Gym Time

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Big Tits

I tried writing this one from my wife’s perspective. I welcome any feedback.


My husband, Mike, had been out of town on business for most of the week, so I was thrilled when he called and said he was able to catch an earlier flight home in time to go out for dinner. It was a Friday evening and we had both had busy schedules that week. We talk to each other every day, but it’s not the same as being there in person and lying next to each other in bed.

I knew Mike was coming from a broker meeting and would be dressed in a suit. He generally prefers business casual, but he looks so much sexier when he’s dressed up. Mike just turned 50, but he’s in good shape for his age. He has always been an avid runner, but he also likes to hit the gym a couple of days a week and the two of us will spend our evenings on long walks or playing tennis. He’s usually clean shaven (except on vacation) and keeps his salt and pepper hair cut short. He has blue/gray eyes and a handsome smile that always looks perfect in pictures. He may be middle-aged, but he has the energy of a twenty something in the bedroom and encourages me to share sexual fantasies with him, especially when he’s horny… which seems to be often!

Mike phoned when he landed at the airport and suggested we have dinner at one of the up-and-coming restaurants in a hipster part of town. It was a pleasant summer evening so I picked out a light sheath dress that would be appropriate for the weather. Mike would be at the house in 45 minutes, so I had plenty of time to get ready.

We are empty nesters now that our youngest child is away at school and while we miss the kids, our newfound freedom has given us the opportunity to reconnect as a couple. Since we hadn’t seen each other all week, I decided to wear some sexy lingerie for our date. I picked out a black demi bra that shows just the right amount of cleavage of my 34C tits. (Mike is a boob guy and doesn’t leave for work in the morning until he gets a free look at my chest. Most times he kisses his “girls” goodbye before he walks out the door!). I slid on a matching pair of Brazilian panties. I could have grabbed a lace thong, but since we would be walking in the restaurant district, I chose something sexy, but still comfortable. I’ve gotta say my booty can still turn heads. It’s not curvy like a Kardashian, but it is definitely one of my better “assets”. I slid on my dress and paired it with some red heels for a pop of color.

Mike picked me up at the house and immediately took notice of how sexy I looked for our date. If we weren’t so hungry I think he would have scooped me up to the bedroom right then. He looked handsome in his dark gray suit, but he had removed his tie for the airplane ride back to town. The two of us shared the events of the day on our way to the restaurant district.

We got a rooftop table at one of our favorite restaurants. It’s nothing fancy, but it is a fun atmosphere and the staff is always attentive and friendly. We don’t mind that we are usually the oldest patrons in the place. It is very common for us to strike up conversations with the younger customers or employees and forget that we are old enough to be their parents. That evening the restaurant had a special on their house margaritas. It was a pleasant summer evening so I ordered one (or three!). Mike and I toasted with my margarita and his Moscow mule.

Our conversation covered all sorts of topics, including the week’s activities of our three kids. I could tell Mike seemed especially wound up from his trip. He said his meetings went well, but his head was spinning from all the work he needed to accomplish in the next week. Since he had only had one drink, I knew it wasn’t the vodka making his head spin.

After dinner, we went for a leisurely walk through the restaurant district before heading to the car. It was still early and Mike mentioned he would like to go to the gym to clear his head and work off some of the frustrations escort bostancı from the week. After three margaritas I just wanted to go home and fuck! Mike still had his gym clothes packed in the car from his trip and I could tell the sex wasn’t going to be relaxing until he could clear his head. I was going to have him drop me off at home when he mentioned that he had some free tanning passes from the gym and asked if I wanted to use one while he worked out. I certainly wasn’t dressed for the gym, but since we hadn’t been on a real summer vacation, I thought a little shot of Vitamin D might not be bad. I normally don’t use a tanning bed, but it sounded nice to relax under the lights while Mike was in the other room.

We belong to a small 24/7 gym that is not generally crowded, especially on a Friday night! When we arrived, there was just one guy working out at the free weights. Otherwise the place was empty. Mike recognized the man and said “Hi Jeremy. Nothing better to do on a Friday night?”

Jeremy shrugged and said he wasn’t going to be able to make it in on Saturday, so he was getting his workout in now. He was obviously very dedicated to the gym, great definition but not overly muscled. I’m guessing he is in his late 20’s or early 30’s, and he looked like he could be Italian. Dark hair and eyes and he wore a slim fit t-shirt that showed off the body he worked hard to achieve. He was wearing jogger pants instead of shorts, but I didn’t mind. The pants gave me a good view of his tight ass and a peak at the bulge in front. He must have thought Mike and I were nuts since Mike was in his suit and me in a dress!

Mike gave me a kiss and went to change into his workout clothes. I headed to one of the tanning rooms. The room was in the hall just before the free weight area where Jeremy was working out. As I walked toward the tanning room, he smiled at me and said something that I couldn’t really hear, but I smiled back as if to acknowledge him. His eyes followed me as I walked into the room and closed the door. I have to admit, the brief bit of attention from this young stud got me excited as I entered into the tiny tanning room. I was feeling proud of myself for rocking that dress at my age!

The temperature in the tanning room was cooler than I expected. I turned on the bed to warm it up and then took of my shoes and slid off my dress. I adjusted the timer in the bed to 35 minutes, thinking that would give Mike enough time to work out his frustrations on the weight equipment. I don’t know whether it was the cool temperature of the room, the sexy glance from Jeremy or the three margaritas, but when I unsnapped my bra, my nipples were standing at attention! I left my panties on. There was a mirror in the small room and I was pretty happy with what I saw standing there. I didn’t want any tan lines on my shoulders or chest, but I wasn’t concerned with tan lines on my ass, since no one but Mike every sees it. I lied down on the tanning bed, which was comfortably warm by now. Once I was horizontal, I could feel the effect of the tequila as if the bed was swaying on a cruise ship.

The warmth of the tanning bed soon overtook my body. I was feeling sexy knowing that Mike and Jeremy were just on the other side of the wall working out and I was nearly naked close by. I recalled a Penthouse Letter Mike had shared with me a long time ago where a woman like me was alone at the gym with three or four other guys who were all working out. Well you know how those stories go…before too long this lucky lady had the attention of all the men as they undressed her and took turns sucking her tits, rubbing her clit and fucking her love box. I was already horny in the tanning bed and the warmth of the bed and the hot memories of this story combined to get my blood flowing. I wanted to be that woman being worshipped by hot gym studs looking for anonymous group sex.

I could feel the tingle all over my skin from the tanning ümraniye escort lights and my pussy was longing for some attention. I adjusted my panties a little lower on my hips and pulled the crotch down. When I touched my panties, I could tell how wet they were already. I continued to fantasize about the woman with the hot gym studs. I was beyond turned on and my vagina and her best friend tequila were now in control of my entire body. I stepped out of the tanning bed briefly and slid off my soaking wet panties. I was now completely naked and my body was my playground.

I got back under the warm lights and adjusted myself to a comfortable position as the thoughts of the sexy gangbang returned to my head like a tsunami. I don’t often masturbate, but even the slightest glance of my hand on my pelvis sent quakes through my body and I wanted more. My sexual desire was now flooding my every thought as my fingertips spread apart my labia to the swollen clitoris now unmasked beneath. I wanted to be fucked so badly that I was losing any inhibition on where I was or who might hear or see me.

Suddenly the timer on the bed went off and my 35 minutes was up. But I hadn’t yet had an orgasm and I wasn’t about to quit now!

I climbed out of the tanning bed and reached for my panties. Since they were soaking wet, I chose to leave them off and then decided there was no need for the bra either. I caught my image in the mirror. My entire body was now slightly pink from the tanning lights but at the time it felt more like a sexual glow. I wanted to put on my heels and nothing else and walk into the gym to surprise Mike and Jeremy, but even in the heat of my desire, I couldn’t do it. So instead I slipped on my dress and went to find Mike to see if he was done with his workout. I knew Mike would notice my tits unleashed under my dress, but I was also hoping Jeremy would notice too.

Mike spotted me immediately and told me he was on his last set and would be ready to go home soon. I looked around the room but didn’t see Jeremy.

“Where did your gym buddy go?” I asked.

“He finished about 10 minutes ago, so I’ve had the whole place to myself. How was the tanning bed?” Mike inquired.

I was disappointed to learn that my fantasy with Jeremy had ended before it began, but sometimes fantasies are best played out in your head anyway.

“The tanning bed felt great. The warm bed, the tequila and the thought of you working out in the next room has me all wound up. Can we go home and ‘unwind’ a little?” I asked coyly.

Just then Mike noticed I wasn’t wearing my bra (I knew he would catch that nuance quickly!) He put down the weights and walked over to me. “Hmmmm, Did you forget something, hun?”

I gave him a seductive look and said I hadn’t forgotten anything but that I might have deliberately left a couple of clothing items in the tanning room. He reached up and lightly touched my left breast while he went in for a passionate kiss. The light touch became a more deliberate grope of my right tit as his kiss moved down to my neck.

“Oh god that feels good”, I gasped. “I was laying in the tanning bed thinking about how much I wanted to be fucked.”

Mike grinned ear to ear. “Who was doing the fucking? Me or Jeremy?”

Mike was teasing me, but I replied immediately with “Well maybe it wasn’t either of you or maybe it was BOTH of you!”

Mike is a free spirited sexual being and would have happily shared me with another man. However, for now, we were in the gym alone and I had just given him the key to my body. Mike leaned me up against the wall and continued to kiss my neck. His hands were now working their way from the small of my back down to my ass. Mike easily hiked up my short dress baring my ass to anyone who might have walked into the gym. I lost all sense of modesty as his hands moved from my ass to my still drenched pussy.

“Holy shit, your pussy feels amazing” he said as his kartal escort bayan fingers found my eager lips and clit. “I think someone needs to be fucked” he said knowing full well that everything in my body was screaming that message to him. Mike continued by pushing his fingers into my snatch. Meanwhile, his cock was hardening in his gym shorts as he pressed up against my abdomen.

Before I knew it, Mike had slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders to reveal the pink glow of my freshly tanned breasts and the nipples erect with anticipation. His lips moved down my neck as he showered my tits with warm, wet kisses. His right hand continued to finger fuck my pussy with increasing speed and penetration. I pushed my husband away only long enough so that I could pull down his gym shorts and uncover his stiff prick. The head of his dick was oozing with pre cum and I knew he wanted my pussy as badly as my pussy wanted him. Mike wasted no time ripping off his t shirt and throwing it on the floor. Both of us were now naked, except for our shoes!

Mike led me to the bench where he had been working out and laid me down on my back, spreading my legs on either side of the bench. He kissed me long and hard and I could feel his cock at the door of my womanhood, but he didn’t go in. Instead his mouth made a trail down my neck, between my tits and then dove into the luscious lips between my legs. His tongue penetrated in and out of my love canal while his thumb made circles on my button. He loves eating pussy and I allowed him this pleasure for a few minutes.

“My turn”, I commanded. “I want your cock inside me now!”

Mike pushed his mouth away from my pussy and put the tip of his cock where his tongue had just been. He rubbed his mushroom head slowly on the outside without penetrating me.

“Quit teasing me and fuck me now!” I ordered.

With lightning speed, his cock drove into my vagina and penetrated all the way to my cervix. It felt amazing to connect with this man right there on the exercise bench. I watched his back muscles contract with each drive into my pussy. He was leaning over me, hands on the barbell with our only point of contact being the thrusts of his penis into my cunt.

“Oh yes, fuck me hard. Fuck me deep!” I screamed loud enough that anyone walking past the gym would have certainly heard me.

Mike released one hand from the barbell and used the fingers of that hand to rub my clit while he balanced the weight of his body with the other hand. He had just been working out and the muscles in his arms looked as pumped as his cock. He rubbed my clit while he continued to fuck me, first slowly and then more quickly as he could tell I was getting close. As he pushed me to my limits, my body trembled with and orgasm so intense, I was lost in time and space. The whole world disappeared in that moment of extreme physical pleasure. It was one of those perfectly timed moments when as soon as I reached my climax, Mike shot a load of warm cum into my vagina. The warmth of his cum and the touch of his hand continued the orgasm well beyond what we normally experience.

Mike was now sweating profusely and probably had a better cardio workout than he expected when we were driving to the gym. Mike pulled out of my pussy and stood up. His cock was still dripping with a mix of his cum and mine. He wiped his brow with his gym towel and leaned in for a “thank you” kiss.

When our heart rates both returned to near normal, we decided to get dressed and head home. I slipped my dress back over my head but I didn’t bother with the bra and panties. Instead I gave them to Mike for his gym bag. For his part, Mike was back in his gym gear and if you didn’t know any better, you would think his sweaty body had just finished a tough workout. As we made our way to the door, we noticed a young guy heading in. To this day, we don’t know if he saw anything, but he didn’t make eye contact or speak to either of us on our way out.

The short drive home was spent reliving the hot sexual encounter we just had. After showering we got ready for bed, but instead of going to sleep, we spent another hour exploring each other’s bodies. Definitely the best time either of us ever had at the gym!

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