Heavy is the Head

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Soooooo, this story was supposed to be up before Valentine’s Day but, ya know, life happens. Anyways, here’s your-not-so-typical V-Day story about two people who aren’t really looking for love but end up finding it, of course. So, maybe it is a typical love story, who knows. Anyways, enjoy!


P.S. I knoooow all of my stories feature horror movies as the “go-to” movie dates but that’s because they’re my favorite, so, my apologies.

Ah, the sweet smell of perfume and love permeated the air around Max.

And it pissed him off.

He sat alone at the local café, sipping on his Americano and watched as the lovesick couple across from his table smack all over one another. Disgust lined his face. It was the week before Valentine’s Day and here he was, acting like a brooding bitch who’d just got dumped or didn’t have a date. It wasn’t that he disliked V-Day. It was just that that day so happened to be his anniversary. Of when his ex-fiancé decided to leave him for his cousin. Fucking whore.

Elise Beresford was the girl who shattered his heart three years ago. Long, blonde hair, tiny waist, plump chest, and an ass that he enjoyed cupping coupled with a striking face of perfect kissable lips, sloping nose, and “fuck me” green eyes. Yes, she was his everything though she was terribly ugly inside. He’d asked her to marry him after only four months of dating and they were ready to get hitched six months later. On Valentine’s Day. Cliché, maybe, but that’s what she wanted and he would do anything for her.

Max sighed and continued clicking through the several downloaded documents of spreadsheets and cases emailed to him that morning. Working for your father was awesome but also tiresome. His thick-rimmed glasses slid down his nose, causing his escaping headache to return. He didn’t really need them; he only used them for work and the coatings helped out with his straining eyes. He slurped at his drink and rolled his eyes. All of the numbers were beginning to run together and the words were sounding the same. He flung his black business jacket across the table, beside his computer, and loosened his dark blue tie. Removing his glasses, he rubbed his eyes and cracked his neck before checking his phone.

His father had called him a few times but he elected not to answer. Instead, he popped in his earbuds and decided to listen to some heavy metal classical mix. His favorite. “God,” he mumbled, stretching his legs.

The couple in front of him was still making out and he glowered at them. He missed that shit, to be perfectly honest. Having Elise’s little body all over him while he kissed her sensitive areas really made up for all of the stupid bullshit. Like her vain, self-centered ass and her constant preening. She was so self-obsessed, he wondered why they were even together. Now, he knew; it was all for money.

The Beresfords’ were an old family friend of the Llewelyns and that is how they met, actually, via family. Her dad was in the government and his father did the man’s taxes, and both sides were loaded. He didn’t care about the cash or trust funds, sure they were nice, but he just wanted somebody to look past all of that and see him for who he really was. Elise wasn’t that type of girl. All she saw were dollar signs and expensive things. Whenever they’d go out, she always had to put on a full face of makeup and wear high heels when they were just going to eat or see a movie.

Now, he wanted a laid back kind of girl, one who didn’t care about money or nice cars. One who loved him for him, Maxton Llewelyn. He leaned back in his chair and looked up to the ceiling. Groaning, he closed his eyes as the music blared and flared in his ears until it died out into a soothing note of clarity. Then, a soft tinkling sound interrupted his peacefulness.

Like bells being rung at Christmastime and angels singing, he heard the most beautiful laugh he’d ever heard before. Shooting his eyes open, he glanced around for the source, pausing his music so he could listen better. There, a dark haired beauty a couple of tables down with a drink in her hand, straw hanging out of her mouth, and her phone to her face. She was laughing at something she found and her amusement was beguiling to him. And why did she seem so familiar? Cocking a brow, he continued to stare at her, watching the dimples form on her high cheeks when she would smile. She would throw her head back, throwing her hair over a dainty shoulder, smoky gray eyes lighting up with her grin.

Who was this girl and why did he recognize her? He knew where he remembered her when she suddenly looked his way and halted her laughter with a sharp intake of breath.

“Emma?” He asked, taking out one bud.

Her stormy eyes widened at the use of her name. “Max?” Recognition shone in those bright orbs before they lit up with excitement. She jumped up, nearly spilling her drink, and skipped over to him. “Max! How are you?” God, she was beaming, her thick lips pulling kocaeli escort her cheeks even higher, showcasing her perfect teeth. Dark and heavy lashes lined her beautiful, slightly tilted eyes that he had come to adore the few times he’d seen her. She had soft features that came from her mother with the lustrous soft black hair that looked like it was recently cut to just below her shoulders.

He, too stood, and clasped her in a bear hug, having missed the tiny thing. “I’m well and you?” He held her at arm’s length, openly checking her out. Last time he saw her, she was barely out of her teens, just a few years younger than Elise.

Emma Beresford only beamed brighter. “Fantastic! I just dropped by for a caffeine fix because I’m working on a lengthy research paper. But it’s so great to see you!” Her hands rested on his elbows and she looked down, appraising him as well. “I see time has been well to you. I’m sorry about Elise. She can be a bitch,” she sounded apologetic.

He only shrugged, still holding onto her, liking the way she felt in his arms. “It’s quite alright. That was long ago. You’re still in college?”

“Graduated but I’m working on my Master’s,” she corrected him. Oh, wow, really? Man, this girl had grown up in the meantime. Last time he’d seen her, she was in cutoff jeans and sneakers. Now, she sported drop crotch sweats, the same color as her eyes, with a graphic tee under a black cardigan. Her red canvas shoes were the only color this girl sported. “Are you working currently?”

She gestured towards his laptop. “Oh, well, kind of-.”

Emma’s face became shadowed in disappointment. “Ah, well, then I’ll leave you to it.”

“Nonsense, please, join me, if you could take a break.”

Emma chewed on her bottom lip and Max’s eyes went straight to those front teeth tugging the plump flesh into her mouth. He wanted to devour those lips. “Alright,” she tried to hide the smile and he could tell she was having a tough time. From what he remembered, she was so much different than her sister in every way of life. Elise wore high heels and costly perfume with designer dresses whereas Emma chose to wear Chucks, band tees, and jeans. Elise bleached her hair to the nth degree and loved tanning beds; Emma was naturally tan and used to dye her hair crazy colors. Now, her hair was her natural color, a deep, mahogany brown that rivaled Elise’s.

Why was he even comparing the two? Emma was clearly more beautiful than her sister, both inside and out. “So, what’s been happening?” He asked her once she became comfortable, blocking his view from the lovesick couple in front of him.

She shrugged and propped her feet up on the chair next to his. “Same old, same old. Dad’s enthralled in work, mom’s on permanent vacation, brother’s still snorting coke, and sister’s in rehab. You?” She flicked her wrist at him that was hanging on the back of her chair.

Max only laughed at her familial description. “About the same as mine. But, tell me about you. How have you been?”

Emma sighed and looked down. “Well, I’m working on my graduate degree in psych. Not sure what I want to do yet but I love school.” She lit up. Emma was a smart cookie and had the grades to prove it. “Maybe I’ll be a perpetual student and just keep studying. Anything to keep me out of home.”

He didn’t blame her. Her family was volatile and draining. Nary a one of them could be in the same room without ripping each other’s throats out. Elise was the worst one of the bunch. Spoiled cunt. Yet, dare he ask about her well-being? “How’s Elise? I mean, I know you mentioned she was in rehab, but, is she happy? I miss hanging with you guys.” Shit, he should have worded that better.

Emma seemed defeated, as if her fears were confirmed. “She’s good, I guess. Don’t speak to her much. You know, being the outcast and all.”

Ah, yes. Emma was adopted from an old family friend who’d passed away when she was but a baby. And because she wasn’t a child by blood, she was treated as such. Her father only took her in because he owed a favor to her parents and that was his way of repaying them though Max could tell that Emma was his favorite. Hell, he preferred her over his ex any day. And who wouldn’t? She was funny, smart, and cute as all get out. Now, her downcast eyes and saddened facial expression had his heart beating and wanting to cheer her up. “Oh, I don’t care about her; I was just curious is all.” He ran his tongue over his teeth, wondering what to say to keep the conversation going. “What about you?”

She seemed taken aback as she raised her eyebrows. “What about me?”

He laughed to cover his stupid nervousness. God, was he a teenager again, speaking to a hot girl, trying to conceal his raging boner? Speaking of, he felt a stir down there when he glanced at the cardigan straining against her chest. She was easily a heavy B, maybe the beginning of a C. He hadn’t realized she was speaking to him until she said his name.

“Max?” kocaeli escort bayan

He shook his head to clear his wayward thoughts. He shouldn’t be thinking things like of his ex’s little sister being he remembered her in pigtails and braces when they were much younger. “I’m sorry. I was just wondering about you other than the obvious,” he nodded at her worn out textbook and notebook.

“Oh, well, I spend all of my time studying and working part time down at the local animal shelter that I don’t have time to hang out with people or date, for that matter,” she fluttered her eyelids. She was being bashful and he found it stunningly adorable. “I know it sounds foolish but I like spending my time alone and with the animals.” Her eyes lit up with her enthusiasm. He remembered that she had such a large heart and still did, apparently. She would ask to keep every stray that would follow her home.

He agreed with her on wanting to be alone. “Yeah, I’ve been like that. There were a couple of girls after Elise but there was nothing between us.” He leaned back and gazed up at the ceiling, reminiscing in his mind the afternoon when he popped the question to her. He frowned.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as she sat forward, eager to understand him.

He only shrugged. “It’s nothing. I’m happy I know her true colors now. I just wish I knew sooner.”

The duo grew quiet as the conversation turned awkward. Until Emma finally spoke. “So, you’re not dating anybody right now?”

Why was his heart beating so quickly in his chest, threatening to break through his rib cage? “No…” He let the answer hang there between them. “I just don’t care for anyone at the moment that I’m willing to devote my time to.”

“Oh,” she was hurt and he could tell so he tried to think of something to appease the subject, make it seem he wasn’t pushing her away. “You know,” she started. “Elise didn’t only hurt you.”

He flinched at that. Elise had trampled over many people in her haste to ditch Max and start a relationship with his cousin, a most eligible bachelor who’d recently come out of a long affiliation with the governor’s daughter. Every girl in the state wanted to be with Joshua Llewellyn and his pretty impressive trust fund. Elise practically crushed every girl on the way to him in her red stilettos in an effort to gain his attention including breaking her fiancé’s heart and destroying the bond she had with her sister who had her eye on the man as well. Emma and Josh were almost a couple, and everyone wanted him to choose her, until Elise came along and fucked it all up. “I know,” was all he said.

What had happened to poor Emma after that? Max and she used to speak all of the time until her sister dumped him. They would constantly chat and showcase playful banter. She was almost like a little sister to him. A very hot and sexy little sister.

All of a sudden, she sat straight up in her chair. “You know what? Let’s talk about something else other than significant others. Quite frankly, I’m over men and dating.”

Max smiled. “I am as well. The dating part that is.”

Emma threw her head back and laughed that wonderful laugh. It was a mixture between slight snorting and giggling like a child. For whatever reason, his dark blue eyes drew straight to her slim neck, the curve where her shoulder met her throat made him shiver. He wanted to lick that exact spot and knew it would probably drive her mercilessly crazy. He shifted and moved his jacket over his lap to cover up what his other mind had been thinking. Then his mind imagined his lips biting her caramel neck as she writhed beneath him. Her face came forward again and she was looking at him unexpectedly, as if her thoughts were in the same mindset as his currently were.

He shook his head and smiled at her.

They talked and chatted on and off for a good two hours with him ignoring his work. They caught up. He missed her and her snarky ways. She was a rebel and that’s what he found most attractive at that very moment. Damn, she grew up nicely. She was down to Earth and didn’t give a shit about anything other than animals and other people around her. She wasn’t worried about money nor looks; she was just here to be alive and he found that incredibly arousing.

Which resulted in a minor boner poking its way up.

Thankfully, his phone beeped at that exact moment and he cleared his throat. “Excuse me,” he held up a hand and answered his phone. “Yeah?” He sounded a little pissed off and didn’t mean to answer in that way. “I’m sorry. But what is it?” Aggravation edged his voice and he knew his father’s secretary, the one he’d been having an affair with for the past six years, sounded annoyed.

“Your father wants to see you,” she quipped.

Max sighed and rolled his eyes like a young boy being called home after playing all day outdoors and being forced home for supper. “Fine,” he growled and hung up.

Emma kocaeli escort was plucking at a piece of fluff on her shirt, trying to hide her disappointment. “Gotta go?”

Max nodded reluctantly. “Yeah, I am sorry. But hey, let’s catch up one day this week. I’m free for the weekend.”

One side of her luscious lips pulled up into a sly smirk. “Oh, no Valentine’s Day date? That makes sense to the elusive Maxton Llewellyn. What, with your amazingly good looks and smoldering eyes, I bet you could score easily before then.”

Intrigued, he cocked a brow. “Is that a dare?”

She leaned forward, making sure her bust was in clear view of his eyes even though she was completely covered. “Are you scared?” She had a hint of sultriness on top of the playful tone of her voice.

He shook his head and slanted his body forward, too, so their noses were almost touching. Her breath was strangely sweet and minty, blowing warm over his nose. From here, he could see her slight freckles sprinkled across her dainty nose and the small sliver hoop that adorned her septum, which he never noticed before. It made her rebelliousness even more prominent. “That’s a negative, Ghost Rider. The question is mademoiselle, are you?”

She jumped at that. “Of what?”

“Betting to see who can get a date for this weekend. What do you say?”

She pondered this for a moment as her gray eyes glanced up towards the ceiling. “Hmm. What does the winner receive?”

Good question. “If I win, I get sex.” He did NOT mean to blurt that out. But he had been thinking of fucking her this whole time they had been talking. She didn’t seem surprised by his answer even when he opened his mouth to try and say something else. She held up a hand.

Her tongue came out to wet her lips, pausing at the corner as she looked him over. “Serious?”

“As a heart attack,” he barely managed to get out. He was so lucky she didn’t slap him, scoff, and walk off. But she didn’t.

“Okay,” she slapped her palms on the table, fingers brushing against his, “you’re on. If I win, you adopt a pet.” Her lips were so daringly close to his that he wanted to just say fuck it and declare her a winner now. Other patrons around them were looking at the duo now, curious as to what the two friends were talking about.

Adopt a pet? Sure, easy peasy. However, Maxton Llewellyn was a competitive little trite and win he would.

It wasn’t just that he wanted to fuck her; no, he wanted to get to see the real her, take her out, get her shitfaced, and have fun. Being around Elise and their family, it was hard for them to act the way they wanted. Well, sometimes Emma wouldn’t care but she acted politely out of respect. He weighed on this. “Fair enough.”

He lifted his chin in challenge. He didn’t know if she was a virgin or not. She was pretty chaste the last time he saw her a few years ago but that could have changed for all he knew. She shrugged one shoulder in agreement, as if she’s done dirtier bets; he wanted to know all that she’d done. It really turned him on and his receding boner started to grow again. “Deal,” she grinned sexily and stretched, running her hands along her ribs and up over her breasts, to her jaw, and then finally to lift her hair off of her neck in that cat-like way that had Max practically panting. “And,” she held up a finger, “rule is no one can pay for a date because that’s cheating. Also, the competitors can do anything to throw off of the other person in any way.”

“How do you mean?” He asked as he rose when she stood up.

Emma crossed over to him in one smooth step, pressing her body against his. “I mean, distractions are welcome,” she whispered, standing on her tiptoes, to breathe into his ear. “If you, or I, become so enthralled in what the other person is doing, they can call off the bet and deem that person the winner. Like say I can seduce you and you want me so bad that you say you’ll lose which will make me the automatic winner.” She pressed a hot kiss against the side of his neck and he shivered, for the umpteenth time that day.

“Game on,” he ground out, discreetly smoothing a hand over the crest of her thighs before stepping back, hearing her sharp intake of breath. The rules were strange but maybe he could turn her on so much that she’d have to call it off and allow him to fuck her sooner rather than later. He honestly hoped it would be before the weekend. Regardless of what happened, they both would end up winning however, he wasn’t afraid of a challenge.

“We meet on Saturday with our dates, say, eight? At that bougie restaurant that just opened up,” she pressed into him again. “Dress nice.”

He nodded and caught his breath when she stepped back.

“See you later,” she flicked her hair over her shoulder and turned to go, “accidentally” knocking over her book. She bent low to pick it up, allowing her sweatpants to hug her rump delightfully, showing the dimples on her lower back. As she scooped it up, she rose, ass first, giving him a perfect view of her juicy thighs and bottom, before waving at him.

He did a half wave, adjusted his pants, grabbed his things, and slowly followed her out. Man, he hated to see her go but loved watching her leave.

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