Hanson House Sequel: Doctor Robyn

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Robyn was a leading psychologist with a successful private practice. She had been well-established in the city for a number of years, primarily providing counselling and guidance to high-flying professionals.

She also had a variety of kinky pleasures in her private life but, happily, was able to keep her private life quarantined from her work whenever she felt it necessary. Her life partner, a female executive had never really understood Robyn’s predilections for “dirty sex”. But she never stood in her way and allowed Robyn to pursue such interests on the proviso that she always “stayed safe”. Robyn was in her early forties with short spiky hair, a little short and a little plump. Married once, now she had a female life-partner and a vow to never have any regrets about not pursuing her interests.

She was a regular attendee at the wild sex parties hosted by the Carvers – important people and strong supporters of Hanson House. The doctor always got plenty of “dirty” thrills at those parties. However, sometimes she was able to mix business with pleasure. Robyn’s practice had progressed to the point where she was able to be selective about which clients she accepted. In addition to the “normal” problems she had a small number with much more interesting complaints that received special attention. They all came to her by word of mouth. That was how Jelena and her husband had found their way to her office.

In fact, it had been Jelena’s mother-in-law who’d been responsible for that. A careless remark had been overheard and the mother-in-law had guessed that everything was not right in the marital bed. If her son wasn’t hitting the mark then she was ready to step-in. It just happened that the older woman knew of Robyn and the services she provided. A quiet, but insistent word, in Jelena’s ear had finally done the trick.


Jelena was in her mid-thirties, a rising lawyer with long brunette hair and soft brown eyes to match. She’d had three children with her husband David and, to outside eyes, it seemed her life could not have been happier. Robyn, naturally, saw through that straight away. There was something about the way the pretty lawyer avoided eye contact. Besides, she’d not have been there at all if she didn’t feel there was something that needed fixing.

“I just feel confused sometimes you see,” she was telling Robyn. “I know who I am but then sometimes I wonder if I am really happy.” Her husband loved her, she was certain. That was not the problem. The way she said it, however, gave Doctor Robyn her first insight.

“I am going to be honest Jelena,” she said. “This is about your sex life with your husband.”

Jelena was a little surprised. Did it really show? She nodded mutely. The doctor wanted to know if she was struggling to keep up with his demands. Some women, especially with small children, could at times have less interest in sex.

“Oh no Doctor,” Jelena replied. “I still want sex. These days I am more interested in sex than when we were first married.”

Robyn probed further. How often did they have sex? Who usually initiated it? Did her husband leave her satisfied?

“Oh yes, yes I always have an orgasm with him,” she smiled confidently.

“That’s not what I meant,” explained the good doctor. “Are you getting the level of sexual satisfaction you need? Our needs change as we get older. Women, I mean. What we accepted in our younger years sometimes is no longer enough.” The look on Helena’s sweet face told Robyn she was on the right track now.

“I can see you love your husband. When you are having sex, making love, is that what turns you on the most? Is that what makes you climax?” Jelena didn’t seem sure. “What I mean is, do you get aroused primarily by your love for your husband? Or is there something else? What about his body, his physique?” Again, Jelena seemed unsure. Robyn pressed on.

“How many men did you have sex with before David?” The patient went a deep shade of red.

“Oh that’s… ummmm… I would say eight or nine.” Robyn wondered if that was part of the problem.

“And have you ever been unfaithful to David?” Jelena flashed a look of horror. “We are being totally honest here,” explained the Doctor. “There’s no need to be ashamed of anything you’ve done.”

Jelena muttered and stumbled, trying to insist that she’d never done such a thing and wouldn’t ever want to hurt her husband like that. Robyn wondered if that, too, was part of the problem.

“What about his penis? David’s cock. Is it a good size?”

Jelena baulked again. “Its fine… I guess. I really have no idea. Does it matter?” She didn’t have the time to react to the Doctor’s crude choice of words.

“My dear girl, is he adequate in size? You said you’ve slept with other men. How does he compare?”

“Well…” She was turning red again. “He’s not the smallest. And I guess not the biggest. He’s OK. I said he makes me orgasm.”

Robyn was unconvinced. It was hardly a ringing endorsement from a woman who said she didn’t need anything extra in the sack.

“Jelena, kartal escort bayan we are coming to the point. The reason you are here. Your problems are based on your sex life, your unmet needs from your sex life.”

The patient was aghast. It was ridiculous, it was like a slap in the face. She’d said her husband satisfied her in bed and that was the end of it.

Then why, Robyn demanded to know, was she unhappy and confused? What was so confusing about the satisfying sex life Jelena claimed to enjoy.

“I have these thoughts,” Jelena blurted out. “I keep getting these ideas in my head. I know they’re not right, not proper. If you really want to know, that’s why I feel confused. Like there’s something wrong with me.”

Doctor Robyn allowed herself a small smile. This was real progress.

“Ideas? You mean desires? You mean thoughts about sex and about new things you’d like to try? There’s things you want in bed with your husband but you don’t have the courage to ask?”

“These are not good things or normal things. They’re not things a woman like me should be asking for.”

And there it was. Sweet Jelena had the makings of a slut, the urgings of a sexually liberated woman. She was trying to rebel against her own nature. Robyn had forced her to see that now.

“People do all kinds of things that we’re told are wrong. Oral sex and anal sex. Sex in strange positions and sex outdoors. If you’re ever going to be happy, and keep your husband happy, you are going to need to come to terms with these desires. Do you understand me?”

The sweet lawyer nodded in reply, trying to fight back the tears. “I just don’t want to be a slut.”

That was the magic word. Robyn knew she had Jelena at her mercy. The doctor adopted a softer tone. “Jelena, I can help you. The thing you have to worry about is finding your true self. The word ‘slut’ is a label. For now lets just explore these thoughts and ideas a little further. We can worry about labels later on.”

Jelena nodded her silent assent. “Good,” said Robyn. “Good. That’s much better. We’re almost finished for today. Now you will come and see me again in one week. By then I want you to write me a list. On that list you are to put every single one of these ideas and desires of yours. Don’t hold back anything, OK?”

There was just one more thing to finish this first meeting. “Do shave your vagina, your cunt?”

Jelena blushed deeply again. “Yes, I do. Its the fashion nowadays after all.”

“And do you regularly wear underpants?” Jelena nodded, wondering where this was going.

“Take off your underpants for me now.” Jelena stared at the psychologist, looking for signs of madness. “Do it now Jelena,” ordered Robyn softly. Though she was very reluctant, the other woman felt she just had to obey the doctor. She wriggled out of her underpants, the sense of shame deeper than at any time during this strange encounter.

“For the next week you will not wear underpants at all. Not once. Do you understand?” Jelena was about to protest and Robyn raised her hand to silence her. “You have to trust me if this is going to work. We need to go through some difficult stages now to make it easier later on.” Robyn knew this was mumbo jumbo but it did seem to convince her patient. Jelena was “respectable” enough to be inclined to obey doctor’s orders.

Jelena left a few moments later, feeling shock on top of her confusion and fear. Could this really make her feel happier?

Robyn sat and pondered for several long minutes. This was going to be an interesting case. Most of her patients were high-flyers with self-esteem issues or borderline depression. Poor Jelena was not like that at all. If Robyn played things right, she’d get some kinky fun and help Jelena all at the same time. She had to start planning for next week’s appointment.


The next week Jelena arrived with her list hidden inside her handbag. Only when the psychologist demanded to see it did she retrieve the sheet of paper from its hiding place.

“Still not wearing underwear?” Robyn quizzed her. When Jelena reported that to be the case, the doctor insisted that she examine her patient. Jelena fumed silently, recalling the admonition from the first appointment – Doctor Robyn insisted she had the keys to solve Jelena’s problems. Feeling like a naughty child, Jelena lifted her skirt to display her shaven mound to the psychologist.

Robyn tried to hide her smile. She enjoyed the discomfort she’d caused Jelena. And that cunt looked rather tempting with a hint of protruding labia.

The doctor read through the list in silence, studying it to see where she should direct the patient’s therapy. Robyn knew enough, however, to realise this was not a complete list.

Jelena argued her case. She insisted the list was the full range of her “wrong” thoughts.

Robyn had prepared for this. She reached into her drawer and slapped onto the desk a picture. “Look at that,” she ordered. Jelena did look and was horrified. The picture showed a woman, her face escort maltepe hidden. There was something about the woman in the picture, something that lodged in Jelena’s mind. What really struck her, of course, was that the picture showed the woman performing a sexual act that was very probably illegal.

“My god Doctor,” screamed Jelena. “Is that what you expect of me?”

“Not at all my dear,” said the psychologist with forced calm. “But you already know that there are many people in this world who enjoy many things which you think are wrong or dirty or forbidden. And I think you can do me the courtesy of being honest when you write a list like this.”

Sullenly, Jelena took back the sheet of paper. She spent the next ten minutes in silence writing more words. When Robyn took back the list she read it again. This time she was forced to hide a look of surprise. She had not really expected this kind of thing from the pretty married woman. But her mind was working feverishly. This was the opportunity she’d hoped for. Jelena was genuine in wanting help and she seemed willing to be compliant.

Doctor Robyn placed the sheet of paper into Jelena’s file. Then she put on her serious “doctor” face.

“Please stand up now. That’s it. And remove your skirt”. She got a look from Jelena but Robyn’s stern visage deterred any actual protest. “All right you can sit down. But you will put your feet up on my desk. You will open your legs and show your cunt to me.”

Jelena had the tremendous feeling that this was wrong. So very wrong. But, after all, she did tend to be compliant to figures such as doctors. And after writing that list this didn’t seem quite so difficult. So she lifted her feet as ordered and let her thighs part so the good doctor had a terrific view of her most intimate parts.

Robyn conducted the rest of the interview like that, though it was hard to think straight given her own state of arousal. They discussed sex mostly. Gradually Jelena opened up about her past lovers and a few of the small things she’d enjoyed to get her really aroused. Robyn could not be sure, but she was fairly certain that Jelena’s cunt had shown signs of arousal. Surely the inner labia had become slightly more pronounced.

At the end of the appointment the doctor repeated the order that Jelena was not to wear underpants at any time. There was an additional instruction. Jelena was to masturbate at least once each day. She had to be honest and ensure this task was completed. And each time she was to masturbate with the thought that she was being watched.

Jelena agreed that she’d follow the instructions. She just had one thing to ask. “Doctor… that picture …that woman…”

Robyn held up her hand to silence Jelena. “All my patients deserve total confidentiality. It is your protection as well.” There could be no argument with that.

Robyn checked her watch and knew she had to hurry. The next appointment was Judge Branson. He also had special needs and Robyn had recently started him on some unique therapy.

As she walked to the bus stop Jelena could not get a particular thought out of her head. That woman in the picture had hidden her face from the camera. Still, there was no escaping the fact that the figure in the picture had reminded Jelena very much of her mother-in-law.


The next appointment started with Jelena undressing completely, under doctor’s orders. Robyn allowed herself the chance to inspect and admire the younger woman. She was a little on the petite side, small breasts with only a hint of sag. The nipples were a nice dark brown and sat well against Jelena’s olive skin

Robyn didn’t waste much time, however. She soon steered the conversation to the list. Gently she explored the reasons why certain items had been included. Had Jelena been watching porn? Had she read about them in a magazine? What exactly interested her or made her aroused in relation to certain acts?

The doctor turned the conversation to something easier – oral sex. It was a relatively safe subject with a new patient. Did Jelena perform oral sex on her husband? Did she enjoy it? The answers told Robyn a lot about what Jelena needed. She did suck her husband’s penis, perhaps a few times in a normal month. Sometimes she’d gone so far as to make him ejaculate in her mouth but that was not often. She knew it could be erotic and very pleasing for them both but, like everything, she wasn’t sure that she “should do that”.

Robyn shook her head a little. It was no wonder the poor thing was struggling to express herself sexually. Still, it gave the doctor plenty to work with.

Something more basic then. She asked Jelena about her masturbation for the week. “At first”, Jelena admitted, “it felt so strange and weird. I have never masturbated much you see. And plus I was having to really think about it. It was more like a chore or like homework.”

Robyn said little, hoping Jelena would continue to open up. “A couple of days ago, though,” said Jelena, “I really changed my mind. I have enjoyed pendik escort making the time for me this week. It felt good to give myself that extra pleasure.”

“That’s good to hear. Its very important that you keep that idea in your head. From now on you will think more and more about what feels good for you and what you need for your own pleasure.” She paused. “Part of that pleasure was knowing that I knew you were masturbating, isn’t that right?”

Jelena turned red and lowered her head. “Yes Doctor” she said in a voice that was almost a whisper.

“Do it for me now,” ordered Robyn. “Relax and masturbate for me right now.”

Jelena’s face showed a mixture of shock and fear. She was certain she could not go through with something so lewd. “Come come, my dear,” said the psychologist. “You’ve been feeling horny all day after all that playing with your cunt. You’ve been thinking all week about me watching you play with yourself.” Jelena simply could not deny that point.

“Now is the perfect time to move forward on this journey of bringing yourself new pleasures.” Robyn knew that this, too, was mumbo jumbo. “Put your feet on the desk as before. Once you start you will see how easy it becomes.”

And so Jelena crossed that line and she started to play with her cunt while the good doctor watched her every move. There was no point denying her occasional fantasy of being watched during sex. It was on the damned list! Cautiously she reached down and started to run her fingers through her slit. Robyn had promised more and greater sexual pleasure. Jelena could not resist.

As the doctor had said, Jelena was horny, more than usual. She closed her eyes with shame and yet she held onto the idea that she was masturbating in full view of another woman. She gently rubbed across the top of her slit until she felt her juices start to pool inside her cunt. Then Jelena dipped two fingertips into her damp hole. Robyn heard the gentle sigh of relief as she did so.

“Go on please Jelena,” said the doctor softly. “I really want you to continue until your climax.” That was Robyn’s wish more than an element of the therapy.

The doctor watched on as Jelena carried on with her own secret ritual. She touched her clit and her hole with a special rhythm all her own. Her cunt was visibly leaking and her sounds were becoming stronger. Suddenly, without warning, Jelena’s thighs snapped together she struggled to hold in the sounds of her climax. The patient was cumming hard, by the look of her, as she enjoyed the first experience of living out one of her sexual fantasies.

“Excellent,” said the doctor, her own voice somewhat quieter now. She’d enjoyed the show very much. “Your first act of public sex. Quite an achievement so early in your therapy.”

Robyn stood and moved around the desk. She lifted her own skirt as she moved, displaying her own shaved cunt. Robyn’s labia were swollen, betraying her arousal from Jelena’s performance. In a moment she was next to her still panting patient.

“Sex with a woman is on your list as well. Why don’t we make a start on that now?”

Jelena stared at the doctor, not sure whether to look at her face or her cunt.

“Touch me Jelena. We both know that is what you want to do. Touch my cunt and show me a little of the pleasure you like for yourself.”

And so, confused but compliant, still aroused from her own masturbation, Jelena reached out her hand and for the first time touched the cunt of another woman. She had no words for this situation. The doctor was right – Jelena had wanted to try this for the longest time. The older woman was not really “her type” – pale and plump. Yet standing there with her cunt on display the doctor seemed beautiful and compelling. Jelena felt uncertain of herself and yet she so badly wanted to touch and pleasure this other woman. Jelena pressed her fingers deeper and felt the other woman’s clit, observed the signs of her obvious arousal. She even drew her fingers lower and found the unmistakeable wetness in the doctor’s hole. Jelena heard the soft sighs from the doctor and felt like it was the most amazing thing she had ever heard.

Robyn soon ended this part of the session. It wasn’t for lack of desire on her part. She was so aroused that she was ready to jump her patient. But it was important to keep the therapy on track. Besides, she had another appointment in a few minutes.

Reluctantly she pulled away from Jelena and lowered her skirt. She dispatched her latest patient with instructions to continue her “masturbation therapy”. There was one other thing. Next week she was required to bring David along to the appointment. This was very important. No matter how she did it, Jelena must bring her husband along.

Then Robyn prepared her notes to meet her next patient. Miss K was an accomplished woman working in a male-dominated industry. Recently she had begun to develop a powerful fantasy – she had started to imagine herself being subjected to a gang rape. Naturally afraid of such a scenario, Miss K had found her way to Robyn. The psychologist had reassured Miss K that there was nothing at all wrong with such a fantasy. In fact, Robyn had concluded that the best therapy was for Miss K to live it out in real-life. Everything would be controlled and safe, of course. Preparations were already well advanced.

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