eat your sweet pussy?” He pleaded.

“O.K., but I cum before you get any more attention slave.” She told him.

“Yes Mistress.” He returned.

Then Penny lowered her sex onto his face. She was facing the camera and Victoria could see her as she ground her hungry pussy into her husband’s face. Victoria watched Penny moan and groan as she mauled her tits into the camera like she knew Victoria was watching.

“Eat my pussy slave. Lick my cunt. Make me cum.” She ordered.

Preston eagerly lapped up her pussy trying with all he had to please Penny.

“That’s good my little bitch. If your wife could see you now, what would she think of you?” She teased. “Lick me harder. Suck my juices.”

Preston did as ordered. He thrust his tongue deep into her. His face was covered with her pussy and he just continued to service it.

Victoria noticed something interesting. Every time Penny spoke to him, his cock jumped, especially when she mentioned his wife. She and her husband had something in common. They both liked to be dominated, and they both loved dirty talk. Victoria was now frantically, jamming the fake cock into her and she could feel the rush building in her. She picked up her speed and fingered her clit as she did it. The surge of her pleasure came and she cried out with satisfaction. She continued to pound her pussy as her climax washed over her and subsided.

Over her own noises, she could hear Penny cumming too.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming” She screamed. “Eat it, lick my cum slave.”

She was bucking back and forth on Preston’s face. As her climax ran its cycle through her. Preston was still licking and sucking the whole time. Then Victoria saw the most amazing thing. Preston let out a muffled groan and his cock began to shoot loads of cum all over his body. It shot long and hard. She couldn’t believe all the spunk he was delivering. One load even shot all the way onto Penny’s thigh. The amount of cum was one thing, but what amazed Victoria was that Preston had cum and Penny wasn’t even doing anything to him. She wasn’t rubbing him or sucking him, or anything. The situation had stimulated him to orgasm. He had cum without any physical stimulation. However, she was not prepared for what came next.

Penny felt the warm gooey mess land on her leg, and when she finished enjoying her orgasm she began to scold Preston.

“You came already?” She shouted. “What are you, 12? I need a cock in me and you shot your wad already? Look at the mess you made.”

Penny freed his hands and ordered him to sit up. Then came the big shock for Victoria. Penny placed her cum covered thigh right in front of Preston’s face and ordered him to clean his mess.

Victoria sat spellbound as her husband leaned forward and licked his own spunk from Penny’s leg. Victoria was still fucking herself slowly as she watched the scene. She was further stunned as she watched Penny scoop all the cum from Preston’s body and feed every drop to him. Victoria pounded her pussy to another orgasm. Then she cleaned Penny’s dildo and put everything away.

This little ritual continued for several more days. When she ran out of “Preston” DVD’s, she just started grabbing others. She was delighted when she discovered that Penny’s collection was a “Who’s Who” in the membership of the country club. Victoria watched day after day as Penny seduced, and in many cases, ordered many of the big wigs in the club around while dressed in any number of her sexy outfits.

Watching Penny take control over those men made Victoria think. Maybe being in charge wouldn’t be such a bad idea. She wanted to experience that rush.

Victoria began to formulate a plan. First she needed to think of a candidate to help her fulfill this quest. Jake would never give her control, and Preston wouldn’t take her seriously. Then it hit her. She had the perfect candidate, Carl, Preston’s young intern. Victoria became very excited thinking about how turned on Carl had been when she had teased him before, he would be putty in her hands.

Victoria needed a way to entice Carl. She got dressed and made her way to Preston’s office. She would invite Preston to lunch and suggest they bring Carl. She could tease him a bit and then plant the seed in his head for the future.

Victoria was all worked up when she arrived at the office. She was dressed conservatively, as she knew Preston expected. She was wearing a grey knee length skirt and a navy blue silk blouse that buttoned up the front. She had on navy blue sheer nylons and 3 inch matching heels. However, as she did quite often now, and what her husband didn’t know, was that she was not wearing any panties, her nylons were thigh high stockings, and she had on her sexy blue satin bra. She always felt so naughty when she dressed like that under her proper wife attire.

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