Happy Coercion

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This piece is written at the request of a friend. I had once asked her what her secret fantasy was and she told me her idea of total freedom – giving herself up to the control of a thoughtful, sensual, successful and sophisticated man who did not have to prove he was a man to anyone. His manner and grace just radiated it. And so, she trusted him with everything and let him bring her to new heights of sexuality and the sheer pleasure that came with it. I hope you enjoy it as much I did thinking about it, and of course, writing it.


Marilyn lay on the towel-covered chaise enjoying the warm sun and ocean breeze on her body. The waiter had just dropped off her second pina colada of the day. It was barely 11:00 AM and she was well on her way to being very mellow.

Being on this cruise had its benefits. It wasn’t something she would have ever done herself, especially because she had lied to her husband, her children and her mother in order to do what her boss asked of her. Jack had compelled her to make this trip with him. Jack had taken control of all the details of this getaway and selected all of her clothing including the revealing, semi-transparent, micro bikini she was wearing. In accordance with his instructions, she had left her bag in the trunk of the car at the airport.

She leaned back in the chaise as she sipped her drink and thought about the events that brought her to this place at this time. Somehow his power over her, his ability to command her to do anything that she would immediately and willingly obey, had become immensely pleasurable for her. She had surrendered the control of her life to him as if it was the most natural thing to do. She quietly acknowledged she liked it more than she cared to admit. She liked the freedom it offered her to explore and do things she never thought possible for herself, freedom to let go of her inhibitions and be the sensual women that she knew she was.

At the time, she hadn’t realized that the transformation was happening. When she was hired to work for Jack as an administrate assistant, she took an immediate liking to him. He was firm but gentle in his requirements, always had a pleasant word for her and was incredibly sensitive to what effect his demands had on her life – something even her husband hadn’t done. It was the reason she decided to go back to work in the first place – outside stimulation from people who gave a damn about something other than Sunday football and beer or the weekly poker game with the guys.

Over time, she really began to feel that she needed to please Jack and not just because it was her job as his assistant. She got such positive reinforcement from every time she did, that it made it that much more desirable for her to continue doing it. It was like potato chips – she couldn’t eat just one.

As time progressed she became more and more dependent on receiving his approval, however small. Sometimes she felt she needed it to feel useful and complete. A therapist might say she was becoming obsessed with pleasing him. Whatever – she knew it felt good when she did and he always showed his appreciation in such a comforting way – especially when she anticipated his needs. So when he asked her, quite naturally, to stay late one evening, she agreed.

When everyone else in the building had left he called her into his office. “Marilyn, I wanted to speak to you about your job here.” He said coming around the front of his desk to stand close in front of her. She continued to stand not being sure if she should sit or not. But his nearness, his smell, was giving her goosebumbs.

“Is anything wrong Jack?” she asked nervously. “I try to do a good job!” She was afraid that he was unhappy about her performance and that she would need to leave.

“Everything is fabulous, you should know that. I try to let you know. I have become more and more reliant on you and your effectiveness. I wanted to talk about a change in position and a raise. You have certainly earned it.”

“If it means working for someone else in the company I wouldn’t be interested, even for more money. I really like working with you and looking after your needs.”

” And so you shall. I’m not letting you go that easy. We are too comfortable with each other. You seem to be able to anticipate my needs – sometimes even before I know them. So I am offering you the Executive Secretary position. Marge is leaving to move south with her new husband. The duties will require a lot more hours and some travel overnight – usually with me and always first class. Of course, the money and benefits are significantly larger – about double what you are currently making. And we will be spending much more time working very closely together. Would you like that?”

“It sounds wonderful. I would be pleased to take it on if you believe I can manage it.” She was having difficulty breathing and her stomach was in butterflies.

“Oh I am sure you will be a natural. You already have learned a lot of the kartal escort bayan skills necessary in your current position and Marge can fill you in on the rest”

All she could do was nod her head. She was so excited about the opportunity to be closer to him it was making her knees weak and her heart pound.

“Then it is agreed. Starting tomorrow you will work side by side with Marge and me until she thinks you are ready. Now go home – it’s late.”

She couldn’t help herself. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a big hug warming to the feeling of his body against hers. “Oh thank you Jack. I will try not to disappoint you!” she whispered in his ear.

To her pleasant surprise, Jack allowed the hug to linger more than would normally be appropriate but she immersed herself in the emotional response she got from it. It was almost as if she belonged there – had always been in his arms. She could feel his chest tightly against her breasts and she involuntarily pushed her pelvis against his. As she savored the closeness she felt his manhood get harder and larger. She was afraid to breath because it might break the magic of the moment. She wanted to feel more of him, smell him, taste him, have him inside her, but was fearful to say anything. That’s when he broke the embrace.

Kissing her forehead, as if he had done it every day, he held her by the shoulders and looked deeply into her eyes and, after what seemed like an eternity to her, said “Good night, Marilyn. Go home and rest. Tomorrow will be a stimulating day and probably a long one.” He turned and went back to his desk and sat down, doing his best to hide his erection.

When she finally caught her breath and thought she could walk, she said “Good night Jack and thank you.”

The next week was a whirlwind of learning new things. Marge was very generous with her about everything, but Marilyn felt that Marge was leaving something important out. She had always noticed the special connection between Marge and Jack, actually envied it a little, but chalked it up to just working close with him for several years. The following Friday, Marge announced to Jack that she thought Marilyn was ready and kissed everyone goodbye. Marilyn overheard her say to Jack that she would miss him the most. He just smiled, gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. When she started to cry, Jack wiped the tears away gently. It was a tender moment that wasn’t wasted on Marilyn. Right then and there, she vowed to have that same relationship with Jack, no matter what it took or what she had to sacrifice. She had to have it. No – she needed it.

It took almost three months before Marilyn noticed a change in her relationship with Jack. He was a little more demonstrative, more touchy/feely and the hugs became more and more frequent and longer in duration. Marilyn would work long hours along side him, eat many lunches and dinners with him, often having their arms or shoulders or thighs touching. They would accentuate the conversation by touching each other. Each and every time, she was so aroused she would soak out her panties and pray for more. Each and every time there was a hug, she would end up in the ladies room and masturbate herself into a frenzy. It was driving her crazy with a desire she could not explain. All she knew was she needed much more and Jack was the only source.

One day Jack announced that they were taking a trip to New York City to meet with his bankers. She would be gone a total of three days. She was so excited she couldn’t stand it. That night, while her husband watched TV, she rubbed her pussy and squeezed her clit until she came – three times. All during her masturbation, she fantasized about making love to Jack in the middle of Central Park while a lot of people watched and cheered.

Jack and Marilyn took the company’s plane to La Guardia where they were picked up by a limo. Clearly the driver knew Jack and asked after Marge. When Jack said that Marilyn had replaced her, the driver asked if the accommodations were to be the same. Jack said “No, separate but adjoining rooms”. The driver called the hotel on the cell phone to make the arrangements.

Marilyn finally realized what Marge had left out. She had been sleeping with Jack. Her heart fluttered a little realizing that she could do the same if she could convince him, be attractive enough to him, make him desire her as much as she wanted him. Above all she realized she craved the opportunity to please him, not only at work, but sexually.

That first day’s meetings were long and tedious. When finally they ended, Jack suggested they freshen up before dinner and Marilyn agreed. Once back at the hotel, in their separate rooms, Marilyn stripped off her clothes and jumped into the shower. She had purposely unlocked her connecting door earlier hoping Jack would take advantage.

Having finished her shower, with her hair still wet and wrapped only in her towel, she made a desperate decision. escort maltepe She quietly opened her connecting door only to find that Jack had already opened his. She just knew it was the right time. He had let her know he was open to it. Her body temperature rose like it used to early in her marriage when she anticipated a long and passionate session with her new husband. Every nerve in her body was tingling with excitement. She could feel the heat deep in her stomach.

She could hear the shower running and padded over to the bathroom. As she walked she felt her juices sliding down her inner thighs. ‘My God’ she thought, I’m so hot I’m leaking.’ The door was ajar and she could see Jack in the shower through the glass doors. She stared at his naked body, drinking it all in, memorizing every square inch and every appendage – especially the nice sized one hanging between his legs. She could barely breath from the anticipation. She started playing with herself.

“Are you going to stand there like a voyeur or join me in here” Jack said.

Taking a deep breath, she dropped the towel on the floor and opened the glass door. Jack smiled at her.

“I had hoped you would come in. Close the door so we don’t have a flood.”

“God, Jack, I am already flooded.” was all she could say with a wry smile as she joined him under the spray of warm water. She reached up and around and pulled him to her, pushing her pelvis and breasts to him as tight as she could. He leaned her head back and kissed her with a passion she could never have imagined. She responded by opening her mouth and letting his tongue dance with hers.

“I need you to make love to me. ” she said brazenly as she leaned back from the kiss.

“I know, and you have for a very long time. There will be consequences for you if we do this, consequences over which only I will have control. Do you understand?”

“I don’t care about any consequences, Jack, I only know how much I desire to please you and how much I desperately want you to want me to.”

“I already know that. You will do anything I ask to please me – won’t you?”

“Oh God yes Jack. Please don’t make me wait any longer. Please don’t make me beg.”

“Not only will you beg but you will completely surrender yourself to me willingly and wantonly, much as a sex slave does to her master.”

“Oh Jack I already am your willing slave. You but have to command me. You can use me any way you wish, here and now or at work. Please let me pleasure you. Let me have you!” She was getting desperate. She reached out for his cock and held it in her hand. “Please Jack, Please. I need to do this desperately!”

Jack reached across and turned off the shower and opened the glass doors. He stepped out and pulled Marilyn with him.

“Dry me” he commanded.

Marilyn was startled at his sternness but responded immediately. She pulled a large bath towel from the rack and slowly and gently began drying Jack’s arms, legs and torso. When it came time to dry his genitals, she carefully rubbed him with the towel. He was already aroused and this just made him harder. She was so aroused she could hardly manage to stay standing. Jack took the towel from her and began drying her. He rubbed her back, then her breasts and her stomach, slowly drawing the towel between her legs and along her clit. She was so wet and so hot she felt like a swamp.

Jack guided her to the bed where he had her sit. He approached so his dick was staring her in the face.

“Is this what you want? Is this what you have been fantasizing about? Then suck it, please me like you need to.”

Marilyn couldn’t wait any longer. She opened her mouth and swallowed him in his entirety, stretching everything in her mouth and throat to accommodate his size. She came almost immediately and moaned loudly around the shaft in her throat as she did. She was in heaven.

The more she administered to him the more aroused she got. Sitting there with his dick down her throat, licking him, sucking him, playing with his balls, making love to his cock. It gave her such intense pleasure that she continued from orgasm to orgasm, one right after the other, never coming down from her heights.

It was then that something melted in her mind. Her whole being short-circuited and blended into her intense desire for sexual release and her obsession to please Jack. It all became one overwhelming need. She immediately understood that, from that moment on, she would do whatever he wanted, however he wanted it and with whom he wanted it, just so long as he gave her his approval and he used her body afterwards as her reward. She didn’t care how depraved or revolting his sexual command, how minuscule his request, how degrading his desires, she would do as he asked. She would even give up everything and everyone if he asked.

She could feel his time coming as his balls tightened. She swirled his balls in her left hand, pulled him to her with her right hand on his pendik escort ass. When she gently stuck a finger in his ass, something she knew her husband liked, he came. Squirt after squirt flowed down her throat. She gulped and gulped and came and came with each swallow. She was beside herself with lust.

He pushed her back onto the bed, pulled her legs apart and placed her ankles on his shoulders exposing her to him. He entered her in one stroke, filling her like she had never been filled before.

“Oh God Jack make love to me, fill me with your beautiful dick. Uuuggghhhhhhhh Harder… pump me harder…give me your juices… Oh shit … just fucking use me!”

She was writhing on the bed, pushing up to his oncoming thrusts as he continued to push in and withdraw the whole length of his dick. They fucked like two wild animals. Marilyn thrashed and moaned and screamed her passion. He was like a ramrod, pile driving his long dick mercilessly into her, ramming up against her cervix and pressing her clit with his pelvic bone as he bottomed out with each thrust. He reached down and squeezed her tits as hard as he could. She climaxed with a gut wrenching groan. He pulled on her nipples extending them as far as her skin would stretch – she orgasmed again. When he was about to cum a second time, he pushed in as deep as he could, grabbed both her tits, and dumped his hot cum. Her climax was so intense her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

When she awoke she was still on Jack’s bed, on her back and spread out like an “X”. She looked up and saw Jack sitting on a chair drinking a soft drink, examining her, devouring her with his eyes. His now soft dick was languishing between his spread legs. She immediately got wet again. ‘What is happening to me?’ she thought, ‘I have never been this sexual in my life.’

“How do you feel?” Jack inquired.

“You won’t believe this, but I need more!”

“You’re right! I don’t believe it. You climaxed so hard I thought you had a heart attack!”

“It was so wonderful I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop cumming, and each time I did, it got bigger and bigger until I couldn’t take it anymore. I just gave into it and it overwhelmed me!”

“Come here and sit at my feet” he demanded. She rolled over and crawled to the chair resting her head on his inner thigh and looking straight at his dick. ‘It is so beautiful’ she thought, ‘I will love pleasing it as often as you will let me. In that way I will be rewarded.’

“Are you hungry?”

“Only for this” she responded and reached up to touch him. She wrapped her small hand around his cock and stroked him to hardness. Then she leaned in and took him into her mouth once again. He put his hand on her head and pushed her further and further until her nose touched his public hair. She held him in her throat as long as she could and then tried to back off so she could breath. He stopped her head from moving and she started to choke and then to panic. Only then did he let go.

“You see the consequence. I have the power of your life in my hands. How does that make you feel?”

“It pleases me that you have my entire being dedicated to your desires.”

“Have you ever had anal sex?”

“I tried it once as a young girl but it hurt to much to be pleasurable. My husband never seemed interested in trying it. He is more a slam, bam and roll over type.”

“Have you ever had sex with more than one man a a time?”

“No -“

“Have you ever had sex or exposed yourself in public?”

“Only in my dreams and always with you.”

“And where did these dreams take place?”

“In Central Park with a crowd watching.” She wished she knew why he was asking her all of this. He could command her to do any of those things and she would willingly obey. Surely he knew that. She looked up at him. He was smiling at her. She was immediately aroused and comforted.

“Before this trip is over, you will have done all of those things because I wish it.”

“I cannot refuse you anything Jack. I am totally yours to command – your willing slave.”

“And so you shall be. That and more.” He stood up and went back to take another shower. As he turned to open the door he said “come and wash me and yourself. We smell too much like sex to enjoy dinner.” She immediately rose and joined him.

As she was putting on her makeup he walked into her room with a jade green dress. “This is for you to wear this evening. Wear nothing else but the dress and the sandals. Nothing else.”

“Yes Jack”

He returned to his room to continue dressing. She stepped into the dress after removing her panties. There was no back and just a flat panel front that hung from her neck. The skirt was very full and ran all the way to the floor. The material was gathered in at her breast bone so it fit snugly around her waist. It lay on her body, caressing her skin with its silky texture. When she turned to look in the mirror she was taken back. It was almost totally transparent showing her firm breasts and her nipples extremely clearly. The only reason her pubic area wasn’t revealed was because of the strategically placed gathered material. “I love it’ was all she thought. She slipped on her sandals and announced she was ready.

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