Hail Mary

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I was at the church one Saturday evening cleaning house for the service the next day, making sure there was choir books in every pew, so we would be ready for the big Christmas service the next day. I was checking one of the pews when I heard the door softly shut behind me, I turned to see who was there when I saw a young man that used to go to school here. He must have been visiting family this week for the holidays.

I heard him call out, “How are you doing Sister Mary Beth?” I couldn’t believe he was here this late at night.

“I’m fine how are you, it’s been so long, what are you doing here so late?”

He never said a word, just came up to me and kissed me hard, his hands were under my dress before I knew what was happening, he was caressing my 36C chest and rubbing my pussy with his other hand.

It’s been so long since I’d kissed a man that I couldn’t resist the chance to have him. I felt canlı bahis dirty for not stopping him, but I couldn’t stop. His hand was rubbing my now wet pussy under my dress, his finger slid into my hole as I gasped out for a breath. His other hand was twisting my hard nipple sending shivers down my spine, I wanted him so bad, the church would never approve of this was all I could think. He must have read my mind and asked if I could come to the hotel he was staying at while he was in town. Without a word, I just followed.

When we got in his car I started to have doubts, but was too excited to let it stop me. I would have many Hail Mary’s to say later. When we got to the Windsdorf Inn he led the way in the door, and immediately starting grabbing for me.

He ripped my dress off, as I threw my wimple off, with my cross still around my neck, he buried his face into my wet, hot pussy. I’ve never had oral sex bahis siteleri before and knew it was going to be great the second he started, my hips bucked wildly into the air, as his tongue went around in circles on my clit and he slammed a finger into my pussy.

I was shaking from all the excitement, this new experience. He then started licking my hard little nipples, I thought I was going straight to hell for this, but I didn’t care. I reached down and undid his zipper, and reached for what I can only imagine is inside. I felt his rock hard tool, it fit right into the palm of my hand, it was warm and I could feel the veins throughout. I wanted it in my mouth so bad. I started licking his tool, and he started moaning, well I must be doing this right I thought. He told me to take it down all the way down my throat, I got on my knees, as I started to suck on his hard prick he put his hand on the back of my head bahis şirketleri and held me there, not pushing too hard on my virgin mouth. As his pre-cum starting oozing out I devoured every drop. I loved the taste of it. I sucked until I he stopped me, not knowing what was going to happen next.

He threw me down on the bed and kissed his way up my body, until his dick was right outside the entrance to my virgin pussy. I inhaled expecting the worst, and I thought I’d be banned from the church forever. As I felt him push his hard dick into me, I let out a huge moan. I didn’t know where it came from, maybe the devil himself, but it felt so good as the pleasure worked it’s way up my legs, and thighs. He pumped inside me harder and harder. My body started to tremble, and quake as I felt myself lifting higher and higher. He let out a loud grunt and pumped his thick load into my tight pussy. If this is so sinful, why do I feel like I’m in heaven?

He told me he had always had a thing for nuns. I asked if he would be staying in town for the holidays and if I could see him again. He replied he would be here the whole week. Hail Mary Hail Mary

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