Happy New Year Ralph

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“Happy New Year, Ralph” by JJ Eroticas

I froze my ass off in my beat-up Dodge Shadow. They said, “we are driving a red excursion; looks like a fire engine filled with old guys.” I agreed to meet 3 eighty-something year old tops for a gangbang inside a national park’s public restroom. Under my winter bulk, my smooth-shaven body itched against silk red leggings and a black skirt tight enough, flushed out my bubble butt even further.

Snow peppered my windshield when the red truck bounced over the white hilly parking lot. I gripped a green tote bag filled with high heels, matching color of the 3 wine bottles next to it. They pulled up aside me and through the dim grey window glass, I saw 3 grandpas with open mouths squinting to see if I matched my online gay chat profile.

We rolled down our windows in sync.

“I have wine and stuff,” I said.

“Well get your fine ass in our car, we probably have better heat,” Ralph the driver said.

I crawled in and sat next to beer belly Harold. He lost his wife to cancer last summer. Ralph the driver, and Edward in shotgun both lied to their wives who then shopped the local mall for coffee and poodle calendars.

“What did you tell your wives?” I asked.

“Poker sage, and we are losing a real poker afternoon for you, babe,” Ralph said.

Ralph appeared to be the boss of the group. A retired contractor and football coach, he looked casino oyna like a grandpa Elvis.

Ten minutes in, the car wreaked of wine. I did a tad of coke from my car key. They declined. We drank out of plastic red cups. I decided to wear lipstick for the first time, and it stamped the white inner cup like red fingerprints. But with my chapped lip patterns instead. At 28 years of age, I only stripped in gay clubs and fucked two men. This adventure seemed like part of a nervous breakdown but felt so hot and unavoidable.

The wine buzzed my winter afternoon into a blurrier snowy charm, the coke electrified my naked body still shelled under my Eskimo cocoon. I suppressed my urge so slide a cock in my mouth and ruin my lipstick. And with that, unleash my wiggling bubble ass into the frosty air of leering grandpa eyes. I instead started to talk. “I never did this before,” I said.

“You’re kidding,” Ralph said. He lit a Camel light and checked his thick gold watch.

In the corner of my eye, beer belly Harold adjusted his hard cock through his awful-green golf slacks. Edward pulled a joint from the handwarmers of his palm tree patterned blue hoodie. He rubbed his bald head, “Do you smoke, Sage?”

“Of course, I just did not know you all did,” I said.

A half hour later, the snow painted the windows a blueish opaque and the scenic winter terrain around us vanished. Inside, visibility canlı casino dropped to one foot as the marijuana smoke sat still and thickened making a soft white wall.

“Let’s head em’ out!” said Coach Ralph.

I ran through the snowflakes that pattered my eyeballs and tongue. The restroom’s thick prison-like concrete warmed our bones the deeper we walked the hallway.

“Who’s fucking idea was this?” beer Billy Harold said.

“Mine,” I said. “The risk of getting caught you know. Its excitement”

“Caught?” Edward said. This old park has been abandoned since the carnival opened last summer.

My world spun like a carnival ride. I fell into the stall wall undressing to just my skimpy black skirt, red leggings, and completed by slipping on my crimson high heels. I flipped the on switch of my numbed out nervous system by snorting an inch-high pile of coke off my car key.

Outside the stalls, the three naked men stood in semi-circle formation and jerked. A tripod with a camera pointed towards a sink

“You mind if we film,” Ralph said.


“I am first,” Ralph said.

I clopped and echoed my clopping with each slutty step. I put my palms on each side of the freezing sink and Ralph yanked up my skirt and slid his cold hand between my ass cheeks. “Oh yah,” he said. “Warm me up you little hot slut.”

He slid it back out. Then smacked and watched kaçak casino it wobble. “Look at this ass jiggle…now that is an ass,” he said. He lined up with a smiling mouth and slid his hard cock inside the cheeks – mid wobble. The bathroom echoed with his grunts and flesh slapping I looked in the mirror to see the camera’s red light. My ass rattled up and down with his youthful thrusts.

Ten minutes later, Ralph continued fucking me with a smooth conservative rhythm. The other two men started to snore as they fell on each other underneath the hand dryer machine. I turned and my stretched skirt climbed up to my nipples as I then landed my knee caps on the cold tile. I fondled Ralph’s hopping testicles as his cock tickled the back of my throat. I grabbed the shaft of it and sucked the surface of his mushroom, back and forth. My slurping and his grunts echoed the winter restroom.

I rose, spun, and palmed the sink as his tongue and beard shimmied poked between my cheeks causing them to shimmy. His cock filled me again as he grunted loud enough to interrupt the background snores for a moment. He palmed the back of my neck and aligned his pelvis-cock mechanism for the grand finale.

“Oh, you fuckin’ sissy whore…give daddy that hot pussy you bubble butt slut bitch.”

My finger printed, pounded and spanked, swollen bubble cheeks shimmied as I felt Ralph’s hot explosion burn inside my ass. It rivered down my thighs. I stood barefoot and felt every syrupy vein.

“You’re a sweet fuck and a nice conversation. Get out of here, I will take the two losers home. Happy New Year!”

“Happy New Year, Ralph.”

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