Heavy Neighbor

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I just got new neighbors next door to me, Jack and Sandy. In the few weeks they have been here, I have rarely seen Jack. The neighborhood chatter says he is away on job related travel quite often. His wife Sandy, doesn’t work at all. Sandy is a heavy set woman with dark brown hair, down to her shoulders. She has a cute face and she is thick through her body. The house they bought has a inground pool. Although there is a fairly high fence around it, from my second floor bedroom I can see the pool clearly.

On the hot days lately, Sandy has been sunning her body. She will lie down on a deck chair and then remove the top and bottom of her bathing suit. I guess I shouldn’t be looking, but Sandy has taken to use her fingers on herself once she has disrobed. I didn’t think I would be turned on by an overweight woman. However the sight of Sandy sticking her fingers inside her pussy gets me so horny. I have started to watch her and stroke my cock and she fingers herself.

I normally have my windows shut, but this one day I was letting the screens down to get some fresh air into the house. Suddenly I heard these noises coming from next door. As I looked out the window, Sandy was masturbating once more. She was using a vibrator to work inside her wet pussy. I was mightily turned on and I pulled my pants down and exposed my cock. I started to stroke my shaft and watch Sandy push her long vibe deep in her slit.

I must have been noisy myself. Sandy turned and looked up at my window. There I was with my cock in hand. Sandy only looked for a few seconds, then gathered ataşehir escort her clothes and went inside. I was so embarrassed. Not only did I get caught looking, I probably ruined my chances to ever see her naked again. A few days later, I was outside doing some yard work. Sandy was outside as well and motioned for me to come over. She asked if I could give her a hand with some chores around the house. Jack wasn’t expected back for a few days, and she needed help now.

I went inside her house for the first time. Everything was neat and spotless. Sandy kept a tidy home, if nothing else. We walked back down the hallway and back to what seemed to be the main bedroom. Sandy turned to me.

“Were you spying on me the other day, Larry?”

I sort of stuttered and told her I had heard some noises and looked out the window.

“What about that hard cock I saw you playing with?” She asked me.

“I am so sorry Sandy, I got carried away, it won’t happen again,” I told her.

Sandy walked over to me and then knelt down. She was directly in front of my pants zipper. She started pulling it down and reaching into my underwear. She freed up my cock and took it in her hand.

“God, you have a nice one here Larry!” She said.

Nancy brought the head of my cock to her lips and began kissing the tip. I thought I had died and went to heaven. Slowly, Sandy used her tongue to lick the head and then her lips started to swallow me. I let out a moan and then pushed my hips toward her mouth. Sandy was very good at sucking cock. She was kadıköy escort bayan taking me down to my mound and then pulling off of me. She made these wild slurping noises, that were making her and me kind of crazy. She then pulled away and stood up.

“Do you like to fuck heavy women, Larry?”

“I never have made love to a heavy woman before, Sandy,” I said truthfully.

Sandy proceeded to strip her clothes off. I finally got to see her up close and personal. Sandy did have some rolls of fat around her middle. Her boobs were huge and her nipples were the largest I had every seen. Sandy had her pubic hair shaved way back. Just a small strip of hair was showing. She led me over to the bed and pulled the remaining clothes off of me. She had me lie on my back, then stood in front of me briefly, fingering her pussy. My cock was standing straight up as I watched her show.

Sandy then climbed on top of me. She took hold of my cock and positioned herself directly above. Sandy lowered her bulk down and my cock barely pierced her opening. Sandy teased me a little by sinking down only an inch or two. She watched the expression on my face. Sandy knew damn well I wanted her the whole way. I reached up and my hands went to her broad hips. I pushed her down on top of me completely.

“Oh Christ!” Sandy let out a gasp.

I brought my ass up and started to pump her fat quim with everything I had. Sandy reacted by dropping her body down on me. We found a rhythm together. I reached up and latched onto those giant titties. I was squeezing escort maltepe them as my cock was pumping deep into her passage. Sandy was so wet down below. Her pussy was making a squishing noise everytime I slid my cock into her.

I slowed down and managed to flip Sandy onto her back. I lifted her thick legs up and then fitted my cock in between her fleshy lips and then shoved again. Sandy screamed as I was grunting. I had my legs almost straight out, trying to give her the longest cock strokes I could produce. I started to tell Sandy she would never have to massage her pussy again. I was going to fuck her whenever I wanted to from now on. Sandy went totally nuts from all my sex talk. She was begging me to make her cum. I told her she was my fat whore. Sandy then lost control.

She started cumming all over me. Sandy was a squirter. She sprayed me with all her lusty juices. I continued to drive my cock into her. I was buried right up to the hilt, just holding my dick in place. Sandy’s pussy was pulsating and tugging on my shaft. Just a few more pumps from me and Sandy let loose again. She was crying out for me to fuck her silly. I just kept sliding my thick rod into her until I felt that she couldn’t take anymore. I slowly freed her legs and we collapsed together.

Sandy’s whole body was heaving up and down. I felt like a ship at sea. She said her husband Jack never fucked her like I had. She doubted he had even made her orgasm the way I had this day. After I pulled out of Sandy, she took me once more and cleaned off my cum stained cock with her mouth. That was the first of many times I fucked Sandy. Her husband was away so frequently, it made things easy. I slipped over to her house, mainly in the evening and took Sandy’s pussy. All of you should track down a heavy set woman and make her your lover if you can. I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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