Hate Vs. Love

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Pete was angry. More angry than usual. His car broke down and he was stuck with taking the transit across town to attend classes at his collage of the performing arts. He didn’t even know why he attended, he hated it. But then again, he hated everything.

He hopped on the bus and headed to the back, sitting in an empty seat that was torn and written all over. He didn’t care though. He was alone and felt fine that way. He looked out the window and began rummaging around in his thoughts, searching for a purpose to keep living. He didn’t have a mother to run to. His father was always drunk and a jackass since he was born to the moment he left that run down city of Houston to New York. As if more couldn’t go wrong, he couldn’t help the fact that he was gay. Yes he had a relationship with another girl, but it went sour after he realized that he could not emotionally and physically love her. And his father had always talked down about homosexuality, saying the uppermost degrading things about the topic. He didn’t bother looking for a lover, let alone friends.

He sat there sipping at his mocha. That’s when he saw Brent approaching. He looked around realizing that every seat around him was taken but the leftover room on the seat he was on. He became flustered realizing he would have to share with him.

“Mind if I sit here?” he said pointing to the empty space.

“Sure.” Pete flatly said, moving his messenger bag over.

He sat down and looked down trying not to make any eye contact with the skinny boy.

So his name was Brent. Pete of course never talked to him, even though they shared almost all of their classes together. Brent was around six feet and four inches in height. He was always dressed up in designer button downs and either black or pinstripe slacks. He had piercing hazel eyes that looked as if he could see into your soul, and had soft shoulder length brown hair that brought them out even more. He looked tough in his figure though. Even though he was pretty self conscious about his weight, he didn’t look bad at all. He thought if he worked out more he would turn the thin layer of pudge on is belly into a nice set of abs to lure more guys in to pick from. At least to get his mind off of his latest crush, who was sitting next to him. Brent didn’t know much about Pete, only that he didn’t speak much and lived near him. Yet he found him mysterious. He wanted to know Pete more.

Brent took a chance and decided to start up a friendly conversation seeing as the ride would be a long one.

“So…how come you’re so quiet” He asked.

Pete looked right over at Brent hearing him in person for the first time. “Uh…” he murmured “I dont know, why?”

“I don’t know, you seem pretty interesting, but it’s kind of hard to really see it when you always keep to yourself.” Brent said looking down again. His voice was deep, but soft spoken.

Pete rolled his eyes feeling annoyed. “Look, uh, Brent, I don’t need anyone to tell me something very obvious. So I would appreciate it if you either started up a more decent conversation, or keep to yourself! Thank you very much!” He said sharply and turned away.

Brent’s heart was in his stomach in pieces. He turned the other way feeling heartbroken but hopeful. The ride went on for what seemed like forever to both of the boys. Pete began to feel sorry for the way he spoke to him; but before he could turn and apologize they were at their destination. The bus lurched backward at the stop and everyone got up. Brent was one of the first, he rushed out. Pete followed a little after and stepped out onto the cold and humid sidewalk and approached the campus, hoping he would catch up with Brent, but had no such luck.

The rest of the day went on as usual. He was back to feeling bitter, pushing away the thoughts of walking up to Brent during class and apologizing. He couldn’t do it; he would feel so embarrassed seeing as the other guy basically towered over his five foot nine inch scrawny figure. He never thought much of Brent. But suddenly he felt as if he needed to talk to him. He wanted a second chance.

As class ended on that cold and mucky Friday afternoon, Pete headed towards the bus stop before the bus left. He headed towards the back and to his surprise; Brent was sitting in the same seat. Pete gulped down and headed towards the seat, politely asking “Can I sit here?” Brent looked startled, but allowed him.

Pete couldn’t help but blush as his leg brushed up against the other guy’s. He quickly turned to brent and said, “Look, I’m really sorry about what I said to you this morning.”

Brent looked over with casino siteleri a simple smile on his face, “Its okay. I’ve lived here since I was a kid, I’m used to it.” Pete suddenly felt guilty. For being so rude, and also feeling attracted to him. He didn’t want to take down his armor and make it seem like he was a softie deep down inside. He kind of liked being bitter and tough. It usually scared people off, but then again, he didn’t want to feel that way any longer. He was just confused, and maybe in love.

Before he could tell himself to cut it off right there he asked “Do you want to go grab some coffee with me later?”

Brent’s face became blank. “Uh… I wish I could, I have to work. But maybe we can tomorrow; I’m off on the weekends.

“Even better.” he smiled. The rest of the ride was filled with small talk and long silent moments.

That night Pete did the usual routine of bathing, eating leftover pizza, and watching the television. He couldn’t sleep. Usually that’s all he did. He just didn’t know what to do with himself. This wasn’t normal for him; he was actually looking forward to something for the first time ever! It clearly wasn’t a real date though. Brent had yet to know his secret, and about a million other things about him. So he had to figure out a way to keep his composure.

Pete finally fell asleep around seven in the morning. But he didn’t wake up until the crack of eight PM. He rushed out of bed and took a quick shower. What took the longest was figuring out what he should do with his hair and what to wear. He felt like such a girl, but he finally decided on a pair of fitted black jeans and a black and grey striped sweater. He let his black hair hang in whichever direction it pleased. He finally examined himself one last time. He looked well rested.

He exited his apartment and trudged out heading for the nearby coffee/bakery shop that they agreed on meeting at.

Brent was still waiting; he ordered an iced mocha and took a seat near the window in the front hoping Pete would see him easily. His attire consisted of a pair of dark washed blue jeans, a light blue button-down and his hair neatly parted to the side. He was content with the fact that he would really have a chance to get to know Pete, perhaps even have a chance at another ‘date’. He sipped at his drink and thought about what they would talk about. That’s when he saw Pete heading for the shop.

Pete saw Brent and smiled. He walked in, ordered his drink, his usual mocha, and headed for the table. His footsteps matched the beat of his heart, which felt like it was in his butt. He sat down and smiled without loosing it.

“About time.” Brent teased.

“Well my car broke down, so I had to walk.” Pete said shyly.

“You’ve got to be crazy to even own a car in this city! You should take the buses or subway. It’s cheaper.” He suggested.

Pete nodded in agreement.

“So I know this is going to annoy you, but why are you usually so angry?” The brown haired teen questioned.

“I’m not angry.” Pete replied.

“Yes you are, you always look that way. I can sense it too. Everyone can!” Brent said looking a little worried.

Pete felt awkward, but he just let it go seeing as he didn’t want to upset the guy. “It’s just that…a lot has happened to me…and I just don’t know anyone I can really confide in.”

“Family?” Brent said setting down his drink softly after taking another sip.

“Yea. Well, I at least think I never had a decent one.” Pete then felt lighter inside.

“Oh…I’m sorry about that.” Brent said looking at the teen in front of him. He sensed that he felt a little better, but not fully. He blushed when they made straight eye contact for a long moment.

“What about you? How come you never talk much? You seem so nice!” Pete asked.

“Well, my parents weren’t the best either. Always fighting, and they practically disowned me when they found out about me being gay.” Suddenly Brent slapped his hand over his mouth and slumped back. His cheeks were rosy red with embarrassment.

Pete’s eyes lit up. “You’re gay?” he questioned making sure he heard right.

Brent looked nervous but sat back up. “Well…what a way to come out…huh?” He laughed nervously.

Pete smiled feeling his heart flutter back to his chest. “Don’t be ashamed.”

Those comforting words surprised Brent. “Please don’t tell anyone. Who knows what will happen to me?”

“Don’t worry I wont, as long as you…” Pete gulped down feeling nervous as to what he should say next. “As long as you promise not to tell anyone about our little conversation.” canlı casino

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want anyone to know that I’m just a wuss okay?” Pete felt ashamed.

“You shouldn’t think like that. In fact it’s good that we talked about that. It’s bad to keep it all inside.” Brent said.

“I’m just not used to being anything other than down.” Pete looked at his drink.

“You can’t just be happy or anything like that. You have to feel it. Once you know, then it just feels good. If you keep thinking about the bad, then there’s no chance that you’ll ever know what its like.”

Pete smiled for once in a long time. They talked for a while longer until they noticed the time. Nine o’clock. They walked out together and stopped. Pete pondered weather or not he should invite him over to his place. He looked over at Brent, whom was looking at him. He felt so overwhelmed, Pete then leaned closer to Brent and captured is lips with his own giving him a delightful but short kiss. Both blushed, not because of the freezing cold. “I’m sorry Brent. It’s just that…I wanted to repay you.”

Brent smiled. “Well…your welcome?” He said feeling all warm inside.

“Will you be my…uh…”

“Significant other?” Brent cut him off. They both laughed then found themselves looking into each other’s eyes.

“Whatever you want to call it.” Pete sighed.

Brent felt like fireworks were going off around them. “Sure.”

They stood there, both hoping the other would break the silence. “My apartment isn’t too far from here, want to come over?” Pete offered.

Brent accepted and they headed off into the crowded New York sidewalks and walked until they reached a tall building. They walked in and went up to the third floor where Pete’s humble abode was. They entered and were greeted by the warmth that filled the living room. Pete shut the door behind him.

The television was still on, but it was just the local news. Both sat down on the couch and looked at each other. To Brent, the moment was too perfect to waste sitting and being silent. No words were exchanged before Brent leaned over and kissed Pete passionately, causing Pete to feel like he was above himself. Everything around the two melted away as Pete felt Brent’s tongue poking at his lips asking for entrance. He parted them allowing their tongues to dance around for a while before the kiss was broken off. Pete sat up and ran his hands down from the collar of Brent’s shirt to the bottom. He began unbuttoning it following after with kisses until it was fully open. Brent sighed in happiness.

Pete got off the couch allowing Brent to remove the rest of his shirt. Pete slipped his sweater over his head. The warmth around them gave both of them goose bumps. Brent stood up and began to unbutton his jeans. As he slid them down, Pete sank to his knees and slipped his boxers off revealing Brent’s impressive long and thick cock. He thought about how other men had done it In the few pornos he had seen before, thinking that he should just stick with mimicking what they do. He began stroking Brent’s cock slowly enjoying the feeling. Then he wrapped his lips around the head and began sucking enjoying the taste of Brent’s warm salty precum. He began to take Brent in little by little, but just when his cock ticked the back of Pete’s throat, Pete gagged a little, and slid his mouth off feeling discomfited.

“Don’t worry,” Brent said looking at Pete. “It feels good either way.”

Pete smiled and wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and began sucking the rest. Brent had experience before, but to him, this was the best he ever had. He not only felt extreme pleasure throughout his body, he felt that they were so close.

“Oh Pete I’m going to cum!” Brent moaned.

With that, Pete stroked him a little faster and kept sucking only on the head. Brent gasped and shot his load in Pete’s mouth. Pete swallowed each spurt of Brent’s warm creamy cum as quick as he could. Brent was moaning nonstop as he became more and more spent by the second. There was such a great deal of it that some leaked out of the corners of his mouth. Pete stood back up and pulled Brent close to him, kissing him hard . They gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment catching their breath and holding each other close, not saying a word.

Brent then sank to his knees and began to strip Pete out of his jeans and underwear, revealing his six inch but thick cock. Brent immediately began sucking him enjoying the feeling of the blue eyed teen’s warm manhood sliding in and out of his mouth. He gently gave Pete’s balls a tug and stopped to kaçak casino give them a sucking. Pete felt his heart beating hard and his breathing become fast and deep. He felt a tingle in his spine, he could feel himself building up inside. He needed release, and he got it. Within a few minutes, the tingle that he had just burst out into the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt in his life. Spurt after spurt of his creamy cum was swallowed by Brent, who was enjoying it. Brent looked up and locked eyes with Pete. He slowly slid Pete’s now softening cock out of his mouth. Brent stood up and they kissed again. Both running their hands over the other’s body.

“That felt so good huh?” Brent sighed.

“Yes, I think I’m ready for you.” Pete said looking right into Brent’s eyes.

“Are you sure?” Brent asked sensing the need in Pete’s eyes as he caressed his cheek.

“Yes, I want to feel you in me. Please be my first!” Pete begged

Brent turned Pete around and wrapped his arms around him, caressing his abdomen and teasing his cock. He nuzzled his face into Pete’s neck and lightly kissed him sending shivers down his body. As Brent’s cock rubbed and teased between his cheeks, Pete pushed his ass back trying to get Brent inside of him.

Brent pushed him forward, Pete was bent over, resting his hands on the arm of the couch. Brent knelt gown on his knees and began rimming Pete’s virgin hole, getting it as slick and wet as possible. He then licked his finger, then pressed it against his hole and continued to do so until it gave way. He entered and let his finger rest inside, then he pulled it out and inserted another. Pete moaned enjoying the feeling, but he was ready, he felt like he needed to be filled and full of Brents hard and thick manhood. Brent slowly pulled his fingers out, and stood up. He then spat in his palm and lubed up his cock as best as he could.

He pressed his cock against Pete’s hole and slowly entered. Pete bit his bottom lip and whimpered. He knew it would hurt at first, but nowhere in his mind did he think that he could ever feel so much pain, and sharp pain that is. Brent stopped and reached under and caressed Pete’s abdomen.

“Relax or it’s gonna hurt a whole lot more.”

With that, Pete took a deep breath and let his body loosen up. Brent gently entered more of himself until he was halfway in. Pete gripped the couch almost tearing holes. He wanted more now. The pain went from sharp, to dull, to no pain at all. He softly moaned in pleasure. Brent pulled back until only the head of his cock was in, then he went back and practically buried his cock in Pete’s ass. He began slipping back and fourth picking up a steady pace. Pete never felt so good! Every part in his body felt alive as he became full with Brent’s cock, he moaned louder. Brent enjoyed the feeling of Pete’s tight virgin ass.

Every deep entrance Brent made kept Pete moaning. “Oh Brent, I’m glad its you!” He sighed. Brent was moaning just as much as his cock twitched. As if it were almost in unison, both of them came. Brent leaving what felt like tons of hot creamy cum up Pete’s ass. Brent pounded his hole a few more times and stopped to catch his breath.

“OH BRENT…Brent, oh god I’m cumming!” Pete’s second orgasm felt even more powerful than the first. He almost couldn’t breathe. He felt so much cum spurt out of himself that he almost couldn’t believe that he had that much. Either way, both teens shared the most intense orgasms.

Brent slid his cock out and pulled Pete up admiring his torso and abdomen that were dripping with cum. Pete grabbed a towel that was lying on the floor nearby and cleaned himself up, he handed the towel to Brent who cleaned himself. They looked at each other for a moment, then laughed. Brent Dropped the towel and Grabbed Pete. They collapsed on the couch together and kissed each other playfully.

“Brent, that was amazing, I never thought I’d ever have a chance at this.” Pete said softly, grabbing a blanket that was draped over the couch.

“Well, you weren’t so bad yourself. Maybe we could switch places and you could have me screaming out your name!” He giggled. They both got under the blanket and cuddled up close.

“Yea, that would be great!” Pete yawned and looked right into Brent’s eyes. “Brent, I want to tell you something.”

“Do tell.” Brent replied kissing Pete’s cheek.

“Honestly, tonight was amazing, and it felt that way because of you. I actually feel happy now.”


“Yes. Of course its obvious why too. But I’m glad It’s you” Pete said nuzzling his face into Brent’s neck.

“Pete, I’m glad its you too.”

A moment passed before both shamelessly uttered “I love you.” at the same time They looked at each other and smiled.

Then they cuddled once again and drifted off to sleep. Dreaming of what was to come.

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